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Effy Jewelry Review 2024 → No.1 Exclusive, Elegance Necklace and Rings!

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About Effy Jewelry

For some people, having luxurious jewelry is a definition of confidence. It could be an engraved diamond ring, a dazzling emerald bracelet, or a fine gold pendant. However, no place as great as Effy Jewelry could satisfy you better.

Effy Jewelry Review: About Effy Jewelry
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Effy Jewelry is a brand that sells luxurious accessories. They sell a range of jewelry types, from necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and more. The name ‘Effy’ has been known for years in the jewelry industry.

What makes them one of a kind is their reputation. This brand is the leading fine jewelry brand in cruise ships. You read it right! They operate in an exclusive place, differentiating them from their competitors.

Moreover, all their jewelry design is also attention-grabbing. It’s all because they come in unique designs with vivid colors. Thus, there is no reason not to allure their beautiful visuals in the first place.

As expected, they also work well in social media by having 2.1M followers on Facebook and 383K followers on Instagram. However, this Effy Jewelry review will help you learn what makes this brand remarkable. Thus, let’s scroll!

Overview of Effy Jewelry

Meet the owner behind this masterpiece, Effy Hematian. Effy has spent his life creating dazzling designs that meet the highest standards of artisan and manufacturing. As a result, Effy Jewelry was born in 1979.

This brand’s mission is to be at the top of everyone’s mind. It is why they strive their best to deliver bold and stylish jewelry designs with detailed craftsmanship. Thankfully, it works as they expected.

Their flawless pieces are instantly recognizable, making them the world’s top jewelry brand today. Accordingly, with all the hype they got, they managed to exist in the industry for around 30+ years.

Even better, they are expanding! At its core, Effy’s business is a family-owned business. Effy has been obsessed with quality and craftsmanship and has been designing and manufacturing in NYC – New York City for decades.

Today, their name is everywhere. We are now witnessing one of the legendary brands in jewelry. Their progressive growth will grow over time, and they are ready to deliver exclusive jewelry just for you.

Effy Jewelry Reviews

Widely known for its elegance, this brand provides unique and finely structured jewelry for all women. Aside from being sold on a cruise, this brand’s collection is also seen to be worn by popular celebrities.

Effy Jewelry Reviews: Effy Jewelry Reviews

However, you may wonder, “Why is Effy Jewelry so expensive?” when looking at the price. We understand that this brand isn’t for everyone, but their quality is beyond the price you pay for them. So, it’s still worth it!

Moreover, you will understand why they still manage to get all the customer’s satisfaction while they have high price tags. Besides quality, their design is also top-notch. Their unique design is what makes them exclusive.

To make it fair, we will help you find their entire collection in the list below. We already listed them based on their category. Let’s see them closer!

Effy Jewelry Collections

Likewise, we will review their 3 best-selling jewelry in more detail. If you want to know how exciting the review will be, meet them closer in the next section. Scroll now!

Effy Jewelry Watercolors Turtle Pendant Reviews

We all know that most luxury necklaces have a generic mini basic pendant. There is no uniqueness to that, and it’s too boring. However, what about the Watercolors 14K Gold Sapphire & Diamond Turtle Pendant from Effy Jewelry?

Effy Jewelry Review: Effy Jewelry Watercolors Turtle Pendant Reviews

As you may have noticed, this necklace differs from a usual luxury necklace. It has a turtle shape in the pendant. This unique design makes the pendant look like a charm. Perfect if you want a casual appearance but still have a touch of exclusivity.

However, if you see the turtle closer, you will find a colorful sapphire and diamond spread through. The color combination is undoubtedly eye-catching and hard not to attract other eyes to look at it.


  • Metal: 14K Gold
  • Stone: Multi Shape Sapphire 0.98, Round Diamond 0.01
  • Pendant Length: 3/4″
  • Size: 18″

Further, this fancy and cute necklace is perfect for every outfit. Whether you want to combine it with casual jacket jeans or with a sparkling dress, this necklace won’t get overshadowed and still shines the way they are. Grab this now at $995.00!

Effy Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet Reviews

Is there any luxury bracelet with a genuinely excellent design? Yes, but it’s hard to find. However, lucky you cause we fortunately found an 18K Yellow Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Bracelet from Effy Jewelry!

Effy Jewelry Review: Effy Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet Reviews

This bracelet features tanzanite placed in the middle part. It has a rich violetish blue, which gives off a contrasting look with the gold bracelet. Plus, the mini diamond encircling the tanzanite forces the overall look to make the tanzanite look like the main character.

However, what makes this bracelet unique is its attractive design. You can see that this bracelet has a rare shape. You will hardly find the exact shape elsewhere. Totally exclusive!


