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Duralex Glassware Review 2024 → Tempered Glassware Made in France

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About Duralex Glassware

Mom, did your kids or someone just break your glasses, plates, and other glassware? That’s terrifying, for real. Since you cannot repair them, why don’t you get new ones? No worries. We won’t let you move around the city because Duralex Glassware is here.

Duralex Glassware Review: About Duralex Glassware
Image: facebook.com/duralexusa

What does this company offer, then?‘ Simply, it has all you need currently. We know that broken glassware means broken hearts, too. So, here we are now. Duralex has all homeowner’s needs related to glass-based kitchenware and tabletop.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t ask about the quality since all the products are exclusively France-produced. Then, it’s even cooler to know that this company has made it into The New York Times Wirecutter, FOOD52, Fashion Tales, and more.

But do you think they’re also good on social media? This is a should-not-miss fact, so let’s reveal the answer for all homeowners. In detail, there are over 20.9k followers who joined the club, and we know you’ll be part of them very soon. It’s free to follow!

So, you’ll restock your broken glass and plates now, right? Of course, you should. Then, let’s have a relaxed seat because our Duralex Glassware review will lead you to get the best and most highly-qualified glassware ever! Who has been ready?

Overview Of Duralex Glassware

How long this company has been operating, do you think? Ten years? Twenty years or more? Basically, Duralex Glassware isn’t playing in the industry. Instead, they literally nailed it!

A shocking fact to start: this company has been leading the game for almost 80 years. So, when did it begin? Specifically, Duralex has existed since 1945, and that’s not even the cooler part yet.

Now, how will you react when we tell you that this brand is the pioneer of tempered glassware products? Yes, the fact says so, and we know it excites you to learn more about Duralex.

Lastly, another plus point is that the people behind this company consistently produce high-quality glassware, which is all for sale today. So, will these France-produced items be yours?

Duralex Glassware Reviews

Does the picture below look so good? Of course. We know you’ve been craving to make appetizing ice cream, lemon ice, and milkshake with your glass and bowls. So, what does Duralex Glassware have?

Duralex Glassware Reviews: Duralex Glassware Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, the company is all homeowners’ go-to place when they look for kitchenware and tabletop products with good resistance. Now, what about starting with the product categories first?

Duralex Glassware Product Categories

Drinkware All types of glass you’ve ever seen on the Internet are here. Discover the best glasses for juice, milkshakes, beer, and wine glasses from Duralex. 
Dinnerware Do you need to add some plates and bowls glassware collection? There’s no better place than this. Click and explore them all day long!
Kitchen Dear Mom, we know you love your kitchen. But it’s not the best one since you don’t have kitchenware stuff from this store.

We know that no Mom can handle them. But do we have some things to recommend? Sure. After the breaking moment of broken glassware, we won’t let you shop for the wrong items. So, you may need this:

  • Le Gigogne Green Stackable Bowls, Set Of 6
  • Le Picardie Amber Soup Plates, Set Of 6
  • Le Picardie Mixed and Colored Glasses, Set Of 4
  • Le Picardie 18-Piece Glass Set, Clear

We guess starting with a bowl, plate, and glass is a good idea, right? We know you’re now more excited, so let’s not waste any more time and make other Moms jealous of your new ones!

Duralex Glassware Le Gigogne Green Stackable Bowls Reviews

Your fruit salad looks so appetizing, but we guess it will be much more if you put it in the nice bowl. Do you agree? So, we know you need Le Gigogne Green Stackable Bowls, Set Of 6!

Duralex Glassware Review: Duralex Glassware Le Gigogne Green Stackable Bowls Reviews

Who loves green? If it’s you, this green-colored stackable bowl may be your favorite. Then, do you know that this product is 2.5 times stronger than other ordinary glass products? Yes, it is!

Furthermore, buying this package means you’ll get 6 sets of bowls of glassware. Meanwhile, the smallest one is effective for storing seasonings like salt, sugar, sauce, and others while cooking.

Lastly, will you send Le Gigogne Green Stackable Bowls, Set Of 6, home? Anyway, let us tell you that it’s so rare to get similar bowls glassware to these for only $42.00 out thereSo, why don’t you shop for now?

Duralex Glassware Le Picardie Amber Soup Plates Reviews

A nice plate to put an omelet or soup on? There’s nothing better than Le Picardie Amber Soup Plates, Set Of 6! Scroll down to see why you should have this in your plate cabinet!

