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About Embroker

No business has no risk. All companies can face accidents, crime, layoffs, and other high-risk issues. Thus, Embroker business insurance was born to protect your company.

Embroker Review: About Embroker
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This insurance provider offers an online service where you can get quotes easily. Moreover, business owners can talk to the expert from their comfort. The smart solutions will provide the best coverage for your unique business.

It seems legit, with many notable companies using its service. For instance, it includes Front, Dashlane, SuperHuman, Leaflink, Capsule, Trublill by Rocket, and more. Even better, it boasts over 4.4K followers on Instagram and Facebook.

But what makes it more worth checking out than the traditional way to get a quote? Hence, we will cover vital info about this business insurance provider in our Embroker review.

Overview Of Embroker

Embroker is a company that takes the insurance industry by storm. This business insurance company transformed the traditional industry by using modern tech to find insurance.

The company was first launched in 2015 by Matt Miller, the founder. Then, in 2023, Ben Jennings stepped up as the CEO. Now, the company offers nationwide service with headquarters in San Francisco, California.

In addition, it carries the mission to protect business owners in the smartest way possible. So, the company will drive invention and transform business insurance with a smart solution for the most challenging problem.

Embroker Review

Insurance is a vital protection for your business. It can reduce the risk that may happen in the future. Simply put, Embroker Insurance delivers a smart solution for business owners to shop policies. So, it’s similar to Simply Business and Clear Blue Insurance.

Embroker Reviews: Embroker Review

It has digital procedures that allow you to get quotes online. So it’ll save you time and money on the process. Further, this company will tailor your quote depending on the business and needs.

Also, multiple coverages and policies are available that will be helpful to businesses. Check the list below to find the business grouping or more details about some policies:

Embroker Insurance Coverage

The main focus in business insurance makes this company become an expert. Next, our Embroker review will provide more details about its tailored coverage and policies. So, move to the next section!

Embroker Insurance Reviews

Embroker Insurance offers an instant insurance shopping process that only takes a few minutes. Simply apply online to get all the coverage that your business needs. First, you need to sign up for an account on its site.

Embroker Review: Embroker Insurance Reviews

Next, consult with its expert if you know nothing about your business needs. Besides, the site also provides tailored instant policy packages based on the business type.

Instant Policy Packages

Startup Package
  • Directors & Officers
  • Tech Errors & Omissions incl. Cyber
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
Growth Stage Package
  • Directors & Officers Plus
  • Tech Errors and Omissions, incl. Cyber Plus
  • Employment Practices Liability Plus
  • Fiduciary Liability
Management Liability Package
  • Employment Practices Liability Plus
  • Directors & Officers

Along with those packages, business owners can add extra packages. Aside from that, it also has packages tailored for several specific companies that may suit your business.

Package for Specific Industries

Those packages are already tailored with the most vital coverage for specific businesses. But, if your company isn’t listed or needs a deeper talk about your concern, better contact its expert. So, get your tailored quote now!

Embroker Policy Reviews

Embroker policy collection is impressive, with a long list of solutions for multiple issues. It covers a great range of policies, from worker compensation to cyber attack coverage. So, its policies can help a myriad of industries.

Embroker Review: Embroker Policy Reviews

Each policy will target different coverage that the business needs. Also, all of the policies can be customized for the business needs. So, you can choose to add or opt out of some coverage.

Instant Policies

  • Business Owners Policy
  • Commercial Crime
  • Cyber Liability Incl. Data Breach
  • Directors & Officers
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Legal Professional Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Tech Errors & Omissions Incl. Cyber
  • Workers Compensations

Shockingly, it still has other policies that can be purchased from its in-house brokers. Below are some of the policies:

  • Accountant Professional Liability
  • Builders Risk
  • Business Interruption
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Package
  • Commercial Property
  • General Liability
  • Healthy & Employee Benefits
  • Product Liability
  • Key Person
  • Surety Bonds
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • VC & Private Equity Firm Package

Indeed, the many policies may be confusing to find the best for business. However, it makes the quote for the company more tailored. So, get quotes easier and faster with the right policies!

Embroker Pricing

So, how much does Embroker cost? In fact, no two businesses have the same cost. This is because the premiums are calculated based on multiple factors. So, every business will cost different.

The insurers will consider multiple factors for your business. It includes the industry, size, employees, risk, and more. However, this provider has an average cost of 20% to 50% lower than most insurance providers.

