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About Dressing Your Truth

Recently, a survey showed that women spend more time worrying about their appearance than anything else, more than money, health, relationships, or professional success. Do you think so? Or do you feel anxious too?

Dressing Your Truth Review: About Dressing Your Truth
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In our Dressing Your Truth review, you’ll find the solution to your worries about your appearance. We’ll introduce you to a brand that will change your life and your look. It’s time for you to feel more confident than ever!

Dressing Your Truth is an online makeover system for women around the world who feel anxious and insecure about their appearance. It is an energy profiling system that helps identify a person’s true nature and not what they’ve been conditioned to be. It teaches anyone to embrace the gifts and strengths of treating them as flaws.

The brand does a great job of offering 4 types of looks according to personality. They also offer a selection of high-quality makeup packages, DYT jewelry, great skincare, and essential style kit that can be selected and personalized according to the type that matches each personality.

Dressing Your Truth, with its popularity among women, founded by a female inspirer, has gained 170k followers on Facebook and 22.5k followers on Instagram.

Many women who felt hopeless about themselves are recovering and living better with increased confidence. They no longer feel afraid of their flaws. The brand brings so much positivity that many of its customers are proud of their change for the better.

Are you also one of those who have anxiety over your appearance? Then you can’t leave this article because we’re about to reveal all the secrets that brands have for boosting women’s confidence. Stay with us!

Overview of Dressing Your Truth

The brand not only sells items that can support your appearance enhancement but also offers tutorials and inspiration to dress.

Dressing Your Truth, founded by Carol Tuttle, an inspirational author/creator, has managed to change the confidence of women who are worried about their appearance.

Carol Tuttle has successfully encouraged women to change their mindset, although over the years, Carol has also battled with frustration and embarrassment about her appearance.

She always tried to look her best by following trends. But at the time, she felt that even though she looked fine on the outside, she felt uncomfortable with herself. Then, 18 years ago, she came across a concept that changed everything in her life.

She found 4 ways to describe the quality of each woman’s personality appearance, which she called the 4 types of beauty. She felt that when a person dresses in a way that honors her beauty type, then she will feel great and look amazing.

Later, she introduced her concept into the Dressing Your Truth brand by presenting various packages that can enhance your look with 4 types to choose from.

Before going deeper, we have prepared some points about Dressing Your Truth’s pros and cons below.

Dressing Your Truth Pros

  • Helps many women who don’t have the confidence to create a personal style
  • Sells a variety of beauty supplies that have been categorized into several personal types
  • Free personal Style Course for a first-time trial
  • Offers a very helpful beginner’s guide
  • Has easy access
  • Ships internationally
  • 30-days return policy
  • Has much good feedback from customers

Dressing Your Truth Cons

  • The products are available for women only

Dressing Your Truth Review

As we have mentioned many times that Dressing Your Truth has 4 different types that can describe the beauty of each personality. We’ll explain these 4 types before moving on to product selection.

Dressing Your Truth Reviews: Dressing Your Truth Review
  1. Type 1 Beauty: Bright & Animated. This type can be expressed as an inner light that appears in youthful animated features. In this type, you have a light within you that brightens the day of others.
  2. Type 2 Beauty: Soft & Subtle. It is a gentle nature that will show in your soft and delicate features. With this type, your presence has a calming effect on others.
  3. Type 3 Beauty: Rich & Dynamic. This type is the inner drive that shows up in your dynamic features. You have a strong presence that moves others to action.
  4. Type 4 Beauty: Bold & Striking. In this type, your inner balance shows on the outside in more subtle features. Others perceive your beauty as having qualities that stand out.

Which of these types best describes you? When you discover your beauty type, amazing things happen. You discover strengths you didn’t know you had, you understand yourself better, and you can express yourself in a style that suits and is comfortable for you.

In the product review section, we’ll give you an example of the products they sell with a selection of types to give you an idea of how the brand works. Without further ado, let’s move on to the next section!

