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About DuFrane Watches

Have you noticed that watch designs nowadays are too generic and similar between one brand and another? At this rate, there isn’t a uniqueness between watches on the market. However, despite all those similarities, DuFrane become one brand we can rely on.

DuFrane Review: About DuFrane Watches
Image: facebook.com/dufranewatches

DuFrane is a US-based brand that sells unique and original watch designs. Unlike other brands that strive to create a design following the current trend, this brand doesn’t do that way. They stand by their identity.

Moreover, design is not the only selling point of this brand. After all their dedication to their watch collection, they present all of them at acceptable prices. Hence, not only those with wealth status can purchase their masterpiece.

Better yet, they are also sustainably conscious. They partner with One Tree Planted to plant 2 trees for each watch purchased. Thus, they (and, of course, you) can give back to the planet and make it a better place to live.

Besides, this brand also did an excellent job on its social media. We found that they boast 3.7K followers on Facebook and 14.6K followers on Instagram. Further, you can stay on this DuFrane review if you want to know them in detail. Keep scroll!

Overview of DuFrane

It’s all started from the heart of this brand’s founder. Let’s meet Steven Lee. A man with a love of timelessness, poeticism, and, of course, the inspirational beauty of mechanical watches.

The name ‘DuFrane’ comes from Steven’s mother’s maiden name.┬áSteven knew that watches would become the core of his life, and his mother’s maiden also became one that influenced Steven to love watches. So, it is such a tribute.

Moreover, Steven takes his business seriously. He wants to show the world the beauty of the watches he built. Since he always absorbs everything around him, it isn’t surprising that Austin became his inspiration for his masterpieces.

Each product from this brand combines Steven’s passion and Austin’s unique essence. With the motto “history remembers those who are a little bit different,” DuFrane became one brand that strongest its identity in the market.

Likewise, following the success of the first series, Bergstrom, Steven strives to create another masterpiece to fulfill the market needs. It is, of course, to also help everyone find a unique watch collection.


  • Luxury watch with a unique design
  • Accessible prices
  • Color option available
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Responsive customer service
  • Free shipping on domestic orders

DuFrane Review

Speaking of their collection, we can see that this brand focuses more on its unique design. They take the beauty of Austin as their inspiration and combine it with some classic touches. As a result, we can see that each product has uniqueness as its main attractor.

DuFrane Reviews: DuFrane Review

However, the watch is not the only product we can see throughout the collection. This brand also has other things that are related to watches. Without any delays, we can take a look at their collection now. Shall we?

DuFrane Collections

Additionally, we find there are 5 best-selling products in the overall collection. Thus, we proudly said we would review all those 5 in more detail.

Are you excited to read those watches’ reviews? If it’s a yes, then let’s jump to the next section!

DuFrane Barton Springs II Reviews

Being an icon for Texas, Barton Springs II is inspired by Austin’s spring-fed swimming area, the Barton Spring Pool. Since locals always take the chance to have fun in that pool, this watch was created to give everyone a sense of fun and enjoyment.

DuFrane Review: DuFrane Barton Springs II Reviews

Seeing the design, we can identify that this watch has a premium look. It has a sleek and elegant series of colors, perfect for every occasion. Whether you want to wear it for a formal gathering or your everyday workout outdoors, this watch will never go wrong.

Moreover, it has excellent construction. Since a swimming pool inspires it, Barton Springs II is water resistant. So, you can use this watch for swimming, diving, and doing every water activity you wish.


  • Colors: Hill Country Wine, Slate Grey, Black Gilt
  • Water resistance 20ATM (656ft/200m)
  • Double-coated (inside) anti-reflective coating
  • 38 hours of power reserve
  • Swiss mechanical movement Ronda R150

Are you curious about the price of Barton Springs II? Fortunately, it comes at an excellent price you would never have imagined comes from a luxurious watch. This watch cost only $560.00. Grab it fast!

DuFrane Mabry Titanium Field Watch Reviews

Meet Mabry Titanium Field Watch, a watch inspired by the third oldest military installation in 1892, Camp Mabry. This watch symbolizes the durability and reliability that matters.

DuFrane Review: DuFrane Mabry Titanium Field Watch Reviews

This Mabry Titanium Field Watch has a titanium case and a Swiss-made Sellita movement. Thus, this stands out as one of the most sturdy watches. Say no to the hassle of repairing every month!

