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About Denuo Novo Replica Helmets

It’s common for a fan to have a collection of collectibles. One of them is the popular Star Wars helmet replica. If you are looking for a Star Wars helmet replica, you shouldn’t miss the accuracy of Denuo Novo.

Denuo Novo Review: About Denuo Novo Replica Helmets

Denuo Novo is a relatively new company in replica props and costumes. It was established under the umbrella of the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA), a major player in the prop and collectible industry.

This company sells accurate, high-quality replicas of costumes and props. They create high-end costumes and collections for various pop culture franchises.

The brand does a stunning job that can’t compare accuracy and visual style. It comes from movies, television, and contemporary media. The merchandise collection also reaches several generations and beyond.

The best thing about their collections is that they are handmade. Even their collections were awarded the STAR WARS High-End Collection license. No wonder more than 7k Facebook and Instagram accounts are interested in following their social media accounts.

Is the quality truly worth your money? This Denuo Novo review will explain more about it. Find your confidence before deciding to spend your money on this replica wearable.

Overview of Denuo Novo

The new brand, launched in 2021, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rubies II LLC. However, Joel Weinshanker, an owner and operator of NECA, is developing the brand as its manager.

The company’s goal is to reach the highest quality in producing and distributing high-quality and accurate merchandise offerings. They also strive to be the one-stop for the highest quality prop and costume replicas.

Therefore, they produce their collections under the supervision of a multi-generational team of experts. Even one of the largest shipping supply chains in the US supports the brand logistically.

Thus, you can have confidence that your merchandise items have the highest level of quality that you can’t compare with any other brand. Now, let’s see what the collection is!

Denuo Novo Review

Now that you know a bit about the brand outline and profile. It’s time for you to learn more about the collection.

Denuo Novo Reviews: Denuo Novo Review

They offer a collection of merchandise from movies, television, and contemporary media. So, you’ll find some collectible that you like.

However, most replica wearables are officially licensed Star Wars Empire collectibles. Even so, you can find other collectibles, such as Batman movies.

Denuo Novo Merchandise collections:

  • Wearable helmet
  • Hat
  • Pants
  • Tunic
  • Cape
  • Rank badge
  • Belt 

They all come from different characters or sagas. So, you can easily complete your collection according to the character you like or the trilogy. Now, let’s examine it in detail. Are you ready?

Denuo Novo Star Wars The Mandalorian Helmet Reviews

The brand proudly offers the Star Wars Mandalorian Helmet Accessory with many amazing details. So, this will not disappoint you, who love to cosplay or collect.

Denuo Novo Review: Denuo Novo Star Wars The Mandalorian Helmet Reviews

The brand designed and developed this accurate replica helmet using 3D digital scanning technology. It also went through hands-on research for maximum results.

In addition, this authentic-looking replica helmet is made of high-quality materials. The brand makes it from premium fiberglass with a weathered metallic tin coating. Another interesting detail is the dark purple-blue lens to enhance the visuals.


  • Item Number DN38320
  • Fiberglass material with a weathered metallic tin finish
  • Not a toy
  • It doesn’t provide any protection

The helmet’s interior is lined with headliner pads for a finished look to support the user’s comfort. You can wash the pads and place them separately. So you can easily customize it.

The Mandalorian helmet at $700 is made in the USA and has a size that fits up to a US size 8 hat. Order now and see how incredible every detail of the helmet is.

Denuo Novo Star Wars Clone Trooper 501ST Helmet Reviews

As a fan of Captain Rex, you know how cool the 501st helmet is. The Star Wars Clone Trooper 501st Helmet represents unwavering strength and loyalty.

Denuo Novo Review: Denuo Novo Star Wars Clone Trooper 501ST Helmet Reviews

A helmet that illustrates the strength of this character through field testing and technical iterations. The brand also optimized it as a one-piece construction to meet the long-term durability and costume demands.

Another important thing is that the design has exceptional detail and accuracy. This is because the brand uses original digital assets for reference in making this helmet. But the brand only changed it slightly to fit the human head.

The brand uses a fiberglass outer shell with a 501st-style paint scheme. Thus, its high quality is undeniable. They also coat the interior for a finished look.


  • Item Number DN36444
  • Fiberglass material
  • Not a toy
  • It doesn’t provide any protection

This finished helmet is priced at $700. It has a size that fits up to a US size 8 hat. Its size adjustment system ensures the comfort and safety of the user. You can pre-order this helmet for estimated delivery from January to March 2024.