Embroker Claims

Knowing about how you claim the insurance is vital before finishing your policy. It can decrease the risk of a complex claiming procedure in the future. One good point is that Embroker has seamless claims procedures.

The client will need to report the matter, and it’ll start to help the issues. Moreover, the claim has a transparent process from start to finish. It has expert support to assist with tough claims that need specific experts.

How do Embroker Claims Work?

  1. Login to the account, click the “Claim” tab and submit the claim
  2. The Claim Expert will reach out to you to review and examine the claim
  3. Work with the Claim Expert to strategize and resolve the claim.

Who Is Embroker For?

Clearly, Embroker Insurance is the best place for business owners who are looking for business protection. Also, it’ll suit modern entrepreneurs looking for an instant way to get quotes.

It has a great range of products, making it best for multiple business industries. It includes tech companies, law firms, status, cannabis companies, aerospace companies, and more.

Embroker Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Embroker may still not get the AM best rating, but it has legit reviews. Most of the client’s reviews are positive and have no issues. Even among workers, it has a positive image with good reviews on Glassdoor.

Embroker Review: Embroker Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Moreover, the company obtains a positive valuation from experts. G2, AdvisorSmith, Tivly, management.org, Insuranks, and others even give it fine final verdicts and ratings. 

  • Facebook: 5/5 star rating from 35 reviews
  • WalletHub: 4.8/5 rating from 11 reviews

The ratings and reviews seem to have many promising reviews. We also found a few average feedback about the service. Below is one of Embroker reviews from the customers:

Our small company needed D&O insurance, but quoting via a standard agent made us unable to get reasonable pricing… with Embroker and its startup program, we obtained a quote and policy at the best price with no issues. It’s easy to use, has superb pricing, and is an excellent startup program.

Aside from all the good news, we also need to consider the negative feedback. So, below is one of the complaints:

I do not understand why they don’t have a mobile app… but this company is a great solution for IT and tech businesses. It offers a large variety of options in carriers and policies.

On average, the customers’ reviews are positive, with good opinions about the coverage and claim. Most of them are also satisfied with the low pricing. In contrast, some clients complain about its lack of app and other minor issues.

Is Embroker Worth It?

If your business needs low premiums, then Embroker is worth to be the first choice. Its policy is complete, with costs that are lower than rivals. Further, it also has a good financial standing.

Embroker Review: Is Embroker Worth It?

The claim is also transparent and seamless, which makes it more hassle-free. Besides, the quoting process is super easy with the assistance of a skilled advisor. Everything seems good, from service, coverage, pricing, and claims, with minimal complaints.

Embroker Pros And Cons

To refresh all the info you get in our review, we want to highlight some points. So check the pros and cons below to consider!


  • Faster and easier process
  • Transparent and fast claim
  • Industry specific package
  • Expert advisors assist
  • Multiple policies available
  • Decent financial standing
  • Low pricing
  • Good customer support


  • Unclear pricing
  • No mobile app

How To Contact Embroker

For further info and advice about how it can help you, reach Embroker customer service. Below is the list of its contacts:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 1.844.436.2765
  • Live Chat: Left right button
  • Social Media: @embroker

Headquarters Address

24 Shotwell Street
San Francisco, California
United States

Where to buy Embroker?

Ready to get a quote from your comfort? Then, get tailored policies based on your company from its official site at www.embroker.com. Aside from that, prospective buyers also can get business coverage from brokers.

Embroker Coupon Codes & Promos

You can sign on to the email list to get the perks updates. Or you can click the button below for the current discounts. Further, consult with the advisor to discuss your budget concern and tailor your quote to the best rate!

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Embroker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Embroker reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is an Embroker?

This company is a smart insurance platform focused on businesses that want to get insurance.

Is Embroker an insurance carrier?

Embroker is a digital native business insurance company based on modern tech. It can reduce inefficient processes that increase insurance prices and cause poor customer experience.

Who is the CEO of Embroker?

This insurance provider is currently under the leadership of Ben Jennings, the CEO.

Is Embroker legit?

No doubt, Embroker is legit. The company is reliable, with positive reviews and 70+ NPS. It also has genuine business details on LinkedIn and Crunchbase.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Embroker Reviews & Ratings

Overall, our Embroker review concludes that this brand is indeed a great company for every business owner. The company has digital base insurance allows you to get quotes and expert advice from your comfort.

The coverage will be tailored for specific industries for the most worthy and reliable policies. Not to mention, the low premiums, real-time claim tracking, and expert support make it notable. Hence, get your quote now with Embroker!


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