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About Crazy Skates

Lying down on your bed and playing mobile games for the whole weekend? That’s such a bad habit, though. Starting today, let’s have some fun and attractive activities to do outdoors. Uhm, what about checking the Crazy Skates store? Will it be worth it?

Crazy Skates Review: About Crazy Skates

We know that Netflix, Disney, and TikTok are our big enemies. Yes, they can make you stay in bed for 24 hours without doing anything, right? Therefore, we need to have some fun outdoor activities, and it’s by playing with adjustable roller skates from this store.

Or, if you want to have a more challenging experience, a foldable kick scooter is also here. But wait, have we told you why you need to go to Crazy Skates? Well, the fact that it has gained over 26.7k social media followers may be one of the answers to that question.

So, will you join us to learn more about this store for a healthier and more fun life? Psssttt, the store offers products for various ages so you may get one or two for your kids, too. Finally, does it mean that our Crazy Skates review is about to drop? Exactly, yes!

Overview Of Crazy Skates

Since when did Crazy Skates skate on the ground? Let us bring you to 2004, where it all began. The Crazy Skate Company is an Australian brand that produces roller skates & scooters.

John Moore, the company’s owner in Australia, had been in such an industry before he started this business. Once he got a chance, his dream turned into a wildly popular roller skate brand.

Then, what happened next? Only 7 years after its establishment in Australia, the company became bigger and expanded its business to the USA in 2011 to reach more customers worldwide.

Today, Crazy Skates USA is the only exclusive distributor for the company. Also, under the good management of Trent Carter (CEO), this huge distributor business has been doing a great job.

This year, marking its 12th year of operation, this USA company still displays a lot of incredible products to choose from. Also, the fact that you will see all of them below must be exciting, right?

Crazy Skates Review

Have you arranged a schedule to play roller skates for the upcoming weekend? Whether you want to invite your spouse, kids, friends, or neighbors, it’s all okay. So, will you get your favorite one here?

Crazy Skates Reviews: Crazy Skates Review

In Crazy Skates, kids are the prioritized customers. Most products are designed to be as comfortable as possible while being worn by kids. However, you can also get yours here by checking this table:

Crazy Skates Product Collections

Roller Skates Get the best roller skates for kids, men, and women with adjustable sizes on this page!
Inline Skates Inline skates are also here! Same as the roller, the collections are available for all ages!
Scooters Looking for another fun experience? Scooter collections come to give you more challenges!
Parts Keep your skates or scooters durable and safe by buying parts to replace the old ones!

Once you visit the site, can you stop yourself from shopping? We don’t think you can. The brand’s products are incredibly cute, and we know that’s what makes you weak, right? But we still have some here.

In addition to those product collections, you can also purchase some socks and other accessories if you want. And since you’re so excited now, can we start revealing the brand’s best-selling items now?

Crazy Skates Glitter Pop Reviews

The name is so cool, and we hope you all think so. Have you ever imagined how stylish and trendy Adjustable Roller Skates – Glitter Pop is? Finally, it is in front of your eyes now!

Crazy Skates Review: Crazy Skates Glitter Pop Reviews

If you love bling-bling things, this skate may suit your taste the best. As its name suggests, Glitter Pop has a glitter-infused inside, exuding feminine and lively vibes simultaneously.

Next, the adjustment system allows kids to customize the skates to their feet, providing a personalized fit. Also, the ABEC 5 bearings make the wheels turn smoothly for a safer ride.

Glitter Pop Details:

  • Adjustable 4 in 1 Size
  • Alloy Trucks
  • Glitter Boot with Rolled Padded Collar
  • Glitter Pop Urethane Wheels

So, are you ready to skate with your own Adjustable Roller Skates – Glitter Pop? A pair of them is only $69.99, so we guess you will regret it when someone takes it earlier than you. 

Crazy Glam Skates Reviews

With a mystic purple color, who loves to wear Adjustable Roller Skates – Glam for this weekend? We guarantee it runs smoothly, and you will know what ‘freedom‘ is. Scroll to find more!

Crazy Skates Review: Crazy Glam Skates Reviews

Same as the previous product, this skate is also glitter-infused. Combined with the purple color, it shows mystical but fancy looks at the same time. Thus, we know why most kids love this.

Then, the glittery part is not only for looks. Meanwhile, it provides an additional layer of protection, making your skates more durable and giving them a long-lasting glow. Do you love this?

Glam Skates Details:

  • Adjustable 4 in 1 Size
  • Cast Alloy Skate Plate With Metal Trucks
  • Form Fitted Boots
  • Premium Urethane Bushings
  • Neoprene Backed Tongue
  • ABEC-7 Chrome Steel Bearings

Can we say that Adjustable Roller Skates – Glam suits your style? Therefore, add this to your favorite item collection and spend no more than $109.99! The review says good, right?

