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Hi, homeowners! Do you already have a perfect Christmas and holiday plan? That’s good. However, we know you are still struggling with one classic problem. Are pests in your house getting annoying? Don’t let it continuously happen, and shop now! Review: About

Why do you need to count on this store? Yup, it’s because the store has everything that all pest fighters need. Specifically, this has been a reliable store for homeowners to get effective and work-proven pest control supplies for decades. Do you want to get yours here?

But wait, they don’t stop there. In addition to pest control, also provides reliable lawn and garden care products. Therefore, it is complete now. You can achieve a beautiful and healthy garden environment with no pests around.

However, how many people shop at this store? Within long years of operation, we believe that thousands of customers have benefited from it. On the other hand, we discovered the store collects around 600 total followers and is still growing on Facebook and Instagram. 

Finally, have you been sick of seeing those mice and roaches run inside your house? Then, the wartime has come, and get your ‘weapon’ by staying in our review. Since we are nice to you, we will recommend some good products below!

Overview Of

Did we say that this brand has operated for a long? We didn’t lie when we said that. Do you want to know why? Since 1982, has helped homeowners to fight pests.

Specifically, the store has been in the industry for over 40 years. We understand that’s not a short journey, so thousands or even millions of satisfied customers have benefited from this store.

A little history about this company: let us introduce you to the most loved one, Tom Cline. He was the founder of before he passed away in 2007. What was he doing?

During his entire life, Tom Cline dedicated himself to such an industry by supplying a pest control company in 1959. Then, in 1982, Tom and his son, Walt, opened this most-visited retail store.

Basically, is a family business. Since its establishment, Tom’s family has been dominating the business, and today, Walt Cline is behind the company owner’s desk. Reviews

So, how many roaches have flown since this morning? Or where do those mice usually hide? Starting today, throw them away from life and create a safe house environment. Reviews: Reviews

However, in addition to mice and roaches, more pests commonly disturb most homeowners. If you have been fighting a lot with ants, this store also knows how to handle them.

At this point, exploring the following product collection may help: Product Collection

Pests Control Discover the most complete product to eliminate many types of pests, from rodents, roaches, ants, bugs, spiders, and more!
Lawn & Garden After eliminating the pests, you can also take care of your garden. Get fertilizers for plants, aquatic weeds, miticides, and others!

In addition to it, the store also sells other reliable items like sprayers, dusters, foam guns, and more on the Equipment page. Moreover, organic pest control is also on sale today.

So, is living in a safe, healthy house environment without pests your dream? Then, keep staying in our review to reveal more, and be ready to give the sweetest goodbye to them! German Roaches Bait Kit Reviews

Are German roaches in your house making you more frustrated? We won’t only give you an ultimate product solution but a package with reliable items in the German Roaches Bait Kit! Review: German Roaches Bait Kit Reviews

What does the package contain? First, we have Alacer Roach Bait Gel. What is this for? Specifically, the bait matrix tackles bait aversion and ensures maximum control of roaches.

Second, you will also discover Alpine WSG. This item is truly a manipulative chemical. For more details, this product is odorless, so that no German roaches can detect its scent. 

However, you shouldn’t think that it’s enough. Otherwise, you should be ready for cleaning details. Since those roaches left some dangerous allergens, you must clean every infected area.

Included In The Package:

  • Alacer Roach Bait Gel
  • Alpine WSG
  • Tekko Trio Foam IGR
  • DIY Pest Control Glue Traps
  • JF Oakes Insect Bait Stations
  • Invade Bio Zap
  • One empty qt spray bottle

So, does the German Roaches Bait Kit suit your current needs? Then, let’s spend $99.95 to throw those German roaches away from your house! Let’s see who wins the war this time! Martin's Surrender Fire Ants Killer Reviews

Who has been struggling a lot to vanish those fire ants? We know these super cruel animals waste your time and energy a lot. So, let’s purchase Martin’s Surrender Fire Ants Killer now! Review: Martin's Surrender Fire Ants Killer Reviews

Do you know why we recommend this product? We have a reason for it. In detail, this Surrender Fire Ant Killer is highly effective at eliminating fire ants, killing up to 108 fire ants with 1 lb.

