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CoverCouch Review 2024 → Best Customized IKEA Sofa Covers

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About CoverCouch

Having furniture means you want yours to be fully protected. As an IKEA fan, bored with your furniture’s minimum protection and looks is no longer a big deal. It is because CoverCouch will help you erase all your problems!

CoverCouch Review: About CoverCouch

As we know, IKEA sells their sofa or chair without the cover. Hence, it would be best if you bought them separately. However, the sad news is, they did not have the option to customize the covers to what customers wanted. 

On top of that, CoverCouch exists as a savior. You can now customize your sofa or chair cover with just one click. This brand will help you enhance your shop experience by personalizing your covers to your perfect preference.

Moreover, they have the best fabric in this industry with 100% Polyester. This brand’s products are also flame resistant, washable, durable, and bagged with an environmental test certification.

With its remarkable journey of about 10 years, this brand boasts 6,4k followers on Facebook and 2,7k followers on Instagram. Moreover, this brand already helps many IKEA fans worldwide to get a great cover that fits their taste.

We plan to take you to dive into what this brand stands for and how their product can impact your furniture. Let’s begin with the CouchCover review!

Overview of CoverCouch

CoverCouch is a custom IKEA covers brand established in Jan 2013. Although it doesn’t mention the founder, this brand already helps thousands of IKEA customers and has significantly grown as an IKEA covers brand.

This brand believes that IKEA fans worldwide want to upgrade their furniture. For that reason, CoverCouch presents a way to help enhance IKEA fans’ experiences by providing a personalized cover.

However, even for customized options available to enhance your creativity, this brand doesn’t forget the aim of furniture cover as a protective shield from dust, pet hair, or even unwanted spills.

Thus, their commitment to using only premium quality has distinguished them from their competitors. Each of their covers is crafted with attention to detail, using durable materials that enhance longevity to wear and tear.

In addition, this brand is also committing to carefully assisting their customers with the best customer services and the sample! You can order up to 15 pieces from them to decide what fabric you want best fits your furniture.

Also, they will send them quickly at a rocket speed of 2-3 business days, but what more best is that they will refund your shipping fees once you place an actual cover order.

CoverCouch Review

CoverCouch is a sophisticated custom cover for IKEA’s best products, varying from sofas, chairs and armchairs.

CoverCouch Reviews: CoverCouch Review

Further, the brand wants to give exceptional satisfying purchases by making sure its brand material is comfortable, durable, and has a versatile selection of fabric and colors.

CoverCouch Collections

Each type has an option to choose from fabric, color, and price. With so many products that this brand offers, we will focus on 3 of the best products on their popular product list. Let’s begin!

CoverCouch Cover for Ektorp Two-Seat Sofa Reviews

Ektorp’s two-seat sofa perfectly matches a small living room or minimalist home with limited space. This type of sofa usually fits a new couple in their new houses. If you want to upgrade your Ektorp’s two-seat sofa, you come to the right place!

CoverCouch Review: CoverCouch Cover for Ektorp Two-Seat Sofa Reviews

This Cover for the Ektorp two-seat sofa has four fabric options: Polyester, Wool, Trevira CS, and Polypropylene. The primary color available is 12 base colors varied within your chosen fabric. As mentioned in the overview, this covers also washable at up to 30°C.

Since they have a versatile selection of colors, you can choose whether you want a neutral, warm, or cool tone to fit your preferences. One of the best colors they have is Malmo New SilverFox.

The color base is neutral from black, grey, white, and brown. These neutral schemes aim to give the decorations a calm and cozy vibe. Starting from £281, you can now have it for only £238.85.

CoverCouch Cover for Ektorp Three-Seat Sofa Reviews

Next, the Cover for Ektorp Three-Seat Sofa. Unlike the two-seat sofa, this three-seat sofa perfectly matches the medium size of a living room.

CoverCouch Review: CoverCouch Cover for Ektorp Three-Seat Sofa Reviews

Usually purchased by a big family of 3 or 4 members, Ektorp Three-Seat Sofa becomes everyone’s favorite. The only reason comes from their great extent. You can sleep on the top of the sofa and watch your favorite serials comfortably.

However, to enhance those experiences on this sofa, you need a Cover for Ektorp Three-Seat Sofa by CoverCouch. This sofa cover also comes with four kinds of fabric and 12 base colors.

Since more than 50+ new fabrics and colors have recently been added to the list, let’s review one of the recent colors they have called Bergamo Dark Grey.

These colors have a hint of black used as an accent. Because the color fits well with the usual upholstery, some experts also mention that black is a must-have color everyone should consider putting on their house.

Then, what’s stopping you from buying this cover? Get Cover for Ektorp Three-Seat Sofa for just £286.45  from £337 now!

CoverCouch Cover for Ektorp Corner Sofa 2+2 Reviews

We’ve come to the review of the Cover for Ektorp Corner Sofa 2+2. Matches a big living room or house with a vast furniture space, this Ektorp Corner Sofa 2+2 is one of the must-buy items from IKEA. As stated in their name, this sofa is large enough for up to 5 people.

CoverCouch Review: CoverCouch Cover for Ektorp Corner Sofa 2+2 Reviews

Even with its enormous size, CoverCouch does not offer a high price. It is proven by the existence of this product on the popular product lists. 

This cover has four fabric types and 12 base colors, similar to the two best product reviews above. You can freely choose the material and the colors that match your taste. Let’s take a look at the Valve Walnut colors from their collection.

Valve Walnut blend with any decoration at your house because this color scheme has a brown and grey base that matches any decoration. If you have luxurious or warm-cozy decorations in your home, don’t hesitate to try this color.

