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Earth Breeze Review 2024 → Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets

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About Earth Breeze

Is your liquid or powder detergent still in use? If so, switching to laundry detergent sheets is better, especially if you prefer a sustainable lifestyle when organizing your home. With that in mind, you must explore more about Earth Breeze as the top brand for laundry sheets.

Earth Breeze Review: About Earth Breeze

Laundry detergent is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional powder or liquid detergent. It offers the most convenient way to do each load of laundry. Also, it can reduce excess plastic detergent waste.

Earth Breeze is a leading brand that offers a green solution for laundry needs. The brand is known for its laundry detergent eco sheets. Likewise, the sheets have the claim of clean ingredients. 

Over 2,000,000 people trust Earth Breeze for an ultimate clean experience. Additionally, tens of thousands of customer reviews love these detergent sheets. 

You might be familiar with this brand. That’s because it has a large number of followers on social media. It has 124k+ followers on Facebook and 236k+ followers on Instagram. 

But do these laundry sheets work? Find out the answer in this Earth Breeze review!

Overview Of Earth Breeze

Founded in 2019, Earth Breeze is a company that offers high-quality, low-waste products. The company is located in Medford, Oregon, United States. But the production process is done in China.

Earth Breeze is on a mission to save the planet and make a meaningful impact for a more sustainable future. Therefore, the company offers carbon-neutral shipping across the globe. It can help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The company also is partnered with We Are Neutral and 1% For The Planet. The purpose is to offset the entire business’s carbon footprint. 

Furthermore, the company strives to contribute a positive impact on the environment. They have a charitable program named Buy One, Give Ten. The program was successfully begun in November 2020. 

It means the company donates 10 loads of laundry detergent on every purchase of one laundry sheet. The funds were donated to several categories. It includes homeless shelters, animal care, women’s shelters, veterans, disasters, and global relief. 

Key Features

  • Worldwide shipping 
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Money back guarantee
  • Offers discounts & promotions
  • Hypoallergenic & dermatologist tested
  • High level of customer service

Earth Breeze Reviews

The company embraces being environmentally friendly to reduce plastic waste. The brand makes every package with earth-friendly cardboard that is more sustainable. So you can find plastic-free detergent for your laundry needs.

Earth Breeze Reviews: Earth Breeze Reviews

Besides, the company provides a powerful clean on each product. It helps ease household chores while making a positive difference to the planet. Even better, you are also contributing to protecting the entire environment.

The eco-friendly laundry detergent is dermatologist tested. It is made with sustainable ingredients for the natural surroundings. Again, the products are also animal cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. 

In addition to laundry sheets, Earth Breeze also provides other earth-friendly products, including:

Earth Breeze Products

Additionally, the brand recently launched a new product: Regeneration Tote Bag. It’s an eco-friendly tote bag to express your impact on the environment. Not stopping there, the brand makes the tote bag with low-waste material. 

So, are you ready to make a change? Scroll down below!

Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Reviews

Over 50.000 Amazon reviewers give a 5-star rating on this Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets. It’s no surprise that the product has become the #1 Best Seller in Liquid Laundry Detergent on Amazon. 

Earth Breeze Review: Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Reviews

In addition, these laundry sheets are more effective in removing the toughest stains than other detergent types. The gentle ingredients also enhance the cleanliness and softness of your clothes.

Moreover, the ingredients are certified biodegradable by OECD 301B standards. It reduces the use of single-use plastic waste for detergent. Also, it can quickly decompose and is more sustainable. 

These laundry eco sheets easily dissolve within seconds in the water. So, you need to put the detergent sheet in the washer and wait until your clothes get clean—also, no more messy detergent measurements.

Further, these laundry detergent eco sheets also works in High Efficiency (HE) washers. Hence, you can save on the amount of water and energy needed to do a load of laundry.

Most importantly, these laundry sheets can save your laundry space. This product is thin and lightweight. Say goodbye to a bulky, old-fashioned detergent that takes up a lot of space in your room. Buy now with a subscription to save 40%! Or you can pay a one-time purchase at $20. 