Crazy Retro Roller Skates Reviews

A roller skate with a retro-styled touch? The store fully understands what you need, so let’s see how this Adjustable Roller Skates – Retro satisfies your desire. First, let’s not miss its official look!

Crazy Skates Review: Crazy Retro Roller Skates Reviews

The uniqueness of this item is its super soft leather. Blended with a super bright blue color, this skate gives an innocent look, but it actually saves more challenges every time you’re on it.

Related to the soft leather, it’s made of 100% vegan materials, making it comfortable and durable. Also, it features a rolled collar that provides a perfect fit and helps to prevent any lace pressure,

Retro Roller Skates Details:

  • Adjustable 4 in 1 Size
  • High-cut Boot
  • Metal Lace Hooks
  • Indoor/Outdoor Urethane Wheels
  • ABEC-7 Bearings

If you are a big fan of retro-style items, is Adjustable Roller Skates – Retro on your wishlist now? Of course, yes. Having a pair of them won’t make you poor since they are only $99.99 today.

Crazy Skates Soda Pop Reviews

Barbie gangs, we believe you can’t refuse this. Adjustable Roller Skates – Soda Pop comes in a vibrant pink color. This is such an ultimate choice for you to complete your Barbie life!

Crazy Skates Review: Crazy Skates Soda Pop Reviews

With a glitter-infused concept (again), this skate really brings the fancy and colorful world of Barbie. Also, with its solid and durable boot, pro or beginner players can easily surf on it.

Furthermore, these skates feature sturdy nylon boots that offer rigidity and support for skaters of all levels. Also, its adjustment to 4 different shoe sizes is good for your growing kids. 

Soda Pop Details:

  • Adjustable 4 in 1 Size
  • Premium Quality Candy Striped Laces
  • Rolled Collar, Padded Tongue, and Boot Lining
  • Indoor/Outdoor Wheels Urethane Wheels
  • ABEC-3 Bearings

Who wants to be popping out like this Adjustable Roller Skates – Soda Pop? We know that you have loved this item since the first sight. Thus, spending around $59.99 is so cheap, right?

Crazy Zoom Skates Reviews

After the cheerful roller skates with ultra-bright colors, can we have a different one? Committed to exuding brave and manly looks, let’s see how handsome Adjustable Roller Skates – Zoom is!

Crazy Skates Review: Crazy Zoom Skates Reviews

Leaving all itty-bitty skates, this item performs differently, and of course, the experience must be different. The lined boot with a Velcro speed strap ensures top performance for all skaters.

Moreover, you must believe in its performance. The wheels provide excellent grip and stability on indoor/outdoor surfaces. Also, adjustable toe stops make the skating experience more responsive.

Zoom Skates Details:

  • Wide Fitting Padded Speed Boots
  • Galaxy Plate
  • Alloy Trucks
  • ABEC-5 Red Rubber Shielded Bearings

Does the Adjustable Roller Skates – Zoom look fully represent your tough personality? If so, we believe you will be happy to spend around $119.99 for this cool stuff. Pssstt, you won’t get this anywhere!

Crazy Skates Sizing Guide

Dear all active skaters! If you think that looking for a perfect-fit roller skate is difficult, it’s actually not. Since the products from Crazy Skates come in adjustable sizing, you can easily find your best one.

However, if you need a detailed size chart, you may check it on this page. Once you open it, you will discover various sizing guides (US size) for roller and inline skates. So, please decide what products you want to buy, and don’t forget to check their size chart!

Crazy Skates Pros and Cons

Do you want to prove what people say about this brand? You have no better section to tell you about that than this pros and cons section:


  • The products are suitable for all ages (especially kids)
  • Adjustable sizes
  • Various styles and colors
  • Sturdy, durable, and safe
  • Detailed sizing chart
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free standard shipping in the US
  • Free limited return (with a requirement)
  • 30-day return
  • 90-daya warranty


  • Most choices of size are out of stock
  • A person’s unique size of feet may be a little problem in finding a perfect-fit size

Who Is Crazy Skates For?

Having some rest from phone and mobile game activities is sometimes needed to make us stay healthy. Since you’re looking for the best alternative, roller skating is now coming to your mind.

Thankfully, everything is easier with Crazy Skates. So, can everyone buy products from them? Yes, we can confidently say that the brand’s products suit customers of all ages, especially kids. Those collections not only give fun experiences but also more healthy moves since you no longer spend your 24/7 with a phone.

Crazy Skates Review: What Do Customers Think?

Why is this section the most important among all the sections? Yes, it’s because you can see the truth about whether Crazy Skates is good or not. So, how did people rate this store?

Crazy Skates Review: Crazy Skates Review: What Do Customers Think?

To be a happy customer, as in the picture above, you shouldn’t skip everything. On the review platform, there are over 3.1k reviews with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. 

