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Dudley Stephens Review 2024 → Eco-Friendly Fleece Turtleneck

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About Dudley Stephens

You must have opened your closet and thought, “I’ve got a bunch, but nothing seems right.” It’s because your clothes are not all suitable for daily activities. Solution? Check Dudley Stephens‘ collection.

Dudley Stephens Review: About Dudley Stephens
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Dudley Stephens offers daily-wearable clothing. The brand takes everyday wear to a new level with its elevated styling. Moreover, they reimagine classic designs by incorporating modern touches. Therefore, each piece can be mixed and matched with other outfits.

Besides, we can say Dudley Stephens leaves a real “mark” in the fashion world. The company has a massive fanbase on social media. We noticed 91k+ followers on Instagram, 10k on Facebook, and 11k on TikTok and Pinterest.

So far so good? Well, this is just the beginning of this Dudley Stephens review. Ahead, you can expect full details about the company and its products. Also, we’ll hear what customers think about this brand. Thus, let’s start with the company profile!

Overview of Dudley Stephens

Who started Dudley Stephens? The brand was created by sisters Lauren and Kaki with their mom, Bonnie, in 2015. The company appears as a provider of modern women’s timeless fashion. Moreover, each fabric is carefully selected for good quality and eco-friendly.

In addition, the founders fill your closet with stylish must-haves. The brand believes in simplifying the daily “what to wear” dilemma. Their collection offers pieces that fit every day and every activity. So, people don’t need to be confused anymore.

We have a lot of respect because Dudley Stephens uses recycled fabrics, primarily fleece, and others. This step is a real effort to contribute positively to the planet. By repurposing materials, the label actively reduces the demand for new resources.

Furthermore, their commitment is not only in fashion. The brand loves giving back. They support women and children in need through organizations such as Bundles of Joy, Charlie’s Cure, Kids in Crisis, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and others.

Dudley Stephens Review

If you want to post fabulous outfits with the hashtag #OOTD on your social media, Dudley Stephens can help. Their collections have simple designs but can be combined with other clothes. Be prepared to get a lot of likes in an instant.

Dudley Stephens Reviews: Dudley Stephens Review

Initially, Dudley Stephens had the motto “by women for women.” However, as time passed, the brand also provided men’s and kids’ collections. Thus, this label is the best store for stylish fashion for the entire family.

Dudley Stephens Collection

Besides, the recycled fabrics the company uses are comfortable and durable. It ensures that you look fabulous on the outside and feel comfortable on the inside. Thus, the quality of the materials is beyond doubt.

When you look at the website, you might think this brand is suitable for winter only. But they also have collections for other seasons, such as summer, fall, and spring. We will bring some examples by presenting 3 flagship clothing.

Therefore, stay tuned and jump to the next section!

Dudley Stephens Park Slope Turtleneck Reviews

Please say hi to the first flagship outfit of this company, the Park Slope Turtleneck. It has a shorter silhouette, which makes it a wearable signature piece. Using this outfit alone or in combination with other outfits? You can do both!

Dudley Stephens Review: Dudley Stephens Park Slope Turtleneck Reviews

Park Slope Turtleneck comes with a structured and stand-up collar. It gives a luxurious touch to its design. Besides keeping your neck area warm, the collar provides a polished look. So, it is ideal for various occasions.

In addition, this outfit is designed for comfort. This turtleneck offers a slightly roomy fit throughout the body. This thoughtful design allows the wearers to experience both style and ease. Hence, they can move freely and have a laid-back yet chic appearance.

Moreover, you can see the turtleneck’s shorter silhouette hits at the waist. It creates a balanced and charming look. Also, the banded details add a subtle touch of refinement to the overall design.

Park Slope Turtleneck Details

  • Full sleeve
  • Embroidered pineapple at the wrist
  • 100% polyester
  • Available in XS to XXL sizes
  • Vello fleece and Terry fleece options
  • 13 color choices

Therefore, make sure you stay chic in winter or fall with this Park Slope Turtleneck. You can pair it with a long coat or scarf around the neck. It’s only $158.00!

Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck Reviews

Okay, maybe a short turtleneck is not your style. But don’t give up, pal. This brand provides a tunic-style Cobble Hill Turtleneck. Just like the previous collection, this turtleneck will become your instant favorite!

Dudley Stephens Review: Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck Reviews

Cobble Hill Turtleneck is here to boost your confidence. This piece enhances your natural curves since it boasts a curve-friendly fit. This attention to detail makes it the best choice for those looking for a figure-flattering silhouette.