Earth Breeze Power Pebbles Reviews

Power Pebbles has everything you need if you’re looking for an alternative to dishwasher detergent. This zero-waste dishwasher tablet offers a powerful clean for daily dishes. 

Earth Breeze Review: Earth Breeze Power Pebbles Reviews

Power Pebbles has made earth-friendly life so much easier. It features plant-based and easily dissolves in the dishwasher. You will get an excellent and sustainable cleaning experience.

In addition, this dish detergent has a powerful formula that tackles the toughest grease and grime left on dishes. These tablets are super light. You can use it on any dishwasher in your house. 

All you need to do is put a power pebble into the dishwasher and relax. No more unnecessary scrubbing that costs your precious time. It’s super easy. 

Moreover, Power Pebbles are available in 2 choices of scents: Fragrant Free (blue) and Lemon Citrus (yellow). The scents are pleasant. It smells fresh. You’re going to love it! You can select the pack sizes: 2 packs ($28), 3 packs ($36), and 4 packs ($48). Buy more and save more!

Earth Breeze The Hope Cloth Reviews

Are you still using regular paper towels? It’s time to change that with The Hope Cloth. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to replace paper towels. 

Earth Breeze Review: Earth Breeze The Hope Cloth Reviews

The brand makes the Hope Cloth with durable cellulose that won’t tear easily. It is more effective than using single-use paper towels. You can use Hope Cloth multiple times. Also, it is biodegradable and compostable.

Most importantly, it has a high absorption level to clean up the dirt on the table. It includes messy spills, grime, or leftover dirt droppings. Also, it’s super lightweight, making all the cleaning tasks a breeze.

Additionally, it features Quick Dry Technology that allows for a swift drying process after use. Yup, Hope Cloth is super easy to clean after you use it. Also, it can remove the bacteria attached due to dirt more quickly and hygienically.

Grab the Hope Cloth today! In 3 packs, you only need to spend $13. It’s pretty affordable, isn’t it?

Earth Breeze Free Sample

Currently, there are no free samples at Earth Breeze. Instead, the company offers a risk-free purchase for all purchases through the official website. So the customer has the confidence to shop with a satisfaction guarantee.

It works if you’re unhappy with the product you’ve purchased for any reason. The company will guarantee you a new item or a money-back guarantee.

Earth Breeze Cost

As you read this review, you must wonder: How much does Earth Breeze cost per load? Earth Breeze’s cost is one of its main selling points. The laundry sheet costs $20 for 60 loads. It means you spend $0.33 per load of laundry.

You must sign up for a monthly subscription if you prefer an unbeatable $0.20 per load. You’re allowed to cancel the subscription at any time. We think it’s already highly affordable for laundry sheets.

Not to mention, it’s already included with free shipping. So you don’t bother to think about the cost of shipping you need to pay. 

Earth Breeze VS Clean People

There are many eco-friendly detergent sheets available on the market today. With that in mind, most users will likely compare one brand to another—for instance, Earth Breeze and Clean People. See the following comparison for those two brands:

Earth Breeze

  • Made in: China
  • Price: $20 (60 loads)
  • Free shipping: Yes
  • Vegan & cruelty-free: Yes
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Packaging: Biodegradable Cardboard
  • Scent: Fresh Scent & Fragrance-Free

Clean People 

  • Made in: North America
  • Price: $33 (96 loads)
  • Free shipping: Yes
  • Vegan & cruelty-free: Yes
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Packaging: No plastic
  • Scent: Fresh Scent & Fragrance-Free

Earth Breeze Pros & Cons

Each brand has its strength and weakness to consider. So we’ve put together a list of pros and cons related to the brand to simplify your search. 


  • Eco-friendly and reduce single-use plastic waste
  • Excellent stain removal
  • It is easy to use 
  • It features biodegradable and compostable package
  • Less of a mess to deal with 
  • Do not use any animal-derived ingredients
  • Cost-effective for laundry eco sheets 


  • A relatively new brand to the laundry detergent market
  • Some customer complaints concerning subscription cancellation

Who Is Earth Breeze For?

