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About Diet Direct

Do people say something bad about your body looks? We know that hurts you so much. But it’s okay, don’t be harmful to them. Otherwise, let us give the best revenge to them with your super shocking body looks after consuming some things from Diet Direct.

Diet Direct Review: About Diet Direct

How does this brand work for my weight management? Such a good question! If you’re a woman who tends to be more sensitive to body weight, then relying on this band is highly recommended. Basically, Diet Direct is a top-chosen healthy food retailer today.

What can you do with those healthy foods? Of course, you can do anything and get more benefits. For instance, you plan for a regular healthy diet, achieve ideal body weight, and get your perfect body looks back. However, how do you know that it’s the best one?

Let’s not miss this fact, then! Since people are playing on social media these days, it’s better to check the store’s performance on the network. Specifically, we found nearly 10k total followers on Facebook and Instagram. Tapping the follow button is free, right?

In addition to its fame, another interesting fact is you’ll only find top healthy food brands here. Are you curious what they are? You must! To answer all of your curiosity, let’s not stop here and be passionate always to see what’s coming in our Diet Direct reviews!

Overview Of Diet Direct

Can you get your confidence back after hearing of Diet Direct? We’ve just read the introduction part, which apparently has brought you some excitement. Glad to hear that.

However, what makes this store so reliable? As we said earlier, the store only stocks healthy food products from reputable and trusted brands. In this case, it’s already worry-free, right?

In addition, Diet Direct was also not playing in choosing those brands. They have been through super strict selection, and you will have the no-to-skip ones today. Does it sound good?

On the other hand, talking about the product quality, it’s also something undoubtable. All products are gluten-free with other different benefits. Who’s excited now?

However, let us save them for the other sections. Ultimately, we won’t let you stop reading until this section. So, if your goal is achieving the best body looks, you know what to do, right?

Diet Direct Review

Do we promise to tell you many things? Then, let’s explore them one by one through this and more sections ahead.

Diet Direct Reviews: Diet Direct Review

Our question is, can you consume foods as in the following picture without compromising your healthy diet? With Diet Direct, it’s 100% possible.

We know that you’re new to this store. Hence, exploring the products may excite you more.

The only motivation to stay on our review page is to prove to people that you can achieve your best look with an ideal body weight. So, can you tell us just to drop the things?

Diet Direct Product Categories

Brands Food Products
Wonderslim Bariatric Choice Bars Drinks Supplements
BariWise WonderFit Shakes Meals & Entrees Pet Health
Fast Boost Save Dog Snack & Desserts Vitamins Breakfast

Since we’ve revealed the brands to you, have you ever heard of them? One of them, maybe?

We hope you found your favorites there. Then, among so many products, what are the three chosen ones to recommend? Let’s catch them in the following list:

Diet Direct Product Categories

  • WonderSlim Meal Replacement Shake, Chocolate Cream
  • BariWise Protein Snack Bar, Peanut Butter
  • WonderSlim Meal Replacement Protein Bar, Chocolate Almond

Does reading the ‘chocolate’ and ‘peanut butter’ make you want to taste some? Hold on until you read the detailed review of each product. So, would you like to stay a bit longer with us?

Diet Direct WonderSlim Meal Shake Reviews

What chocolate is in a creamy texture? If you’re answering a chocolate shake, two thumbs up for you. Do you want some? Therefore, let’s choose WonderSlim Meal Replacement Shake Chocolate Cream over everything!

Diet Direct Review: Diet Direct WonderSlim Meal Shake Reviews

What’s special about this WonderSlim shake? If you love a shake with many choices of flavors, this is it. Generally, this product exists with 9 flavor choices, like chocolate cream, Mocca cream, vanilla cream, and more. 

Additionally, these most favorite creamy meal replacement shakes were produced to have an addictive taste for everyone’s tongue. Then, we’re sure you will be happily smiling as soon as you taste the decadent flavors. 

Furthermore, regarding the benefit, the shakes contain calcium caseinate protein that keeps you full longer. Also, this protein effectively works in muscle recovery and aids muscle breakdown by releasing amino acids.

So, who’s craving this WonderSlim Meal Replacement Shake, Chocolate Cream? Thus, you may have prepared some dollars for them, right? About the detailed prices, you may check them below. Enjoy your shopping!

  • One-time purchase: $16.99
  • Subscribe & save 20%: $13.59

Diet Direct BariWise Protein Snack Bar Reviews

After having a chocolate shake, what about chewing some snack bars now? Sounds good, but make sure to get the recommended snack bars from Diet Direct. Have you ever tried BariWise Protein Snack Bar, Peanut Butter?