  • Metal: 14K Gold
  • Color: Yellow
  • Stone: Round Diamond 0.4
  • Length: 7.5″

Moreover, this bracelet is an excellent match if you wear it on a glamorous occasion like a party or formal gathering. Its sparkling vibes truly release an elegant aura. Lucky you, this one-of-a-kind bracelet comes at a reasonable price of $8,050.00. Get it quickly!

Effy Jewelry 14K Rose Gold Diamond Heart Ring Reviews

Enough for the complicated design! You probably wonder if there is any ring with a cute visual but not too intricate for everyday use. If that is your concern, please welcome the 14K Rose Gold Diamond Heart Ring from Effy Jewelry.

Effy Jewelry Review: Effy Jewelry 14K Rose Gold Diamond Heart Ring Reviews

What stands out the most from this ring is undeniably the heart shape. It symbolizes feminine charisma and gives off a heartwarming vibe. Better yet, the shape looks more sweaty with a pearl in the middle, and the diamond surrounds the shape.

Likewise, the metal ring comes with a rose gold color. Plus, it has a basic round shape, enabling a perfect round for your finger. By this chance, you can wear this ring as a daily companion. It won’t hurt your finger and will easily match your appearance.


  • Metal: 14K Gold
  • Color: Rose
  • Stone: Pearl, Round Diamond 0.09
  • Thickness: 1.3mm (Band), 9.8mm (Heart)
  • Size: 6-9

Further, this heart ring comes at a fair price. It cost only $1,085.00! What’s better is that the price will remain the same, whatever your size choice is. Thus, are you ready to rock your fashion with these pretty accessories?

Effy Jewelry Pros and Cons

Before bringing you further, please read the pros and cons of this brand. We have already summarized them in the table below. Check it out!


  • Luxury jewelry collections
  • Unique and special design
  • Responsibly and ethically sourced stones
  • All sizes have the same price (No additional cost for bigger sizes)
  • Handcrafted by skilled artisans
  • Highest quality metals (14K gold, 18K gold, etc)
  • Highly durable pieces
  • Use precious gemstones (Sapphire, ruby, etc)
  • Made in the US
  • International order available
  • Accessible to buy at cruise ship
  • Free shipping on all US orders
  • Responsive, kind customer service
  • Countless positive feedbacks


  • Their price is considered expensive for certain economic level
  • The design may be too intricate for some people

Who Is Effy Jewelry For?

Effy Jewelry is dedicated to every woman, particularly those who appreciate high-quality material over everything. Specifically, it is perfect if you don’t truly care about the price as long as you get the best one to match your ideal dress.

You probably get the hint already. This brand is undoubtedly not for every economic level. They target upper-class women who want to invest their looks in luxury jewelry. By this chance, this brand is maintaining its exclusivity, and it’s good.

Moreover, we also find that they also have a men’s collection. Be it rings, necklaces, cufflinks, and more. All of them also come with luxurious designs and materials. Thus, for all men who want to present charming and expensive, it is the time for you to shine!

Effy Jewelry Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

As the world’s leading jewelry brand, Effy Jewelry managed to get more than 5K reviews on TrustPilot. Based on the overall ratings and reviews, they appear to have an overall 4.6/5 stars.

Effy Jewelry Review: Effy Jewelry Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

However, we believe that reading customer reviews is one of the essential points before purchasing luxury items. Above all, the fact that this brand has become a hot topic on Reddit is also a crucial reason to ensure the product is worth buying.

Then, let’s start with this review:

My husband got me a ring from Effy for our 7th anniversary. I love the quality of the stones. It is shiny and colorful. Today, I have many pieces from this brand cause of their beautiful design and craftsmanship…

From the review above, it can be seen that what satisfies this customer is the quality of the stones. She said that the stones are shiny and colorful. Moreover, she also collects other pieces from this brand cause it genuinely has excellent design and craftsmanship.

Another review said:

I love my purchase. The quality of the diamond is outstanding. It is sparkling at its best, and the crossover design is also simple and clean. Love it!

This happy customer said that she loved her purchase. She said the diamond quality is superb cause it has an outstanding sparkle. Also she mentions that the design is also simple, which is one aspect that makes her fall in love with the jewelry.

Last, a review about the customer service. This customer said:

Excellent customer service! I originally bought it on a cruise ship and made promises with the employee about the ring size and stuff. They are beyond everything. It is very responsive!

The review above implies that this customer is happy because the staff of Effy Jewelry on the cruise ship helped her responsively. She said she would tell every detail about the ring she wanted to buy, and this brand’s staff could eventually fulfill her needs.