Dressing Your Truth Type 2 Makeup Starter Kit Reviews

Makeup is one of the essentials for a woman to enhance her appearance and boost her confidence. This Type 2 Makeup Starter Kit includes everything you need to start with your True-to-Type makeup experience.

Dressing Your Truth Review: Dressing Your Truth Type 2 Makeup Starter Kit Reviews

Type 2 colors show more soft colors according to their personality. With classic and neutral colors to complement and accentuate your beauty. These soft colors blend beautifully and add subtle refinement for effortless elegance. 

This pack comes in several makeup kits, such as:

  • Eyeshadows: French Vanilla, Bohemian, Brown Silver
  • Eye Liner: Bark
  • Mascara: Ultimate Volume – Brown
  • Blush: Bella
  • Lip Liner: Rosebud
  • Lipstick: Whipped
  • Lip Gloss: Chiffon Rose

This makeup pack makes it very easy for you to have a complete makeup set with a choice of colors ranging from eyeshadow to lipstick that match each other. You no longer need to be confused about choosing what color suits you and combine one makeup color with another.

This makeup starter kit can also be an excellent choice for those new to DYT, as a travel kit, or as a suitable gift for your type.

Choosing a makeup kit like this means saving money instead of buying them individually. Of course, this is very beneficial for you because you can save more money. But it doesn’t stop there. You can get this makeup pack at a discounted price from the original price of $162 to just $116.10.

Dressing Your Truth Type 4 Get the Scoop Earrings Reviews

Type four is a type that has a critical mindset and always stands out from the rest. Due to the boldness of this type of personality, they are very worthy of having a different style. You don’t have to be insecure about your appearance, as a bold appearance of this type can help others see their truth by living it.

Dressing Your Truth Review: Dressing Your Truth Type 4 Get the Scoop Earrings Reviews

A person with a dominant Type 4 expression is naturally constant, accurate, calm, precise, and structured. This type has a natural talent to step back, look at the bigger picture and the outcome, and know how to perfect it. Note that Adele, Hillary Clinton, and Victoria Beckham are Type 4 celebrities who are confident.

Your bold personality can be displayed by wearing bold accessories as well. One of them is by wearing these Type 4 Get the Scoop Earrings. The large size of 2 inches with a weight of 0.3 ounces will help raise your confidence in line with your bold personality.

These metal earrings can be used for any occasion as they have a soft color of silver but with a bold design to show your identity. You can get these luxurious and bold earrings for $14.97. Boost your confidence with a look that’s bold and different from the rest!

Dressing Your Truth The Essential Style Kit Reviews

If you’re never sure about the fashion items you buy, then The Essential Style Kit will help you to understand your taste better and the style that suits you. The Style Kit will be your personal portable style coach. Dressing Your Truth has guided hundreds of thousands of women through this process. It will eliminate the guesswork and save you money and time.

Dressing Your Truth Review: Dressing Your Truth The Essential Style Kit Reviews

This Style Kit is one of the services that this brand provides. With this service, you’ll get several benefits that can improve your personality. They help you to find the perfect items for your type more easily. They will also help you build a wardrobe that suits you and also help you to boost your confidence.

Some of the benefits you can get from this kit are:

Color tutorials

  1. Style + Pattern Guide: A very comprehensive Beginner’s Guide.
  2. Color Tutorials: This provides 10 videos to help you train your eye and boost your confidence while shopping.
  3. Personal Support: You’ll get 30 days of email messages personally written by Carol to guide you.
  4. Bonus 1: Supportive private Facebook group just for your type.
  5. Bonus 2: You’ll get It’s Just My Nature in audio and ebook formats.

From this Style Kit, you’ll get the best service where every question is answered quickly by Support Angels, who will always be there for you. The brand guarantees that you’ll love the Style Kit. However, if you find it’s not for you, you can get a refund within 30 days.

In addition to this style kit service, they also offer a lifestyle membership, where you’ll also get various guides to improve your appearance and confidence.

