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Dryft Sleep Review 2024 → Mouth Tape For Nasal Breathing

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About Dryft Sleep

Keeping our sleep quality improving every day is quite a task. Mouth tapes seem to have started to be widely used as an aid to getting a good night’s sleep. One of the best manufacturers of such tapes is Dryft Sleep!

Dryft Sleep Review: About Dryft Sleep
Image: dryftsleep.com

Dryft Sleep is a modern wellness brand that produces gentle mouth tapes as its signature product. They are also currently developing other products, for example, earplugs.

Besides, what about the online news mentioning this company? It’s good news: they have been mentioned in many media, such as Mic, BYRDIE, Life&Style, Medium, LAWeekly, and Yahoo! money.

Also, thanks to the deep seriousness of this company, they have attracted a lot of sympathizers on TikTok, with as many as 2.1k+ followers & 213k+ video likes. Not only on that platform, they gained much on Instagram with 1k+ followers.

The point is that Dryft Sleep review discusses its proudest item, the mouth tape. But do you know how the company created its mouth-shaped tape masterpiece? Well, it’s your job to find out in the next section.

Overview of Dryft Sleep

Along with Jess, Lindsey (who has two young children) founded Dryft Sleep. Both are aspiring super-sleepers. Officially, they launched in April 2022. That’s right, it’s only been a year and a few months. What was their goal?

Here’s what the two founders’ goal is. They want to create a product that gives everyone a deeper, more restful sleep. As they know, not everyone can fall asleep soundly at night.

Before that, let’s find out where it all started. It was the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. The two women both worked running separate marketing companies in consumer packaged goods and consumer technology.

Later, the two women became friends through Linkedin and regularly met for coffee via Zoom for six months. They did not meet in person, which led to Jess expressing her desire for mouth-taping.

Jess has been doing oral recordings since 2018. Next, hearing Jess’ idea, Lindsey was excited about it. They continued to research, partnered with a factory in California, developed the design, perfected the product, and finally, the two met.

In just a few months, the two leaders had already gained fans on TikTok and caught the attention of the press & significant retailers alike. Currently, they continue to prepare many products besides earplugs.

Dryft Sleep Reviews

Before going further into the products sold by Dryft Sleep, let you understand some interesting facts. Women are 40% more prone to insomnia than men, and noise is also a significant cause of sleep disturbance.

Dryft Sleep Reviews: Dryft Sleep Reviews

In addition, as many as 75% of people who participated in a study with this mouthpiece item were disturbed by their partner’s sleep because of their mouth breathing. From that research result, the brand’s item hopefully can decrease the percentage.

As mentioned, this brand’s products are mainly mouth strips but also have earplugs, lip balm, and eye masks. You should also know that the three products may not be sold individually. See the website for more details, or click the link below!

Dryft Sleep Products

  • Assorted mouth tape kits
    • Mouth tape (30 strips) & 60 (strips)
    • Earplug + mouth tape bundle
    • Only earplug product
    • Mouth tape bundle
    • Perfect sleep kit
    • Earplug bundle

Moreover, this company reminds us that their products may not be able to cure various diseases, so it is better to consult a doctor first. You can also read the brand’s blog about proper nasal breathing.

This is probably the right time to learn each item description. However, it would take years. How about choosing three products instead? If you agree, let’s start with the first one!

Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape Reviews

Calling out to all those struggling to sleep due to frequent mouth breathing. We recommend using Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape (30 Pack), which can help you solve problems while sleeping.

Dryft Sleep Review: Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape Reviews

This mouth tape is important in assisting you to get natural nasal breathing as it should be. Then, you can trust the product to renew your sleep quality. You can also minimize the occurrence of drooling or snoring in this mouth tape.

Besides, this company claims that this mouth tape is made in the USA, so you can be sure what you purchase. Likewise, the safety of the material is also guaranteed. They make it with tape that is friendly on everyone’s skin. Of course, it is odorless and does not irritate the skin.

Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape Highlights

  • For better nasal breathing
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe from irritation

Moreover, buying this best mouth tape for sleeping means you will get 30 strips, at least that, as mentioned on the site. Then, you can order with the two price categories below:

  • One-time purchase: $23.99
  • With subscription: $21.59

Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape + Earplug Bundle Reviews

Next, the package that you should take advantage of is the Mouth Tape + Earplug Bundle. There are 12 pairs of earplugs and 30 strips of mouth tape for use for approximately 12-15 days.

Dryft Sleep Review: Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape + Earplug Bundle Reviews

Furthermore, the ear plug is made of comfortable silicone molds that fit the shape of the ear. This company also claims both items (ear plug and mouth tape) are made from medical grade, no latex, and reusable silicone.

Meanwhile, the mouth tape can help you sleep better from nasal breathing, like sleeping with normal breathing and reducing sound and interference for the earplug. You can use it in addition to sleeping for work and travel.

Mouth Tape + Earplug Bundle Highlights

  • 24 individual silicone ear plug
  • 30 strips of mouth tape
  • Made in the USA
  • No irritation to the skin

Now, you can achieve restful sleep by simply purchasing this bundle. Order the following two price categories as soon as possible and set the delivery every two weeks or more if needed.

  • One-time purchase: $39.99
  • With subscription: $35.99

Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape Bundle Reviews

Are you the type of person who sleeps with an eye mask? Then, this Mouth Tape Bundle package might be ideal for you. Why? The package contains mouth tape, lip balm, and the eye mask you’ve been looking for.

Dryft Sleep Review: Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape Bundle Reviews

Furthermore, buying the items means you will get 30 strips of mouth tape and a silky lavender aromatherapy eye mask to lure your eyes to sleep faster. You will also get a lip balm with a light lemonade scent to rehydrate your lips.

As we already said, the main product is to reduce your drooling and snoring. The breathing vent allows for mouth breathing. Same as previous product material, all are made of medical grade, latex-free, and gentle to sensitive skin.

Mouth Tape Bundle Details

  • One pack of mouth tape (30 strips)
  • A lavender aromatherapy eye mask
  • One lemonade lip balm
  • Made from harmful materials

Wherever you travel, please bring this package. It’s indeed convenient to carry. You can purchase it for only $34.99 from $38.99.

How To Use Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape

It seems easy to use mouth tape for those who are trying it for the first time or have already tried it. But, it would be better to know the proper way earlier because it is beneficial for the efficacy of the result. We will also discuss how to use the earplug product.

Let’s take a closer look at the five right ways to use a mouthband:

  1. Firstly, take out one mouthband from the package
  2. Then, separate the liner and lip strip on the divider (make sure your lips are clean & dry)
  3. Place the item in your closed mouth right in the center, press lightly, and discard the remaining small piece
  4. Next, breathe through your nose as usual or by venting on the strip vent if needed
  5. Finally, try to sleep well!

Further, here are four easy ways to use this brand’s earplugs correctly:

  1. First, remove the earplugs from the packaging with clean, dry hands
  2. Carefully shape each earplug into a round ball
  3. After that, place the plugs into the outer ear canal and flatten them until they are comfortable
  4. Next, try sleeping without any noise!

Moreover, this company also shared a few tips and tricks. If you’re doing skincare, it’s best to remove and dry the product you’re using so that the mouth adhesive sticks perfectly.

Also, if you have some hair around your lips or beard for men, placing the tape a little lower on your upper lip is a good idea. This functions for the tape closes entirely on your lips.

Dryft Sleep Pros and Cons

Assessing this brand entirely could take some time. To avoid missing details, come closer to their pros and cons on the following list!


  • Provide high-quality & gentle mouth tapes
  • No irritation on the skin
  • Help improve sleep quality, mood, cognitive function
  • Good innovation (drug-free sleep aid)
  • Utilize safe materials
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Helps support specific common mouth health issues
  • Convenient delivery
  • Free shipping on all US orders
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • No phone number for customer service
  • There is no-cost shipping for international buyers.

Who Is Dryft Sleep For?

Dryft Sleep products are intended for adults who want to achieve or improve deeper sleep. However, adult words are tricky. Those grownups with heart conditions, nasal congestion, or other breathing disorders probably must avoid trying the mouth strips.

