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Drone Safe Store Review 2024 → #1 DJI Drone Authorized Retailer

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About Drone Safe Store

The increasing use of drones and cameras leads you to be selective in choosing a reliable, legal store with the best service. You may have to check Drone Safe Store to be your solution.

Drone Safe Store Review: About Drone Safe Store
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Drone Safe Store is the official UK DJI dealer offering several collections of DJI drones and accessories for sale. In addition, they also provide several cameras from famous brands to add to your collection.

They deliver all over the UK and are the biggest retailer in England. Not to mention, they are committed to providing the best customer service. No wonder they have thousands of positive reviews and high ratings from customers, Google, and Trustpilot.

To support this commitment, they are innovating and have a customer experience store you can visit. You can do a free consultation to determine the items that suit your needs before buying them.

Due to this innovation, they are trusted to be the retailer of other brands such as Insta360, Freewell, and HPRC. Likewise, many people are attracted to this brand by following its social media. There are 2k followers on Facebook and 916 followers on Instagram.

If you want to know more about this brand, please continue to read the Drone Safe Store review. We will discuss the company’s history, product review, pros & cons, and more. Let’s get started!

Overview of Drone Safe Store

Mark Boyt is the founder and CEO of Drone Safe Store. He has a background as a commercial drone industry operator. Before creating a retail shop for drones, he realized the gap between the network of legal and safe operators in society.

This is important to make sure that all drone users can take responsibility and develop a network of like-minded pilots for what they do. Thus, he established the Drone Safe Register for a network of legal operators in 2015.

After obtaining permission to use drones in public or special places, they launched the Drone Safe Store in 2020. They received a license as an official retailer from DJI and other brands to support this.

Shortly, they have 3 main credibilities for selling products:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Professional support and Aftersales
  • Provide safety and education about drone laws

Drone Safe Store Reviews

Drone Safe Store is known as more than an expert in the retail industry of drones. So they also offer training classes for all skill levels. The goal is to help you to be a qualified and responsible pilot.

Drone Safe Store Reviews: Drone Safe Store Reviews

Besides providing original and high-quality DJI products, they are also known for their exceptional service. As mentioned, they offer free consultations via telephone or in-store.

Specifically, all the buyers will be helped with getting DJI software, Operator ID, Flyer ID, tips & tricks, and more. You will also get advice and technical knowledge. So, you can invest in items that suit your needs.

Next, you might be curious about the collections they offer. They have a wide selection of drones for entry-level to professional drones. Thus, we will discover them based on the categories below.

Drone Safe Store Collections

Despite the above collection, you can find Camera collections such as Insta 360, DJI Osmo, and DJI Pocket. Furthermore, we will discuss their three best-selling products. Without any further ado, let’s jump to the next section!

Drone Safe Store DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) Reviews

Do you love to get travelling? It is not complete without a compact, lightweight, and has advanced features drone for capturing your special moments. You may need DJI Mini 3 Pro for the perfect travel buddy.

Drone Safe Store Review: Drone Safe Store DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) Reviews

As a best-selling product line, the Mini 3 Pro has a compact, foldable design with a weight of only 250g, allowing you to carry it while travelling comfortably. Other improvements include larger propellers, an aerodynamic body, and a flight time of up to 34 minutes.

In addition, this drone is equipped with a 3-way obstacle sensing system with dual sensors and an advanced pilot assistance system, allowing you to get a broader range to avoid accidents during use. No wonder this product is the safest mini drone, and you will get an Operator ID to fly legally in the UK.

You can also capture moments instantly and creatively with the support of several features, such as master shots, focus tracking, and accurate vertical shooting.

Accordingly, those features can produce movie-like videos with more detail and ready to be shared on social media. Quick transfer is also applied to speed up data transfer up to 30Mbps.

DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) Features

  • Panorama
  • Timelapse
  • 1/1.3 inch sensor
  • Camera resolution: 48MP
  • Slow motion shots: 1080p/120fps 
  • Distance: Fly of up to 500 meters
  • Video quality: 4K, HDR with 50/60fps

What’s included?

DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone, the latest DJI RC-N1, screwdriver, 6x screws, spare propellers, DJI Intelligent flight battery, gimbal protector, type C PD cable.

If you need this powerful product to capture your precious moments, grab it here and get a Free SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card at a special price for only £859 £699.

Drone Safe Store DJI Matrice 30T Reviews

As a professional worker, you may need a drone that can be versatile. Despite recording purposes, it is also used for security, fire rescue, and many more. Then, you will love the DJI Matrice 30T Worry-Free Basic Combo!

Drone Safe Store Review: Drone Safe Store DJI Matrice 30T Reviews

The drone has lightweight designs that are easy to use, store, and carry because it has a foldable feature. In addition, this product has a longer endurance of 6 hours. It has a flight of up to 41 minutes with a maximum speed of 23 m/s.

