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ELEAT Cereal Review 2024 → High Protein And Fibre Cereal For Gym Goers!

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About ELEAT Cereal

Making a healthy food plan for gym goers or those who want to consume more nutritious meals has never been easy. Mainly because you need to ensure the ingredient is safe and count the calories and other nutrition. Fortunately, Eleat Cereal comes to offer our favourite simple breakfast last the solution!

ELEAT Cereal Review: About ELEAT Cereal
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This brand offers protein cereals with high fibre and other nutrition for the health balance whether you want to consume it for health or sports. The product has baked benefits that you can harness for healthier bowel, muscle recovery, and many more.

Indeed this brand is still new, but you may come to this review since you’re interested in this cereal protein brand which has a recognizable presence in the field.

They have 2.7k followers on Instagram since they’ve gained popularity among gym goers, athletes, and health-conscious people with products that not only offer a delightful taste but a full of benefits.

Regardless of its popularity and length of time in this industry, is this brand truly worth it? In this Eleat Cereal review, we’ll go deeper into this brand profile, top-selling products, customer reviews, customer service information, offers, and many more. So, prepare a cup of tea, and let’s dive deeper!

Overview Of Eleat Cereal

In 2022, ELEAT was founded by Hywel Rose and Hugh Hamilton-Green as a protein cereal UK company. The brand is on a mission to provide a high-protein cereal with no compromise on convenience and taste.

The two founders have the same passion for sports and health and want to create a meal that can make people “eat well and move well.” So then they make a cereal as a new performance breakfast that you can easily consume whether on the go, at home breakfast, afternoon snack, or even a post-exercise.

This brand focuses on UK shipping with free shipping and will reach other countries in the future. They also aim to provide the customer with the best satisfaction with various discount and return policies guaranteeing a risk-free purchase.

Below, we’ll go over their pros and cons so you can get the point of this brand before we jump to the review section.

Eleat Cereal Pros

  • Offers a wide variety of high protein, fibre, and nutrition cereal products with various flavour options
  • Best for gym goers, sportspersons, or even those who are on a diet
  • Full of benefits for health balance
  • Discounted products available
  • Free shipping for UK addresses
  • 30 days return policy
  • Impressive positive testimonials from the customers

Eleat Cereal Cons

  • No international shipping, but planning for the future
  • Some customers state that it’s pretty tough

ELEAT Cereal Reviews

After we have discussed this brand this far, you must build more curiosity to find what the product they offer and how the product quality is. Thus, in this section, we’ll go over this matter to give Eleat Cereal reviews on their recommended products.

ELEAT Cereal Reviews: ELEAT Cereal Reviews

Mainly this brand offers only one kind of high protein cereal that comes in two sizes large pouches of 250gr and single serves of 50gr in 4 of each pack. Each product has four flavours: Chocolate Triumph, Strawberry Blitz, Cinnamon Sensation, and Vanilla Thriller.

You can purchase each product with the same flavour, or if you can’t decide which flavour you like, there is a variety pack and a taster pack with four flavours inside. However, since you still choose where their product is worth investing in, let’s move to the next section to see its qualities!

Eleat Cereal Variety Pack Cereal Pouch Reviews

The first product that comes to this Eleat Cereal review section is their best-selling product, Eleat Cereal Variety Pack Cereal Pouch. In this variety pack, you’ll get four pack of 250gr cereal pouch that comes in various flavours, including Chocolate, Strawberry, Cinnamon, and Vanilla.

ELEAT Cereal Review: Eleat Cereal Variety Pack Cereal Pouch Reviews

This invigorating cereal contains high fibre of 9 essential amino acids that help you to recover the muscle, which can be the best cereal if you also do a regular gym or workout. In addition, it contains chickpea flour, that’s also great for sustaining energy since it can slowly release the carbohydrates (low GI) that help you throughout the day.

It’s made of rice flour that provides a high fibre and gives a better texture and crunch to the cereal. Furthermore, the soy protein isolated and sunflower protein can provide essential amino acids, fibre, and B vitamins to maintain excellent well-being.

