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About Denver Modern

Ever feel exhausted looking for furniture that matches your existing interior design? Move on to versatility! A versatile design can blend perfectly with any other style you have in your home. Fortunately, Denver Modern has it all! 

Denver Modern Review: About Denver Modern

Denver Modern is a furniture brand that sells items with a timeless design, from kitchen tables, sofas, and buffets to stools. Thus, it will fit any decoration in your favorite spots.

Moreover, their materials are on the level of world-class. Genuine artisans and craftsmen craft each of the furniture. Thus, there are no flaws in the quality. In fact, the durability and comfort are top-notch.

On top of that, they are sustainability-conscious. Their material is eco-friendly and leads to carbon offsetting. This movement ensures customers feel satisfied and secure with their purchases.

We found that this brand has massive audiences on social media. They have 13K followers on Facebook and 67.7K followers on Instagram. In this way, this brand can be your ideal place to shop for furniture.

However, we guess you are curious about this brand by now. Therefore, we present you the Denver Modern review. Through this review, you will find the brand’s overview, pros and cons, etc. Check it out!

Overview of Denver Modern

Historically, this brand was founded by husband and wife Donnie Criswell and Lindsey Price Criswell in 2018. It all started with the concerns of low-quality ample furniture store options that need more materials and design.

Additionally, this couple initiated to make a furniture brand that focuses on materials, design, and functionality. Thus, they partner with real craftsmen and artisans to ensure they can afford their primary goals.

Moreover, they were also inspired by their hometown. Therefore, they dedicated themselves to pointing out the spirit of the West through each of their furniture items.

Denver Modern Highlights

  • World-class quality materials
  • Modern and versatile design
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Sustainability materials
  • Accessible price
  • Real artisan craftsmanship

Denver Modern Review

Perfect for your one-stop shopping place, this brand has a vast collection of furniture for you. It includes beds, sofas, tables, and other furniture to complete your home.

Denver Modern Reviews: Denver Modern Review

In addition, this brand divided its collection into 7 categories. It is to simplify your shopping experiences so that you can find your needs with a breeze.

However, you are probably curious about what is included in each category. Don’t worry cause we have already compiled it for you. You can find it all in the following list.

Denver Modern Products

Living Room Sofas, lounge chairs, benches, side tables, coffee tables, TV stands, and many more.
Kitchen & Dining Room Kitchen and dining tables, bar and counter stools, buffets and sideboards, etc.
Bedroom Beds, nightstands, benches, desks, mirrors, etc.
Storage Cupboards, bookcases and shelving, dressers and armoires, etc.
Outdoor & Patio Outdoor sofas, dining room, planters plant stands, etc.
Rugs Indoor rugs, outdoor rugs, etc.
Accessories Art, pillows and throws, lighting room decor, Vail replacement covers, etc.

However, we will discuss the 4 best-selling items that this brand has. It mostly comes from the Vail series. Hold on, are you curious why they became best-sellers? So without further ado, let’s scroll!

Denver Modern Vail Stool Reviews

In between your confusion to enhance the overall look of the bar? Please don’t dwell on it. Give your trust to Vail Stool by Denver Modern. This stool is the perfect choice for you who need luxury and sophisticated furniture to upgrade your bar vibes.

Denver Modern Review: Denver Modern Vail Stool Reviews

Their sturdy black powder-coated steel frame can make you feel comfortable. Thus, the visual is not the only one that you get. This stool also has a solid wood dowel with leather strap detailing. Therefore, they won’t get detached easily.

This Vail Stool also comes in different sizes based on your needs. If you want the chair legs higher, choose the bar stool version. On the other hand, if you like it to be shorter, choose the 24 height of the counter.

Vail Stool details

  • Size: 18.5″ W x 22″ D x 33.5″ H (counter stool) 18.5″ W x 23″ D x 39.5″ H (bar stool)
  • Color: 12 colors (cushion), 2 colors (dowel)
  • Fabric material: Polyester boucle and leather

Are you excited to bring this stool home? Alright! You have to spend starting from $795.00 for this stool. After that, you can enhance the overall look of your favorite space!

Denver Modern Vail Lounge Chair Reviews

Something is lacking in your living space? It is probably because there is no Denver Modern Vail Lounge Chair there. We’re not joking. This lounge chair helps to complete your interior decoration!

Denver Modern Review: Denver Modern Vail Lounge Chair Reviews

Have you ever imagined spending your weekend lying low and reading your favorite novel peacefully? If you nod, then you deserve this Vail lounge chair. It can take you to the most comfortable chair in the world.

The main reason comes from the plush cloud-like cushions. As mentioned, it feels like you sit on the cloud. Soft and warm! Additionally, the upholstered fabric has high-quality materials. It has 4 fabric materials, and you can choose what you like the most!

