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Dakota Lithium Battery Review 2024 → 4x Sustainable Energy That Lasts!

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About Dakota Lithium Battery

Living with an electric car or hoverboard technology means you need a lithium battery for every use. Meet the Dakota Lithium Battery to power the future for better transportation and off-grid living!

Dakota Lithium Battery Review: About Dakota Lithium Battery
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Dakota Lithium is a brand that specializes in lithium batteries. They design their batteries from rugged landscapes to last longer, helping you do what you love longer.

In addition, the brand utilized the strength of lithium chemistry with the incorporation of North Dakota grit. Thus, the brand succeeded in creating a better battery.

As a brand that wants to help make the world a better place, they created their product as a sustainable energy product. That’s supported by the long power life, thus reducing e-waste and its impact on the planet.

This sustainable technology brand is 100% US-based engineering and support. They have a huge social following, with 44k followers on Facebook and 35.7k on Instagram.

But do they deliver what you need? Our Dakota Lithium Battery review will uncover it. We’ll examine the brand profile, product quality and performance, testimonials, and more.

So, you better keep finishing this article!

Overview of Dakota Lithium Battery

In 2008, Ryan Ellison founded Dakota Lithium Battery with a noble goal. He wanted to help everyone around the world with affordable transportation.

In addition, he wants everyone to be able to get long-lasting energy storage with practical, sustainable energy products.

Therefore, the brand creates long-lasting batteries that charge efficiently with renewable resources such as wind and solar. They even managed to establish their patented lithium production process.

Moreover, its power source uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry. It is not prone to thermal runaway and is very stable.

To realize its goals, the brand partners with industries around the world. They work together to build customized energy solutions.

The brand will amplify your vision with a strong team of engineers, 100% US-based support, and specialized prototype & 3d production assembly lines.

Now that you know its purpose and efforts, it’s time to learn more about the brand. Check out the following Dakota Lithium Battery pros and cons for your consideration.


  • Sustainable energy products for a better environment
  • 100% US-based support
  • Rugged American Innovation
  • 200% twice the power of traditional batteries
  • Charges up to 5x faster and lasts 4x as long
  • 100% safe & reliable
  • Products are easily searchable and available both online and offline
  • Ship internationally
  • Free shipping
  • 11-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer service


  • It’s hard to find the bad performance of a brand’s products or services

Dakota Lithium Battery Review

This company specializes in manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. Their collection works well for solar energy storage, industrial use, outdoor recreation, and marine applications.

Dakota Lithium Battery Reviews: Dakota Lithium Battery Review

Dakota Lithium Battery provides OEM batteries, sustainable technologies, lithium powder refining, energy storage, electric vehicles, electric vessels, and lithium iron phosphate. 

Dakota Lithium Battery Products:

You can also find batteries from 12V battery, 24V battery, 36V battery to 48V battery. So you can customize it according to your needs. In addition to batteries, they also sell accessories that support battery performance and usage, such as battery trays, solar panels, wiring kits, and others.

If you are curious about its performance, we’ll explain some of its products in more detail. We hope you can get an idea of its features and quality.

Shall we start?

Dakota Lithium Battery Powerbox 10, 12V 10AH Battery Included Reviews

On a camping adventure, you might worry about your camera or phone running out of power. Don’t let the power drain of your camera or phone ruin your chance to save the best moments into memory, whether a photo or a video.

Dakota Lithium Battery Review: Dakota Lithium Battery Powerbox 10, 12V 10AH Battery Included Reviews

Now, enjoy keeping all your electronics charged and ready to go using Powerbox 10, 12V 10AH Battery Included. They work great for recharging Smartphones 11x, Laptops 2.7x, GoPro Hero Camera 22x, and many more.

No wonder this 12V 10AH Battery is the most sought-after product. It gives you the freedom to use one battery to power many things.

As a mobile and universal powerhouse, it has a 12v car plug, two USB charging ports, and a tie-down pole. The brand even designed this powerbox solar generator with a high-efficiency LED flashlight for easy use at night.

But it doesn’t stop there. You simply quickly connect the solar panel to the pole for longer expeditions and to give you reliable power.

The 12v Dakota Lithium LiFePO4 10Ah has 200% or twice the power of traditional batteries. Its compact shape weighing only 4 lbs lightbox and extremely high energy density make it easy even for mobile power.

