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About Drops Language App

Do you know how many languages Richard Simcott can speak? Yes, 16 languages. It’s such an insane number, though. Do you want to be a language genius like him? Well, say hello to the Drops Language App!

Drops Language App Review: About Drops Language App
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Drops Language App, or people usually call it Drops, is most people’s learning language companion. Whether you are a kid or teenager who currently grows up in an educational environment or an adult who just wants to learn a new language, this app is a good choice.

Moreover, in Drops, you may expect everything as a language learner. The system brings you to a larger world with 50 languages to learn. Also, you can learn from over 350 selected vocabulary lessons, which include 4500+ essential words and phrases with illustrations.

Besides that, this app has collected 40 million+ language learners worldwide with those facilities. Then, it’s logical that several awards are in its pocket, such as App of The Year from the Google Play Store and App of The Day from the App Store.

Furthermore, several honored mentions by prestigious brands or companies are also here. As we can see on the website, the brand has successfully made it into Forbes, Bloomberg, VentureBeat, Fast Company, etc. Undoubtedly good, right? But, has it been over?

Fortunately, we still have more.  Let’s talk about the social media. We found the app’s Instagram followers have exceeded the number of 191k. Also, more than 12k people followed Drops on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, with almost 32k total likes.

So, do you want to be the next Drops’ language learner? Therefore, let’s join our long adventure in today’s Drops Language App reviews!

Overview of Drops Language App

How the Drops Language App started, and who was behind it? Let’s answer all your curiosity about this brand through this section!

Let us bring you back to 2015. It was all about Daniel Farkas and Mark Szulyovszky, who were bored with a classic way of learning languages. On one good occasion, they met.

These two language interests then worked to find more fun and effective ways, and that’s how this app was born. Through the years, Drops has unexpectedly become a global app.

From the beginning until now, both Daniel and Mark have stated that the application suits any user’s level. Also, the various treatments and methods create adjustable learning ways.

However, that was not its peak era. In 2020, Kahoot, the globally renowned game-based learning platform, acquired the application, and Drops has become bigger since then. 

Additionally, many changes have happened these past 8 years since its establishment. And now, the Drops Language App offers more than everyone’s needed. So, what’s your opinion?

Drops Language App Review

Let’s be a language genius with several clicks on your phone and explore the world afterward! Is that your dream? We guess, yes, but it’s also everyone’s dream.

Drops Language App Reviews: Drops Language App Review

Everything is so possible with our helpful language guidance, Drops. Hence, you need to know so many things about this app, and that’s what we’ll go with today.

Through the Drops’ website, you may find the brand’s product or service categories as follows:

  • Drops: Discover 45+ languages and enrich your vocabulary every day! 
  • Scripts: Learn Japanese, Chinese, and Korean letters in anti-boring ways! 
  • Droplets: Find a suitable and supportive language learning aid for your kids! 

Now, from those product services, what will we serve as a ‘main course’ today? Let’s not make it a secret and let the following list tell you:

  • Go Premium Reviews
  • Droplets Reviews
  • Language Courses Reviews

Tell us that you’re excited without telling us that you’re excited. Can you? Yes, just scroll down and learn more about this online language learning!

Drops Language App Go Premium Reviews

Dear language learners, we can say that learning new languages is a timeless activity. So, we guess you need long-term media to help fulfil your needs. Then, please tune in to our Go Premium review today!

Drops Language App Review: Drops Language App Go Premium Reviews

If you know that this app is free, it’s totally correct. It works on every platform you access. You may use it as an application on a tab, cell phone, or laptop. Moreover, the app is also accessible through a browser, by the way. 

However, if you have a choice to enjoy more facilities and benefits, why not? Therefore, the Drops Language App offers a premium subscription. By joining the premium team, more content is available to reach, of course.

Do you want to know more specific benefits of premium? First of all, the premium user will have three different learning levels in each language based on the user’s progress. They are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

Then, to enrich your vocabulary, the app has provided hundreds of topics to choose from in each language. It helps you explore more unfamiliar words, and the examples are the topics of travel, workplace, fashion, drug, etc.

Next, the use of various images is also here. It is included in many learning activities, such as spelling, arranging the letters, swiping through letters on a crossword, and more. Seems fun, right? So, why don’t you try once?

Unfortunately, we cannot spill more and let you experience the rest by yourself. Hence, do you want to Go Premium as your new language learning companion? We guess it’s yes!

Drop Language Apps Course Reviews

What language does Drops have? Furthermore, this section will show you the list of languages you can learn. Do you want to be Hawaiian? Parisian? Or Japanese? Fortunately, it’s all possible, so explore the Language Courses table below!