Vail Lounge Chair details

  • Size: 29.5″ W x 34″ D x 32″ H
  • Color: 9 colors available
  • Fabric material: Linen, woven, boucle, leather

Now, to make your dream come true, all that you have to do is send this lounge chair home. Thus, we will talk about the price now. Shockingly, their price is accessible, which is $1,995.00 only!

Denver Modern Vail Dining Chair Reviews

Innovation in furniture is getting more crazy day by day. Thus, say no to the basic design of the usual dining chairs. With the Denver Modern Vail Dining Chair, you can now sense the luxurious vibes in your dining room! 

Denver Modern Review: Denver Modern Vail Dining Chair Reviews

With their cutting-edge technology, you can feel comfortable sitting on your chair while having your cereal as breakfast. Moreover, this chair has lightweight materials that enable it to move around.

Even though it is lightweight, the materials use a sturdy metal frame. Hence, it will long last the durability. In terms of the design, it has a sleek combination of modern and minimalist all at once. Therefore, it will perfectly blend with any furniture in your home.

Vail Dining Chair details

  • Size: 18.5″ W x 21.25″ D x 31.5″ H
  • Color: 8 colors (cushion), 2 colors (dowel)
  • Fabric material: 

Buying this dining chair is a synonym for purchasing a comfortable atmosphere to talk while eating with your loved one. Therefore, the price of $1,145.00 is worth it.

Denver Modern Vail Ottoman Reviews

Is there any extra seating that has excellent visuals? Yes, it is! Meet Vail Ottoman by Denver Modern. A minimalist yet elegant design of additional seating you’ve been looking for!

Denver Modern Review: Denver Modern Vail Ottoman Reviews

When you watch a series of a fancy family, do you notice something different in their furniture? We will give you a clue. Yes, there are mostly footstools near their sofa or chair. Such a pattern! But, are you ever wondering what this footstool’s purpose is?

First and foremost, of course, for resting our feet. It is an excellent choice if you have a very tiny chair. Pairing them with a tray can also be a coffee table. Thus, this extra seating is very useful for your lifestyle.

Vail Ottoman details

  • Size: 26″ W x 17″ D x 19″ H
  • Color: 9 colors
  • Fabric material: Boucle, woven, linen, leather

This Vail Ottoman also has excellent quality craftsmanship with a sturdy frame. It can provide comfort, stability, and durability. Furthermore, for $745.00, you can see this footstool near your sofa or chair.

Denver Modern Pros and Cons

Before we go any further, you must know this brand’s pros and cons. Therefore, we provide a special section for it. Scroll and find them in the following table.


  • Great quality materials
  • Timeless design
  • Real artisans craftsmanship
  • Sustainability materials
  • Reasonable price
  • Warehouse available
  • Free shipping for local pick-up
  • Free expert advice
  • Excellent customer service
  • 30-days return policy


  • There is no international shipping available

Who is Denver Modern For?

Denver Modern’s furniture has an eye-catching look as its main attractor. However, its collection is versatile enough to place on any decoration. Thus, this brand is perfect for furniture lovers struggling to find furniture that matches their home decoration. 

Denver Modern Review: Who is Denver Modern For?

In addition, they also have a vast range of items. Therefore, customers can shop for everything that they need in one place. The price is also accessible with all of the materials and design they provide through each of their furniture.

Denver Modern Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We will present some reviews on their website to gain your confidence. However, before we go to the review, let’s see how each of their best-seller products gets customers’ ratings. See them closer in the list below.

Denver Modern Review: Denver Modern Reviews: What Do Customer Think?
  1. Vail Stool4.97/5 from 144 reviews
  2. Vail Lounge Chair4.76/5 from 78 reviews
  3. Vail Dining Chair5.00/5 from 2 reviews
  4. Vail Ottoman 4.80/5 from 5 reviews

Then, here are the reviews from customers after purchasing Vail Stool.

I really love this Vail Stools. They are sturdy, and the sleek modern design is perfect for my home. This is literally beyond my expectations, and I highly recommend it!

This happy customer said that the stool she purchased has a sturdy material, which makes her happy. Other than that, she is also satisfied with how the design looks. Ultimately, she mentions that she recommends this Vail stool to others.

Now, what does this happy customer say about the lounge chair? Find out below.

We’ve been eyeing them for years and finally bought them. This is beyond my imagination. They are so beautiful and comfortable. We dream of having room chairs with an appealing look so people can sit peacefully and comfortably. Thank you.

This customer implies that the Vail lounge chair has been on her wishlist for so long. After she can really buy it, she is satisfied with the overall quality this lounge chair presents. It is really pretty on the look and comfort and the fabric.

