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About DOD Outdoors

Let’s go camping. Run and catch the sun! While your feet are busy catching the sun glaze during camping, you need a proper shelter and sleeping bag to rest well at night. With DOD Outdoors, you can easily pack your home-cozy-level nearly anywhere outdoors.

DOD Outdoors Review: About

DOD Outdoors is a Japanese brand that provides a wide range of camping equipment that you need.

The brand produces products such as shelters, sleeping bags, kitchen tools, accessories, and many more with its multi-purpose Japanese technology and design.

With 4K loyal followers on each social media account, the brand has become the go-to place for camping gear enthusiasts. Not only a thoughtful design, but this brand also wins for its attractive style and high-quality items.

Will you trust your camping gear to this brand next time? In this DOD Outdoor Review, we shall find.

Overview of DOD Outdoors

Since 1997 in Japan, DOD Outdoors has been around to help campers get the best thoughtful design of camping gear. They curate affordable, practical, and high-quality camping items.

Also, by leaving advertisement and offline store costs, this company is ready to give approachable camping items to nearly every class of campers.

With the tagline “Be Outdoor Together,” this Japanese quality camping gear brand has become the highlight of many campers worldwide. But back then, the brand was only limited to Japanese stores. Thus, cross-border buyers had to head to Japanese online stores or Amazon Japanese to get their items.

Thankfully, due to the high demand for international campers, DOD Outdoor expanded its wings this year by opening stores in the US and EU.

DOD Outdoors Pros

  • Ships internationally
  • Provides next-day and same-day delivery
  • High-quality camping gears
  • Genuine Japanese crafts and designs
  • Great value for the money
  • Most versatile camping gear on the market
  • Attractive, practical, and lively designs
  • Open for refunds and return request

DOD Outdoors Cons

  • Limited same-day and next-day delivery
  • Still processing new for international market

DOD Outdoors Reviews

On the DOD Outdoors web, you can find various arrays of camping gear from the shelter, sleeping items, kitchen tools, carriers, and more from the brand. Right from the versatility, design, and quality, this Japanese camping gear company never offers less for campers’ cozy and practicality.

DOD Outdoors Reviews

Will their camping gear go along with your taste? Let’s do a brief review of their three most-favorite masterpieces according to campers to answer that question.

DOD Outdoors Sugoi Chair Review

The Sugoi Chair from DOD Outdoors will give you a different impression than other camping chairs. Its advanced features can be adjusted to 4 different heights and 3 different angles.

DOD Outdoors Review: DOD Outdoors Sugoi Chair Review

This is the most multipurpose camping chair. You only need to bring 1 chair for all your camping sitting needs ranging from star gazing, casual sitting, and even dinner table chairs.

Available in tan, olive, and black colors, you can get this multipurpose chair for $149 by clicking the link below.

DOD Outdoors Ichi One Pole Tent Review

Ichi, which means One in Japanese, refers to the one pole this tent has. This tent is fairly easy and quick to set up for one person.

DOD Outdoors Review: DOD Outdoors Ichi One Pole Tent Review

With the 6.5 ft tall, an adult can stand up freely with lots of headroom inside the tent. The floor is also spacious; up to 5 adults can sleep on it.

While the outer fly of this tent keeps you warm and dry, the inner mesh is sewn-in-floor to keep the bugs away from you. For only $269, you can get this tent by clicking on the link below.

DOD Outdoors Takibi Cot Review

Takibi, which means a bonfire, is one of the top-line options by DOD Outdoors. With an adjustable height setting, you can make it low or high whenever you like.

DOD Outdoors Review: DOD Outdoors Takibi Cot Review

Also, a removable inflatable pad is equipped within the cot so you can adjust the warmth and softness accordingly. While during summer, the cot will save you from sweat as the fabric is made of 100% cotton.

For only $389, you can get this versatile sleeping cot as your personal bed or a bench for three people near the bonfire’s warmth.

Who Is DOD Outdoors For?

With sincerity in the making of each item, DOD Outdoor is a camping gear brand that every camper can rely on.

DOD Outdoors Review: Who Is DOD Outdoors For?

Whether it’s for a personal camping event, with friends, or with family, this brand is the right choice because all of its equipment is friendly for all ages and groups.

