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About Dagne Dover

To support a healthier earth, we do everything we can to make a positive impact. By purchasing a bag from Dagne Dover, you are supporting the creation of a healthy world at once.

Dagne Dover Review: About Dagne Dover
Image: dagnedover.com

Dagne Dover is a New York City-based company that designs and sells functional, stylish bags for women, men, and children. They are known for using high-quality materials, their modern aesthetic, and their commitment to sustainability.

The brand sends a message by creating bags made of recycled bottles. It commits to saving Mother Earth by using most of the materials of the loads 100% vegan. Also, they try to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in the dye. 

Dagne pursues its dream of making bags for all needs, including travel, organizer, to characteristic loads. With all these good intentions, the brand already has loyal followers, 303k on Instagram and 176k on TikTok.

Furthermore, we will invite you to the Dagne Dover review. However, let us see Dagne’s story first!

Overview of Dagne Dover

Three women with different backgrounds created Dagne Dover in 2013, yet they had the same passion and drive to make a bag that is friendly to humans through empathy and design.

The owners try hard not to make any footprint by producing a single bag. The more eco-friendly brand is its commitment to stand out from other brands.

Moreover, the brand believes in these missions while presenting its goods: non-toxic materials of the dye, minimizing waste, reuse & recycle movements, and freeing related animal fabrics.

Not to mention, partnering with creative workers who are used to loving the earth is its primary concern. Archive, Repreve, and the Shelter Partnership of Los Angeles are the series names of the partnership.

Dagne Dover Review

No brand offers just one type of bag, and Dagne’s is no exception. This brand provides you with many collections based on the purpose of use.

Dagne Dover Reviews: Dagne Dover Review

From eco-friendly bags to grocery tote ones are available. As seen in this table, you can find those bags with unique designs.

Dagne Dover Products

  • 365 neoprene, eco-friendlier, vegan, leather + signature, organic cotton
  • Travel, baby, work, gym bags, puff
  • Gender neutral
  • Totes, backpacks, duffles, crossbody, laptop bags
  • Wallets, weekenders, mini bags, organizers, grocery tote
  • Featured deals
  • Gifts
  • Last chance

Although we want to unfold each item, including daily tote reviews, it would be better to start by reviewing the three best-selling ones. There are Landon Carryall Bag, Indi Diaper Backpack, and Ace Fanny Pack.

We a bit of provoke you not to leave after this. Stay tuned for each product review in the next section!

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag Reviews

What’s so special about Landon Carryall Bag? Let’s find out landon review. The load can carry your goods in massive amounts, such as your 16″ laptops.

Dagne Dover Review: Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag Reviews

This review landon comes with Neoprene luggage-handle sleeve and crossbody strap, preferably carried or slung. In addition, this perfectly matches your weekend gateways!

Further, this carry-on luggage uses Repreve recycled for lining, a shoe bag, and a dust pouch. It’s made of 100% vegan materials and 23 recycled plastic bottles.


  • Premium neoprene and performance air mesh
  • Recycled Repreve lining
  • Color-plated zinc-alloy hardware
  • Laptop sleeve with elastic closure 15″ length x 9″ width
  • length 16.5cm x width 9cm x height 11cm
  • Volume: 29 L
  • Top opening: 15″ snapped, 24″ unsnapped
  • 10″ handle drop
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Color & Size

Colors Sizes
  • core: onyx, heather gray, dark moss, dune, storm, and camel
  • seasonal: heron and hottest pink
  • xs, m, s, l, xl

The size we discussed just before is large, and the color in the photo is storm one. Moreover, the seasonal may come in limited quantity. In that case, you should check the availability first.

So, you must pay around $215 only for this neoprene. Also, it would be perfect if you could complete it with kits that get 15% OFF.

Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack Reviews

For new moms looking for a versatile bag, this Indi Diaper Backpack will make you happy. It’s flawlessly carrying it all for your baby essentials, including your favorite 15″ laptops.

Dagne Dover Review: Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack Reviews

In addition, the other features in the review diaper bag here are supported hands-free wrangling, 2 extra zippers opening for wipes, a mini changing mat plus additional pouches, and a luggage sleeve.

As well the bag can also be clipped to your baby’s lovely stroller. You can now stroll around the street quickly. Henceforth, the lining, shoe pouch, and dust bag materials used inside or outside are from Repreve recycled, and it’s trusted 100% vegan.