Also, of course, we will talk about the signature stand-up collar. It can fold down for alternate styling. This versatile feature allows the wearer to customize their look according to their unique personality.

Furthermore, the tunic-style fit and a slight bell silhouette create a flowing and chic look. This style choice shows graceful and cozy wear. Therefore, it is suitable for various formal and daily occasions.

Cobble Hill Turtleneck Details

  • Silky-soft lined pockets at the hip
  • Full sleeve
  • Embroidered pineapple at the wrist
  • 100% Polyester
  • Available in XS to XXL sizes
  • Vello fleece and Terry fleece options
  • 9 color choices

Thus, who doesn’t want to own this elegant turtleneck? We bet we all do. Another best part of this outfit is its reasonable price. You only need to pay $158.00! Low prices for high-quality turtlenecks.

Dudley Stephens Sunset Swing Dress Reviews

From winter suits, let’s move on to cute dresses for summer. Can you imagine strolling around with this Sunset Swing Dress? It is made to bring joy to your day. Everyone will be mesmerized by your look.

Dudley Stephens Review: Dudley Stephens Sunset Swing Dress Reviews

The voluminous cut bottom is the secret to creating a playful movement with every swing. This design feature adds a unique touch to your look. Thus, it is perfect for those who love a carefree and lively style.

Besides, you surely understand why this dress is tailor-made for warm weather occasions. Its sleeveless design and lively silhouette keep you fresh amid hot weather. Whether a day out with friends or a casual gathering, this dress is your go-to choice.

Want to store some candy or something? Rest easy. This dress comes with knit-lined side pockets. They are not visible so that they won’t disturb your overall fashion. Now you have a dress that is pretty and useful at the same time.

Dress Details

  • Recycled Repreve Stretch
  • Embroidered pineapple at center back neck
  • 86% Nylon Repreve and 14% Lycra
  • Available in L to XXL sizes

So, look cozy in summer? Why not? You can be like Barbie with this Sunset Swing Dress. Then, to add it to your wardrobe, you need to buy it at $69.00 (final sale!).

Dudley Stephens Sizing Reviews

One of the great things about Dudley Stephens is that they provide a wide range of sizes from XS to XXL. But sometimes, the size standards between brands differ. Therefore, the company offers a size guide like the one below:

Size Height Bust Pant Size Dress Size
XS 5’6″ 34A 25 0
S 5’9″ 32B 26 4
M 5’9″ 34C 28 8
L 5’11” 36D 30 10
XL 5’6.5″ 38D 40 16
XXL 5’9″ 40DDD 40 18

Dudley Stephens Pros & Cons

All these reviews may sound favorable to you. Well, everything has its flaws, including Dudley Stephens. So, why don’t we look at the strengths and weaknesses of this brand? Then, you can decide if it is tolerable.


  • Versatile designs
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Cater to a board audience
  • Attention to detail
  • Timeless classic style
  • Sustainable practice by using recycled fabrics
  • Wide range of sizes and color
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return


  • Some people may find the design too basic
  • Limited range in men’s and kids’
  • Only delivers to a few countries

Who Is Dudley Stephens For?

True to the company motto, Dudley Stephens is made by women for women. But they also offer a range of collections for men. In short, the label is for everyone! Moreover, if you are a green activist, you will easily fall in love with this brand.

Furthermore, since the company also provides collections for kids, it attracts families looking for outstanding clothing for every family member. Therefore, you and your family can look good together. Ready to outdo David Beckham’s family?

Dudley Stephens Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now, you arrive at the arguably important part of this review. We will hear customer feedback and see if the quality matches the buzz on social media. This review has combed through the website, Trustpilot, and Reddit to find genuine testimonials.

Dudley Stephens Review: Dudley Stephens Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One shopper wrote:

Amazing look, fit, and versatile for any occasion! The material is also very comfortable. The color stands upright. I want every color!

This shopper agrees that the turtleneck is versatile for any occasion. Besides, she really likes the quality of the material, which is very comfortable. It looks like she will repurchase it.

The positive comment doesn’t stop there:

All my friends love this Cobble Hill Turtleneck. Camel is such a classic color. It’s warm, easy to wear, and looks like you’ve done more than just put on the comfiest piece of clothing in your closet.

Cobble Hill turtleneck received recognition from customer’s friends. Also, she stated that the outfit is warm and makes you look chicer. Overall, the customer does love this brand.