For this style kit, it will cost you $199, which comes with a 50% discount, meaning you only have to pay $99.

How Dressing Your Truth Work?

As we explained earlier, apart from selling products, the brand apparently also offers some of their services where you can join their membership to access these services. They’ll help you get guidance on improving your appearance and confidence.

Here’s how the guide helps you:

  • Discover your unique beauty type: In the first video of this free 5-part series, you’ll see which of the 4 Types you express.
  • Grab outfits that look and feel amazing: They’ll show you what to look for in clothes to choose the right outfit.
  • Apply makeup that highlights the real you: The brand will show you a simple makeup routine that brings out your best.
  • Finally, find a hairstyle that you really love: In this section, brands will show you how to get a cut, color, and style that you love 100%.
  • Look at how to bring your style together: They’ll tell you how to keep dressing your truth, so you feel fabulous for the rest of your life.

So how to access them? It’s very easy.

  1. You just need to visit the website.
  2. Then you choose to join monthly or annually.
  3. After that, fill in your personal data and make a payment.
  4. You can log in and start accessing the services they provide.

What Happened to Dressing Your Truth?

As we scoured the internet, we found a popular question related to this brand. So actually, Carol Tuttle as the brand’s owner, announced that you could no longer purchase the Dressing Your Truth online course. But why? what happened? Don’t be surprised. Carol has a good reason why she shared this.

Actually, some changes have been made to the Dressing Your Truth online course. However, as we write this Dressing Your Truth review, it seems that you can reaccess the online course. So, it’s not a big deal. Enjoy, and come back again!

Who Is Dressing Your Truth For?

In fact, we mentioned at the beginning who this brand fits and who it will appeal to. As Dressing Your Truth wants to help women who are worried about their appearance, we think this brand is perfect for those of you who are insecure, have a hard time making choices, and don’t know what suits you.

Dressing Your Truth Review: Who Is Dressing Your Truth For?

Those who don’t know themselves well will be greatly helped. They’ll give a lot of convenience for women who are confused about what suits them.

The brand also does not limit the age of its customers. Whether you’re a teenage girl, an adult, a housewife, or over 60, you can join and try their service and use their products.

Dressing Your Truth Reviews: What Do Costumers Think?

Guess what? You should listen to the happy customers who have tried the brand. The brand is proud that women in over 120 countries love Dressing Your Truth. In this section, we’ll list some of the reviewers of the four types that we found on the brand’s website.

Dressing Your Truth Review: Dressing Your Truth Reviews: What Do Costumers Think?

First, this review is from a customer who has TYPE 1. She says:

I went from being a woman who only saw ugliness in her shadow, to a woman who learned to appreciate beauty outside and inside.

The customer found herself and was able to transform herself into a woman who appreciates what she has. The next review comes from a customer with TYPE 2. Here’s the review:

I finally feel like I’ve met my “true” self after 49 years of not living as my true self. I am so grateful!

The customer found her true self after getting to know the brand even when she was 49. It’s great to hear that! Furthermore, the following review is from a TYPE 3 who shared her journey after discovering the brand.

I felt like a failure in life, trying not to be “too much.” Now I realize that I only failed because I was trying to be someone else. I am the happiest person ever. People tell me how cool I look. And the best part is that how comfort I FEEL.

It’s obvious how much confidence the reviewer has. She is freer to be herself and show everyone that she is great. This last review is of a customer who is a TYPE 4. She gave her testimony:

Going clothes shopping has always been a very depressing experience for me. I felt bad and wondered why nothing was working for me. I have a much higher success rate now – and more importantly, I know what to leave on the hangers. Carol has made a huge difference in my confidence and has strengthened my ability to know what works for me, for which I am very, very grateful.

After trying this brand, the customer no longer has difficulty fitting her clothes and appearance. She even feels that her confidence had improved a lot compared to before she got to know the brand. She is very grateful for what she got from the brand.

Overall, we can conclude how the brand works well and succeeds in helping its customers meet their goals. From getting to know themselves, increasing their confidence, and looking better, customers are satisfied and proud to have found Dressing Your Truth.