Earth Breeze is perfect for every household, especially if you’re an eco-conscious person. The product is designed to protect the environment by reducing plastic pollution in laundry detergents.

Earth Breeze Review: Who Is Earth Breeze For?

Even better, Earth Breeze becomes carbon neutral. It provides carbon-offset shipment. So it’s suitable if you’re concerned about the carbon footprint that affects climate change.

Furthermore, the liquidless laundry detergent is hypoallergenic. It is suitable for people having sensitive skin. It won’t cause allergies or something like that.

Earth Breeze Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Still unsure? See how customers share their feedback on these eco-friendly laundry sheets! We’ve compiled the following testimonials and ratings from the website for your consideration.

Earth Breeze Review: Earth Breeze Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The first customer said:

I love this laundry detergent, and I love the scent. My clothes look and feel so soft. I can’t wait to get more..

The laundry detergent eco sheets easily dissolve. It helps to keep clothes smooth and easy to remove tough stains.

Another happy buyer mentioned:

I’ve been using this product for at least 6 months and my wife has no complaints compared to the best in the supermarket.

This one is an eco-friendly option for dishwasher detergent. The Power Pebbles are excellent with a pleasant scent. 

One customer claimed:

I really love it!!! It’s washable and still works great after washing. The grooves in it really help lift all the crumbs! Highly recommended!

Moreover, The Hope Cloth becomes an alternative paper towel made of durable cellulose. It can be used again and again effectively.

Overall, most customers are satisfied with using green solutions for laundry and other cleaning duties. The products are amazing and breezy clean. 

Is Earth Breeze Worth It?

We think Earth Breeze is the best choice out of the many laundry sheet companies on the market. The products are worth your cleaning investment. This detergent is highly effective at removing any stain and odor.  

Earth Breeze Review: Is Earth Breeze Worth It?

On top of that, all the products use compostable cardboard packages. Thus, it is more sustainable than single-use plastic. It is a powerful clean that must be put in your laundry room. 

How To Contact Earth Breeze

Need some help? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions once you have general questions about the products. If you can’t find the answer, contact customer service for assistance via:

The team will be available 24/7 to help you out. 

Earth Breeze Shipping Policy

Earth Breeze currently offers to ship across the globe using a traceable shipping method. The company also provides free carbon-neutral shipping to protect the environment. 

All orders will be shipped from the Oregon warehouse using USPS for domestic shipping. It needs 3-5 business days to arrive at the destination. Meanwhile, international orders are delivered from the UK warehouse. It typically takes approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery.

You’ll get a shipping confirmation in your email when your products have shipped. It includes a tracking number to track the order status.

Earth Breeze Return Policy

Good news! The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. It means you can return the Earth Breeze if you’re unhappy with the product. You can ask for a full refund or a replacement product. 

The return process is easy. Send a message by email to [email protected] to begin your return. The team will respond to your request immediately. Please allow 7-10 business days to receive a refund of your initial payment.

Where to buy Earth Breeze?

Purchasing Earth Breeze products is a breeze, including:

  • Buy the products through the official website
  • Visit the marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. 

Earth Breeze Coupon Codes & Promos

Don’t miss out on the special offer at Earth Breeze! See the best offer below!

  • Free shipping on your purchases
  • Save 40% OFF when you buy with a subscription
  • Receive a discount code and other exclusive offers by signing up for the newsletter 

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Earth Breeze

Earth Breeze Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Earth Breeze reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Earth Breeze a Chinese company?

The company is headquartered in Oregon, United States. However, its products are manufactured in China.

Is Earth Breeze Made In The USA?

The manufacturing process is done in China, although the company is based in Oregon, USA.

How long does Earth Breeze last?

The laundry detergent sheets can be stored for up to 18 months in a dry and unopened. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Earth Breeze Reviews & Ratings

In conclusion, if you haven’t already tried laundry sheets, you must try them. It’s like a game changer to tackle every laundry chore. Choose Earth Breeze as an eco-friendly laundry sheet with a powerful clean. 

Buy one pack of laundry detergent eco sheets now! Your purchase positively impacts the environment and saves the planet from plastic waste. It also helps your household cleaning chores run smarter. 


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