  • Premium neoprene and performance air mesh
  • Recycled Repreve lining
  • Soft touch velcro
  • Color-plated zinc-alloy hardware
  • 12.25cm length x 6cm width x 13.75cm height
  • Volume: 17 L
  • Top opening clipped: 11.75″
  • Top opening unclipped: 18.25″
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • It fits most 15″ laptops
  • It fits most electric and manual breast pump models

Color & Size

Colors Sizes
  • core: onyx, heather gray, dark moss, dune, storm, camel
  • seasonal: heron and hottest pink
  • s, m, l

Moreover, after seeing the diaper bag review, paying for it is only $215. This iconic backpack is in dune color and large size. While for additional info, the seasonal shades may not always be available.

Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack Reviews

Ace Fanny Pack could be the wise choice for finishing your concert look in the summer. The pack is small yet compact with a front zipper pocket,  making it easier to open and close.

Dagne Dover Review: Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack Reviews

In addition, the adjustable strap can be used in any way, such as slung, clipped to your waist, or carried away. Then, simple pockets are ready for your stash cards and cash.

Further, the lining and dust bag materials are made from Repreve 5 recycled plastic bottles, and it’s known for being 100% vegan.


  • Premium neoprene
  • Recycled Repreve lining
  • Color-plated zinc-alloy hardware
  • 9.25cm length x 5.5cm height x  2.75cm width at the top
  • .5″ at the bottom
  • Volume: 1 L
  • Strap length: fully extended 36″
  • Weight: .5 lbs

The other colors to choose from are onyx, heather gray, dark moss, dune, storm, camel, and the last limited one is a heron.

Additionally, the fanny pack comes with the hottest pink, which makes it more confident to style! However, the color may be limited. To grab this pack, you can buy it only for $95.

Dagne Dover Washing Instruction

Cleaning bags is no longer a chore, with tips and tricks from the brand making cleaning your collection of Dagne’s bags easy.

You can see or note 4 ways to care for your favorite Dagne bags.

  • Don’t overexpose your bag to light, heat, or water, and keep it shady
  • Use gentle soap to hand wash your bag. Alcohol, acetone, and oil are way severe solvents
  • Use a touch more care with lighter colors and darker ones because those shades don’t camouflage stains
  • Lastly, store it in a dust bag when you’re not using it

We also suggest you visit the page on their website to find the unique treatments for individual material. If you still have a question feel free to reach [email protected].

Dagne Dover Pros & Cons

In creating each bag, the brand pays close attention to details. Therefore, the owners work with several creative designers to create the best-performing bags. So, to see such bags, let’s peek at Dagne’s collections!


  • Various collections with colorful colors
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • 100% vegan
  • Non-harmful chemicals in the dye
  • Support recycle & reuse movement
  • Free shipping for over $75
  • Returns, refunds, warranty available
  • Ship internationally


  • There’s a handling fee for the warranty

Who Is Dagne Dover For?

All collections you need are here for your formal look to the informal one. With the good missions they brought, the brand specifies those packs for earth enthusiasts, eco-friendly lovers, travelers, mommies, vegans, workers, sports fanatics, and college students

Dagne Dover Review: Who Is Dagne Dover For?

Not only those people but ordinary ones, both women and men who like straightforward yet consolidated bags for everyday styles, must shift to this brand.

Dagne Dover Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We understand you’re still overthinking whether or not to buy Dagne’s bags. Thus, to help you and the new fans, we want you to take a look at these positive customer testimonials.

Dagne Dover Review: Dagne Dover Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We’ll take a look at the top 3 reviews on their website. Each reviewer has purchased all three products you’ve read reviews about above, and here are the ratings.

The first happy buyer said:

It is my favorite and go-to bag for any weekend or long trip. It fits lots of stuff and has many rooms for extra storage too!

She said the neoprene bag could carry many goods for a long holiday because it had sleeves. While the customer also revealed it could be used for any other occasion.

Another shopper commented:

The diaper bag has been perfect for our family. It’s spacious and is the perfect size for diapers, wipes, a change of clothes,… We switched to this one because it’s truly ideal for everyday use.

The mommy commented that the bag was perfect for her baby’s necessities. She did not regret replacing the previous diaper bag for Dagne’s diaper.

This other pleased buyer said:

I love it. It’s not too big, not too small. I like that it doesn’t have a big logo and is not the ubiquitous lulu bag. Seems durable and well-made.

For the size, the woman said that it came in a perfect one. She expressed it’s neither that tiny nor huge. Also, the woman was praised for the design that didn’t attach an abnormal symbol and suited long-term use.

