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Creative Arcades Review 2024 → Best-In-Cass Pinball & Arcade Machine

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About Creative Arcades

Do you feel like your life is getting hectic and complicated? You’re not alone. For a quick escape from your stressful life, try arcade games for adults. Thankfully, you can personalize your arcade machines online at Creative Arcades.

Creative Arcades Review: About Creative Arcades

Creative Arcades is a leading company of commercial-grade arcade machines. The company offers custom-made arcades and pinball machines to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Accordingly, the company is known for its quality machines built to last and withstand day-to-day use. They also provide various game machines, from stand-up arcades to racing and cocktail arcades. 

Besides, Creative Arcade has been featured on The Price Is Right, an American TV game show where contestants guess the price to win a challenge. This brand also looks active on social media, with 456 followers on Instagram and 1k+ followers on Facebook. 

As you find Creative Arcade review in your search engine, you’re all set to play arcades in your home. So, are you ready to place your arcade machine? Keep on reading!

Overview Of Creative Arcades

Before we dive further into the products, let’s get a quick overview of Creative Arcades. This company has its headquarters in Southern California. It is located in an 85,000-square-foot distribution center.

Beginning from conceptual design to retail distribution, the company strives to produce the highest quality products. They specialize in creating unique and creative custom-made fun game machines. 

In addition to offering its products online, the brand has a showroom in California. Thus, it allows customers to come and see first-hand how good the product is. 


  • Free shipping on all US orders
  • Easy to return within 30 days
  • 3-year warranty
  • Online store and offline store 
  • Offers military discounts 
  • Excellent customer service

Creative Arcades Reviews

Make friends with your new arcade! Creative Arcades has the largest selection of arcade machines in the USA. It will be perfect to put in your game room, bar, waiting room, or break room. You can enjoy the game alone, with friends, or with family.

Creative Arcades Reviews: Creative Arcades Reviews

You can never be wrong about the quality. They use quality materials with manufacturing processes that meet the highest standards. They also offer various styles and sizes to customize your orders. That being said, it will be your new stress-relief game.

From portable arcades to virtual pinballs, here’s a list of collections to upgrade your game room. Check it out!

Creative Arcades Collections 

Arcades Machines Stand-up arcades, cocktail arcades, racing arcades, basketball arcades, wine barrel arcades, and tabletop arcades. 
Pinball Machines Virtual pinball machine, the pincade combo pinball, pinball machine with trackball, and more.

Additionally, the company offers the Refurbished Arcades Collection at low prices from previous sales. It remains well-maintained and has good performance. 

For a deeper insight into each product, we have picked 3 best-selling products to discuss further. Scroll down to read more!

Creative Arcades Pinball Review

If you’re an owner and want to create a sense of fun and excitement in the workplace, you can try to set up a TR2 Virtual Pinball Machine. This game machine allows your employees to lessen stress and increase their productivity. 

Creative Arcades Review: Creative Arcades Pinball Review

TR2 Virtual Pinball Machine is perfectly designed. Unlike the other pinball machines, this machine has precision craftsmanship with its thick tempered glass and classic pinball buttons.

In addition, the screen size of 49″ LG Playfield with 32″ 1080p and 15.6″ DMD color brings so much fun. You won’t feel any wear and tear, even as you keep playing.

Of course, it allows you to enjoy the real pinball experience. TR2 features 327 pre-installed classic pinball games to keep you engrossed. Feel free to play these amazing games, from Atlantis to Avengers Premium and Far Out to Memory Lane.

Product Details:

  • Pinball Type: Full-Size Multi-Game
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1050TI 4G
  • SSD: 240GB Galaxy
  • CPU: I3 9100F
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: 276 lbs
  • Cabinet: MDF
  • RAM: DDR 4 8G 

Overall, this pinball machine is a big hit for you. It is super easy and quick to set up. You can buy it for $5,899 with various woodgrain color options. Isn’t this something you want?

Creative Arcades Stand Up Arcade Review

When did the last time you played arcade games? Bring back your passion and play the arcade again to take the edge off your tiring day. You can try Creative Arcades’ #1 best-seller arcade collection, the TR-2 Terminator Light Blaster Stand-up Arcade Machine.