It also uses chicory root inulin, a naturally occurring prebiotic that can help boost the body and maintain normal bowel function. This cereal blends with stevia and natural flavouring, adding a healthy and perfect sweetness.


  • Muscle recovery
  • High fibre and protein
  • Reduced craving
  • Sustained energy
  • Better digestion

This cereal can be a quick and tasty workout meal that easy to make with the balanced nutrition that your body needs. Lastly, you can have an instant and healthy meal with the variety pack serial for only £28 and £23.80 by subscribing!

Eleat Cereal Chocolate Triumph Cereal Pouch Reviews

Next is most people’s favourite flavour, Eleat Cereal Chocolate Triumph Cereal Pouch. This flavour is the best-selling product in this brand which is the main reason is its delightful taste. It has the same ingredients and benefits as the variety pack, but we’ll discuss it further.

ELEAT Cereal Review: Eleat Cereal Chocolate Triumph Cereal Pouch Reviews

This indulgent chocolate classic cereal contains 13.1g of protein, 10.4g of fibre, and only 1.2g of sugar in each 50g serving. The ingredient is carefully baked to provide a diverse range of nutritional benefits with a healthy balance that the body needs.

It contains various beneficial ingredients such as rice flour, sunflower protein, soy protein isolate, chicory root inulin, high oleic sunflower oil, chickpea flour, and natural stevia flavours. All those natural ingredients make this chocolate cereal low-sugar, gluten-free, high-fibre, high-protein, gut-free, and vegan-friendly.

The nine essential amino acids in this cereal can help to recover the muscle, and the slow-releasing carbohydrate sustains your energy. In addition, 7.5g of prebiotic inulin is included to boost the good bacteria for gut boosting. Plus, the rich protein and fibre can reduce cravings!

The Chocolate Triumph cereal costs £28 with 4X250gr per pack. You can also save 15% by subscribing to purchase it for only £23.80!

Eleat Cereal Taster Pack Cereal Snack Reviews

If this is your first time trying this cereal brand, then this Eleat Cereal Taster Pack Cereal Snack is recommended. Generally, it has the same flavour as the variety pack, but you will only get four groups with different flavours of 50gr.

ELEAT Cereal Review: Eleat Cereal Taster Pack Cereal Snack Reviews

It will be available in 4 flavours, including Chocolate Triumph, Cinnamon Sensation, Vanilla Thriller, and Strawberry Blitz, which you can also buy alone. With all tastes coming in small sizes, you can try their product and find your favourite flavours.

With its design, it has a handy size that you can easily have in your bag and devour as a snack if you have a sudden craving. With low-carb and sugar ingredients, this on-the-go cereal can offer a great alternative if you are on a diet and want to reduce cravings.

Lastly, this Taster Pack Cereal Snack is the perfect taster for new customers, and find your favourite flavour for only £10!

Who Is Eleat Cereal For?

The two founders of this brand are creating a product designed for people to eat and move well. The brand state that since it has ingredient for sport and is baked with nutrition, it will be suitable for a regular gym goer, jogger, professional sportsperson, or even an office worker who want to improve his diet.

ELEAT Cereal Review: Who Is Eleat Cereal For?

They also develop a new performance breakfast that has mouthwatering flavours and is easy to make, which is perfect for those looking for an instant meal.

They also have a handysize cereal and the same benefit, so you can easily store it and eat it for an afternoon snack or post-exercise. So overall this cereal is made for everyone, mainly for you who want to focus on sport and health.

Eleat Cereal Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We shouldn’t completely believe what the brand says! That’s why we go through its review section to see whether there are some complain or compliment about this brand which can portray its reliability.

ELEAT Cereal Review: Eleat Cereal Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To start, let’s take a look at the rating of the brand from the third product that’s featured in this Eleat Cereal review:

  • Variety Pack: 4.89/5 rating stars from 88 reviewers
  • Chocolate Triumph Cereal Pouch: 4.84/5 rating stars from 35 reviewers
  • Taster Pack: 4.25/5 rating stars from 8 reviewers

From the rating number above, we see how this brand has a good reputation among its customers. All products rating are never below 4. So to give you a better picture of how the reviews are, here is what a customer said:

It is a very tasty, very crunchy and filling cereal. Kept me going throughout the morning.