Denuo Novo Star Wars Jango Fett Kamino Helmet Reviews

Are you a Jango Fett fan? Then don’t miss this dashing-looking STAR WARS Jango Fett Kamino Helmet. Cosplay as Jango Fett and show off the best bounty hunter in the galaxy!

Denuo Novo Review: Denuo Novo Star Wars Jango Fett Kamino Helmet Reviews

Using original movie assets, the brand produces this cool helmet styled after a skilled Mandalorian sniper. They also use digital scanning technology for maximum accuracy.

It is made of high-quality cold-cast fiberglass. Additionally, the touch of a metallic finish, smoked visor lenses, and blue accents make it look even more extraordinary.

Even the brand complements it with a rangefinder detail and a removable handle. So you get details exactly like what you see in the movie.

The rangefinder details and handle are also made of aluminum with a resin appearance. The brand truly pays attention to detail. The inside also has a full coating for a finished look. Thus, the brand is very proud when offering it to you.


  • Item Number DN38323
  • Fiberglass material
  • Not a toy
  • It doesn’t provide any protection

The Jango Fett helmet, with a regular price of $700, also has a full lining on the inside, like the rest of the Denuo Novo helmet collection. You can adjust the lining of the padding system and remove it to ensure the comfort and safety of the user.

This unarmed fighter helmet fits up to a size 8 US cap. It is also a pre-order item that you can order with an estimated delivery date of January to March 2024. Grab it fast now!

Denuo Novo Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Kylo Ren Helmet Reviews

Kylo Ren has always attracted attention. The leader of the Knights of Ren has a distinctive all-black look with flaming red details.

Denuo Novo Review: Denuo Novo Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Kylo Ren Helmet Reviews

Like Star Wars’ Skywalker, Kylo Ren’s helmet has stunning details. It has a fulfilling black color and a touch of fierce red lines. Every helmet comes from 3D scans, measurements, and references from the original production assets.

The brand used textured paint to duplicate the look of Kylo Ren’s helmet as seen on screen. They also added hand-brushed red paint to the details of the sculpted cracks.


  • Item Number DN36412
  • Fiberglass material
  • Not a toy
  • It doesn’t provide any protection

The strength and durability of this helmet come from its fiberglass material. In addition, the brand offers a fully lined interior with removable adjustment pads. Hence, you can get optimal comfort when wearing the helmet.

This $700 Skywalker Kylo Ren helmet fits up to a US size 8 hat. The helmet’s size adjustment system ensures the user’s safety and comfort. So, you can move or express yourself freely without pressure.

Denuo Novo Batman 1989 Collector Cowl Reviews

As mentioned, the brand also sells other collectible items besides Star Wars. The Batman 1989 Collector Cowl is a Denuo Novo Pre-Order collectible of the highest quality and stunning.

Denuo Novo Review: Denuo Novo Batman 1989 Collector Cowl Reviews

The brand sculpted it in digital format from the original screen cover reference. They also carefully consider every angle and detail of the original. As a result, the level of accuracy is very high.

No detail is overlooked, from creating the base’s texture to including the stitching on the back. This allows the brand to provide you with the most accurate wearable.

The 1989 Batman Cowl has long-term durability. Not only is it durable, but it’s also comfortable when you wear it. Expert craftsmen make each cover from high-quality platinum silicone. So it has exceptional quality.


  • Item Number D2000179
  • Silicone Platinum Material
  • Not a toy
  • It doesn’t provide any protection

The look is stunning because the brand uses a semi-gloss black finish. It gives a charming look when exposed to light reflections. In addition, the smooth surface of the base makes it easy to remove and replace the cover.

This pre-order item at $950 is limited to 200 pieces only. It will be available in 2024, which you can order from today!

Denuo Novo Pros and Cons

This is one of the most awaited sections for customers. Here, we’ll list some points about Denuo Novo‘s Pros and Cons. Some customers like it because they can conclude about the brand from these few points. Check it out:


  • Officially Licensed Star Wars 
  • Made of premium materials
  • 3D digital scan technology manufacturing process
  • Great product details
  • Screen accurate
  • Comfortable to wear
  • The helmet fits up to a US 8 size hat
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Ships internationally
  • Safe packaging


  • Comes with a high price
  • All sales are final

Who is Denuo Novo For?