When looking at the dial, we can see that this watch has a visible design. So we can read it in any condition, whether it has a maximum or minimum light. Thus, it is an ideal watch for outdoor activity.


  • Dial Color: Moss Green, Field White, Shadow Black
  • Sapphire crystal 5x anti-reflective coating
  • Lightweight (1.7 oz/48g) with fabric strap
  • 38 hours of power reserve
  • Adjustable fabric with a leather strap and micro hook closure
  • 100m water resistance

Further, you may wonder how much this Mabry Titanium Field Watch costs. Surprisingly, this luxury watch comes at an accessible price. It is only $599.00! Such a great deal, isn’t it?

DuFrane Waterloo Reviews

Being a classic watch, The Waterloo is inspired by the origin of Austin. It is the original name given to that beautiful city. Hence, it isn’t surprising that this watch is a synonym for traditional design.

DuFrane Review: DuFrane Waterloo Reviews

We can’t lie that this classic watch has the versatility at its finest. The basic design can suit any outfit, whether formal or informal or whether you wear jeans or a suit. This watch will complement your visuals.

Moreover, it has SW200-1 Swiss automatic movement from Sellita. Hence, it genuinely has durability and will built to last for the next generation to come.


  • Case Finish: Rose Gold, Steel
  • Dial Type: Hammered Copper, Linen
  • Strap Color: Brown, Black, Blue, and Solid End Link Bracelet Rose Gold
  • Sapphire flat crystal, 6 layers of anti-reflective coating
  • Rhodium rotor
  • 38 hours of power reserve
  • Swiss Sellita SW200-1 movement

Further, if you want this Waterloo watch to be in your collection, you can get it with the price based on what you order. See the price list in the following list:

  • Rose Gold + Hammered Copper: $585.00
  • Steel + Hammered Copper: $550.00
  • Rose Gold + Linen: $560.00
  • Steel + Linen: $525.00

Moreover, you can always customize the Waterloo strap. If you want to custom the strap to a Solid End Link Bracelet Rose Gold, you can prepare an additional $100.

DuFrane Travis Reviews

Inspired by the beauty of Austin’s Lake Travis, please welcome a unique and charming watch, Travis. This watch speaks fun, satisfying, spirited, and robust.

DuFrane Review: DuFrane Travis Reviews

This watch series of colors represents the actual color of the lake, from Sunburst Blue, which embodies the sky’s beauty, to Matte Black, which illustrates the evening calmness. Also, Lined Textured Green for all the trees around the lake and Turquoise Blue that signifies the watercolor around the limestone shores.

Likewise, a sapphire bezel adds a unique touch to the overall design. It’s all because the glossy finish that provides some light reflections looks like a wave in a real Lake Travis. So, if you want style, you better go with Travis.


  • Color: Sky, Dusk, Juniper, Lagoon
  • Rhodium Polished Handset
  • 38 hours of power reserve
  • Sapphire crystal with 5x anti-reflective coating
  • X1 SuperLumiNova in dial, hands, and bezel

If you think this Travis watch belongs to you, you are right. Shockingly, after all the greatness we discover, you only have to pay $699.00. What stops you, then? Let’s add to your cart now!

DuFrane Deep Eddy Reviews

What comes to your mind when you see the name of this watch? Deep Eddy pool in Texas? Then, you are right. Inspired by the oldest spring-fed swimming pool with the same name, this Deep Eddie watch is ready to transform your look to be more edgy.

DuFrane Review: DuFrane Deep Eddy Reviews

When you look at the dial, there is one that differs this watch from others. It is the colors. Both colors available signify the color of the pool. One represents the unique aquamarine of the pool, and one represents the brown grasses surrounding the area.

Likewise, it has the material that matters. With a finely brushed 316L stainless steel case and 2x anti-reflective coating, this watch will withstand wear and tear and have a long life.


  • Dial: Lagoon, Dune
  • Water resistance 20ATM (646ft/200m)
  • 38 hours of power reserve
  • Marine grade 316L steel case material
  • Sapphire crystal double domes with 2x anti-reflective coating

Additionally, this beautiful Deep Eddy watch comes at an excellent price. For only $515.00, you can send this watch home and add it to your collection. We believe this watch will become your new favorite for daily wear.

DuFrane Pros and Cons

We come to the pros and cons section. Let’s discover whether this brand’s pros and cons can be crucial to your decision-making. Check it out!