Considering its advanced use, this product is designed to have IP55 water and dustproof material. Thus, it is suitable to survive in temperatures around -20°C to 50°C. So, it is appropriate to use it in hot or cold circumstances.

In addition, advanced redundancy systems, dual-vision sensors, and ToF are applied to keep the aircraft mission safe. Likewise, the 48MP quality camera with four built-in antennas can deliver smooth video transmission.

DJI Matrice 30T Features

  • Photo: 8K
  • Video: 4k/30fps
  • Hybrid zoom: 200x
  • Optical Zoom: 5x-16x
  • Thermal camera: 40mm/ 30fps
  • Laser Distance Meter: 3m – 1200 m
  • Rechargable battery: fast charge within 30 minutes
  • DJI RC Plus widescreen: 7 inch with dual control mode
  • Wide angle: 12 MP with 84-degree DFOV, 24-mm focal length

What’s included?

Matrice 30T aircraft body, carrying case, RC plus remote controller, 2x TB30 battery, screwers and tools, BS30 battery station, 1671 Propeller (CW and CCW).

Therefore, help your work to be more accessible and more relevant with this drone—order now for only £11055.

Drone Safe Store DJI Pocket 2 Reviews

Different from the two products above, you may want to do casual activities with friends and capture those moments by taking photos or video blogging. You will need a lightweight, easy-to-carry, sophisticated camera from DJI Pocket 2!

Drone Safe Store Review: Drone Safe Store DJI Pocket 2 Reviews

This product is the latest update of the Osmo Pocket series. Both have a pocket-able design, but there are some differences. Apart from having a bold red stripe in the gimbal area of the camera, this product also has performance enhancements to distinguish it.

You can trust this product because it has a 64MP camera with a 1/1.7-inch larger sensor. It also has better autofocus and wider image selfies. Not to mention, there’s the fast wake feature that helps you capture spontaneous moments and start filming quickly.

Additionally, you can capture cinematic-quality content with a more stable handheld gimbal. Likewise, the active track 3.0 feature allows you to capture detailed images with minimal editing. This camera has stereo audio with an external wireless mic to support your content creation.

DJI Pocket 2 Features

  • 4K/60 fps
  • HDR video
  • Story mode
  • Time-lapse
  • Slow-motion
  • HD Panorama
  • 4x zoom for videos
  • 8x zoom for photos

What’s included?

DJI Pocket 2 camera, mini control stick, cover, wrist strap, USB-C, lightning cable, power cable, and 1/4″ Tripod mount.

Hence, take your epic cinematic shot anywhere you go with this magic camera in your hand. Buy now for only £339.

Drone Safe Store Pros and Cons

Before you continue to read in the next section, please check the list of pros and cons below. We want to help you understand the product and service briefly. Let’s check them out!


  • Wide selection of drones and drone accessories
  • Fast delivery
  • Great aftersales
  • Authorized dealer for many popular drone brands
  • Has a knowledgeable and helpful customer service team
  • FREE Consultation
  • 24 months warranty
  • Professional support
  • Official retailer in the UK
  • Excellent customer service
  • Highest Rated UK DJI dealer
  • Customer Experience Center shop
  • Offer a training class with expertise


  • Some products may be out of stock
  • Customer support can be slow to respond during peak times
  • Provide domestic shipping only

Who Is Drone Safe Store For?

Drone Safe Store is definitely for camera and drone enthusiasts who want to capture all the adventure experiences or casual activities. So, you can share it with everyone through social media. In addition, if you are a beginner, this place is suitable for learning by joining a training class.

Drone Safe Store Review: Who Is Drone Safe Store For?

With so many options, this retail shop is also great for professional workers who need quick assistance tools that can be operated remotely. For example, firefighters need to see the condition of the building before going up and arrange the appropriate strategy.

Drone Safe Store Review: How Do Customer Think?

Before you purchase the product, you may have to consider a few things. As far as we know, everyone loves reading feedback from other customers. Hence, we summarized some testimonials for you. We hope this helps you to be more confident in finding a reliable place to buy a camera.

Drone Safe Store Review: Drone Safe Store Review: How Do Customer Think?

We found some excellent ratings on each product sold by this brand. Here are the details:

  1. DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) achieved 5/5 average ratings from 14 reviews
  2. DJI Matrice 30T Worry-Free Basic Combo got 5/5 ratings from 2 reviews
  3. DJI Pocket 2 received 5/5 ratings from 1 review

Next, you will find some testimonials about customer experiences regarding the products and services of this retail shop.

I recently purchased a DJI Mini 3 Pro. Drone Safe Store matched the DJI pricing and included a memory card and case for the drone. Outstanding service.

