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About Espresso Outlet

Running a coffee shop is becoming a trend nowadays. Aside from being profitable, it is undoubtedly a fun experience to try. However, it isn’t as easy as imagined, but if you need help with the coffee machine, Espresso Outlet is where you have to go.

Espresso Outlet Review: About Espresso Outlet

Espresso Outlet is a retailer of various leading espresso machines and grinders brands. They carefully picked the best brands, such as Elektra, La Pavoni, Bazzera, and many more. This is to ensure all their product has only high quality.

Better yet, their reputation isn’t a joke. This retailer has become the exclusive USA distributor of prominent brands, including Turin grinders, Kaleido Roasters, and Beanseeker ice drippers. So, it is 100% trustworthy!

For your information, they are also active on social media. We found that they have 6.6K followers on Facebook. At this rate, you must be wondering what makes this retailer one of a kind, right?

Thus, to help you find the answer, we will elaborate on everything about this retailer, from their pros and cons to customer reviews. If you are ready to prove whether they are the perfect coffee machine distributor for your coffee shop, stay on this Espresso Outlet review!

Overview of Espresso Outlet

This retailer is a family-owned and operated company. They started everything in 2013, and their company is located in Southeast Michigan

Accordingly, they aim to provide coffee machines and other equipment that customers will love and use for years. Thus, it isn’t surprising that they put so much effort into selecting the brands.

At Espresso Outlet, you will find coffee machine brand names like Rocket, Quick Mill, Bezzera, etc. These brands will never go wrong. Their products have been known to have the finest construction materials.

However, this retailer believes that what makes them grow bigger isn’t only what product they serve and the excellent customer service they have. As a small company, they strive to care for every customer.

Espresso Outlet Reviews

As a leading coffee equipment retailer in the US, Espresso Outlet, LLC supplies offices, coffee shops, home prosumers, and other coffee-related businesses. Thus, they are professionals in this category.

Espresso Outlet Reviews: Espresso Outlet Reviews

Moreover, unlike other competitors, this retailer has new and used products in their collection. However, they are always transparent to their customers by using the word ‘open box’ in the product title.

Nevertheless, don’t worry! They will ensure the condition of the used product is at best. But of course, with a cost-reduced price. This kind of thing is perfect for those on a budget.

Likewise, to help you find what products and brands they have, we make a list of them. We hope you can meet one or two products that suit you the best. Shall we start the exploration now?

Espresso Outlet Collections

  • Espresso Machines: Turin, La Spaziale, Fetco, Nuova Simonelli, La Pavoni, Caffe Arts, Cafelat, Bezzera, and Compak
  • Grinders: Baratza, Turin, Eureka, Compak, Ceado, Nuova Sminelli, Mazzer, Rocket Espresso Milano, Niche, Fiorenzato, Mahlkonig, Fetco
  • Accessories: Parts, Roasters, Tamping Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Knockboxes, Portafilters, etc.

Among numerous products, we have already picked their 3 best-selling products to do an in-depth review. Are you curious about these 3 products? If yes, then scroll to the product review section now!

Espresso Outlet DF64 Gen 1 Grinder Reviews

DF64 Gen 1 v5 All Purpose Coffee Grinder is an all-purpose coffee grinder by Turin. This v5 has a metal dosing cup and metal dosing collar plus new improved burrs. It also has large 64mm flat burrs to produce high-quality grind results.

Espresso Outlet Review: Espresso Outlet DF64 Gen 1 Grinder Reviews

Being all-purpose, you will find a seamless switch between various brew methods and different kinds of coffees. Thus, this grinder is a perfect match if you like experimenting with coffee recipes.

Likewise, it has a minimalist design. It is very compact, allowing you to fit the grinder under the kitchen cabinet. The simple yet reliable feature is also perfect for everyone, including beginners in a coffee machine.

DF64 Gen 1 Highlights

  • 250-watt motor
  • 110-volt grinder
  • 15 lbs weight
  • 10″ x 5.2″ x 12″ dimensions
  • 64mm stainless steel flat burrs
  • Collar adjustment
  • Sturdy build
  • Low retention

Further, this minimalist grinder also comes with a minimalist price. You can get this at only $339.00, which is lower than the original price of $599.00. Right! This grinder is currently on sale. However, if you add some customization, there will be an additional $12 to $190.