Duralex Glassware Review: Duralex Glassware Le Picardie Amber Soup Plates Reviews

What makes this plate so unique? We know vintage design and color are the major identity points of this amber glassware. Also, the fact that it was made in 1954 is just so good. It has been used for generations, right?

Besides that, before you use all of Duralex Glassware’s products, washing and soaking them in soapy water for around 20 minutes is highly suggested. A clean plate means healthy food, right?

Finally, with their iconic and elegant curves, these Glassware Le Picardie Amber Soup Plates, Set Of 6, will elevate any dishes on it. We know you won’t mind spending $56.00 to get one!

Duralex Glassware Le Picardie Mixed and Colored Glasses Reviews

Do you want to bring some colorful tones to your cabinet or kitchen? Better not buy other than these Le Picardie Mixed and Colored Glasses, Set Of 4! It’s literally a more fun way of drinking.

Duralex Glassware Review: Duralex Glassware Le Picardie Mixed and Colored Glasses Reviews

A little fun fact? Let’s go. People also call this set of 4 glasses the “original French tumblers.” In addition, these Picardie glassware are both stylish and functional, offering a comfortable grip.

Next, the glasses are suitable for hot or cold drinks and are conveniently stackable. Also, its 4 colors ( marine blue, green, palm, and grey) are safe for microwaves and dishwashers.

Lastly, we guess serving your guests with tea in these Le Picardie Mixed and Colored Glasses, Set Of 4, is good. So, do you agree that spending no more than $26.00 is very cheap?

Duralex Glassware Le Picardie 18-Piece Clear Glass Set Reviews

If you already have colored glasses, don’t forget to stock clear glasses. But wait, we won’t only recommend you a piece of clear glass, but Le Picardie 18-Piece Glass Set, Clear. Interested?

Duralex Glassware Review: Duralex Glassware Le Picardie 18-Piece Clear Glass Set Reviews

Dear Mom, this set of glasses has 3 different sizes and colors. The colors are brown and blue, and the rest is clear. And now, what about the sizes? The following list may explain:

What’s Include in The Set?

  • 6 x 8 3/8 Tumblers
  • 6 x 10 3/8 Tumblers
  • 6 x 12 1/8 Tumblers

In addition, these Picardie glasses are also OVENCHEF. What does it mean? The products with the ‘Ovenchef‘ label are suitable for ovens, withstanding thermal shock up to 200°C/392°F.

Lastly, if Mom loves seeing this Le Picardie 18-piece Glass Set Clear in your kitchen, tell your loved husband to spend no more than $90.00. Isn’t it pretty cheap for 18 pieces of glass?

Duralex Glassware Pros and Cons

A bit spicy side of this review? We know you need this pros and cons section:


  • Consistently made in France
  • Resistant, sturdy, and long-lasting
  • Oven safe
  • Safe for microwave, freezer, and dishwasher
  • Various choices of kitchenware and tabletop with different sizes
  • Functional for all homeowners
  • Hygienic and stackable
  • Affordable prices


  • No worldwide shipping
  • No free shipping
  • Fragile items

Who Is Duralex Glassware For?

Have you read our Duralex Glassware well? So, it’s easy to conclude who’s the right customer to shop from this store.

Yes, all Duralex Glassware products suit all homeowners’ needs, especially all beautiful Moms out there.

We understand that looking for the best glass kitchenware and tabletop products is a timeless activity. So, why don’t you rely on this yearly trusted brand?

Duralex Glassware Review: What Do Customers Think?

Are you the one who has been waiting for this section? Lucky you, since it comes faster than you thought. So, what will we have here? It’s the section for all smart buyers!

Duralex Glassware Review: Duralex Glassware Review: What Do Customers Think?

Yes, since shopping needs further consideration, then here we are now. Based on the Review Meta website, this brand has gained an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 3,543 reviews.

Don’t you think those numbers are insane? Absolutely! But what did customers say about the products?

To begin, let’s read this customer’s nice words:

I adore the Picardie 18-piece glass set! The timeless design is versatile, perfect for sipping anything from wine to tea and even milkshakes. The beveled lip of each glass adds a delightful touch to every sip.

So, who still wants to deny the Duralex’s timeless design? We guess you should learn more from this customer.

Then, let’s not miss this, too:

Best glassware on the market. Duralex’s Picardie-style drinking glasses are the best glasses I’ve ever owned. The hexagonal walls provide both strength and grip.

Ultimately, all Duralex products perfectly teach how sturdy and strong they should be. Will you own your best glass, as this customer did?

