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About Digital Zakka Online Retail

Dear shoppers, have you ever imagined finding an online store that provides every type of goods? Yes, you can literally find everything, from skincare to bedroom stuff, electronics, accessories, and kitchenware. That’s not impossible because we have Digital Zakka!

Digital Zakka Review: About Digital Zakka Online Retail

Honestly, what we mentioned about are just a few examples of the products sold in this store. However, what is Digital Zakka? Okay, if you are new to this, let us tell you that it is the most complete retail store with thousands of products, from house to lifestyle needs.

We guarantee that this store will bring you beyond your expectations. On the other hand, we found that the store has gained over 4.6k social media followers from Pinterest and Facebook. Others? Those are the only store accounts, so be careful with fakes.

Finally, among thousands of products here, can you bring some of them after reading our Digital Zakka review? Let’s not only talk about quantity but also about the product’s quality, which is also the priority. So, how excited are you to dive deeper into this site?

Overview Of Digital Zakka

If you ever heard of ‘endless shopping,’ then it is the right place to make it come true. However, who should be responsible for this overwhelming shopping addiction? Scroll down to find it!

That should be Bo Huang‘s responsibility since he is the Founder of Digital Zakka. Another question: how long has this company been operating with thousands of product collections?

You’re wrong to mention that it has exceeded a decade. Otherwise, the fact says that this store was just established in 2021, which is 2 years ago. Even so, it has become as great as it is today. What a surprising fact, isn’t it?

At this very young age, the store and the team behind it persist in selecting and selling well-qualified products. They bring it with various functions for customers of all ages. So, will you be one of the customers? 

Digital Zakka Review

How do you feel about facing numerous product choices in one store? It may confuse you, but there is also excitement in getting your favorite items. So, what does Digital Zakka have on the shelf?

Digital Zakka Reviews: Digital Zakka Review

Honestly, the store has nearly 30 product categories, and you can see them completely on this page. But if we should classify it into more general categories, then we make these groups to sum up:

Digital Zakka Product Collection

Home & Kitchen Outdoor & Camping Electronics & Gadgets
Fashion Products for Pets Products for Kids

Those are our self-made product categories after analyzing each product on the site. We don’t lie, do we? The store can provide you with anything. Then, let’s make the best shopping decision here.

Additionally, you must also be excited because we will go with the store’s best-selling products after this. Therefore, don’t leave too early since you have too much money to spend.

Digital Zakka Open Ear Earphone With Mic Reviews

Can you tell us what’s your top song on your Spotify Wrapped 2023? That’s cool. But do you usually listen to music with regular earphones? Let’s start using Open Ear Earphone With Mic now!

Digital Zakka Review: Digital Zakka Open Ear Earphone With Mic Reviews

Have you ever heard of open-ear earphones? Instead of putting those old regular earphones inside your ear or blocking your ear with headphones, let’s use this. It’s 100% safe for everyone’s ear, anyway.

Specifically, an open ear enables everyone to listen to music safely (without any pain left in the ear). Also, you can still hear what happens around you since it delivers music through the cheekbone.

Such a good alternative, right? Besides that, this open ear also has a user-friendly function that people can easily put on. Then, the fact that it’s lightweight makes it more effective to bring anywhere.


  • Wireless
  • Directional audio (6D surrounding sound effects)
  • Sweat-proof and waterproof
  • 120 hours standby + 5 hours play
  • Including charging cable
  • Safe and doesn’t lead to hearing loss
  • Available in black, grey, and red

So, is playing music with an Open Ear Earphone With Mic your new style now? Then, don’t let other people get it earlier than you. Today, you can get it for only $24.99, but we’re not sure about tomorrow!

Digital Zakka Workpro Multi-function Scissors Reviews

Dear Moms, why did you buy so many scissors? It spent too much money, anyway. Do you want us to tell you how to save big? Then, let’s put Workpro Multi-function Scissors in your cart now!

Digital Zakka Review: Digital Zakka Workpro Multi-function Scissors Reviews

What makes this scissor different from others? As its name suggests, this multi-function scissor enables you to do everything with it. What does this ‘everything’ mean, you think?

As in the picture, this scissor can do many home and kitchen stuff. For example, some crack pine cones, remove fish spines, and open soda bottle tops. So effective, right?

Also, keep these heavy and sharp scissors away from your children. Then, if you want to keep it sharp for durable use, avoid cutting hard objects with it. Simply use each part as its function.


  • From Workpro (brand)
  • Plastic handle-material
  • Carbon steel blade-material
  • Customizable
  • Unfoldable

So, how much do you want to buy Workpro Multi-function Scissors after reading this review? Starting today, replace your old scissors and get one of these for any activity. Anyway, it’s only $12.99 today!

Digital Zakka WS-228 Photography Fill Light LED Reviews

Who loves taking photos or videos using a camera light? Have you ever seen the WS-228 Photography Fill Light LED among so many products on the market? This is the store’s best-selling, so let’s go!

Digital Zakka Review: Digital Zakka WS-228 Photography Fill Light LED Reviews

Can you tell us what camera you usually have to do the recording? It’s nothing to ask, but this camera light suits so many types of Sony cameras. They are like F550, F570, F770, F750 and others.

In addition, to control the intensity of the LED light, this item uses a dimmer. Also, you can supply its power from the video camera you use. With this effective function, what makes you doubt about it?