Diet Direct Review: Diet Direct BariWise Protein Snack Bar Reviews

If you love hearing some addictive cracks from these bars, you better taste all of the flavors. So, how many flavors do these snacks have? This BariWise snack bar exists in 5 flavor choices, and peanut butter is the most favorite one.

Furthermore, consuming this also means a satisfying snacking activity. It’s because Each box includes 7 gluten-free snack bars that are packed with protein. Hence, it’s a nice product to spoil yourself without being guilty 7 days a week.

Then, let us tell you that these diet bars contain 12 – 15g of protein, making them perfect choices to make you full from breakfast to lunch. So, how much dollars will you spend for this BariWise Protein Snack Bar, Peanut Butter?

  • One-time purchase: $16.99
  • Subscribe & save 20%: $13.59

Diet Direct WonderSlim Meal Replacement Protein Bar Reviews

Another snack bar is here, and are you ready to get more addictive bites? Let us bring you to see WonderSlim Meal Replacement Protein Bar, Chocolate Almond! So, how much does this work to give a healthier diet to you?

Diet Direct Review: Diet Direct WonderSlim Meal Replacement Protein Bar Reviews

Compared to the snack bars from BariWise, this WonderSlim version comes with more choices of flavors. Specifically, you will find up to 10 flavor choices, for example, chocolate almond, dark chocolate s’mores, cinnamon, and more.

Besides that, let’s talk about this food’s benefits for your healthy weight-loss management. Further, this WonderSlim bar has eliminated all the unnecessary calories, carbs, and sugar that can be less beneficial for your health.

Next, what about the nutrients? Basically, each serving contains 15g of protein and 160 calories. Meanwhile, these gluten-free protein bars also have several benefits, including maintaining energy and reducing your snacking habit.

Finally, what makes you interested the most to get your WonderSlim Meal Replacement Protein Bar, Chocolate Almond? In addition to its benefits, we’re sure that the affordable prices are also another consideration, right?

  • One-time purchase: $16.99
  • Subscribe & save 20%: $13.59

Diet Direct vs Optavia

Who has been waiting a lot to see this apple-to-apple battle? Between Diet Direct and Optavia, who’s your ultimate fighter?

Diet Direct

  1. Offer more discounts than Optavia
  2. Offer email discount
  3. Support debit and prepaid card payment
  4. Support PayPal 
  5. Providing worldwide shipping
  6. No sustainability commitment
  7. Free shipping (US) over $79
  8. 30-day return policy
  9. 4.6/5 (Trustpilot)


  1. Offer less discounts than Diet Direct
  2. No email discount
  3. Don’t support debit and prepaid card payment
  4. Don’t support PayPal 
  5. No worldwide shipping
  6. Provide sustainability commitment
  7. Less information about shipping
  8. 30-day return policy
  9. 2.3/5 (Trustpilot)

Diet Direct Pros and Cons

After the battle, seeing the pros and cons point may make you feel a bit hotter. Do you want to know?


  • Numerous healthy food products
  • Top-chosen healthy food brands
  • Strict-chosen products
  • Consumable for men and women
  • Pet’s products are available
  • Over thousands of ratings and reviews
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping (US) for orders over $79
  • 30-day return policy


  • No social media link inserted on the website

Who Is Diet Direct For?

We understand that body looks and weight affects someone’s confidence a lot, especially women. Do you agree? But if you’re clueless about a healthy diet, choosing Diet Direct is brilliant.

So, are Diet Direct’s products suit women only? Of course, no. Those healthy snacks, shakes, and foods suit everyone, especially those who want to have a healthy meal plan or diet.

Also, don’t forget that it suits pets (dogs) too, since their products are available here. So, who wants to start shopping now? After all, isn’t it a big chance to consume healthy food with an addictive taste?

Diet Direct Review: What Do Customers Think?

It’s okay if you don’t start shopping now. Since we haven’t explored this section yet, it would be wise to become a smart buyer first. But what does this section tell you?

Diet Direct Review: Diet Direct Review: What Do Customers Think?

Further, this testimonial section is what all buyers need to save them from terrible shopping experiences. So, is Diet Direct good based on the customer reviews?

On Trustpilot, the store gets more than 3,1k reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Doesn’t everyone trust the Trustpilot? So, let’s reveal more now:

Are you surprised to see so many reviews on each product? We are all, obviously. However, are the customer’s reviews also good? Scroll down to find them!