Besides that, when is the best time to use it? If you want better results, you can apply the insecticide in the early morning or late afternoon when ants are most active. Then, the details are below:


  • 1 lb of packaging
  • Best for fire ants (including ants and harvester ants)
  • Water soluble
  • Available in dry and drench method
  • Better for outside use
  • Grass in the treated area may be injured

So, who is the best fire ant killer? Yes, at this point, you only have Martin’s Surrender Fire Ants Killer as your ultimate alternative. Therefore, we guarantee your $24.78 won’t be a waste. Contrac Blox For Mice Reviews

Are mice your enemies, too? We can’t expect to act funny like Remi or Jerry in real life. So, let’s give them a ‘lesson’ today. However, before starting the ‘lesson,’ you need Contrac Blox For Mice! Review: Contrac Blox For Mice Reviews

The special thing about this item is it works in both wet and dry conditions. Becoming one of the most popular products among professionals, it offers unbeatable rodent control and elimination.

Next, Contrac Blox comes with multiple edges that attract rodents to chew. Therefore, when rodents, especially mice and rats, consume it in just one feeding, it becomes a lethal dose for them.

Moreover, you need to put 1 block per placement. Then, you should add 2 more blocks for higher mice activities. Then, maintain this supply for 15 days or until the mice’s activities decrease.


  • Existing in 4 X 4 lbs and 18 lb pails
  • Sufficient bait blox to kill hundreds of rats and mice
  • Each block has a hole in it
  • Best for outside and inside use 
  • Place it within 100 feet of man-made structures

So, are you ready to fight back? Don’t let them steal your meal again and feed them with Contrac Blox For Mice instead! By spending around $97.75, we guarantee your house will be mice-free! Pros and Cons

How much do you want to know about’s credibility? Then, you should learn it’s good and bad, too:


  • Retail store with the most complete pest supplies
  • Able to handle many types of pests
  • Garden care products are available
  • More than 40 years in the industry
  • Family-owned business
  • Been associating with numerous supply store and brands
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • 90-day return policy


  • No international shipping

Who Is For?

Keeping your house clean, fresh, and healthy is not easy, right? Thankfully, has come to save! So, can everyone benefit from this 40-year store? Of course, is the best pest supplies retailer for everyone.

Specifically, we call all homeowners to be aware that pests might be everywhere inside your house. Thus, knowing this store earlier may help you.

So, who do the pesticides work for? Whether it’s insect pests such as bugs, roaches, flying insects, mosquitoes, or rodents, it will completely eliminate them. Review: What Do Customers Think?

Hi, excited shoppers! Let’s prove whether is good or not based on this section. So, what does this section tell you? Exactly, it tells you everything you need before buying. Review: Review: What Do Customers Think?

The first fact to bring up is from Trustpilot. Within the 4 decades, the store has gained an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. This rating is collected from almost 4.5k total reviews on the platform.

Now, what about the detailed rating for each product? See the fact below:

People say that rating is never enough. Thus, let us bring these actual reviews!

We think it’s a good review to start:

I had a rat and mouse problem in my backyard. I tried using traps, but they were only partially effective. Finally, I decided to use bait boxes instead. For two weeks, I checked and refilled the traps almost every day. Now, I have very little rodent activity in my backyard.

From this customer, we know that product is the best rodent killer. His backyard is no longer full of mice and rats, so he’s happy about it. 

Then, smart buyers shouldn’t skip this:

This product is so impressive. I was initially skeptical about its effectiveness, but it managed to do the job despite a sudden downpour soon after I applied it. There are so many products I have tried before, but only ‘Martin Surrender’ worked for me.

