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About DXRacer Gaming Chair

Sitting in front of your computer for a long time may hurt your back. Even worse, you may feel uncomfy and can’t perform nicely. But say no more because DXRacer got your back! 

DXRacer Review: About DXRacer Gaming Chair
Image: dxracer.com

This company is famous for collaborating with esports organizations, such as SKT T1 and Faze Clan. Moreover, the products promote healthy posture, which benefits all, whether you’re a gamer or only an office employee.

Popular series include Air 6000, Air Pro, Nex, and Prince Series. This company also cut leather industries and introduced mesh material for more comfortable seating. 

Its innovation is heard and written by many presses. As a result, you may see it on CHAIRS FX, PCGames, TopGamingChair, GAMING TREND, etc. Its social media also boasts more than 159K followers and 891K likes! 

So if you want to remove your old chair, read this DXRacer review thoroughly. I’ll ensure you how respected the brand is for your routine. First, let’s begin reading the brand’s overview! 

Overview of DXRacer Gaming Chair

At first, this company produced racing seats with premium quality. Tim Wu, the founder, then developed DXRacer to create gaming chairs in 2006. The company received a massive investment from Star Wars and WCG in 2007. 

Then, it started to pave the path and have a headquarters in the USA in 2013. This Michigan-based company is successful in titling itself “The King of Gaming Chairs.” 

Its idea of cutting leather is widespread, leading the company as a pioneer in the gaming chair industry. Even better, the products are ergonomic so that customers can have a seat efficiently. 

Currently, this gaming chair company collaborates with 100+ esports teams and organizations. With 6+ million users, its products are considered the best-selling gaming chairs ever. 

Many people strive to get the limited series, including the Air Gaming Chair Black version. Why? Because once a series runs out, the company will never produce it anymore. Instead, they create new products. 

So if you want to know more, keep reading to find the available products in the following section. 

DXRacer Gaming Chair Reviews

Now you know how the company went from basics to collaboration with esports organizations. As discussed previously, the company continuously produces new series. Don’t you curious about what series are available now?

DXRacer Reviews: DXRacer Gaming Chair Reviews

These are the available series:

Craft Series Master Series Drifting Series

In addition, you may also purchase Office Accessories from DXRacer. Since discussing all of the products may require a lot of time, let’s only focus on these best-selling, are:

Then, let’s start discussing the first product now! 

DXRacer Craft Black Series Reviews

Say hi to this Craft Black Series, a perfect item with a basic appearance for working or gaming. It features a PU Leather material with ergonomic support

DXRacer Review: DXRacer Craft Black Series Reviews

In addition, this gaming chair is available in three sizes: L, XL, to XXL. It may hold up to 300 lbs weight, which benefits everyone! With breathable and elastic adjustable memory foam, you may sit comfortably for a long time.

Even better, the chair has a 2D integrated lumbar support allowing full-back spinal support. So, are you ready to remove your latest chair?


  • PU Leather
  • Black shade
  • Ergonomic design
  • Hold up to 300 lbs 
  • Comfy and adjustable 

Then, get your wallet and buy this product for only $449 now!

DXRacer Craft Thinker Series Reviews

Are you too bored with the basic design of a gaming chair? If so, Craft Thinker Series may be your best option! It features a classic white shade with a “thinker” representation. 

DXRacer Review: DXRacer Craft Thinker Series Reviews

In addition, the PU Leather and 2D integrated lumbar support allow you to support your spine excellently. You may even adjust it to full-back with breathable and adjustable memory foam

Not to mention the size is available in L and XXL. Therefore, this chair may hold up to 275 lbs with its ergonomic design


  • PU Leather
  • White shade
  • Ergonomic design
  • Hold up to 275 lbs 
  • Classy and adjustable

So let’s check the availability and purchase this classic edition for only $449 now! 

DXRacer Pillow Air Series Reviews

When you sit on your gaming chair, you need more support for your hip. Luckily, this Pillow Air Series will help you to take care of your back

DXRacer Review: DXRacer Pillow Air Series Reviews

It is available in black, and you can install it with ease. Furthermore, the design is ergonomic for your back. Therefore, you would not feel hurt anymore and may sit comfortably for an extended period


  • Black shade
  • Ergonomic design
  • Protect the back and hip 

Hence, let’s shop for this product at only $49 now!

DXRacer Size Guide

Who said that size guide only suits fashion items? In contrast, gaming chairs also have particular guidance in size. 

DXRacer Review: DXRacer Size Guide

You can check the perfect size for your body because every size may only hold up to a specific weight. Therefore, ensure you purchase the one your body will be comfortable with during the seating. 

DXRacer vs Secretlab

Many companies sell gaming chairs on the market. Therefore, it is no shock if many people try to compare this gaming chair company to others, including Secretlab. Here is the explanation. 

Image 1: DXRacer vs Secretlab
Image: dxracer.com
Image 2: Secretlab
Image: facebook.com/Secretlab

DXRacer Highlights 

  • Established since 2006
  • Available in the marketplace and retailers 
  • Free US shipping for all orders 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • Secure SSL website 

Secretlab Highlights 

  • Established since 2014
  • Available in marketplaces
  • $20 shipping fee for US orders 
  • 49-day return policy 
  • No secure SSL feature on the website 

DXRacer Pros and Cons

After reading the comparison, you may have more curiosity concerning the brand’s pros and cons. If you wanna know, keep reading this section thoroughly: 


  • High-quality gaming chair for esports 
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Supported and collaborated with famous esports teams 
  • Available on the official website, marketplace, and trusted retailers worldwide 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Free US shipping for all orders 
  • 30-day return policy
  • Has many good feedbacks from gamers 


  • It doesn’t produce historical products once they run out 
  • No free shipping for international orders 

Who is DXRacer For?