Espresso Outlet DF83 V2 Single Dose Grinder Reviews

DF83 V2 Single Dose Grinder is an upgraded from version one. It offers a more updated declumper design and a plasma generator. Thus, if you find problems such as static cling or any humidity level problem caused by version one, you won’t experience it again here.

Espresso Outlet Review: Espresso Outlet DF83 V2 Single Dose Grinder Reviews

As everyone knows, large 83mm burrs in the single-dose grinder are often cost massively pricey. Some models even cost over $2000. Luckily, this Turin DF83 comes as an affordable option. It exactly has an 83mm flat burr grinder without the need to lose all your money.

Moreover, the grinder includes a metal dosing cup collar. It is essential to prevent you from making a mess while preparing your coffee. Better yet, the collar can also be flipped over and used with a 58mm portafilter. Smooth and seamless transform!

DF83 V2 Highlights

  • 110-volt or 15 amp
  • 550-watt motor
  • 8.8″ x 5.9″ x 17.7″ dimensions
  • 23.8lbs weight
  • Includes a grind size indicator
  • Painted aluminum body
  • Low retention single dosing

Moreover, how much does this DF83 V2 Single Dose Grinder cost? It cost only $639.00 from the original price of $899.00. However, if you customize the grinder, the price will be different. Depending on your chosen customization, you can get additional prices from $19 to $325.

Before moving on to other products, we recommend Turin’s SD40 v2 Single Dose Low Retention Grinder. This is the best choice for you on a tighter budget as it only costs $199.00 – $214.00.

Espresso Outlet Turin DF64 Gen 2 Grinder Reviews

Turin DF64 Gen 2 Grinder is the definition of the next level of coffee grinding technology. It has a cutting-edge plasma generator to tackle any issue of static build-up, offering a smoother grinding process at its finest.

Espresso Outlet Review: Espresso Outlet Turin DF64 Gen 2 Grinder Reviews

What stands out the most from this grinder is the top-tier materials. This grinder is carefully crafted with precision engineering. Thus, it is undoubtedly robust and can withstand the rigors of daily use. Say hi to the exceptional performance that last long!

Moreover, this DF64 Gen 2 offers superior consistency for you who want the best coffee taste. It is designed to eliminate purging. After being tested, this grinder only has a retention of less than 1 gram, which means it won’t alter the flavor of your coffee.

DF64 Gen 2 Highlights

  • 250-watt motor
  • 110-volt grinder
  • 10″ x 5.2″ x 12″ dimensions
  • 15 lbs weight
  • Includes a metal dial indicator
  • Integrated anti-popcorn device
  • It comes with a 58mm Aluminum dosing cup

Likewise, this grinder is currently on sale. You can send this home with only $399.00 from the original price of $549.00. However, additional costs are from $28 to $185 if you purchase it with unique customization.

Espresso Outlet Pros and Cons

Time to find their pros and cons! As we all know, reading the pros and cons of specific brands, products, and companies before purchasing is a wise decision. Then, are you ready to read Espresso Outlet’s pros and cons?


  • Great collections of coffee-related machines from reputable brands
  • High-quality materials
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Trustworthy distributors
  • Affordable prices
  • Free shipping available
  • 30-day return policy
  • Helpful, kind customer service
  • Massive positive feedback from customers


  • Limited international orders
  • Complicated, messy website interface

Who Is Espresso Outlet For?

Generally speaking, Espresso Outlet is undoubtedly for all coffee enthusiasts. However, if we want to make it specific, this retailer is perfect for coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes. Thus, this retailer must be on your list if you own these business models.

In addition, they are also perfect for homeowners. Whether you are a professional coffee maker or a beginner who wants to make coffee at home, they can provide all you need.

However, since they have an open box feature, they are also perfect for budget-friendly customers. It’s all because the open box has a cost-effective price, but the quality is still at the finest possible.

Espresso Outlet Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

It doesn’t feel right if we don’t read their customer reviews. Thus, we handpicked some reviews from different sources to help you find whether they are the perfect retailer for you. We want you to know how their customer feels after purchasing the products.

Espresso Outlet Review: Espresso Outlet Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Then, let’s start with this customer review:

They have the best price for grinders. I was in contact with customer support. They were really helpful. I don’t have issues with their products and will always get back to purchase their products.

From the review above, we can see that this customer is happy with the price. He said that the price from this retailer is the best when it comes to grinders. He also mentioned that he was pleased with the customer service and the product quality.

