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Daneson Review 2024 → Relieve Your Boredom By Biting Into Flavored Toothpicks!

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About Daneson Flavored Toothpicks

It would be great if you could relieve your boredom or keep your mouth busy by biting into a toothpick that has flavor. Yes, that’s right, a flavored toothpick. Then one of the brands that provide this delightful product is Daneson.

Daneson Review: About Daneson Flavored Toothpicks
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Besides keeping your mouth busy chewing, flavored toothpicks also freshen your breath and clean your teeth.

This brand is a well-known brand that provides fine-quality flavored toothpicks with a wide variety of flavors. Indeed. You get a wide selection of flavors to keep your breath fresh while keeping your mouth busy.

Currently, the brand has gained 20.8k followers on Instagram. They also actively provide the latest information and offers through this social media. If you’re interested in this brand, you can follow them on Instagram.

Apart from Instagram, you can get information about this brand through this Daneson review. Here, we’ll provide information about the history, best-selling products, customer reviews, and more. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Overview of Daneson Toothpicks

Established 10 years ago, Daneson has been one of the longest-standing brands providing flavored toothpicks. The brand is based in Canada and works with independent family-owned suppliers to craft high-quality flavored toothpicks.

Another thing that makes toothpicks from this brand so popular is the natural ingredients coupled with a hint of alcohol in making Daneson toothpicks. With this alcohol base, you can savor a slight hint of alcohol with every bite.

In addition, the brand’s flavored toothpicks are crafted with an exclusive seared process that makes them different from other toothpicks. With the seared tip of the toothpick, you can enjoy flavors you can’t get on other toothpicks.

If you’re interested in having this toothpick, you have two purchasing options to bring home and enjoy the brand’s products, namely one-time purchases and subscriptions.

Even better, this brand also carries the reforestation method, in which this brand will plant 100 trees for every tree cut down. So not only can you keep your mouth busy biting, but you can also protect the planet.

That’s a brief history of this brand. Now it’s time for you to know the pros and cons of Daneson. Check them out!

Daneson Pros

  • Offers high-quality flavored toothpicks
  • All the toothpicks are made from natural ingredients
  • The flavored toothpicks are crafted with an exclusive seared process
  • Available in various flavors
  • International shipping
  • Excellent customer service

Daneson Cons

  • There is no information about the return policy provided

Daneson Review

In the previous section, we mentioned that this brand uses natural materials to make its toothpicks. To be more specific, the material used by Daneson is bone white American northern white birch, a material known for its smooth and uniform texture.

Daneson Reviews: Daneson Review

In addition to high-quality materials, this brand also offers a wide range of flavors that you can choose from. The flavor options are Bourbon No. 22, Single Malt No. 16, Mint No. 9, Cinna Mint No. 7, and Atlas Mint No. 43.

More than that, the brand features three-size packages, namely 2-Bottle Packs, 4-Bottle Boxes, and 24-Bottle Cases. All of them also come with the same flavor options and flavor combinations. Choose whichever suits you best.

However, we found three flavors that people like the most. Therefore, we’ve summarized these three flavored toothpicks for you.

Daneson Review: Three People’s Favorite Flavors

  • Bourbon No. 22 4-Bottle Box
  • Single Malt No. 16 4-Bottle Box
  • Cinna Mint No. 7 4-Bottle Box

Without further ado, let’s review these three products!

Daneson Bourbon No. 22 4-Bottle Box Reviews

Enjoy the immersive feeling of delicious bourbon flavor distilled in six-year-old barrels of Daneson Bourbon No. 22 4-Bottle Box.

Daneson Review: Daneson Bourbon No. 22 4-Bottle Box Reviews

In addition, you can also enjoy subtle hints of oak, caramel, almond, and a slight fruity flavor in every bite you take. With the Bourbon No. 22 toothpick, give a gentle bite to bring out the delicious flavors and smooth feeling. Let this flavored toothpick bring a breath of fresh air to your mouth.

The package of these toothpicks also comes with 4 bottles, each bottle containing 12 toothpicks. You can take it home with you by spending around $47.

Daneson Single Malt No. 16 4-Bottle Box Reviews

There’s nothing better than the taste of fourteen-year-old Islay scotch whisky. Amazingly, you can get this flavor from a Daneson Single Malt No. 16 toothpick.

Daneson Review: Daneson Single Malt No. 16 4-Bottle Box Reviews

Additionally, this flavored toothpick comes with aromas of oak tannin, peat, almond, and vanilla that can bring a fresh breath to your mouth. Gently chew on the tip of this toothpick and take in the flavors embedded deep within it.

If you are interested in taking home this Single Malt No. 16, you can expect to spend around $47.

Daneson Cinna Mint No. 7 4-Bottle Box Reviews

With the classic warm spicy flavor coupled with the sweetness of a touch of peppermint and clove, this Daneson Cinna Mint No. 7 will truly freshen your breath.

