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Dogs Harness Australia Review 2024 → No.1 Comfortable No Pull Dog Harness!

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About Dogs Harness Australia

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to train your dog, but the harness looks like it is hurting your dog? Please don’t do it again unless you use the harness from Dogs Harness Australia. Treat your dog as they deserve!

Dogs Harness Australia Review: About Dogs Harness Australia

Dogs Harness Australia is a great place to shop for all dog’s needs. It includes a dog bed, car seatbelt, dog leash, backpack, blanket, and harness. So, everything you need to stay in touch with your dog is all here.

Speaking of their main character, harness. This brand ensures that their harness is made from high-quality material. Better yet, their harness is already tested and approved by experienced dog trainers.

What’s more, being Australian-made products, they don’t limit their scope. It’s all because they are available to send all the products worldwide. Even better, it’s all free of shipping charges!

Moreover, seeing their social media, we found they currently have 4K followers on Facebook and 1.7K followers on Instagram. We can sense how excited you are to read more about this brand. Thus, don’t go anywhere; stay on this Dog Harness Australia review!

Overview of Dogs Harness Australia

We are afraid to tell you that there isn’t much information about the brand’s history or related information. However, as much as we can find, this brand is a family-owned business based in Sydney, NSW.

Until today, we find there are already 3500 customers satisfied with the products from this brand. It proves that they take a serious note on the product quality.

Moreover, the number won’t stop here. Their dedication to providing only original and high-quality products will always continue. It is also to help moms and their lovely pups get the best walk experience they have ever desired.


  • International shipping available
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • Excellent customer service

Dogs Harness Australia Reviews

You may wonder whether a harness is genuinely essential for your dog. The answer is yes. Aside from helping your dog to walk correctly, it is also an excellent way for you to stay in touch with your dog when you walk together.

Dogs Harness Australia Reviews: Dogs Harness Australia Reviews

Moreover, the harness is also more comfortable than a collar. It can prevent discomfort, injuries, skin problems, and neck damage when you use a harness. Don’t let your dog feel hurt because they don’t deserve that!

What’s more, you can prevent your dog from getting lost. It’s all thanks to the personalised options this brand has. You can customise the name and phone number for it. So, your dog will be easily returned to you once they get lost.

Dog Harness Australia Collections

Furthermore, don’t go away. It’s all because you will find the 3 best-selling items reviewed after this. Thus, if you are ready to get the best for your dog, let’s scroll to the next section!

Dogs Harness Australia No Pull Dog Harness Reviews

Are you tired of the traditional harness that brings discomfort to your dog? It must be hurt for you and your lovely one. Thus, why don’t you change it to No Pull Dog Harness?

Dogs Harness Australia Review: Dogs Harness Australia No Pull Dog Harness Reviews

Being the best no-pull dog harness, ‘enjoyable’ is the most accurate word. The reason comes from how easy to use this harness is. Put it over your dog and fasten the clip. You can even do it within a minute. Fast and convenient!

Moreover, this harness improves your dog’s walk so they will stop pulling and walk elegantly. This also impacts the owner of the dog. The harness gives the owner more control and prevents it from chasing other pets, jumping, and other surprise running.


  • Bright reflective stitching and strips to keep your dog visible at night
  • Durable (won’t easily peel and tear)
  • High-quality materials
  • Multiple colour choices
  • Strong and sturdy

Likewise, are you ready to spend money with this robust dog harness? They are available in sizes XS to XXL. The price differs based on what size you choose. For instance, the XS size price is $47.95, the M size price is $57.95, and the XXL price is $66.95.

Dogs Harness Australia 2 In 1 Dog Car Seat Belt Leash Reviews

Things are sometimes frustrating when worrying too much about your dog’s safety while driving. However, it’s understandable that an accident stops and stuff may hurt your dog. Calm down! Throw the worry away cause there is 2 In 1 Dog Car Seat Belt Leash.

Dogs Harness Australia Review: Dogs Harness Australia 2 In 1 Dog Car Seat Belt Leash Reviews

This 2 In 1 Dog Car Seat Belt Leash brings you the convenience you have never imagined. With a long leash that extends up to 190 cm, your dog will have enough space to hang around. Also, they can play in the car while being fully protected. A perfect blend of a leash and seat belt!

On top of that, it can also connect to your dog’s harness or collar. You probably didn’t notice that this leash can also be a tool to solidify the bond between you and your dog. Hence, are you ready to drive your loved ones now?


  • Lightweight materials
  • High quality and high durability
  • Stylish design
  • Portable, easy to bring around

But before we go, you need to know the price of this seat belt leash. Luckily, they are on sale now. So, if you want to save more pennies, you should buy them immediately. From the original price of $39.95, now you can get this at $29.95.

Dogs Harness Australia Calming Dog Bed Reviews

Are you worried your dog may have neck or spine pain while sleeping on the floor? Say no more! Let’s change your dog’s sleeping place to the only Calming Dog Bed.

Dogs Harness Australia Review: Dogs Harness Australia Calming Dog Bed Reviews

Look like a fluffy cushion, this dog bed is formed to reduce your dog’s muscle and joint pain. How? Give your applause to the premium soft cotton that relaxes your dog. The raised rims also support the neck and spin while your dog sleeps.

In addition, this cushion is also easy to clean. It’s all because this Calming Dog Bed is machine-washable. Thus, you don’t need to worry if your dog makes it dirty. Even better, it is also easy to move and carry. At this rate, it is soothing for the dog and the owner.