The first customer seems so happy:

I really enjoyed this bar. The cinnamon flavor was delicious, and it was quite filling.

We’re happier to see this customer enjoy his bars. Its unmatched tastes are everyone’s favorite.

Then, we love to see this customer’s satisfied feeling:

I received my order quickly, and the assortment of sweet, salty, and varied textures made it effortless for me to stick to the meal plan. The shakes, bars, and puddings are all delicious, and I have never felt hungry…

In addition to its addictive taste, the quick shipping from Diet Direct also makes this customer happy. 

Next, don’t skip this to find more truth:

I have tried several WonderSlim products from Diet Direct, including their wafer bars, which I absolutely love. These low-calorie snacks fill me up and help me lose weight without even realizing it.

See? All the store’s products are the best weight-loss alternatives that suit everyone’s style of diet. Finally, are you in need of healthy foods that taste good? So, look no other than Diet Direct, and they will work perfectly to shape your ideal body looks.

Is Diet Direct Worth It?

As we said earlier, everyone who sees this page should be a smart buyer. You don’t want to have a trauma after shopping, right? Thus, in order to be satisfied, let’s answer the question in this section. Is Diet Direct worth it?

Diet Direct Review: Is Diet Direct Worth It?

Yes, Diet Direct is a worth-buying healthy food retailer that every shopper loves. A fact to remember is that Diet Direct carefully selects products with a strict process before putting them on the site, ensuring it high quality. So, will you find unsatisfying products here? We don’t think so.

Diet Direct Shipping Policy

Raise your hand if you want to ship those healthy foods for your upcoming diet and meal plan! That’s such a good energy of you. But have you learned how the shipping policy works?

You must be happy to know that Diet Direct provides US and international shipping. Also, US customers (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) are eligible for free shipping if they shop over $79 (after the discount). So, let’s login to your account and place an order!

Diet Direct Return Policy

Receiving the wrong or unwanted items? That’s such a normal thing in online shopping. Thankfully, Diet Direct offers a return policy to prevent you from a traumatic shopping experience. How is it?

Once you receive your order, you have 30 days to apply for a return. Also, that’s not even complicated at all. You just need to contact the store on this page and follow their further instructions. Too easy to understand, isn’t it?

How To Contact Diet Direct?

Having some questions to ask Diet Direct? No worries. They are always here for you:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: (800) 567-3438
  • Social media: Diet Direct
  • Live chat: visit the website and see the bottom right!

Company Address

Diet Direct, Inc., 1001 Military Cutoff Rd, Suite 350
Wilmington, NC 28405
United States

Where to buy Diet Direct?

Do you know where to go when you’re already in your final buying decision? If you still have no idea about that, let us tell you that the only place to get those highly-qualified healthy foods is on Diet Direct’s website. So, why are you still freezing there?

Diet Direct Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you here to check for some coupons? Let’s hope you can find some of them here:

  • Get 25% OFF sitewide by subscribing to the brand’s email
  • Shop for the bundle package and earn up to 35% discount with a promo code: BUNDLE
  • Enjoy up to 50% discount on the Sale page
  • Redeem a coupon code DIETSAVE to save up to $40 for orders starting from $75
  • Choose the ‘subscribe & save’ payment method to save up to 20%
  • Participate in the Affiliate Program here to get up to a 10% commission rate and more benefits
  • Free shipping for orders above $79

Thanks to Diet Direct’s kindness, you have those offers now. But if you want to reveal more, you know where to tap, right?

Reveal all coupons
Diet Direct

Diet Direct Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Diet Direct reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Diet Direct?

It is a retail store that provides numerous healthy food products (snacks, bars, shakes, etc.) from top-chosen brands like WonderSlim, BariWise, and more. Diet Direct doesn’t randomly put products. The collections on their sites have been through a strict selection with the best recipes and production.

Where is Diet Direct located?

The company is at 1001 Military Cutoff Rd, Suite 350, Wilmington, NC 28405, United States.

How does Diet Direct work?

Diet Direct’s products work to replace everyone’s basic meal, helping them to achieve ideal weight management. You can consume them daily for an optimum result.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Diet Direct Reviews & Ratings

Do you agree that most people tend to avoid a healthy diet because of the tasteless menu? Fortunately, you won’t experience it anymore since we have Diet Direct with its best-selling and tasteful products.

Furthermore, if you’re worried about the quality, the team of this store has been worrying about it more, even since the beginning. The team will only stock foods and products after completing the strict selection process. So, how many good products do you find here? More than you expected.


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