Creative Arcades Review: Creative Arcades Stand Up Arcade Review

This arcade machine is a no-brainer. It features 9043 classic game lists with 100+ Shooting Action-packed shooting games. Of course, this will bring back flashbacks of your childhood games.

Further, the TR-2 has extra features such as 2 light guns, 2 wide-mouth cup holders, and an LED full-color spectrum. This brings more fun and a high level of excitement to the game.

Moreover, the exclusive TR-2 Light Gun System provides a fascinating shooting experience. You can play this for 4 players, starting with classic or going straight to role-playing games.

Product Details:

  • Arcade Type: Cabinet
  • Size: 42″W x 29.5″D x 73″
  • Joystick Count: 4
  • Trackball: Yes
  • Stools: 2
  • 20+ Emulators
  • Minor assembly required
  • Credits: Coin Operated + Free Play Supported

So, what do you think so far? Are you interested in having this machine in your home? Place your arcade now! It costs $8,499 with 10 different styles. It also includes a manual guideline for easy installation.

Creative Arcades Cocktail Arcade Machine Review

Want another unique arcade to play with your friend? You can go for the 3 Sided Tilt Cocktail Arcade Machine with unmatched quality in the industry.

Creative Arcades Review: Creative Arcades Cocktail Arcade Machine Review

This best-selling arcade machine is rated the #1 Arcade Machine in the Official Top 5 Review. That’s because of its good performance with 1162 classic games, 3500 games, and 4500 games included.

Moreover, it comes with premium SANWA joysticks to fully control your game. It also includes 2 bar stools for free. Of course, this allows you to spend all day confidently playing arcade games.

There are 2 screen size options: 26″ and 32″ screen. So you can choose the game as you like at ease. Plus, this machine comes fully assembled, so you don’t need to do some installation. It is simply plug-and-play ready. 

Products Details:

  • Arcade Type: Cocktail
  • Game Count: 1162-4500
  • Joystick: 4
  • Stool Count: 2
  • Weight: 26″ (225 lbs) and 32″ (235 lbs)
  • No setup necessary

Other than that, this arcade machine is highly durable. It also comes with a 3-year warranty. It means you can use it for years while it remains the same. So, are you interested in buying? If so, buy it now for $3,448 for the 26″ screen and $3,848 for the 32″ screen.

Creative Arcades Game Lists

Well, Creative Arcades offers the most durable and high-quality arcades and pinball with a wide variety of pre-installed 80s and 90s classic games included. 

Below are game lists you can choose to play for your fun game. 

Arcade Game List Pinball Game List Racing Game List
  • 60 Games
  • 412 Games
  • 750 Games
  • 1162 Games
  • 2448 Games
  • 3000 Games
  • 3502 Games
  • 4539 Games
  • 4701 Games
  • 5100 Games
  • 6296 Games
  • 9043 Games 
  • 327 Games
  • 1080 Games
  • 1306 Games
  • 2030 Games
  • 2558 Games
  • 107 Games
  • 177 Games

Of course, the more game options, the more fun you’ll have.

Creative Arcades vs Prime Arcades

The home arcade machines are increasingly popular in the industry. It allows customers to compare one brand to another to find the best one. Thus, we will compare between Creative Arcades and Prime Arcades. 

Creative Arcades 

  • Products: Arcades & Pinball Machines
  • Free shipping: Yes
  • Price: Start from $398 
  • Shipping: Curbside
  • Custom Design: Yes 

Prime Arcades

  • Products: Arcade Machines & Other Game Room
  • Free shipping: Yes
  • Price: Starting from $999.00
  • Shipping: Curbside, driveway
  • Custom Design: Yes

Creative Arcades Pros & Cons

Every product must have its own pros & cons. Therefore, you must understand the product you will buy. Let’s take a look below!


  • Made with the best materials in a quality craftmanship
  • Easy to use and play
  • Available in number of games list options
  • No setup necessary
  • Provides arcade machines in a variety f styles
  • Well-packaged to ensure its safety


  • No 3500 game count included

Who Is Creative Arcades For?

Arcades or pinballs aren’t just for kids. They are made for all gaming enthusiasts to find quick happiness when getting stuck on a hectic day. You can play this game with your friends or our kid. 

Whether you’re an extreme gamer or just a beginner, you can always count on the popular Creative Arcades machines to add to your game room or vacation home.