One of the customers above said that DJI’s prices have not changed. He even got some bonuses only provided by the Drone Safe Store.

Called tom on a Friday afternoon to order with additional charger, card & case … but after a busy 3/4 hours, I managed to get everything done but it was passed the same day delivery. Surprisingly, all the package was sent out that day and received the next day… big thanks to your team for the patience and excellent customer service…

Next, the customer above is happy with the delivery and service from the brand. It only took a day to deliver to his house.

Due to having a need to upgrade my fleet, I went to Tom … I received everything very fast and updated call for product availability to let me know. Then I went to pick up my M30T in person and was greeted by Tom, Mark and the team…. Great hospitality and great service at all times. Thanks… for the great support and service!

The last, another happy customer is here. He wanted to buy a new drone for his fleet needs. As such, he trusted this brand and was impressed with the service.

In conclusion, everyone is happy with the helpful customer service and excellent delivery times. Moreover, you can get the same price with exclusive bonuses and enjoy saving money. So, are you ready to bring one of the well-known sophisticated products?

Is Drone Safe Store Worth It?

Finding an original, top-quality drone with excellent customer service is the dream of all buyers, including us. Drone Safe Store has all the criteria. The positive feedback and high ratings from buyers prove this. No wonder they are the highest-rated DJI dealer, as it claims.

In addition, you can get special bonuses and a more extended warranty on camera purchases. They also offer free consultation either via telephone or in-store. It allows you to get lessons on operating the camera or drone properly. Hence, we can say this brand is worth your money.

Drone Safe Store Return Policy

If you have any problems with the items you receive, the brand offers returns within 30 days for a full refund or repair. Remember that the item should be original, unactivated, and undamaged.

You get a free return if your item is damaged due to the brand’s fault since the warranty covers it. However, you must pay for the return cost if you have other reasons.

Once you have sent the damaged item, you will wait 5 days for the return process. We recommend you use a shipping service with package tracking to avoid lost items.

Return your item to the address below:

Drone Safe Register Limited
Unit 1K, St James Industrial Estate, Westhampnett Road Chichester
PO19 7JU

If you need more detailed information, kindly check the return page.

Drone Safe Store Shipping Policy

Currently, the brand ships to the United Kingdom Mainland, Scottish highlands, Northern Islands, Ireland, and other UK islands. Drone Safe Store works with DPD service. They offer next-day delivery service with orders over £50.

If you want to get items rapidly, your orders should be done before 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. But you can request Saturday delivery by calling 01243 859444. For your information, the delivery could be slower if you are outside the UK mainland. Usually, it takes up to 5 business days.

Drone Safe Store Warranty

The brand offers a limited warranty of up to 24 months. They mainly cover the main parts, but this depends on the different types of products. As mentioned, the brand offers a wide selection of DJI cameras and drones, so you can check the details on its warranty page.

How To Contact Drone Safe Store

If you have any questions about the product or services, please get in touch with customer service. They are open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM – 5.30 PM as follows:


Unit 1K, St James’ Industrial Estate, Westhampnett Rd, Chichester, PO19 7JU, United Kingdom.

Where to buy Drone Safe Store?

If you need a reliable place to collect cameras or drones from the DJI brand, don’t hesitate to buy and visit the Drone Safe Store website. They have excellent customer service, suitable prices, and fast delivery. Also, you can get some fantastic deals on it.

In addition, you can experience it directly by visiting its customer experience store in Chichester, West Sussex. It will be open Monday – Saturday from 09:00 am-05:30 pm. All ages are welcome to visit.

Drone Safe Store Coupon Codes & Promos

We understand that this section is what you wish for. Currently, the Drone Safe Store offers several deals that you can choose from. Therefore, we make some bullet points that you can follow:

  • Visit the offer page to get exciting sale products
  • Join VIP member to earn additional exclusive discounts
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to enjoy the latest information

If you want more voucher deals, please click the link below and find a discount code that is suitable for you. Happy exploring!

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Drone Safe Store

Drone Safe Store Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Drone Safe Store reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Drone Safe Store?

Mark Boyte is the owner of Drone Safe Store.

Can I track my order on Drone Safe Store website?

Yes, you have to visit the track order page and enter the tracking number given after your order is successful. After that, insert your home postcode before submitting.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Drone Safe Store Reviews & Ratings

Nowadays, you no longer have to be confused about where to buy a drone or camera in a trusted place. Drone Safe Store offers you original products with a more extended warranty. In addition, they offer bundling promotions and deals that can save you money.

You can ask for a free consultation to get the most suitable item. Moreover, you can join a training class to experience safe and legal flights throughout the UK. Therefore, find your best drone with special bundling on their official website. Happy Shopping!


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