Ainu American English Arabic Bosnian
British English Cantonese Castilian Spanish Catalan
Danish Dutch Esperanto Estonian
Finnish French Galician German
Hawaiian Hebrew Hindi Hungarian
Igbo Indonesian Irish Italian
Korean Mandarin Chinese Maori Mexican Spanish
Persian Polish Romanian Russian
Sanskrit for Yoga Serbian Swahili Swedish
Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese
Brazilian Portuguese Greek Croatian Europan Portuguese
Yoruba Tagalog Samoan Norwegian
Japanese   Icelandic

Wow, can you master all those languages with a lifetime subscription? We guess you can! So, have you decided which language to learn first?

Drops Language App Droplets Reviews

Dear parents, are you seeking the right and helpful aid to help your lovebird’s language skills? Gratefully, you’re now at the end of your search because we have Droplets, every kid’s best friend in learning a language!

Drops Language App Review: Drops Language App Droplets Reviews

Furthermore, Droplets is one of the Drops Language App product services and a separate application. Specifically, Droplets is made for children from 7 to 16 years old to achieve better language understanding.

In addition, what makes this app should be all kids’ choice is its visual. You know what? Droplets feature colorful and attractive illustrations to strengthen kids’ memories about every new word coming to their brains.

Next, you can also practice your kid’s listening ability through this app. The team behind this fully realizes that all kid’s listening skills need more improvement. Hence, professional natives are here pronouncing every word.

Besides that, the topic availability on this app is fully reliable. You’ll find more than 100 topics, including daily terms and more specific choices, such as future dreams, hobbies, household items, friends, transportation, etc.

Then, since most lovebirds cannot operate these things by themselves, parent guidance means everything. Therefore, we think it will be more fun and warmer if you learn and choose a topic to learn together every day.

Now, if you want to give an earlier kids language learning, it’s the right time to act. Hence, take around 20 or 30 minutes daily to learn with Droplets and see how it results in a month ahead!

Drops Language App Plans & Pricing

So, do you want to be a free user (still) or upgrade to the premium seat? If we were in your shoes, we would definitely opt for the premium service.

Furthermore, you may check the following information to upgrade from your free seat to the Drops Language App premium:

Monthly Yearly Lifetime
US$12.99/month US$55.99/year US$95.99 – One-time purchase

In addition, since we have also mentioned Droplets, you need to know the following price subscription as well:

Monthly Yearly
US$9.99/month US$69.99/year

Now, do you already choose which one to purchase? Let’s be a language genius together, then!

How Does Drops Language App Work?

Who’s excited to have Drops? Well, it’s the right time to know how Drops work on you. So, you shouldn’t miss the following information, then:

  • Browser-operating

If you use a browser, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the official website
  2. Second, click the ‘Get Started, For Free’ button
  3. Third, click ‘login’ at the top right side (choose login with Google for easier way)
  4. Then, do the quiz (set your target language, etc.)
  5. Click ‘continue’ and ‘start my free week’
  6. Login again with your Google account and enjoy your free trial (with subscription payment afterward)
  7. For your information, subscription payment can (always) be cancelled during the seven-day free trial. 
  • Application-operating

Next, if you go with an application, see the steps below:

  1. Install the ‘Drops: Language Learning Games’ on your device (iOS/Android)
  2. Then, log in to the app with your Google account (easier way)
  3. After that, you’ll have the same quiz as in the browser (choosing language, etc.)
  4. Take the ‘free’ package and go with the suggested payment after a week’s free trial
  5. Finally, enjoy your language learning and upgrade to premium if you want

Weren’t those so easy? Yes, and we’ll be waiting for you to speak fluently in your target language soon!

Drops Language App Pros and Cons

To summarize our review, what if you consider this pros and cons section? Hopefully, what we wrote below will give you more clear information about the app:


  • Free access is possible
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Accessible through browser and application
  • There are 50 languages to learn
  • High-quality materials and content by professionals
  • Collected over 300k reviews with millions of worldwide users
  • Suit all age level


  • Good for enriching vocabulary only, not with speaking or writing

Who Is Drops Language App For?

Well, mates, do you agree that mastering language is everyone’s skill? Yes, but the amount of language mastery in each person may be different. To make you and others learn the language easier, the Drops Language App comes to save.

At this point, we can say that this application suits everyone who wants to learn new languages. From any level of age (kids to adults), all can use and earn benefits from Drops. More than 45 languages are available, with many tools that exist to create fast, fun, and effective learning.