This room machine is also the best choice for your rental properties, restaurants, or clubs. You can put this machine to attract your customers or to give a fun activity for your employees in the office.

Creative Arcades Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Customers’ testimonials become the most essential point to consider when buying a product. With that in mind, we’ve included testimonials from Trustpilot to simplify your search.

Creative Arcades Review: Creative Arcades Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

According to Trustpilot, the brand receives 4.1/5 stars from 195 reviews. So, what do they think about the product? Let’s find out below: 

The company strives to ensure that all products are carefully packaged for secure delivery. That’s why a customer said:

We are so excited with everything about this cocktail arcade from this brand! The ordering process was increadible super easy. They customized it just like we wanted. It was delivered quickly, and the finish was just right and perfect…

In addition, one happy customer also expressed his excitement towards the excellent quality of the arcade. He said:

What a great Arcade! We are pleased with our Two Player Cocktail Arcade, and the team was super helpful and communicative. Overall, it looks awesome and amazing … 

Another buyer also couldn’t stop feeling excited about this arcade. It arrived in excellent condition and fast. He commented:

What an amazing, high-quality arcade that took me down memory lane while being an instant hit with my kids. It was shipped quickly, packaged securely, and arrived in good condition …

Based on the reviews above, we can say that the arcade deserves your attention. You no longer have to worry about the quality and delivery process. It will be delivered to your location in perfectly fit and well-performed condition. 

Is Creative Arcades Worth It?

After we spent hours exploring this brand, we believe that Creative Arcades is worth every commercial-grade arcade machine. The brand uses top materials to ensure the machine is sturdy and long-lasting for extended use.

Creative Arcades Review: Is Creative Arcades Worth It?

In addition, the brand produces best-in-class pinball machines and other types of room machines. It allows you to play to the fullest anytime you want. You’ll also find up to 9043 games to enhance your game to the next level.

How To Contact Creative Arcades

If you are still confused about which arcades or pinball models to pick, ask for help directly from customer support. Send them an email at [email protected] or use the following contact methods:

  • Submit a message through the contact page
  • Contact number: (949) 381-7367
  • Prefer texting? Use Live Chat

The team will respond to your inquiries promptly during business hours. Give them a call if you need urgent help.

Creative Arcades Shipping Policy

Creative Arcades ships to the United Shipping and Canada. They also offer free curbside delivery on orders within the US with no minimum orders.

Once you place the order, it will process within 1-2 business days. After that, your order will be processed again for production, quality control check, and packaging in 5-10 days.

Please allow an additional 7-10 business days for shipping time to arrive at your location. You can always check your order status by using a tracking number. 

Creative Arcades Return Policy

Not feeling satisfied with the arcade you ordered? Take it easy. You can return the product for a refund within 30 days after arrival. Please note that products must be returned in good condition. 

If you wish to make a return, please send a message via email at [email protected] to receive a label and shipping address. It usually takes 5-7 business days to process your refund to your original payment.

Where to buy Creative Arcades?

Creative Arcades products are available in both online and offline stores, as follows: 

  • Visit the online store at
  • Go to the outlet to experience the products first-hand. You can visit the store Monday – Friday,8 am – 5 pm. It is closed on weekends. 

Creative Arcades Store 

25954 Commercentre Drive,
Lake Forest, California

Creative Arcades Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you looking for a discount on your arcade? This brand offers special prices for all customers purchasing on its website. Just follow these rules: 

  • Subscribe to the newsletter to get exclusive deals and early access to the newest products
  • Use coupon code GAMEON to claim 7% OFF sitewide
  • Reveal more promo codes through the button below

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Creative Arcades Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Creative Arcades reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Creative Arcades locations?

Creative Arcades has an outlet located in Lake Forest, California. 

Does Creative Arcades offer free shipping?

Absolutely yes! The brand gives free delivery to all customers. It will automatically applied to the checkout page. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Creative Arcades Reviews & Ratings

So, which arcade machine caught your attention? Whether you prefer to pick stand-up arcades or cocktail ones, this machine has excellent performance and is built for last. It also comes with three years of warranty. 

Overall, Creative Arcades is always the best place for your arcade machine quest. It includes your favorite classic arcade games to awaken your skills and brings a lot of fun. You can also personalize your favorites list for easy game selection. So, let’s get them today!


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