Daneson Review: Daneson Cinna Mint No. 7 4-Bottle Box Reviews

Made from a blend of essential oils, natural cinnamon bark, and leaf oil, then balanced with other ingredients like cassia and peppermint. The brand has managed to combine the best flavor recipes into a toothpick.

If you want to enjoy and admire the flavor of this cinnamon toothpick, you should prepare a budget of $41.

How To Use Danemon Toothpicks?

Using and enjoying Daneson toothpicks is not that difficult. You just need to gently bite the burnt tip of the toothpick. With your gentle biting, it will release the flavor and aroma of the herbs, phenols, and oils contained in the toothpick.

Who is Daneson For?

It can be said that Daneson is definitely for everyone. Whoever you are who has a habit of biting things and keeping your mouth busy, then this brand is for you. Perhaps you’re a driver who spends most of your time on the road and wants to relieve your boredom while driving, biting into a Daneson toothpick could be your alternative.

Daneson Review: Who is Daneson For?

Not only that, with a wide selection of flavors in each toothpick, Daneson is also suitable for those of you who might want to quit smoking.

Daneson Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Before starting this section, we’ll say that we did not find any customer reviews on the brand’s official website. Luckily, we did find some customer reviews on one of the online stores that sell Daneson toothpicks, The James Brand.

Daneson Review: Daneson Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

With no further ado, let’s see the testimonials from people who have used the brand’s toothpicks.

The first testimonial came from a customer who expressed his fondness for the flavor and sturdiness of Daneson toothpicks. He also shared that he brought these toothpicks to a Christmas party, and everyone loved it so much.

I love the flavor and the sturdiness of the toothpicks. I used them at the Christmas party, and everyone liked them.

On the other hand, there was also a customer who revealed that he had bought toothpicks from this brand for the second time. The reason why he bought it for the second time is that Daneson’s toothpicks have outstanding design and quality.

Gifting this once again for the second year in a row. Excellent quality and design

To conclude from the two testimonials above, this Daneson review sums up that the brand has succeeded in making innovative toothpicks that allow everyone to relieve their boredom by biting into flavored toothpicks.

Is Daneson Worth It?

After diving into the brand’s history, toothpick quality, and customer reviews, this Daneson review concludes that this brand is worth it.

Daneson Review: Is Daneson Worth It?

In addition, this brand also designs its toothpicks from quality materials filled with various flavors that freshen the mouth. Even more, many customers have also expressed their satisfaction with the design and quality obtained from this brand.

So, for anyone of you who has a habit of chewing or keeping your mouth busy, then flavored toothpicks from this brand are perfect for you.

Daneson Shipping Policy

The great news is this brand offers to ship within the USA, Canada, Europe, and internationally. Each of these countries has a different shipping method and shipping time.

For those of you living in the United States, your order will be shipped using USPS First-Class provider with an estimated arrival time of 5-7 business days. As for those of you who live in Canada, this brand uses Chit Chats Express provider with an estimated arrival time of 2-8 business days.

On the other hand, for international shipping, your order will be shipped via USPS International provider with an estimated arrival time of 10-15 business days.

How To Contact Daneson

Do you have some questions or ideas, or are you interested in a wholesale account from Daneson? If you do, then you can reach out to their contacts below.

  • Phone: +1 647 557-9617
  • Mail: 25 Hollinger Rd. Unit 9, Toronto, Ontario M4B 3N4, Canada
  • Chat bubble below your bottom right screen
  • Form available

Their customer service team will assist and answer all your questions during their operating hours from Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Where to buy Daneson?

The only place you can go to bring home flavored toothpicks from Daneson is through its official website. Currently, the brand does not sell its products through well-known retail stores like Amazon.

Daneson Coupon Codes & Promos

A little uneasy about spending more dollars on a toothpick? Not to worry, you can reduce the amount you spend by using some of the discount codes and promos offered by Daneson. We’ve also summarized them for your convenience. Check it out!

  • Purchase any 24-Bottle Cases and get a free Candle
  • Buy products from this brand by using the subscribe option and enjoy 15% OFF

If you’re still not excited about the discounts above, click below to get Daneson coupon codes. All in all, happy shopping!

Reveal all coupons

Daneson Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Daneson reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Do Daneson toothpicks have alcohol?

Yep, every Daneson toothpick contains alcohol. Each of the brand’s toothpicks is crafted using barrel-aged alcohol, giving a soothing feeling every time you bite down on the toothpick.

Where is Daneson located?

This brand is located at 25 Hollinger Rd. Unit 9, Toronto, Ontario M4B 3N4 Canada.

Does Daneson offer international shipping?

Yep, this brand offers to ship internationally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Daneson Reviews & Ratings

Overall, Daneson has succeeded in creating innovative toothpicks made from high-quality materials coupled with a variety of flavors that you can enjoy with every chew you make. Also, many customers are satisfied with the quality of toothpicks provided by this brand.

If you are interested in enjoying how a toothpick can bring flavor to your tongue, then we recommend this brand to you. Head over to the official website and enjoy chewing toothpicks!


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