Considering what it claims to sustain the energy, the customer state that the protein cereals can maintain their energy throughout the morning. Here is another customer statement:

My daily go-to for a massive protein-full breakfast. Super tasty, but also, one serving is very filling, so great for weight loss if you are trying to hit your macros and cut the calories!

The customer states that the product gives a full protein breakfast and a tasty flavour and works ideal for losing weight. Next, we found a so-so review on the page:

Very good taste and an excellent design, but it takes too long to soak in milk. Needs a microwave to cook it.

From the testimonial above, the customer claims that the cereal work and tastes excellent. The main problem is it is pretty tough. So overall, all the review is positive without any real deal breaker. all other product reviews also stated that the product works as it claims.

Is Eleat Cereal Worth It?

The brand is not only a business that offers a product but also values the product that allows you to harness an instant and healthy meal. This brand uses excellent ingredients to bring the full benefit.

ELEAT Cereal Review: Is Eleat Cereal Worth It?

Considering this brand is just launched in 2022, it has an impressive achievement that gains customer trust and decent ratings from the customers. Moreover, the product offers an insanely healthy ingredient, benefiting everyone.

They also have exceptional customer service, free shipping, and a returns policy that we will uncover in the next section. In a nutshell, this brand is unquestionably worth it.

Eleat Cereal Shipping Policy

According to the Eleat Cereal shipping policy, it’s worth noting that this brand offers free shipping for all orders on its official website! You can also update the express delivery to add £3. After you place your order, it will be processed as soon as possible, Monday to Friday, up to 9 PM.

This brand partnered with premier carriers such as Yodel, DPD, and DHL for only UK shipping. In addition, if you use economy delivery, it will arrive within 2 – 3 business days and arrive the next day for express delivery if you place your order on the business day before midday.

Eleat Cereal Return Policy

Are you afraid that your purchase is not satisfying? Fortunately, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can request a return within 30 days of receipt. The product must be unopened and still in the original packaging to be eligible for the return.

To start the return, you can contact them at [email protected] to discuss and begin the process. If the product has arrived and the approved, your refund will be 5 working days, but the return shipping cost is non-refundable.

How To Contact Eleat Cereal

We’re well aware that this Eleat Cereal review couldn’t cover all your curiosity about the brand. So if you have a question that is lingering in your mind and can’t find the answer in this review, you can reach Eleat Cereal customer service via:

Where to buy ELEAT Cereal?

Interest in trying an easy and quick meal with whole protein and balanced nutrition? If you want to try their cereal, you can visit Eleat Cereal’s official website. If you purchase it from their official website, you can enjoy free shipping and 30 days return. What a great deal!

ELEAT Cereal Coupon Codes & Promos

Shopping would never be satisfying without discounts! So, to save your pennies, this brand offers some of the perks you can harness.

  • Join their email list to get 20% off your first order
  • Subscribe and save 15%
  • Free shipping for all UK orders

See, this brand offers perks for saving the product cost and your shipping cost. Lastly, reveal the exclusive Eleat Cereal discount code by hitting the button below!

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ELEAT Cereal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for ELEAT Cereal reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Eleat Cereal?

This brand is owned by Hugh Hamilton-Green and Hywel Rose.

Does Eleat Cereal ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this brand only ship in the UK. But they plan to expand the business and reach your place as soon as possible.

Is Eleat Cereal vegan-friendly?

Yes, all of the ingredients and flavours are vegan-friendly.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of ELEAT Cereal Reviews & Ratings

Some people prefer having cereal in their meals since you can make it instantly. However, some cereals aren’t that ideal for those on a diet. Fortunately, Eleat Cereal offers an instant meal with nutrition for a healthy balance.

Their product is baked for gym goers and those who want to make a leisurely meal with an instant since it contains more fibre and protein than conventional cereal. Moreover, this newcomer brand has excellent customer service that guarantees satisfaction with discounts and exceptional ingredients quality.

So are you ready to harness the good of instant cereal? You can devour this high-fiber and healthy grain by visiting Eleat Cereal!


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