At last, we agree those three customers are glad with each item they have purchased. They love the bag’s features, design, and use that can be carried away on weekdays or weekends.

Is Dagne Dover Worth It?

With the proliferation of similar bag products, you will undoubtedly question whether the bag from Dagne is worth it. We are very confident that Dagne Dover is worth buying!

Dagne Dover Review: Is Dagne Dover Worth It?

The company can make various types of bags for different purposes. In addition, they commit to minimizing any waste of materials they use and creating creative designs for humans.

Moreover, the brand claims that almost all bags are made from 100% vegan and recycled plastic bottles. We’re just giving you the facts, so choose a pack that suits your personality!

Dagne Dover Shipping Policy

It is a fact that the speed of delivery is highly favorable for every customer. At Dagne’s, you can safely get your order to your home in 6-10 business days. They also provide overseas shipping worldwide.

  • Available free US ground shipping for orders over $75
  • For orders from UK & EU will be shipped by passport shipping
  • Currently, they can’t send to PO Boxes
  • Free returns for international order is unavailable

For further info regarding the shipment process, we suggest you contact [email protected].

Dagne Dover Return Policy

The brand wants to give its new or loyal customers the best service. So, it provides a return within 30 days of shipment for all shipped products within the US. To ensure your return process is running well, see the details.

  • A refund, once the item is accepted, will process it within three business days. 
  • It can’t be suggested to ship in simultaneous amounts in returning items
  • The items must be in good condition or the original one
  • Final sale items are currently not applicable
  • All US returns need a $10 handling fee
  • Discounts or any other promotions are not available for exchanges
  • To fill out the request form, you may need to complete your order number, zip code, phone number, or email
  • Warranty of one year from the date of purchase (includes any product the original buyer purchases, such as a gift). Terms and conditions applied

If you don’t know the order number, it is on your packing slip under the PO number info. For further information about returns, refunds, and warranties, contact [email protected].

How To Contact Dagne Dover

If you are still confused about reaching Dagne’s after all the reviews above, we ensure you won’t be so anymore. Reach their contacts below:

Further, we have discovered several ways to contact them through their customer service these summer business hours.

  • Monday to Thursday 10:30 am – 5:30 pm ET
  • Friday 10:30 am – 1:00 pm ET

Office Address

273 Lafayette St
Soho, New York City

Where to buy Dagne Dover?

We could not say there is another better way to order Dagne’s bags but only on their official website. By ordering through the site, you will preview millions of bags for your needs, including the materials, color, size, and price. It makes you wiser to check out before placing your order.

Another choice is to visit their offline store in Soho, New York City. The opening hours are 11 am – 7 pm on Monday to Friday and 12 pm – 6 pm on Sunday. Besides that, you can visit Amazon, eBay, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other local Dagne Dover stores near your house.

Dagne Dover Coupon Codes & Promos

We care about deals. It becomes more essential while checking out any order you want. We realize it, so we have summarized many offers.

  • By signing up via email, you can get 10% OFF for your first order
  • Extra 10% OFF for activating your other subscription through texts
  • An exclusive offer for getting 20% OFF subjects to teachers, troops, vets, and healthcare workers (verify here)
  • Choose any kit to save 15% OFF (check collections here)
  • Get rewards by creating an account, following DD’s Instagram and TikTok, leaving a review, or submitting UGC
  • Get another bonus of 200 points by giving your friends $20 off for their first order of $100+
  • By doing the VIP earn even more program, you can get more points

We suggest you see further info regarding the terms and conditions of the reward program here.

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Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Dagne Dover reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What country is Dagne Dover from?

The brand is from the USA.

Who is the CEO of Dagne Dover?

The company is owned by three women. The three ladies come from different backgrounds but have similar drive and passion.

Is Dagne Dover made in USA?

Yes, all the products from the brand are made in the USA.

Can you put Dagne Dover in the washing machine?

The company doesn’t recommend washing the bags using the machine. You can clean the bag based on each material used.

How do you pronounce Dagne Dover?

The brand’s name is pronounced Dag-nee Dover.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Dagne Dover Reviews & Ratings

No matter how much luggage you bring, you’re relieved now with Dagne Dover‘s various bag collections. In addition, loving the environment is no longer difficult by buying bags from this brand.

With an eco-friendly commitment, almost all bags are made with recycled plastic bottles and are 100% vegan. As well, there are no harmful chemicals in the dyes. So, look at the catalog on the site and check it out!


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