You can find all these reviews on this page. The brand even includes before and after photos of customers who are more confident and look better than ever.

Is Dressing Your Truth Worth It?

This unique brand is very good at branding itself. Not only sell products, but they also offer services such as a very exciting quiz.

Dressing Your Truth Review: Is Dressing Your Truth Worth It?

In the quiz, there are several questions that you can answer and adjust to your personality. At the end of the quiz, you’ll get the results of the questions’ conclusion, summarizing which type you belong to. This feels more like a psychology class than a store that sells products. It’s fun, right?

The brand does a great job and helps its customers in a fun way. Besides getting the right product that suits you, the brand also creates a pleasant experience. This is why it can be concluded that Dressing Your Truth is definitely worth checking out!

Dressing Your Truth Shipping Policy

Dressing Your Truth makes every effort to give the best shipping service for its customers. They provide free shipping for some of their products to some areas. You can check it during checkout. Another good news is that they also ship outside the US.

Most orders placed within the United States will arrive within 4-7 days from the date of purchase. While orders shipped outside the United States arrive in up to 4 weeks. 

Please note that shipping and handling charges for items will be based on the shipping weight of each product and for shipments to address zones as defined by UPS and USPS Priority Mail.

Dressing Your Truth Return Policy

The company promises to do everything possible to make its customers’ shopping experience fun, convenient, fast, and smooth. However, if the customers are not satisfied with what they’re given, then they can make a return.

Makeup and haircare products can be returned or exchanged in their original packaging if unopened and unused within 30 days of purchase. While jewelry, skincare, oils, books, and courses can also be returned within 30 days.

To process your return quickly, please click here for returns. Afterward, you’ll receive a return authorization number which should be clearly printed on the outside of the package and included with your returned item.

Once the brand receives the return and approves it, it will refund the full purchase price, excluding shipping, handling, and insurance costs. The refund will be processed and returned to your credit.

How To Contact Dressing Your Truth

Whether you’re experiencing some problems related to the product or you have any questions related to the brand, you can ask customer service at support@lythelp.com. Another easy way is to fill out the contact form available at the bottom right corner of the website.

Also, since the brand is directly held by the owner, Carol Tuttle, if there are any questions about the guide you don’t understand, please send her a direct message via Facebook or Instagram.

Where to buy Dressing Your Truth?

To buy and get their services, you can access them on their official website. There you’ll get the best services and attractive discounts. You can also get a lot of information and try the quiz. Or get some of their other products at one of the international retailers on Amazon.

Dressing Your Truth Coupon Codes & Promos

You’re finally in the most awaited section! Are you ready to discover what exciting deals the brand has for you? Take a look below:

  • Lifestyle members get an extra unlimited 15% off code ‘LSVIP15
  • Enjoy 10% off all makeup
  • Get some discounted products on the “Clearance” page
  • Take Style Kit for only $79 by signing up your email

We’ve also prepared some discount codes you can apply during checkout by clicking the button below.

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Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for Dressing Your Truth in other countries.

Dressing Your Truth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Dressing Your Truth reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Dressing Your Truth?

Carol Tuttle is the owner of Dressing Your Truth. She is very active in growing her business and communicating with her customers.

What products does Dressing Your Truth sell?

At Dressing Your Truth, you can get various beauty products such as makeup, skincare, and hair care. They also sell various beautiful accessories, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Not only products, they also sell services where you can join a membership to get some tutorials, personal style, and much more.

Does Dressing Your Truth ship internationally?

Of course! They also ship their products all over the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Dressing Your Truth Reviews & Ratings

With a unique sales concept, Carol Tuttle, the owner of this business, can attract many women who feel anxious and have low confidence. Dressing Your Truth is a genius brand that, in addition to selling products, also aims to help many women find their true selves.

Therefore, we’re very proud to recommend this brand to you. You can find a lot of good things from their services as well as their amazing products!


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