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About Elemake High Security Locks

We can’t close our eyes to the sophistication of today’s technology. Of course, we have to keep up with existing developments. Such as Elemake, which presents new technology smart door lock products.

Elemake Review: About Elemake High Security Locks
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This brand’s smart door locks use the latest advanced technology, including gateway remote control, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, fingerprint, and app control functions. The door locks they provide are 100% mechanical, meaning there’s no battery needed, and the key or combination sells at an affordable price point.

As a brand that has long been in the door lock innovation industry, they always keep up with the times by providing products that have high quality. 

So, if you want to know more about the quality of this brand as well as what they sell, stay with us. A lot of information about this brand you can get in the Elemake review because we’ll discuss the best-selling products, testimonials, and others. Then, let’s jump into the overview!

Overview Of Elemake High Security Locks

Since 1976, Elemake has been a brand that sells door locks with stylish designs and extraordinary handicrafts. Their existence in this industry that can survive until now is certainly because of the quality of the products they sell.

They always strive to innovate with the times by creating products that have excellent functionality and usability. Thanks to its high-security lock, easy lock installation, and keyless entry door lock, making their products always superior in the market.

The brand continues to work hard to provide high-end quality hardware to customers at affordable prices. They’ll always be with their customers to make life safer and more stylish.

Currently, the smart locks they sell have new technologies, including Gateway remote control, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, fingerprint & App control functions. By doing so, brands hope that their customers have a secure life with the conveniences that can be obtained from their products.

Besides wanting to provide the best to customers through its products, the brand also wants to give satisfaction through the services they have. Below, we’ll list the Elemake pros and cons as an overview of its quality.

Elemake Pros

  • Grade-quality hardware with the stylish design
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with many devices and gadgets
  • Affordable price
  • Free shipping within US and Canada
  • Ships internationally
  • 60 days return policy
  • Impressive positive testimonials

Elemake Cons

  • Doesn’t provide many discounts

Elemake Review

After reading some of the information we’ve covered in the previous section, you might be curious about what they sell and the quality of the products they provide. 

Elemake Reviews: Elemake Review

Before we move on to product reviews, you need to know what their products are. So, this brand sells various types of door locks such as mechanical locks, smart door locks, deadbolts, door lever knobs, trailer hitch locks, handsets, hidden dog fences, or even plant labels.

However, in the product reviews, we’ll focus on 3 of their best-selling products for your consideration before deciding to buy their products. So, without further ado, let’s review the first product!

Elemake Keyless Deadbolt Door Lock Mechanical Stainless Steel 304 Reviews

The first best-selling product that we’ll discuss in the Elemake review is the Keyless Deadbolt Door Lock Mechanical Stainless Steel 304. It’s made of wear-free keypad material that makes it durable.

Elemake Review: Elemake Keyless Deadbolt Door Lock Mechanical Stainless Steel 304 Reviews

It has a higher level of security because it will not leave any clues left for thieves. Thus, your home will be well-locked and safe from thieves. Please note that this door lock doesn’t lock automatically. So, in this case, you need to adjust to your needs.

This MKD-001 model is made of 100% mechanical 304 stainless steel with an excellent hard material deadbolt lock. This model comes with 2 options which you can use a passcode or a key to lock it. You can also use both so that thieves will have a very hard time. It also comes with a DIY design that does not have the risk of a weak battery.

This door lock will be suitable for wooden or metal door thickness within 35-50mm / 1.38-1.96 inches. This product comes with a combination of 4-8 digits (without repetition) and with the tumbler provided, more than 8,000 options.


  • No battery required
  • Open the door: inside and outside
  • Easy to install
  • No wiring required
  • No need for electrical installation
  • Easy-to-organize combination

You only need to spend $69.99 to get a product that can protect your money and property well.

Elemake Fingerprint Smart Door Lock 4-in-1 APP Control Reviews

Next, we will discuss about the second best-selling product, Fingerprint Smart Door Lock 4-in-1 APP Control, which has smart performance. This is an advanced 4-in-1 keyless entry smart door lock. 

Elemake Review: Elemake Fingerprint Smart Door Lock 4-in-1 APP Control Reviews

If the first product has 2 locks with keys and pins, then this product has 4 locks with access fingerprint, password, app, and key. Its one-touch fingerprint access is able to read your fingerprint and instantly unlock your door.

It also has an automatic relock function designed to keep your home safe. For its touchscreen access, Downlight lighting will illuminate the numbers, which makes it easy to enter your code even in the dark. As for its Anti-peep virtual password, it can help protect the privacy of the access code.

This product has an easy installation. It only takes a few minutes to swap the basic lock with the Geek Smart Lock. In addition, the free wire technology makes installation quick and easy, as well as secure. 

As we mentioned earlier, this product is a smart door lock that can lock, unlock, and send eKeys to friends or family to manage and view access history from the convenience of a smartphone.

This smart lever door lock is made of corrosion-resistant zinc alloy with a sleek, modern, simple, stylish, and bold appearance. So the security will be higher and protect privacy very well.

You can get this fingerprint smart door lock for $125.99 and optimal performance.

Elemake Bluetooth Fingerprint Smart Door Lock 5-in-1 Reviews

Lastly, the third product from their best-selling series is the Bluetooth Fingerprint Smart Door Lock 5-in-1. This product will be the right choice for those who like simple things. This is because this smart door lock has an easy operation with local operation methods using fingerprints, Passwords, RF cards, Keys, Bluetooth Remotes, and Wifi APPs to unlock.