Furthermore, all customers were pleased with the quality of the materials and the design. We can also see that most customers are happy with the customer service of this brand. Thus, it proves they have become a well-known jewelry brand for a reason.

Is Effy Jewelry Worth It?

This family-owned business has become a top brand in the jewelry market with its commitment. It is by providing only the highest quality jewelry. They use conflict-free stone responsibly and ethically sourced from mines worldwide.

Effy Jewelry Review: Is Effy Jewelry Worth It?

Moreover, their unique designs are one of the most significant worth points. For instance, when we see a woman wearing accessories, we can tell whether they are from Effy Jewelry or not cause the design is already at the top of our minds.

Effy Jewelry Shipping Policy

As the world’s leading jewelry brand, Effy Jewelry can ship its products domestically and internationally. Regarding the shipping cost, while international orders are subject to a shipping charge, all US domestic orders will get free shipping.

Regarding the carrier, we believe you can get the information during checkout. It’s all because the information cannot be found on the Shipping Policy page. However, you can contact their customer service immediately if you have any questions.

Effy Jewelry Return Policy

Excellent news! You can get free returns for your 1st package of any order if you want to return your products and your address is in the US. If, by any chance, there is an additional eligible item for return in the same order, you are subjected to a $25 shipping fee.

The return policy is only available up to 30 days from the date of shipment. The brand also accepts only unworn and unaltered items. Plus, they must be free from scratches and blemishes. For more detailed information about the return, please check the Return Policy.

Effy Jewelry Warranty Policy

This brand has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty works to repair or replace any item they believe to be damaged by a manufacturing defect. Thus, this warranty excludes coverage for excessive wear and tear, loss, and theft.

However, you need an original receipt for all warranty services. Hence, you need to register your purchase at effyjewelry.com. Moreover, you can check the Warranty page or contact customer service if you have any questions about the warranty.

How To Contact Effy Jewelry

It’s always frustrating to have questions in mind but don’t know where to ask. However, you don’t have to worry because this brand’s customer service will help you whenever needed. Find the contact below:

Effy Jewelry Juneau Address
428 S Franklin St, Juneau, AK 99801, United States

Where to buy Effy Jewelry?

There are several ways if you want to get this brand’s jewelry. For instance, they have offline retailers in many locations if you want to find the store ‘near me.’ However, here is a list of how you can find their products:

  • Effy Jewelry’s official website
  • Retailer store
  • Cruise ships (Princess Cruise)

Effy Jewelry Coupon Codes & Promos

We know you want this brand’s jewelry so bad cause who doesn’t? Fortunately, their high price tag is considered accessible and way better if you use several deals we found and listed below. Enjoy!

  • Holiday Sale! Claim up to 30% OFF site-wide
  • Take an extra 10% OFF selected orders. No coupon code is needed!
  • Subscribe to their newsletter and get discount codes, exclusive sales, and more
  • Get free shipping and free returns on your order

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Effy Jewelry

Effy Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Effy Jewelry reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is special about Effy jewelry?

Effy Jewelry has a unique and intrinsic design that grabs the crowd’s attention. Their material is also ethically sourced from reputable mining.

Is Effy a designer brand?

Yes, Effy Jewelry is a luxury designer brand.

Is there fake Effy jewelry?

No warranty about the fake jewelry sold elsewhere since Effy Jewelry is a well-known brand. That’s why we suggest you order at their official website. Check their Identifying Scam page to ensure you don’t buy it from a fraudulent website.

Does Effy use genuine gemstones?

Yes. They use genuine gemstones like ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

Is Effy Jewelry good quality?

Yes. All Effy Jewelry products are of good quality. They use only real diamonds and precious metals that are responsibly and ethically sourced. Moreover, each product also has high durability due to the detailed craftsmanship.

Is Effy Jewelry a good brand?

We think so. This brand offers only high-quality jewelry with a unique design. They also have the friendliest and most responsive customer service. Thus, Effy Jewelry is 100% a good brand.

Is Effy Jewelry expensive?

It depends on certain economic levels. The price may considered expensive for some people, but it is worth the quality you get. Plus, you don’t have to worry because each jewelry has a high resale value.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Effy Jewelry Reviews & Ratings

As a remarkable jewelry brand, Effy Jewelry is an absolute green light to shop for fine jewelry products. They use real diamonds and precious metals to ensure each jewelry has the durability that matters. Thus, the quality is undoubtedly to be secured well.

Besides, the designs reflect the commitment of every artisan’s effort. So, it isn’t surprising that they are unique and intricate. Moreover, don’t you think this brand’s jewelry belongs to you? If yes, go to their website and complete your payment today!


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