Drops Language App Review; What Do Customers Think?

Is Drops Language App really that good? Finally, we’re now in the testimonial section. Here, you can conclude the brand is good because we have provided real ratings and user reviews.

Drops Language App Review: Drops Language App Review; What Do Customers Think?

How many ratings do you think this award-winning application receives? Furthermore, the brand has collected over 300k reviews in Google Play and App Store. Are you one of the reviewers?

Specifically, there are 266k reviews in the Google Play Store with an average rating of 4,7 out of 5. Meanwhile, it scores 4,4 out of 5 stars on the App Store with over 63k total reviews.

Now, let us bring you more detailed information, and it’s from the customer reviews.

Let’s begin with what this first customer said:

I’m learning Korean now, and I must say, Drops has been an excellent tool for expanding my vocabulary and learning new phrases. The app offers a wide range of topics to choose from, which is fantastic to replace my old tools which were not working anymore.

Now you can see how beneficial Drops is. Likewise, you can expand your skills from various topics, which is your current goal, right?

Then, the same good experience also happened to this customer:

You can benefit from this free language learning app, which includes 5 minutes of daily practice. But if you go for the yearly subscription, you’ll get access to more languages, topics, customized learning times, and a variety of learning games. It’s nice to start with the no-cost version…

Even when you have the free version, this customer admitted that it is much more beneficial already. But don’t blame us if you decide to subscribe afterward!

Next, look what happened to this customer:

…after reading some Reddit reviews, I decided to try out Drops. I opted for a monthly plan, thinking that if I lost interest quickly. However, I found the app enjoyable and continued using it for a year, renewing with a basic plan. Eventually, I decided to upgrade to a lifetime premium plan…

This is so funny because this customer was not expecting to have Drops, and then ended up subscribing for his whole life. Will you be like him?

So, have those reviews proven to you about how good this application is? We promise that once you start with the free version, there are no other choices than purchasing the premium language app version.

Is Drops Language Apps Worth It?

The company Drops has been serving many users worldwide for around 8 years. Within those years, so many unexpected things happened, mostly good. 

For example, in today’s Drops, you may expect various methods, activities, and other modern tools to facilitate you in improving your new language mastery. For these reasons, we can say that Drops Language App is 100% worth all the hype and should be on your subscription list.

Is Drops Language App Legit?

What makes you still doubt this language-learning application? So far, we cannot name which one is bad from Drops. From the beginning you may remember that this award-winning application was acquired already by Kahoot three years ago. 

Then, the fact that they collect millions of users worldwide is enough to prove how credible Drops Language App is.

Also, the social media existence and the always-streaming reviews daily consistently build the brand’s legitimacy. Finally, we have no other words than to claim that Drops is a 100% legit and trusted language learning app.

How to Contact Drops Language App?

Do you want Drops Language App to be your forever language learning companion? Let us tell you how to stay connected to them:

Company Address

Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia.

Where to buy Drops Language App?

Is there a better learning language application to purchase than the Drops Language App? We doubt it. So, start learning your target language fast and effectively by exploring its application or official website!

At this point, we’ll also say those are the only places to get and enjoy exclusive content from Drops. So, we highly do not suggest downloading the hack or mod apk version because it contains unsafe coding that may be dangerous for your phone’s privacy.

Drops Language App Coupon Codes & Promos

It’s a must-read section because who doesn’t want to save money while purchasing something? Everyone loves doing it, absolutely. So, what are the current offers?

  • Enjoy up to 50% OFF your premium subscription
  • Redeem your gift code you earned from Drop’s subscriber on this page to start learning

Unfortunately, those are the only special offers by the application. You may find more during renewal and other occasions, such as a discount code, gift, or others. Then, hang in there!

Reveal all coupons
Drops Language App

Drops Language App Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Drops Language App reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Drops Language App good?

It’s a good language-learning application with more than 45 languages and creative methods.

Is Drops Language App free?

Yes, you can use this application at a free cost for Android and for iPhone users.

What is Drops Language App used for?

This application is used for learning languages in a fast, fun, and efficient way.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Drops Language App Reviews & Ratings

Today, people have many reasons why they decide to learn new languages. Some of them are for worldwide traveling, particular certification, college, and more. Fortunately, we have a Drops Language App to make everything possible.

Being part of Kahoot company, Drops becomes bigger every day. Also, with unstoppable good reviews, there are no serious things to be concerned with. Hence, if learning a new language is your current goal, you better download or install it on your device immediately!


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