In addition, it’s great for emergencies, camping, kayaking, and fishing because the brand designed it in a waterproof or shockproof case. So, you can use it with peace of mind because it’s 100% safe and reliable.


  • Dimensions: 8-1/2″x 6-3/4″ x 4-1/4″
  • Voltage reader
  • One 20W solar panel fully charges powerbox in 7-9 hours
  • 5x charges 5x faster
  • 4x lasts 4x as long

This product that can power so many things is only priced at $199 from the original price of $249. Now, you can enjoy every moment wherever you are without fear of running out of power.

Dakota Lithium Battery 12V 100AH Deep Cycle LifePO4 Battery Reviews

Do you love to spend time going fishing? 12V 100AH Deep Cycle LifePO4 Battery will let you go further to fish longer and play harder no matter what the weather!

Dakota Lithium Battery Review: Dakota Lithium Battery 12V 100AH Deep Cycle LifePO4 Battery Reviews

12V 100AH LifePO4 is suitable for trolling motors because it is designed to last. We know that the main function of the trolling motor is to keep the boat running at a consistent speed.

Thus, the brand utilizes the power of lithium chemistry and then combines it with North Dakota grit to make the battery last. So the trolling motor can work well, and you can do what you love for longer.

In addition, the Deep Cycle LifePO4 will allow you to double the operating time for your trolling motor. Also, it’ll last 4x longer and give you an outstanding service life.

Moreover, Dakota Lithium’s signature LiFePO4 technology will work at temperatures down to -20 F. It also weighs 31.9 lbs which is 60% lighter than SLA batteries. So, you still have a great amount of charge for your boat. Use it to catch bigger fish!

It has 12.8V, which you can use in series up to a 48V system with 1280 Watt-hours of energy. As a 12V deep cycle, it isn’t designed to power a gasoline engine.


  • Size: 12.99″x 6.77″x 8.66″
  • Terminals: M8 bolt size
  • Battery lifespan up to 80% capacity for 2,000 cycles
  • -20°F min, +120°F max optimal operating temps
  • 5x charges 5x faster

Built tough, you can fish freely from night to morning thanks to this battery for $799 with a starting price of $899. You can also add a battery monitor & solar integration kit for an additional $99.

If you want a capacity deep cycle battery that suits your needs, there is also a battery with a capacity of 36v 63ah or 24v 50ah. Choose and buy according to your needs!

Dakota Lithium Battery 48V 96AH Golf Cart Battery Reviews

A green grass course is one of the important components of golf. Therefore, the course must get the best care so the grass grows beautifully.

Dakota Lithium Battery Review: Dakota Lithium Battery 48V 96AH Golf Cart Battery Reviews

This is certainly a challenge for golf course managers. They need to take care of the grass so that it is always green and lush but with an even cut for the convenience of golfers.

Fortunately, 48V 96AH Golf Cart Battery will help golf cart handling very well. Enjoy easy golf course maintenance using Dakota lithium golf cart batteries that will help with less wear and tear, lowering maintenance costs.

Golf Cart power can last 4x longer. So, with this single 48V lithium, you have double the running time for a golf cart.

In addition, the brand designed it from legendary lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4 cells. Thus making the product requires no watering or maintenance.

Moreover, 96 Ampere hours (Ah) makes it capable of consistent power for all 96 Amp hours. You can also charge it 5x faster than lead acid and install it in any orientation.

The best part of this Dakota Lithium for a golf cart is 1/4 the weight of a lead acid golf cart battery set. This allows you to shave 300 lbs or more off your cart.


  • Size: 20.5″ x 10.5″ x 8.66″
  • 4,915 Wh per battery
  • Max speed of 23 mp
  • -20°F min, +120°F max optimal operating temps
  • Up to 100% for 2,000 recharge cycles battery lifespan

Besides golf carts, the $3299 battery is also suitable for electric cars, 48v Par cars, and more. You can even get it now for only $2699.

Dakota Lithium Battery User Manual

Why your lithium batteries won’t charge? They work best with lithium-compatible chargers. For troubleshooting tips, refer to the following user manual.

Proper battery installation and maintenance can provide years of safety and reliability. This includes ensuring that all the cables you use are the right size and that the connections are tight. Also, use a compatible charger. 