Elemake Review: Elemake Bluetooth Fingerprint Smart Door Lock 5-in-1 Reviews

It also has low power consumption with a separate WiFi-gate module that allows customers to extend the battery life for the Wifi function when the deadbolt is connected to the internet.

With this product, you can also enhance remote internet operation to operate remote unlocking as well as monitor entry and automatic notes and notifications.

Moreover, thanks to the Trivex Anti-aging touch panel, which is an upgrade from the usual PMMA usually used for touch screens and prevents fading due to sun exposure. It has also been tested to withstand direct sunlight for over 10 years at an IP65 waterproof level.

You can get this smart door lock that locks automatically for $199.99.

Who Is Elemake For?

Elemake is best suited for anyone, especially homeowners, who wants to add a tighter layer of protection to their residence for any reason. Whether they have a lot of money in their house or want to protect their family from staying safe, this brand will be the right choice.

Elemake Review: Who Is Elemake For?

Moreover, its low price and easy installation make it accessible to anyone. It would also be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to breathe easier without worrying whether they have locked their doors properly.

Elemake Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Before buying a product, to be more assured, you want to know reviews from customers about how the quality of the product you’re going to buy. Hence, in this section, Elemake review put some reviews from customers who have tried products from this brand.

Elemake Review: Elemake Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Some reviews we collected from Amazon to see what customers think. One of them said:

Just installed this lock. It works great for now! Installation was very easy compared to others purchased previously. However, the design could be improved to make it look nicer!

As we discussed earlier, this brand does provide products that are easy to install, as mentioned in the review above. Next, other reviewers also left comments:

This product is affordable and works well, is sturdy and safe. I love it.

As can be seen from the reviews above, the price of products from this brand is indeed affordable. It also has very good quality, and it works really well.

So, it can be concluded that this brand has quality products with the ability to work well. Its affordable price also makes its customers satisfied to buy it.

Is Elemake Worth It?

If there is a question about whether Elemake is worth it, we can easily answer that this brand is very worth it. With its experience of many years in the door lock industry and can survive until now, of course, this brand is very expert in creating high-quality products. 

Elemake Review: Is Elemake Worth It?

Apart from its high-quality products, this brand also provides satisfaction for its customers by giving the best service by preparing installation tutorial videos such as mechanical door lock instructions or other types of door installation that you can see on their youtube channel or the installation-videos page on their website. 

They always innovate to create products that will provide security and convenience to their customers. With affordable prices, anyone can get a safer and more stylish life. Therefore, you’ll not turn to other brands and will entrust your home security to this brand.

Elemake Shipping Policy

This Elemake review is happy to inform you that this brand provides free shipping to the continental US and Canada. They ship some products to US and Canada only but also do international shipping to reach all their customers around the world. But the customers must confirm via email first for more details.

All orders will be shipped from the United States via UPS, USPS, FedEx, or Amazon Logistics. The brand ships on weekdays, Monday-Friday. Usually, orders will be shipped in 2-3 days and take 2-3 business days to arrive.

They’ll attempt to have all orders received before 3:00 pm EST shipped on the Same Day. While orders received after 3:00 pm EST Friday – Sunday will be shipped the following Monday.

The brand will inform the customer of the tracking number once the order has been successfully shipped. It is important to note that the tracking number is not active until the shipping provider scans the package. 

Elemake Return Policy

All products that are shipped are carefully checked and packaged to ensure that they arrive in a safe condition. However, if you’re not satisfied with the products, the brand offers returns that can be accessed within 60 days of receiving the item. 

To be eligible for a return, the item must qualify for some conditions:

  • Item must be in the same condition when received it
  • Unworn or unused
  • With tags
  • In its original packaging
  • The receipt or proof of purchase needed

Please contact [email protected] to get instructions on how and where to send back your package. If your returned package is approved, you’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method.

How To Contact Elemake

There’s no need to worry if you have some questions about the brand. They provide the best customer service that will give real support when you contact them. All your questions will be responded to quickly, as they’re ready to help anytime.

Contact their team at:

  • Phone: 800-315-9607
  • Email: [email protected]
  • The blank form available on the Contact-us page of the website
  • Address: 5448 Apex Peakeay, 197, Apex, NC 27502

Where to buy Elemake?

After reading this Elemake review, we’re sure you’ll be interested in buying their products. The best place to buy their products is through the official website

You can get the brand’s products easily because it’s also available on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

Elemake Coupon Codes & Promos

So far, we haven’t found any discounts or promotions this brand provides. However, free shipping within the US and Canada will still benefit you. We also recommend subscribing to their emails to get updated information or even special discounts and promotions that they provide.

You also don’t need to worry because we’ve prepared several coupon codes you can claim when purchasing to get discounts or other attractive offers. Simply by clicking the button below and get the best offer!

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Elemake Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Elemake reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Elemake?

As far as we dig for information about this brand, we haven’t found out who the owner of this brand is. 

Where is Elemake located?

Elemake is located at 5448 Apex Peakeay, 197, Apex, NC 27502, USA. 

Does Elemake ship internationally?

They do international shipping which must confirm via email first for more details.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Elemake Reviews & Ratings

Thanks to the latest technology, everything is now easier. Elemake, which is a brand with quality smart door lock products that use sophisticated technology, will help you provide security to your family or valuables in your home with strict security. 

In addition to guaranteed security, you’ll also get a lot of conveniences when using their products. The affordable price with quality grade hardware makes it very worthy of your choice.


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