This company wants every gamer from many esports categories to sit comfortably while gaming. In addition, it doesn’t limit your gender.

DXRacer Review: Who is DXRacer For?

You may choose the desired product, whether you’re a boy or a girl. As a result, gamers will have a sturdy foundation before they have competition with their enemies. 

DXRacer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This section will focus on customer testimonials from purchasing products of DXRacer. In addition, you’ll know how people react, and you may consider purchasing your preferred chair. 

DXRacer Review: DXRacer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Unfortunately, the company does not provide ratings on every product. Instead, it receives a 4.9/5 rating from 8K reviews for all products. For example, here is an utterance from a satisfied customer:

I am a big person, so finding chairs that can support me is hard. But it has changed that. It’s super comfy for 8+ hrs gaming sessions, the metal frame feels so sturdy, and it is super easy to adjust the height. I wish I had bought it long ago.

This customer is thankful because the chair from this company may support his big body. Its design is also comfortable, even for long periods of gaming. Finally, he can effectively adjust the chair’s height with a sturdy metal frame. 

Another customer said:

I purchased it for my hubby who spends 10+ hours a day working from his home office. It is very comfortable and he loves the adjustable features! There is a great padding on the seat for back support. The look is classy. Amazing purchase!

This wife buys a gaming chair from DXRacer, and her husband is delicate. The feature is adjustable, and the design promotes a comfy and classic look. Even better, the back support is fantastic!

In short, DXRacer is a fantastic company that can provide high-quality products for gaming and working. Not only are the products well-design, but also they are ergonomic for an extended period of seating. 

Is DXRacer Worth It?

Well, I can answer the question immediately. First, I must say that DXRacer is worth checking out. Indeed, it is the King of Gaming Chair that you can trust. 

Furthermore, its experience of more than 17 years is respectable. Not only is the gaming chair price cost more effective than other brands but also the features are beyond compare. 

DXRacer Warranty

Since the company offers many products, you may be curious about the warranty. What are they? Find them in the explanation below:

  • Gaming chairs receive a 2-year warranty for defective craftsmanship
  • Office accessories, including desk, receive a one-year warranty 
  • A lifetime warranty for gaming chairs will only cover the steel frame within the bucket seat and backrest 
  • Modification products are not eligible for this policy 

To claim a contract, please immediately contact customer service via contact@dxracer.com. Then, the team will make it right for you. 

DXRacer Shipping Policy

The team requires one to two business days to prepare your package. Even better, if you place an order before 10 AM, the box will immediately send on the same day.

This company ships internationally. Moreover, all US orders may enjoy free standard shipping via FedEx. Once your order ships, you may track your order through a tracking number sent via email. 

Suppose you face a problem, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from customer service via contact@dxracer.com

DXRacer Return Policy

This company allows customers to return the product within 30 days of delivery. However, it is only eligible for full-priced items. Clearance products are final and can’t be exchanged or returned. 

Here are the requirements:

  • Factory-sealed products will have a 10% restocking fee
  • The opened package will have a 20% restocking fee

To return your purchase, please contact customer service via contact@dxracer.com. Then, the team will guide and address you through the return process. 

Once the team receives your package, they will inspect the gaming chairs or office accessories immediately. If your return is eligible, you’ll get a refund to your original payment method within 30 business days

How to Contact DXRacer

Are you confused about which gaming chair is best for your routine? Then, please tell your queries and ask for help from customer service through these methods:

The team will respond to your issue for at least 24 hours. Below, I will also write you the headquarter office suppose you need to meet the team in person. 

DXRacer Headquarter Office 

9177 E. Michigan
36 Whitmore Lake
MI 48189

Where to buy DXRacer?

Purchasing a gaming chair from this company is easy. Do you know why? Because customers may purchase through many methods. 

Find them on the official website, marketplace, local retailers, or global resellers. The resellers are worldwide, so that you can find it in the UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc. 

All of them are offering originals. So whether you’re looking for a gaming chair Amazon, you won’t get any scams. 

DXRacer Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you looking for promotions or discount codes? You’ve come to the right section! Then, here they are:

  • Subscribe to the official website for the latest updates and deals 
  • Join the Affiliate Program to earn up to 20% commission
  • Enjoy free US shipping fee for all orders 

Please check social media frequently because the brand offers sales during significant events like Valentine’s or Black Friday. So, get your wallet and buy your preferred chair now! 

Reveal all coupons

Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for DXRacer in other countries.

DXRacer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for DXRacer reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns DXRacer?

Tim Wu is the owner of this company. 

Is DXRacer good for posture?

Yes, the company provides ergonomic designs that are good for your posture. 

Are DX racers comfy?

Definitely! You’ll find yourself comfy while sitting on the brand’s chair. 

How long does a DXRacer last?

If you take care of your gaming chair pink, it may last up to 5 years.

Is DXRacer worth the money?

Absolutely! Not only is the product cost-effective, but also they are well-designed for all gamers. 

Are DXRacer chairs actually good?

Of course! You’ll find it comfy if you have a seat on the brand’s products. 

Is DXRacer Chinese?

Yes, it is a Chinese company that is based in Michigan. 

Where is DXRacer made?

Every product of this company was produced in Michigan. 

Does DXRacer ship internationally?

Yes! This company, fortunately, ships worldwide. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of DXRacer Reviews & Ratings

Ergonomic chairs are essential for everyone who stares at monitors for a long time. Thanks to DXRacer, people may have the best option for gaming or working. 

You may even choose your preferred series with adjustable features. Therefore, are you ready to support your back effectively? Let’s find your wishlist and check it out before the stock runs out! 


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