Check out some of the manuals that you need to know below:

Dakota Lithium User Manual

  • Don’t place tools or items on the bat
  • Stop operation immediately if the battery cover comes off
  • Don’t operate or charge when the battery is visibly dented or damaged
  • Although it’s waterproof, it’s better to store it in a dry environment or use a battery box in a marine environment
  • Avoid short-circuiting lithium batteries, as this can cause high currents and damage the battery

You need to know many other user manual points about this starting battery. You must read these guidelines before installing and using it.

The user manuals can be found in the manual book you’ll receive when you receive the product. In other ways, you can check the Dakota Lithium User Manual page.

Who is Dakota Lithium Battery For?

Dakota Lithium Battery is a brand that outdoor activists much need. Its products are beneficial for people who like to spend time outdoors. Its wide range of products is helpful for outdoor activities, from charging recreational vehicles, campers and trailers, car audio, trolling motors, and many more.

Dakota Lithium Battery Review: Who is Dakota Lithium Battery For?

In addition, its lithium batteries are suitable for off-grid homes, emergency power sources, and many other things. But beyond that, we think that in this era of gadgets that require electricity, their products are essential for all human needs.

Dakota Lithium Battery Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To find out if its products work well and how worthy they are, Dakota Lithium review will show you. We list some real customer reviews on its website, Trustpilot, and Google site.

Dakota Lithium Battery Review: Dakota Lithium Battery Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The brand has a rating of 4.7 from 543 reviews on Trustpilot. In addition, they also received a rating of 4.8 from 389 reviews on Google site. While below is the rating of its top 3 products:

  1. Powerbox 10, 12V 10AH rated 4.5 based on 131 reviews
  2. 12V 100AH Deep Cycle LifePO4 rated 4.5 from 184 reviews
  3. 48V 96AH Golf Cart rated 4.5 out of 29 reviews

I really like this battery. The setup was very easy for my golf car, and they are fully charged. They are so compact and light that there is now even room underneath my golf cart seat to load a cooler! The delivery was efficient and fast. With the 11-year warranty, I will save even in the long run!

It can be seen that the customer liked the battery he received. The battery works well, is compact, and even lightweight, so it is easy to place. He is also satisfied with the fast delivery and the 11-year warranty, which is very favorable.

Another happy customer left a comment:

I purchased a charger and a battery. The charger was broken. Reached out to the company and was promptly sent a new charger and a T-shirt. Outstanding customer service…

Customers say that the brand has outstanding customer service. They are very responsible for replacing customers’ damaged products.

Yet another satisfied customer left a review of his satisfaction with the excellent customer service. The customer was also happy with the performance of the product he received.

I’m so happy about how light my battery is. Without all of the additional weight on my boat, I’m getting almost the entire MPH. Also, I ordered it and sent it to the po box, but they didn’t send it. But the customer service staff was so helpful and contacted me so that we were able to fix the issue.

So, we conclude from the three reviews above that the quality product works very well. Even we rarely find customers who complain about the product’s poor performance. In addition, some customers also stated that the customer service is outstanding.

Is Dakota Lithium Battery Legit?

If we talk about brand legitimacy, we conclude that Dakota Lithium Battery is legit! They guarantee the safety of their products, as evidenced by the various certifications they have achieved.

Its lithium battery collection is UN 38 certified and made from grade A cells. Even the engineering and quality control systems are ISO 9001 certified.

In addition, the brand meets UN-certified test manuals and criteria. They also meet all US & International ground, air, marine, and train transportation regulations. It didn’t stop there! The brand earned an A+ for BBB rating & accreditation. So what else do you have to doubt?

Is Dakota Lithium Battery Worth It?

Providing long-lasting batteries for efficient charging makes Dakota Lithium Battery worth it. They utilize engineering and chemistry knowledge to create batteries that last 4x longer than traditional ones.

Dakota Lithium Battery Review: Is Dakota Lithium Battery Worth It?

Even better, the brand can reduce e-waste and lessen the impact on our planet. They also create practical, sustainable energy products with renewable resources such as wind and solar.

Moreover, with 60% less weight, you move faster. Also, enjoy a more challenging game with Dakota’s hard lithium iron phosphate engineering that they built for extreme environments and cold temperatures.

A best-in-class 11-year warranty backs all its products. The 11-year manufacturer’s defect warranty from the date of purchase proves that the brand guarantees the quality of its products. The average life of a battery is 2,000 recharge cycles or about 5 to 10 years.

In addition, your safety concerns are assured as the product is 100% safe & reliable. The brand uses its signature chemistry that contains no heavy metals or rare earth elements (such as Cobalt).