Move on to Vail dining chair, this customer said:

I love this Vail chair. They look elegant in my kitchen. Also, they like what it said. It is super comfortable. I received many good compliments because of this chair.

Comfortable? Don’t imagine, prove it. Like this customer experience, she enjoys the chair because it has comfort beyond her imagination. Also, the look is impressive to fit her kitchen. She mentioned that she got many compliments because of this purchase.

Last but not least, let’s see what this customer said about the Vail ottoman in her review.

This ottoman is really great to put my feet on and relax them. Absolute a must to go with the lounge chairs!

If you are curious about this brand’s customer service, we will give you a review about it here. This review tells the customer’s experience with customer service regarding the purchase anxiety because he couldn’t test the furniture.

…I was hesitant at first because, you know, buying furniture products without physically looking at them and testing them directly is a hard choice. But, they have excellent customer service. I can even make an appointment with a design specialist. A great treat! Thank you.

From the review above, you don’t have to worry about customer service. They are really great at assisting their customer. Besides customer service, they also have an excellent design service with specialists for free. Thus, it is the reason why this customer is happy with his purchase.

This customer said that from this ottoman, she could sense the enjoyable time for rest. It is because she can relax her feet peacefully. She also recommends pairing this ottoman with the lounge chair for a more significant experience.

After reading all the reviews, we can see that all of the reviews are excited about the brand’s design. However, they are also happy with the great material that comforts them. Hence, their product description is credible.

On top of that, their customer service is on the top list. They do care about their customer service problem. Thus, they provide anything that the customer needs, even for a real specialist design expert.

Is Denver Modern Worth It?

Purchasing furniture is like an investment, and this brand understands that. The brand’s commitment to quality is evident through the detailed craftsmanship. They use only high-quality materials to extend their longevity. Thus, this brand is worth purchasing.

Denver Modern Review: Is Denver Modern Worth It?

Furthermore, this brand’s attention to detail extends beyond just durability. Their artisans prioritize ergonomic features, ensuring that style doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Hence, it will be worth every penny you spend.

Denver Modern Shipping Policy

Speaking of their shipping, this brand is currently available to ship its product in the 48 states of the United States. However, we found that they have several delivery services and prices. Kindly check each of them here.

Order Value Standard (Threshold) Shipping In-Home Delivery Local In-Home Delivery (30 miles of warehouse) Local Pick Up (warehouse only)
>$699 $49 N/A $99 Free
$700 – $1299 $99 $349
$1300 – $2999 $149 $449  $199
>$3000 $199 $549

However, what about the other part besides the 48 states? Okay, as we research through the website, they have information about it. For the contiguous 48 states, you can request quotes by mailing them through [email protected].

Denver Modern Return Policy

Not satisfied with the products? Don’t worry cause this brand offers a 30-day return policy. However, you must ensure that the items are in new condition. To start your return, contact [email protected], and they will assist you with the process.

In addition, if you get a defective item, you need to inspect the items directly after receiving the package. Once you find some defect, reject the shipment during the appointment. If you fail to do so, the brand won’t process the exchange or returns.

How To Contact Denver Modern

Need customer support to help with your difficulties during the shopping process? Calm down. They got your back! You can use several ways on the following list to contact their customer service team.

  • Call: (720) 282-9516
  • Form: Contact Us
  • Live Chat: Message icon below the website

They can reach from Monday to Friday (9 to 5 pm MST) and Saturday (8 to 12 pm MST). In addition, you can also visit their showroom directly. But, check their availability time first on their website.

Where to buy Denver Modern?

To purchase their furniture collection, you should visit their official website. Enjoy their discount and promotions while having the best furniture you wish for so long. You can also visit their showroom to touch and feel the furniture with your hand.

Denver Modern Coupon Codes & Promos

Something doesn’t feel right when the discount code is not around. Therefore, we have collected this brand’s offers for the best price. Let’s find out through the list below.

  • Get various offers until 80% OFF from their Sale.
  • Sign up for their email subscription to enjoy exclusive offers and new-customer savings
  • Free shipping on your first order by submitting your email to their website

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Denver Modern

Denver Modern Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Denver Modern reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the owner of Denver Modern?

The owner of Denver Modern is Donnie Criswell and Lindsey Price Criswell.

Does Denver Modern ship internationally?

No. They only ship its product to the 48 and the contiguous US states.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Denver Modern Reviews & Ratings

This brand’s furniture item has an excellent overall quality. It is because they use only world-class materials with real artisan craftsmanship. Those combinations offer not only durability but also comfortability for the customers.

Their design is also at the highest rank, which combines modern and minimalist. It eventually makes a great timeless design and leads to fit any other existing decoration perfectly. Thus, don’t hesitate to buy their collection. Go to the Denver Modern website and start shopping!


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