On the other hand, since it’s a strong white and yellow light, you can use it on any occasion. For instance, you can use it for wedding videography, small studio shoots, and other video lighting needs.


  • Power: 20W
  • Size: 158 x 86 x 20mm
  • Net weight: 208g
  • Power supply: Battery or AC power
  • Holder: Strong metal body ball holder

Finally, can you shop for WS-228 Photography Fill Light LED today? We know you record those videos daily, so proper tools are needed. If you purchase today, you can bring it home only at $28.99!

Digital Zakka Pros and Cons

What convinces you more in reading a brand review? If it’s a pros and cons section, you have the following list to read:


  • Hundreds of products available from more than 25 categories
  • Cheaper than other retail stores
  • Excellent customer service
  • All-age products
  • Detailed product description
  • 30-day return policy
  • Shipping to all countries
  • Free shipping on all orders with no requirement


  • Less popular on social media
  • The phone number is unavailable
  • No warranty for several products

Who Is Digital Zakka For?

We know you’re very happy to find such a reliable store like this. Additionally, it’s also supported by so many trusted brands, then you shouldn’t have any worry about it.

However, can everyone shop at this store? We clearly say yes, because (once again) the store’s products suit customers of all ages. Also, the plus point is you can adjust it to your needs, whether you search for kitchenware, electronics, clothing, or others.

Digital Zakka Review: What Do Customers Think?

What do you think about Digital Zakka so far? Don’t only have your personal opinion but let’s also reveal the store’s performance based on the facts (customer ratings and reviews).

Digital Zakka Review: Digital Zakka Review: What Do Customers Think?

Based on the sitejabber, the store gains over 200 reviews, with an average rating of 4.56 out of 5 stars. We know it’s such a great number, but will the reviews be as good as this?

However, before that, let’s see the product’s detailed review first:

Now, let’s dive into the customers’ real reviews in the following section!

To begin, this is a nice review to read:

The earbuds are very comfortable, lightweight, and stay in place during activities. The charge holds well and I appreciate the ability to hear ambient sounds for situational awareness. Great job!

We’re so happy that the customer’s item works well for him. Then, we guess there will be some repeat orders.

Next, does this help you?

My brother described these scissors. They work perfectly for cutting poultry and fish. I bought 3 and ordered 5 more for gifts.

You will find only functional products here, as this customer has experienced. So, will you get some?

After that, can you say this customer lies? Of course, you can’t:

I have been using these lights for over five years, and they work really well. Digital Zakka offers the best price. I use them after reading some reviews on Reddit, and thankfully, it also leaves something good on me.

Then, from this review, we know that the products are not only good but also durable. Isn’t it a complete package?

Finally, are you satisfied with the customer’s real reviews above? However, if you still need us to convince you more, let’s keep scrolling down passionately. Can you?

Is Digital Zakka Worth It?

Sure, the store is 100% worth it since you can get everything here. Among all online stores, we guess this is the most complete one, and you can’t leave the site without having some items to buy.

Digital Zakka Review: Is Digital Zakka Worth It?

Also, in its 2 years of establishment, the store has gained so many customers, resulting in hundreds of good reviews. So, will you add more good reviews right after purchasing your favorite item?

Digital Zakka Shipping Policy

Do you want to ship those goods right now? Be patient for a little longer since you must learn this shipping policy first.

Great news for all of you because Digital Zakka offers worldwide shipping. And do you know what’s better? All orders are shipped free, and you just need to place some orders now!

Digital Zakka Return Policy

Will the return policy be the same between the US and International customers? It’s the same in most cases, but there is also a difference. Learn everything here to understand!

A similar thing is that all customers will have a 30-day return policy. Firstly, you need to contact the store’s customer support at [email protected] for further instructions. 

In addition, for International customers. If you aren’t satisfied with the item due to the store’s fault, you can apply for a refund without shipping back your items. However, if it’s your order’s fault, you must return it for a refund.

How To Contact Digital Zakka?

Is talking to Digital Zakka your near plan? Then, find their supportive team here:

Company Address

Digital Zakka LLC
1317 Edgewater Dr #4653, Orlando, FL, 32804, USA.

Where to buy Digital Zakka?

Digital Zakka will not go anywhere, by the way. So, the only site to get their good products and reliable service is through the official website. Can you start it now, or do you still need more sections to read? Then, follow us!

Digital Zakka Coupon Codes & Promos

Welcome to your long-waited section! So, can you expect to have some special offers here?

  • Get several items at lower prices in a special sale
  • Enjoy free shipping on all orders without any requirement

Also, if you want to reveal, we know the best place to recommend:

Reveal all coupons
Digital Zakka

Digital Zakka Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Digital Zakka reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Digital Zakka?

The store’s owner is Bo Huang.

Where is Digital Zakka located?

The store is at 1317 Edgewater Dr #4653, Orlando, FL, 32804, USA.

Does Digital Zakka ship internationally?

Yes, Digital Zakka ships to worldwide customers with free shipping (no requirements).

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Digital Zakka Reviews & Ratings

Dear happy shoppers, you no longer need to go to Hong Kong to see the shopping paradise. With only several clicks on your phone, you can get everything easily in one store, Digital Zakka.

In addition, since free shipping is applicable for all orders, there must be a high satisfaction level. If thousands of people already have had good experiences here, why don’t you follow in their footsteps?


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