  • Removable and hygienic
  • Soft and warm
  • improve dog health
  • Anti-mold and anti-parasite
  • Available to use by every kind of pet (Shepherd dog to Scottish Fold cat)

For your information, they currently have the XXS to XXL size. $47.95 is the price for the XXS, $102.95 is the price for the M size, and $169.95 is the price for the XXL size. What size suits your dog the best?

Dogs Harness Australia Pros and Cons

Let’s find the pros and cons of this brand. Since the product is for your lovely dog, you must ensure you only give them the best. Here are the Dogs Harness Australia’s pros and cons:


  • Stress-free dog harness
  • High-quality material
  • Easy grip handle
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Various colour choices
  • Affordable prices
  • Personalize with name available
  • Comfortable for the dog and the dog’s owner


  • There is no offline store

Who Is Dogs Harness Australia For?

The target market is already stated through the name of the brand. So, it’s yes. This brand is dedicated to every dog and dog owner looking for a training tool to eliminate the amount of pulling from the dog when walking.

On top of that, this brand’s product also greatly suits dog owners who are looking for a convenient option in harnesses. It’s all because the harness from this brand is hassle-free. Thanks to the easy on and off they offer.

Dogs Harness Australia Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We come to the best section in the overall review. This section lets you find other dog owners’ points of view after purchasing the products. We already hand-picked some that we think have the information you need the most.

Dogs Harness Australia Review: Dogs Harness Australia Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Shall we then begin with this customer review? Check it out!

It fits perfectly. I love the fantastic color selection. The names are also clearly written. Thanks!

The customer above is delighted with the purchase. She said that the harness fits perfectly in her dog. She is also happy this brand has various colour selections and customised names.

Another review from this customer. She said:

Super lightweight. Easy to put on and take off. Our dog is so happy to wear the harness. Loved that our dog understand we will go for walk when she see the harness.

This happy customer said that she was pleased with how lightweight the harness is. She also mentions that the harness is easy to remove and put on. Stress-free!

Now, let’s see what this customer said about the customer service:

Easy to use and excellent customer service

From this customer review, we can see that this customer is happy with the customer service. She also loves how easy the product is to use.

Furthermore, all customers are seen to be happy with their purchase. Most of them praise the colour choices and the customisable name. It is genuinely the best personalised harness in the world. Moreover, some customers are also praising the excellent customer service.

Is Dogs Harness Australia Worth It?

Yes. Dog Harness Australia is an absolute green light to purchase from. They provide harnesses and other dog’s needs in high-quality material. On top of that, their customizable option is an excellent feature to help the owner recognize their loved ones.

Dogs Harness Australia Review: Is Dogs Harness Australia Worth It?

Likewise, they also come at an excellent price. You won’t face any bankruptcy when you order this brand’s products. Instead, it can save you money in the long run because its quality can maintain longevity at its peak. Thus, this brand is 100% worth it.

Dogs Harness Australia Shipping Policy

You are lucky cause this brand currently ships its products worldwide. However, after thoroughly reading their shipping policy, we can’t find much information about the carrier they used. However, they assured us the delivery time won’t take long.

Moreover, they don’t just provide worldwide shipping. They offer a free shipping cost. Accordingly, you can check their Shipping Policy or ask customer service for further questions about the shipping.

Dogs Harness Australia Return Policy

Oh, no. Do you feel unsatisfied with the products? We understand that. Things sometimes work differently than we expected. However, this brand also understands each customer by providing a 30-day return policy.

To begin the return, kindly contact the customer service and address your problem. They will further assist you with the return process. Moreover, please refer to the Return Policy for any details regarding the return.

How To Contact Dogs Harness Australia

Need assistance in any of your problems? You can always contact their customer service. There are some ways to get them. See the details in the following list:

Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t have a contact number to be called at the moment. However, don’t worry because they will be ready to assist with your problem immediately.

Where to buy Dogs Harness Australia?

When buying pet stuff, you probably wonder, “Is this brand available to shop through Kmart or Petbarn?” We understand that those 2 store is the best place to shop for pet essentials in Australia.

Unfortunately, Dog Harness Australia’s products are sold exclusively on their official website. It means they are unavailable to shop through retail stores. The brand does this act to ensure all the quality is securely maintained.

Dogs Harness Australia Coupon Codes & Promos

It’s time for you to find the best deal from this brand. We proudly present all the currently available deals in the list below. Check them out!

  • Take 5% OFF when you buy 1 selected product. Code: welcome
  • Obtain 10% OFF once you order 2 selected products with the discount code dogharness
  • Activate coupon code save15 when you order 3 selected items and get 15% OFF
  • Buy 2 Calming Dog Beds and claim 10% OFF with the code bed10
  • Take 15% OFF by submitting the coupon code bed15 on your 3 Calming Dog Beds purchase
  • Get a special discount by ordering 3 or more items. Contact the brand for the custom coupon code
  • Enjoy worldwide free shipping on your orders
  • Subscribe to their newsletter and unlock discount codes, exclusive offers, and more

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Dogs Harness Australia

Dogs Harness Australia Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Dogs Harness Australia reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Dogs Harness Australia?

Unfortunately, we can’t find the name of the person who owns Dogs Harness Australia.

Does Dogs Harness Australia ships internationally?

Yes. Dogs Harness Australia ships its products internationally. Better yet, they are currently offering free worldwide shipping.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Dogs Harness Australia Reviews & Ratings

Dog Harness Australia has the most comfortable harness, and other dog needs for the dog and the owner. They ensure every product has high-quality material to ensure durability and withstand peel and tear.

Moreover, aside from providing comfort, this brand also makes each product accessible to a broader range of customers. It is by having affordable prices on all products. Thus, visit their website now and treat your dog as they deserve!


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