So it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, has no lead or acid, and requires no watering or maintenance. You can even place it anywhere in any orientation.

Dakota Lithium Battery Shipping Policy

The brand ships batteries for free anywhere in the lower 48 US states and most Canadian provinces. They ship their products in Canada, serviced by FedEx and UPS.

While international shipping only applies to a limited number of countries, please contact the customer service team for more information. International shipping includes Hawaii & Alaska using USPS, FedEx, or DHL, with shipping rates automatically calculated at checkout.

In addition, the brand requires 1 to 3 days of lead time to pack and ship your order. They will promptly ship your order with a delivery time of 5 to 8 business days. Afterward, you’ll receive an email with the tracking number to track your order and estimate its arrival time.

Dakota Lithium Battery Return Policy

A 30-day money-back guarantee backs all products. So, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you have the opportunity for a refund within 30 days of the delivery date.

You can return an undamaged battery for a refund minus a 5% restocking fee. However, before making a return, you need to be aware of following FAA and DOT regulations.

Shipping lithium batteries through a specially marked sturdy box with static-free wrapping. Don’t worry! Shipping packaging is available at your local FedEx/Kinkos or UPS store. 

Send your package with a note including your name, order number, and describe your situation or request. Along with the return address:

Dakota Lithium Technical Support Team
225 South Lucile St.
Seattle, WA 98108

Dakota Lithium Battery Warranty

If you have a problem with your battery, Dakota Lithium offers a direct warranty that you can claim. An 11-year warranty backs all batteries. While other products, such as chargers, accessories, and powerbox cases, have a 1-year warranty.

However, the manufacturer’s defect warranty doesn’t cover misuse or normal wear and tear. So, the brand will charge a repair fee of $150 per hour if your product is deemed improperly used. For complete information, we recommend you visit the warranty policy for details!

How To Contact Dakota Lithium Battery

The brand is ready to give the best service and fast resolution to your questions or problems. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to the brand’s customer service team through the following contacts:

100% US-based support is available during business hours from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm Pacific Time. Also, visit their social media and send your message via DM or see the latest updates about the brand.

  • Facebook: DakotaLithium
  • Instagram: dakota.lithium
  • Youtube: Dakota Lithium

Where to buy Dakota Lithium Battery?

We are pleased to inform you that getting Dakota Lithium is very easy. First of all, you can make a purchase online through the official website. Meanwhile, other online purchases can be made at retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

They are also available offline at several dealers located across the country. Check out the Find a Dealer Store Locator for Dakota Lithium batteries near me.

Dakota Lithium Battery Coupon Codes & Promos

Browse products on the official website to get up to $100 off on selected products. You can also enjoy free shipping to the lower 48 & Canada.

In addition, the brand supports men and women serving or serving in the US or Canadian armed forces. Therefore, they have a DakotaMilitary code that can be used during checkout for a 10% discount. Check the FAQ page for details.

Also, simply sign up for your email to access exclusive offers, such as being the first to know about new products, exciting coupon codes, and more.

Reveal all coupons
Dakota Lithium Battery

Dakota Lithium Battery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Dakota Lithium Battery reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Dakota Lithium battery made?

Are Dakota Lithium batteries made in the USA? or Are Dakota Lithium batteries made in China? So to answer where Dakota Lithium Batteries are made, we found they promote Rugged American Innovation. But each battery has a Made in China sticker at the bottom.

Who makes Dakota Lithium batteries?

Its Lithium batteries are manufactured by the Dakota Lithium Company headquartered in North Dakota.

Are Dakota Lithium good batteries?

Of course! They are a leading manufacturer of high-performance batteries for a variety of applications. Their batteries work great for trolling motors, golf carts, car audio, and much more.

Can you overcharge a Dakota Lithium battery?

Fortunately, Dakota Lithium has a battery management system that can prevent overcharging. It stops charging from the panel once the battery is full. But please always remove the charger if it’s full to avoid dangerous things.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Dakota Lithium Battery Reviews & Ratings

Adventuring outdoors is a lot of fun. However, being away from a power source might be frustrating for some people. Therefore, Dakota Lithium Battery wants to help you do what you love freely and longer.

It’s lightweight and easy to carry is beneficial for you who like outdoor activities. In addition, long-lasting charging makes it worry-free to complete your hobbies with peace of mind. So, stay active comfortably and for a long time with Dakota Lithium!


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