  • Elegant visual
  • Unique design collections
  • Excellent craftsmanships
  • Highest quality materials
  • Accessible prices
  • Sustainably conscious
  • Responsive customer service
  • Free shipping available
  • 7-day return policy


  • Some design is sold out, and there is no information about when they are restocking them

Who Is DuFrane For?

DuFrane is a brand for those who seek a unique watch design. It’s all because their design is different from the current trend in watch design.

Each piece is inspired by the beauty of the place where they are established, Austin. Thus, it isn’t surprising that all designs are eye-pleasing.

Moreover, this brand must be perfect if you love a luxury watch but don’t want to pay with all your wealth. All luxury watches from this brand have accessible prices compared to other luxury brands. Hence, you can present stylishly without breaking your bank account.

DuFrane Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Some watch reviews from customers can also be ideal information for you to use in making a decision. You are probably curious about how customers react to their purchases, right? Thus, we’ll help you by reading customer reviews on their website and carefully picking some for you.

DuFrane Review: DuFrane Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Exactly! You don’t have to type ‘Watches Reddit’ on your search engine to scroll through thousands of unrelated comments and can’t find the exact review to read. Hence, are you ready to read what we found?

Let’s begin with the review of Travis’s watch. This customer said:

I have been wearing this watch for 2 months and am still shocked that what I purchased is value. This is truly a beautiful watch with a casual style that matches all the clothes in my closet.

Next, a review from this customer. He said:

My new favorite to wear every day. It has a nice design and excellent price.

As we already mentioned, the watch collection from this brand has an incredible price, considering it is of superb quality in terms of design and materials. This customer said that he loved the watch, which became his new favorite in his daily activity.

Last, let’s see what this customer said in her review:

The customer service from this brand is amazing. They answer all the questions responsively. I received the watch today, and it’s so lovely and lightweight. So much happiness!

The review above shows that the customer is pleased with her purchase and the customer service. She said that the customer service answered her question promptly. Plus she also said that she loved the watch because it is lightweight, and she thinks the appearance is lovely.

Further, from the overall review, we can see that all customers are happy with their purchase. Most of them praise the design of the watch. At the same time, the others were also delighted with the price, the quality, and the customer service.

Is DuFrane Worth It?

We believe DuFrane is worth purchasing. The reason comes from their dedication in every aspect to serve the best watch to their customers.

DuFrane Review: Is DuFrane Worth It?

This brand ensures that all components are high quality before the craftsmanship begins. As a result, it isn’t surprising that all of their products have high durability that lasts a long time.

Besides, as you may notice in the watches review, they have the most unique design on the market, which makes the design exclusive. Thus, what type of watch do you like from their collection?

DuFrane Shipping Policy

Great news for you who doesn’t love to pay a shipping fee. This brand currently offers free shipping on all domestic orders over $75. On the other hand, international orders are charged a flat rate for the shipping fee.

Speaking of the carrier, this brand will use UPS, USPS, and DHL to send their products to you. Moreover, please note that all customs and duty fees regarding international orders are subject to the buyer.

DuFrane Return Policy

Unsatisfied with the products? No worries. This brand has a solution for you. They are offering a 7-day return policy for a full refund. However, remember that all returned items must be in the original packaging and unused condition.

To start your return, contact [email protected]. They will further provide you with the return instructions. After your return is accepted, please allow up to 14 business days for the refund to be credited back to your original payment method.

How To Contact DuFrane

If you have any questions regarding watches from DuFrane, this brand is ready to help. You can contact their responsive customer service via:

Where to buy DuFrane?

Where to buy DuFrane? That’s an easy question. The only place to get all their watch and accessories collection is on the official website.

DuFrane Coupon Codes & Promos

To help you save more money, we prepared all the available deals this brand currently has. Without further ado, let’s see the list below.

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  • Enjoy free shipping on all domestic over $75

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DuFrane Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for DuFrane reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns DuFrane?

The name of the person who owns DuFrane is Steven.

Are Dufrane watches good?

Of course! Each DuFrane is a unique timepiece.

Does DuFrane ship internationally?

Yes. DuFrane ships its products internationally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of DuFrane Reviews & Ratings

In conclusion, if you are looking for a unique watch option, going with DuFrane is the answer. They offer exclusive watch designs that speak freedom, adventure, and elegance. Besides, all their watch are made with high-quality material that lasts long.

On top of that, they also come in an accessible price. When considering their quality and value, the price is genuinely way cheaper. Therefore, are you ready to present a unique with their collection? Visit their website now and add your favorite to the cart!


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