Also, it’s good to think further with this review:

I often break glasses, so when I read about the durable Duralex glasses, I decided to give them a try. On the very first night of using them, while sitting outside, a glass was accidentally kicked over and landed on a hard surface, but it did not break.

See? It’s now 100% proven that all drinking glasses are resistant and don’t easily break on hard surfaces. 

Next, here is what we got to convince you:

I love this brand and use their tumblers exclusively, but I accidentally ordered the wrong size and had to return my recent order. Thankfully, the customer support team was so good to respond my concern. I’ll order again for Picardie kids’ glassware, definitely.

Are there better customer services other than the one from Duralex? You’ll be hard to find one, we guess.

Finally, how convinced are you to stock those products in your kitchen cabinet? Don’t wait any longer because those glasses, bowls, plates, and others never await you!

Is Duralex Glassware Worth It?

Who loves collecting glassware products here? If you do, then it is better to choose Duralex Glassware over other brands. For over 70 years of operation, their collections will bring you beyond your expectations, we promise.

Thus, we can only say that everything this brand provides is 100% worth your money. After all, those good ratings and reviews you’ve read are more to prove how good this company is. So, which one will you place in your shopping cart?

Duralex Glassware Shipping Policy

Is shipping Duralex Glassware products to your house possible? Better learn everything in this shipping section.

Dear Moms, if you’re an International customer, unfortunately, you cannot order one from this store. Currently, the brand only ships within the continental United States.

What about the shipping fee? Sadly, the brand doesn’t specifically mention the amount of cost. But if you want to know how much it is, why not order now? We’ll wait for your good reviews!

Duralex Glassware Return Policy

Is Duralex Glassware providing a return policy? Sure. That’s part of customer satisfaction, right? So, access all the things you want to know in this section!

In detail, all US customers will have a 30-day return policy after the item arrives. However, kindly contact the company first at [email protected] and write the following information:

  • Order number
  • Product name
  • Reason for return

Wasn’t that pretty easy to follow? Do a quick return and be satisfied afterward!

How To Contact Duralex Glassware?

Dear Moms, let’s discard your concerns and get closer to Duralex Glassware instead. But where can you reach out to them?

  • Phone number: 888-702-8281
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact form: fill it out here!
  • Social media: duralexusa
  • Availability hours: Monday – Friday (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST)

Company Address

151 Church St, Millersburg PA 17061.

Where to buy Duralex Glassware?

Moms, have you told your husband to prepare money for this? That’s good! Now, do you know where is the only place to get them? Of course, the only trusted site is the Duralex Glassware official website.

Finding similar products on the other sites? We don’t think they’re original. But if you prefer offline shopping, we recommend Costco since Duralex has distributed the products to this store.

Duralex Glassware Coupon Codes & Promos

Who loves enjoying discounts and special offers? We know you’ve been so ready to see this:

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  • Enjoy products at lower prices on the Fall Sale page
  • Participate in the Affiliate program to get more benefits

Weren’t those not enough for you? No worries, the button below is more than a ‘surprise‘ for you!

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Duralex Glassware

Duralex Glassware Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Duralex Glassware reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Duralex glass?

It’s a classic, sturdy, and resistant glass product made by Duralex Glassware (a company that has focused on manufacturing tempered glassware for over 70 years)

Are Duralex glasses good?

Duralex glassware is tempered, increasing its mechanical and thermal resistance. Then it’s also 100% recyclable, so they are all good for daily use.

What is Duralex glass made of?

All glass products are made from a combination of sand, soda ash, and limestone.

What is the difference between Pyrex and Duralex?

Both are world-renowned glass brands. However, Pyrex uses borosilicate glass for kitchenware, while Duralex makes extremely hard soda-lime glass for long-lasting and trendy tableware.

Is Duralex still made in France?

Duralex will always be a ‘made in France’ product to maintain its quality.

Can Duralex glass go in microwave?

All Duralex products are adaptable and can go safely from the freezer to the microwave.

Can Duralex glass go in the oven?

All products with an OVENCHEF label are oven safe.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Duralex Glassware Reviews & Ratings

Relying on Duralex Glassware for your home and kitchen needs is a smart choice. If you’re tired of constantly replacing broken glass or dishes, Duralex products will last longer.

What we recommended above are just a few of many more good products to explore. You’re now having a phone with you, right? So, let’s start exploring, and don’t leave the site without having some in your shopping cart!


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