We also uncovered feedback on the Reddit:

Adorable style – my new favorite summer dress! The perfect fit and the A-line cut are great for all body shapes. The fabric has a nice weight to it and doesn’t feel flimsy or cheapy…

Do you agree with this Redditor? She thinks the style of the dress is adorable. It easily becomes her new favorite. Moreover, the A-line cut gives a nice silhouette to the body.

After reading all the comments, it’s clear that customers adore Dudley Stephens. As said, the quality of the clothes is satisfying. From the material to the design, it gets approval from customers.

Is Dudley Stephens Worth It?

Although the fabric used is recycled, the quality is still great. It proves the company is severe in providing comfortable clothing for customers while participating in sustainability. So, are Dudley Stephens worth it? Yes, the brand is worth the money

Dudley Stephens Review: Is Dudley Stephens Worth It?

Unlike seasonal trends, the brand creates timeless and versatile designs. The company’s collection is easily styled for any occasion. Thus, it will provide long-lasting value. In other words, the brand is suitable for a minimalist lifestyle.

Dudley Stephens Shipping Policy

The team takes 2 business days to process your order before it is shipped out. Once it is in the hands of the delivery service, you will receive a confirmation email. Also, it contains tracking information to monitor your package.

Furthermore, Dudley Stephens delivers to the US, the UK, Germany, and Canada. Maybe they will expand their shipping to more countries in the future. Also, specifically for US orders, you can get free ground shipping.

Ground shipping takes 7-10 working days to arrive in front of your house. However, choose express shipping if you can’t wait to wear your new clothes. It only takes 2 days for shipping. In addition, international customers can expect their package in 8-14 days.

Dudley Stephens Return Policy

Another exciting news! Dudley Stephens offers free return shipping within 30 days for unwashed and unworn items. You can go to the return page to get your return label. Moreover, the brand also accepts size and style exchange.

Some products, such as monogrammed items, are non-returnable. Also, make sure you still keep the original box. So, your returns will be eligible. Questions? Email [email protected].

How To Contact Dudley Stephens

The customer service is always open to all questions, compliments, and criticisms. FYI, the phone line is currently closed. However, the team can still assist you in the following ways:

Company Location

6 W Putnam Avenue, 2nd Floor
Greenwich, CT

Where to buy Dudley Stephens?

Dudley Stephens is available in many places. Nonetheless, the most convenient place to shop for their collection is the official site. If you prefer to go to other marketplaces, you can go to Walmart and eBay.

In addition, the company has a store locator. What is it for? To find the nearest retailer that sells Dudley Stephens. Besides, customers can also visit the official store in the following address:

The Dudley Stephens Townhouse Store

6 W Putnam Avenue, 2nd Floor
Greenwich, Connecticut, US
Open hours: 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m
Monday – Friday (by appointment only)

Dudley Stephens Coupon Codes & Promos

The price of the Dudley Stephens collection won’t burn a hole in your pocket. But it would be great if you saved more on your shopping. We feel you, fellas. Therefore, we bring some promotions:

  • Claim 15% OFF on your first purchase by joining the mailing list
  • Get many discounted items on the sale section and warehouse sale page
  • Participate in Dudley Devoted Rewards and receive many discounts with your points
  • Give $25, get $25 in the Refer a Friend program
  • Apply coupon code SUMMERTIME to enjoy 50% OFF
  • Take 30% OFF on summer dresses with discount code GETDRESSED

Reveal all coupons
Dudley Stephens

Dudley Stephens Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Dudley Stephens reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is Dudley Stephens?

Dudley Stephens is the family name of the company’s founders.

Who is the CEO of Dudley Stephens?

The current CEO of the company is Lauren Dudley Stephens.

Where is Dudley Stephens based?

The company is based in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Who is the founder of Dudley Stephens?

The founders of this label are Dudley Stephens’ sisters, Lauren and Kaki, and their mom, Bonnie.

When was Dudley Stephens founded?

The brand was founded in 2015.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Dudley Stephens Reviews & Ratings

In a world full of fashion choices, Dudley Stephens presents a variety of comfortable collections for everyday wear. Their simple yet versatile designs make their products easy to combine with diverse outfits for various events.

Besides, Dudley Stephens invites you to protect the earth through their fashion lineup since they use recycled fabric. Therefore, ready to upgrade your closet with Dudley Stephens? Come and browse the official site! Your closet will thank you, and so will the planet!


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