We’re happy to know this customer found the functional fire ant killer after trying multiple products. As he said, that is the only product that works!

Also, we bring some words from Reddit:

I have purchased from them in the past when we were a small company. Their prices were better than some of our regional dealers. From my past experience, I can say that they are a really good website. Even today, I use the site at least once a month to grab labels.

This Reddit review gives us a different sight. He’s a dealer and consistently buys products from For him, the products are always good.

Finally, how much is your certainty score about this store? However, let’s not shop here because the more convincing sections are down below! So, enjoy everything that appears on the screen!

Is Worth It?

Since pests may appear and come every time, you should always be ready for the best and most complete ‘weapon’ to fight. Thankfully, products from have shown their well-proven works. So, is this store worth it?

Sure, we can only say that is truly worth it. It has been in the industry for 4 decades, and plenty of products have been sold in all states. Also, with those good ratings and reviews above, we have more than sufficient proof to answer this section’s question.

Is Legit?

We all should have known that is 100% legit when we first read about its operation time. Once again, within over 40 years, the people behind this company have served millions of customers. Also, their existence is everywhere, from Trustpilot to websites and social media accounts. So, it’s all clear? Shipping Policy

We guess we already have someone who’s ready to ship. It’s you, right? Every detailed information in this section may be important for you. Therefore, don’t miss out!

Today’s trophy is for US customers since the store only ships within the USA. If you are a US customer, you will have 2 shipping choices: Standard and Expedited.

Free shipping? Of course, it’s available when you choose Standard Shipping. And anyway, the products will be shipped from the store’s warehouses in Georgia and Arizona. Return Policy

Do you know that all online shopping is worry-free now? Yes, thanks to the return policy, you can get your ultimate satisfaction now! So, how does it work?

A true satisfaction! allows all customers to apply for a return within 90 days after the receipt date. However, you must ensure that your items are still new and in their original packaging.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the address below to re-send your item:

Return Address

Returns Department – Do-It-Yourself Pest Control
1000 Satellite Blvd.
Suite 101
Suwanee, GA 30024

How To Contact

Do you want to have a fun little talk with the team at Find them on the following platforms:

  • Phone: 800-476-3368 / 770-904-3626
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: 770-904-0044
  • Social media: DIY Pest Control/diypestcontrol
  • Contact form: Drop your message here!
  • Live chat: See the website and click the bubble chat on the bottom right!
  • Warehouse: Georgia and Arizona
  • Customer Support Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET

Company Address

1123 N Water St, # 440, Milwaukee, WI, United States, Wisconsin

Where to buy

Can I find the store near me?‘ Of course, will never go anywhere. At this point, you only have to visit the store’s official website on your phone to complete a purchase. So, we are looking forward to your good reviews after shopping! Coupon Codes & Promos

Who expects to have a coupon code in this store? Let’s check the list below:

  • Unlock your first $5 OFF by subscribing to the brand’s email
  • Enjoy up to 40% discount on the Winter Clearance Sale program
  • Save up to 15% on Atticus products on this page
  • Collect points and redeem them to get more advantages
  • Become an Affiliate to earn a commission 
  • Claim a 5% discount with a coupon code WELCOME5
  • Redeem a coupon code ZOECON with 10% OFF your order

Are you begging for more? The following button may satisfy you more:

Reveal all coupons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns

The store’s founder is Tom Cline (died in 2007), but his son (Walt Cline) is the current CEO.

Where is located?

The store is located at 1123 N Water St, # 440, Milwaukee, WI, United States, Wisconsin.

Does ship internationally?

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t ship worldwide (USA only).

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Reviews & Ratings

So, how many items will you bring to the cart now? Since ants and mice in your house are getting crazier, you won’t do anything, right? Thankfully, has everything you need.

After reading the whole review, you shouldn’t worry about the product’s quality. In addition to its great number of sales, what makes this store reliable is the customers’ honest reviews. You didn’t find a lie in their words, did you?


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