Merchandise or collectibles usually have high prices. This is because the items are specially made and have a limited supply. Since every detail is very accurate and almost identical to the original, it’s normal that the Denuo Novo collection is very expensive.

Its high price may not mean much to a fan or a successful bounty hunter. But it may be out of reach for some. It all depends on your budget and your love for the character.

Denuo Novo’s collection, dominated by Star Wars characters, is a treat for loyal Star Wars fans. However, fans of other characters can directly visit the official website to see if collectibles of their favorite characters are available.

Additionally, the brand makes each collection almost realistic, whether it’s the helmet, cape, hat, or others. It’s not a toy that is suitable for children. So please be careful and don’t give it to children out of control.

Denuo Novo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Customer reviews are one of the most important things you should know before buying a product, especially if the product has a relatively high price. So there will be no disappointment on the cost side.

Denuo Novo Review: Denuo Novo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As a new brand in the replica industry, it’s understandable that the number of reviewers is small. However, we prepared some reviews to help convince you. We found some reviews on the internet that can be taken into consideration.

From the iconic T-shaped visor to the sleek metal finish, the style and shape are perfect.

The customer said the material and design made the helmet he bought perfect. Then, another customer also gave a review for the helmet product. He said that it was comfortable when he wore it. Especially the removable padding feature made the value increase.

It includes some removable padding that can be placed as the user sees fit. Also, it is quite comfortable considering the nature of the helmet.

The brand makes it very well and tries to make customers like its products. The responses from its customers prove it. So, after reading the reviews above, have you decided to buy it? Buy it now and prove its quality! 

Is Denuo Novo Worth It?

After going into more detail about the products, we dare say that Denuo Novo is worth it. The brand designs each collection very well and doesn’t miss any details.

Even every manufacturing process uses 3D digital scan technology and original digital assets. So, each item has the same details and is similar to the original.

You can prove high accuracy by comparing the original product with the Denuo Novo replica. We guarantee you won’t find any visual inaccuracies!

Another good thing is that the materials come of premium quality. Therefore, each item is durable and ready to be your decoration or collection for a long time.

Not only is the product superior, but also the packaging. They securely store and pack the foam-packing peanuts in a cardboard box inside another cardboard shipping box. Thus, the product reaches your hands safely, and you receive it with your biggest smile.

Its high price brings worthiness to its quality. So you shouldn’t worry about spending your money. With Denuo Novo, you’ll get a high-end collection with the best details and quality on the market!

Denuo Novo Shipping Policy

Your precious Star Wars merchandise is ready to arrive at your doorstep worldwide. The brand ships international orders with customs fees, taxes, or anything else you need to prepare for.

All shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the shipping method and order value for domestic and international orders. The brand displays the total shipping cost during checkout before your order is finalized.

So, how about the shipping time? Delivery times vary depending on the region of the order. Your order may also ship from multiple warehouses. Therefore, the brand will inform you via email of any information regarding the shipment of your order.

Denuo Novo Refund Policy

All sales are final according to the brand’s refund policy. So there are no refunds. However, there is an exception for pre-ordered products that are unavailable after the transaction or technical problems.

Orders subject to such conditions will receive an in-store credit or digital gift card. However, it is only available for the funds that the customer paid for the original pre-ordered item.

How to Contact Denuo Novo

We recommend you browse the FAQ for general questions about the brand. Meanwhile, you can ask customer service for questions unavailable on the FAQ page. Send your message and questions via email to [email protected].

Representatives typically respond to messages Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time. The brands don’t list phone numbers. However, you can visit their social media for the latest updates about the brand.

  • Facebook: Denuo_Novo
  • Instagram: denuonovo

Where to buy Denuo Novo?

The only place to buy Denuo Novo’s high-end collection is through its official website at Visit the site and get your favorite character items for sale!

Denuo Novo Coupon Codes & Promos

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Denuo Novo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Denuo Novo reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Denuo Novo?

Denuo Novo is a subsidiary of the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) owned by Rubies II.

Does Denuo Novo ship internationally?

Yes! Lucky for you wherever you are because the brand offers worldwide shipping.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Denuo Novo Reviews & Ratings

Denuo Novo makes a variety of Star Wars helmet replicas that you can see, including Anovos, Mandalorian, and many more. The high price will not bother you for its excellent quality.

The details that the brand creates are very accurate. So, Star Wars fans will love it, or even anyone! You’ll also feel how it is made with super premium materials. What are you waiting for? Buy and become your dream character!


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