Again, this brand says their gentle tape items are not for children under six. Equally important, those who cannot remove the tape alone should not use the mouth strips. Those at risk of vomiting and those consuming liquor are not expected to try using the product.

Dryft Sleep Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dozens or even hundreds of customers have tried Dryft Sleep sleep strips. But did they experience any tangible results? This section will answer that question.

Dryft Sleep Review: Dryft Sleep Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We took their comments from the company’s website to confirm they were real. Then, the result is that most of the customers gave 5 out of 5 stars. Here are the first customer comments:

I don’t know how, but I don’t wake up with a dry mouth anymore. That’s great!

This man woke up to the fact that his mouth was not dry while wearing mouth tape.

Another buyer stated:

I use these most comfortable waterproof earplugs while swimming. Mouth plasters are excellent for dry mouth during the summer in Florida….

Furthermore, another customer shared his joy of using the comfortable earplugs and the mouth tape that keeps his mouth from drying out.

The other consumer mentioned:

I love tape and eye masks or lip balm. It’s all good. That’s one of the reasons that makes my sleep optimal!

The customer above loved the whole bundle containing her mouth plaster, eye mask, and lip balm because it helped her achieve maximum sleep at night.

Our conclusion from customer comments is that every buyer honestly felt accurate results. The efficacy consists of helping them avoid dry mouth and sleep better.

Is Dryft Sleep Worth It?

We can say this brand is worth trying. Why? Let’s take a look at their product-making! They claim every strip is designed with a gentle medical-grade adhesive on the skin. It makes no irritation. They even create it with odorless & latex-free materials.

Dryft Sleep Review: Is Dryft Sleep Worth It?

Again, some of you may need assurance if the mouth tape helps. As this company claims on the website, the product can help one in three adults get up to 40% better sleep. Such grownups may experience prevent snoring as well as drooling while sleeping.

Dryft Sleep Shipping Policy

This brand ships its sleep strips mouth globally. However, they only mention across the USA, Canada, and the UK. They also provide free shipping for US orders using USPS or UPS Ground. For orders to Canada, they apply an additional fee.

In addition, this company states that if you experience a lost or stolen item, please report it to [email protected] first. They will help you with the following actions. You can likewise ask the team through email if you have any other shipping inquiries.

Dryft Sleep Return Policy

Realizing that customers have a total right to purchase, this company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. You can try it first for three nights to determine if its use affects your nasal breathing practice.

If you later feel that the mouth tape product still has no good result, they will try to fix it first. In other words, they will refund your money. We suggest you send a message to [email protected] to request a refund.

How To Contact Dryft Sleep

If you have some questions that we don’t provide in our review, you can save these contacts.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fill out the contact form
  • Use live chat (on the below right corner of the page)
  • Send a DM on the brand’s social media @dryftsleep

Official Address

Los Angeles, CA.

Where to buy Dryft Sleep?

Please buy through the brand’s official website for security. However, they let you check out from premium retailers (Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters). You may go to Amazon as well.

Dryft Sleep Coupon Codes & Promos

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  • Shop for your first time and get 10% OFF plus extras if you have subscribed
  • Obtain 10% OFF for your friend’s successful signing up
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  • Catch $100 OFF first order & other advantages by joining the wholesale event (for Feaire retailers)
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  • Acquire special treatment for applying as an ambassador on the website
  • Use many coupon codes on the blue button below

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Dryft Sleep

Dryft Sleep Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Dryft Sleep reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Dryft Sleep?

Jess and Lindsey own the brand.

Does Dryft Sleep ship internationally?

Yes, of course. The brand ships its mouth tape internationally (including in Canada). For UK buyers, you may need to go to nearby retailers.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Dryft Sleep Reviews & Ratings

When you want to wake up with more energy, memorize the soft and comfortable Dryft Sleep strips. Another bedtime product from the company, the silicone earplug, is also helpful in preventing you from hearing noises around your sleeping space.

It’s time to reduce sleeping pills for prevention. Trust this brand for mouth tape items made according to national standards and detailed research. So, it’s safe. Again, others have experienced trying the strips; now it’s your turn!


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