Meanwhile, the following product’s detailed ratings are also crucial to know:

  • Glitter Pop: 4.6 out of 5 stars from 705 reviews on Amazon
  • Glam Skates: 4.6 out of 5 stars from 656 reviews on Amazon
  • Retro Roller Skates: 4.7 out of 5 stars from 386 reviews on Amazon
  • Soda Pop: 4.7 out of 5 stars from 2098 reviews on Amazon
  • Zoom Skates: 4.4 out of 5 stars from 356 reviews on Amazon

You shouldn’t think that those numbers are not cool, right? However, we still have more, and they are the customer’s real reviews. So, what did they actually say after shopping?

We’re happy to bring this good review from a super-satisfied customer:

We have new entertainment in the house thanks to Crazy. These boots (soda pop and model 148) are perfect for our daughter as she can grow into them. They are well-made, sturdy, and supportive, with wheels that have a good spin. We rate them 5 stars.

A 5-star rating comes from this customer, as he found that the skates are sturdy and functional. Will you agree?

Now, can you read this, too?

These skates are adorable and super speedy. Definitely worth the money I spent. My daughter is super happy and will be able to use them for years since they are adjustable. Next, I think buying the Evoke skate will be nice for me.

There’s nothing faster than those skates. This customer admitted the product’s good durability and fast speed.

Also, we don’t think you can skip this review:

These skates are amazing! I purchased three pairs, one for each of my kids. I bought two pairs from Amazon and the other one from Walmart because of the limited availability of colors. My kids are tough on shoes and even tougher on skates, but so far, these skates have held up well. They are durable and well-made.

Will you learn from this customer? She bought 3 pairs and was so happy they’re all well-made and great.

Finally, are you now sure to choose Crazy Skates among other roller skate providers? From those reviews, we have nothing to worry about, and it should convince you more to shop.

Is Crazy Skates Worth It?

Do you want us to say ‘yes‘? Fortunately, the truth says that Crazy Skates is totally worth buying roller skates and scooters provider.

With the company’s experience of almost 2 decades in the industry, the quality has been unmatched. Also, the number of satisfied customers is already great, and it increases daily.

Crazy Skates Shipping Policy

What comes afterward? Of course, it’s shipping policy. So, where does this store usually ship the products?

The good news for all skaters is that this store ships in the USA and most countries worldwide. Meanwhile, free standard shipping is only available for USA customers.

In addition, people who live in the USA may be eligible for free shipping when they order over $50. So, since most of the product’s prices are above it, you can get it right away!

Crazy Skates Return Policy

By reading the sizing guide, you don’t need to return it when you are already sure of your size. However, the condition is always easy sometimes. So, what’s the return policy?’

Basically, all customers are eligible to apply for a return within 30 days after the receipt date. Also, don’t forget to ensure that your item is still and unworn. Can it be free for all customers?

Yes, free limited return is also possible in Crazy Skates. With REDO, you can get this option by adding an item to your cart for a $2.50 fee. Lastly, to start your return, kindly click this!

How To Contact Crazy Skates?

Will Crazy Skates answer my question about the product and others?‘ Sure, they are always available to help you here:

  • Phone: 317 222 6105
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: crazyskates/crazyskatesco/Crazy Skates Co.
  • Contact form: Fill it out on this page!

Company Address

2801 Fortune Cir E Suite C,
Indianapolis, IN 46241, USA

Where to buy Crazy Skates?

Are you getting your own roller skate soon? Then, ensure you visit the right site to buy them. First, we suggest you shop immediately at the brand’s official website (click here).

Second, if you love shopping on e-commerce platforms, the store has a Walmart and Amazon account. So, enjoy shopping wherever it is!

Crazy Skates Coupon Codes & Promos

Who’s here to reveal a coupon code? We hope you find them here:

  • Reveal more offers, deals, and giveaways by subscribing to the brand’s email
  • Use the discount code REVELkaklde25 to save $25.00 on the Scooter Mega Sale
  • Free standard shipping for orders over $50 (48 states of the US)
  • Enjoy a 20% discount with promo code BF20

We know they are not enough for you. Therefore, we’ll help you to reveal more in the following blue button:

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Crazy Skates Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Crazy Skates reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Are Crazy Skates a good brand?

Yes, Crazy Skates is a good brand that provides sturdy, durable, safe, and speedy roller skates or scooters.

Who owns Crazy Skates?

The owner of the Australian company is John Moore. Meanwhile, this USA company is owned and led by Trent Carter.

Where is Crazy Skates located?

The detailed location of Crazy Skates USA is at 2801 Fortune Cir E Suite C, Indianapolis, IN 46241.

Does Crazy Skates ship internationally?

Fortunately, yes. The brand ships to most countries around the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Crazy Skates Reviews & Ratings

So, who’s happy to find roller skating as his new hobby for the weekend? We believe inviting friends or someone else to join your skating journey will be much happier and more fun.

After all, the holiday season is about to come. Persuading kids to spend most of their time with Crazy Skates may give them challenging experiences and better health for their active moves. And since it ends now, will you start shopping?


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