Another review from this customer:

…this grinder has exceeded my expectations for the quality achieved at this price point. I truly enjoy the cleanand quick grind…

This happy customer shared that he is pleased with the price and the quality he got from the grinders. He said that the grinder from this retailer has exceeded his expectations cause it has a low tag cost but has a high-quality outcome.

Next, if you type “open box Reddit” in the search engine to find the review of their used products, you will find this review:

I just got my machine a few minutes ago. It is very well packaged, and the level of customer service is great. I can’t wait to unbox and set up tomorrow!

As this customer said, the product is very well packaged, which means that even the used products genuinely ensure they are worth buying. This customer also noted that their customer service is the best.

Overall, all customers seem to be satisfied with their purchase. What makes them happy the most comes from the quality that exceeds the price. Plus, we can see that they always mention the customer service. It’s all because their customer service has proven to be top-notch.

Is Espresso Outlet Worth It?

We think so. Espresso Outlet strives to provide only high-quality coffee machines, grinders, and other related products to their customer. Thus, it is understandable that this retailer carefully picked brands based on reputation.

Espresso Outlet Review: Is Espresso Outlet Worth It?

Moreover, their customer service is known to be helpful and kind. They consist of coffee machine professionals who thoughtfully help each customer with their problems. Therefore, there isn’t any reason not to consider this retailer worth purchasing.

Espresso Outlet Shipping Policy

Who loves free shipping? If it’s you, then congratulations! This retailer offers free shipping on orders over $49 to the lower 48 contiguous US states. Even better, they use UPS and freight trucks as the carriers.

In-stock espresso machines and grinders shipped via UPS typically take 1-2 business days to deliver. Meanwhile, heavier products, such as commercial espresso machines, will shipped via freight truck. It generally takes up to 8 business days.

However, you can immediately go to their Shipping Policy if you need detailed information about their policy. Otherwise, you can contact their customer service for clarity if you find confusing information.

Espresso Outlet Return Policy

This retailer offers a 30-day return policy for all home-use espresso machines and grinders. However, unlike competitors, they use a trial period; thus, even if you used the product, you can still claim the return policy.

However, please note that the product must be returned in like-new condition, with all accessories, all original, undamaged packaging, clean and well-packaged. If you didn’t fail to do this, they can issue a refund minus the shipping cost.

Complete and submit the form on their Return Policy page to start your return. However, since there are also some exclusions, please review their policy before requesting your return.

How To Contact Espresso Outlet

“How do I contact Espresso Outlet?” if you’re wondering, you might want to start thinking about buying now. Luckily, this retailer strives to provide excellent customer service to every customer. Thus, if you need some help, you can immediately reach them via:

Where to buy Espresso Outlet?

As an online retailer, Espresso Outlet only offers all its products on its official website. They don’t have any public showroom or offline store in any location at the moment.

Espresso Outlet Coupon Codes & Promos

The Black Friday Sale is active! You read it right. This retailer offers a Black Friday special offer to make your final price more cost-effective. Look at the list below to claim:

  • Unlock $199 OFF a Turin Grinder when you purchase a home La Spaziale, Quick Mill, or Rocket Espresso Machine. Use the coupon code Y9Z7IIS989B
  • Obtain $100 OFF preordered Turin Legato for the first 20 people with the promo code LEGATO100
  • Get Turin DM47 for only $225 (limited to 20 first people only)
  • First 20 people can get Turin Auto tamper for only $289
  • Take $700 OFF any commercial grinder if purchased with a two-group La Spaziale or Nuova Simonelli. Submit discount code 700OFFGRINDER (5 first people only)
  • Enjoy free shipping to the 48 contiguous US

Reveal all coupons
Espresso Outlet

Espresso Outlet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Espresso Outlet reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Espresso Outlet?

After doing some research, we found out that Joe K is the founder and owner of the Espresso Outlet brand.

Does Espresso Outlet ship internationally?

Yes. However, since this retailer doesn’t ship all products internationally, you must contact their customer service first.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Espresso Outlet Reviews & Ratings

In conclusion, if you need a coffee machine with a competitive price and impeccable quality, look no further than Espresso Outlet. This retailer ensures that all products they sell are worth every penny you spend. It’s all because their collections are from reputable brands only.

Moreover, this retailer maintains a customer satisfaction rate at its finest. It is by ensuring all their service is flawless. Thus, what stops you from purchasing their products? Go to their website now and complete your payment!


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