Like the mushroom tent, even this brand is the right choice for children campers.

Whether it’s for light camping in pleasant or extreme weather, this brand should be the last port of call for campers who want camper equipment with affordable prices, durable quality, and attractive designs.

Is DOD Outdoors Worth It?

Let’s see. A high-quality durable materials, attractive designs, indigenous practicality, and the best bang for your buck? Strongly, yes. I cannot find a reason not to recommend or value this brand less.

DOD Outdoors Review: Is DOD Outdoors Worth It?

DOD Outdoors is worth-it to be your permanent camping gear, along with family and friends. Along with the amiable customer service, shipping policy, and reliable items, this brand shall be your camping best mate in the next camp.

DOD Outdoors: What Do Customers Think?

After hiking and camping for some time from one review to another, what I found was nothing but admiration from buyers for this brand.

DOD Outdoors Review: DOD Outdoors: What Do Customers Think?

‘Sugoii’, or wow, is what most buyers who have just discovered the brand say.

Kito, leave a review that says:

“The chair comes in a nice canvas bag and is easy to setup. The canvas is super thick and durable. We bought it for camping but now use it all around the house regularly bc it’s so comfy! Definitely will buy more!”

Another customer, JE also mentions:

“Love this chair! Impeccable Japanese design. Hoping more DOD products will be available in the U.S. soon.”

Overall, it can be seen from the customers’ reviews that DOD Outdoor products are easy to use, stylish, and pack lots of users comfortability. Some U.S campers even cannot wait for DOD adds more camping gear to the international market. Lastly, they are a brand that has been long awaited by worldwide campers.

DOD Outdoors Shipping

DOD Outdoors is ready to be your camping gear, no matter on which land you stand your feet. That means it ships worldwide.

They are ready to be your camping mates any time. For so, they provide three types of shipping you can choose from:

  • Standard Shipping: 4-6 business days from the date of shipment.
  • Economy Shipping: 5-10 business days from the date of shipment.
  • Next Day Air: your package will arrive on the same day or the next day as long as your order is placed before 12:00 PST.

When are your packages processed?

They will immediately ship your package on the same day if you place your order before Noon PST on weekdays. Meanwhile, for weekends, holidays, or afternoon PST orders will ship on the next business day.

DOD Outdoors Return Policy

Many things happen during outdoor camps, and so does during shipment. Considering this, DOD Outdoors lets you have 30-days of time to contact them in case you want a return.

A return is granted as long as the items are still solid new, unused or unworn, still with tags, and in their original box or packaging. Also, a bill of purchase is important to have as proof.

Go contact [email protected] for your return request. Once the team gives you a follow-up about the exact returning procedure, you can process the returning shipments.

How to Contact DOD Outdoors?

Have a list of burning questions you’d like to ask the DOD Outdoors team?

You can contact them by filling out the form on the website and waiting for their response through your email or phone number.

Where to buy DOD Outdoors?

DOD Outdoors has just spread its wings to the international market. You can get their items on the official website for US and EU markets here. Also, you can order their items from big retailers like Amazon.

Suppose you cannot wait for their items to load soon on the international market, you can also access their full catalogs and place an order on Amazon Japanese or their official Japanese website store.

DOD Outdoors Coupon Codes & Promos

To the best effort given by the DOD Outdoors review, there are no discounts or promotions offered yet from the company. However, you can get their exclusive offer by signing up for their newsletter.

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DOD Outdoors Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for DOD Outdoors reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is DOD Outdoors located?

DOD Outdoors original company is located in Japan. But it has widen its online store to international market.

What does DOD Outdoor sell?

They sell all camping gear items like tent, sleeping couch, carrier and storage, kitchen camping tools, and many more.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of DOD Outdoors Reviews & Ratings

Departing from the state of weariness of the adult mind, DOD Outdoors has dedicated itself to being a brand that wants to create and invite lively childhood memories for every adult by camping.

For years, this Japanese camping gear brand has been awaited by international campers to open worldwide shops that can reach various countries. That statement shows how reliable and favorable this brand is to the campers’ hearts.

If you are a camper or about to camp and get no DOD Outdoors on your radar, you better be prepared because the best design, quality, and price of camping gear are all entitled by this brand.


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