Thus, make this Cover for Ektorp Corner Sofa 2+2 protecting yours. From £536.35 only, you can send this item to your house in 2-3 weeks!

CoverCouch Pros and Cons

Let’s learn more about CoverCouch by examining the pros and cons in the table below.


  • Durable and washable materials
  • Flame resistant
  • It has a versatile selection of colors
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Fast production (less than 2-3 weeks)
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Great customer service


  • Available for IKEA furniture only (sofas, chairs, and armchairs)
  • There is an additional shipping fee for a return that doesn’t meet their return criteria
  • There is no offline store

Who is CoverCouch For?

This brand is dedicated to everyone who wants to upgrade their IKEA furniture, from sofa chairs and armchairs.

CoverCouch Review: Who is CoverCouch For?

After reading all the review sections, you may understand why this brand exists. It is because CoverCouch has you covered! Thus, you don’t have to worry about protecting your IKEA furniture for years. 

In addition, they stand for your creativity, which means you define your furniture designs. No need to worry if you feel bored with your old sofas or chairs cause you don’t have to buy the new one. Hence, you only need a cover, and CoverCouch will help you fully.

CoverCouch Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We found 1839 total reviews on their website. After thoroughly reading all the reviews, the overall score average is 4.78/5. This proves that all the purchases made are satisfied with the product.

CoverCouch Review: CoverCouch Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Here are some of the reviews on CoverCouch official website:

Excellent fabric and good quality, flawless manufacturing, and fast delivery. Very professional! Thank you!

This customer said she feels satisfied with the product quality and happy with the delivery services that quickly served the product.

Another satisfying review comes from the purchase of a two-seat sofa.

Thrilled with the cover couch purchase! The color and quality are amazing and fit perfectly. Also, big thumbs up to their good customer service. Highly recommend this company!

This happy customer said that the cover has good quality. The color also matches perfectly with her sofas. Also, with their excellent customer service, she recommended the brand to everyone who wanted to buy their product.

Most reviews are delighted with the fabric quality and their excellent customer service, including the two reviews we listed.

Moreover, many customers said the cover is soft and perfectly fits the color and size of their furniture. It proves that this brand takes serious note of its customer’s satisfaction.

Is CoverCouch Worth It?

We are sure that furniture is like your investment in your house, and we believe that making it possible to protect them from being broken is why you must buy a cover for it. Fortunately, CoverCouch has it all, so it is worth buying.

CoverCouch Review: Is CoverCouch Worth It?

Also, since you can customize your order from this brand, don’t hesitate to reorder with different colors, patterns, or fabrics and make your furniture look new again every month or year. 

Their commitment will always be to give satisfaction purchases for their customers. Therefore, they maintain their best customer service to get your back and assist you quickly and helpfully.

CoverCouch Warranty Policy

The brand has a 12 months warranty for defective goods. Ensure that after purchasing the product, you have been taken care of under their care and maintenance instructions.

If you find some defect, they will replace the faulty goods only, but if the item is no longer available, they will offer you an alternative, or you can also ask for a refund option.

However, as mentioned earlier, due to the nature of the brand, they cannot provide you with the returned items in the exact color match. You can also read the detailed terms in Faulty Goods or Guarantee.

CoverCouch Shipping Policy

This company ships worldwide through European Union. There are no additional taxes, duties, or extra fees if you live in EU Countries. However, for non-EU countries (except the United Kingdom), a local charge may apply once your packages arrive in your country. 

If there is a custom fee, the UPS driver will collect directly from the recipient upon delivery. Moreover, the customer needs to identify the charge because they cannot accurately predict the costs for shipping to your country.

For UK customers, since the BREXIT on 31 December 2020, the EU laws are no longer acceptable to the UK. Therefore the UK will be treated as non-EU Countries for customs. Therefore, there is a customs fee for extra paperwork on the border, costing £30 GBP. You can pay them during checkout time.

CoverCouch Return Policy

The brand will accept any product cancellation before the shipping starts, and you won’t get any charge for the process. However, since the brand’s nature is custom-made, they won’t accept cancellations due to the customer’s change of mind.

Get a product with manufacturing defects such as broken or holes? You can contact them through their email within 14 days after the day of the delivery. After the product is checked, they will replace and send the new items to you within the time scale without any charge.

Please note that the overall charges between the return activity are charged to the customers if the return doesn’t meet their criteria. You can also read their Return Options or ask their customer service, and they will assist you with any problem you face during the transaction.

How To Contact CoverCouch

If you need assistance with your delivery or products, do not hesitate to contact them through their email at [email protected], and they will reply as soon as possible. Or else you can also get them through their registration number at 08715416.

You can also fill out the Contact Us Form, and they will reply within the hour. Don’t worry if you don’t speak English. Since this brand also ships to DE, you can speak German or French to them.

CoverCouch address
59 Devons Road E3 3DW,
London, United Kingdom.

Where to buy CoverCouch?

Since no offline store is available, you can easily place an order on their official website. We understand that customers need to touch and see the cover before purchasing.

However, you can also take a look and mix your fabric and colors before you checkout. They also provide the material’s details and the color description on their website.

But then, if you are still unsure about the product, you can order the sample, touch them, and compare them to your decor or furniture. No need to rush because they will assist you with as much detail as you want.

CoverCouch Coupon Codes & Promos

Great news to everyone! If you want to get the best deals, they also have a promotion code available for a summer sale. You can check the details below.

  • Get 25% off for everything plus free shipping via UPS 
  • To get this sale, you must input the code LOVESUMMER25 before the checkout
  • For free shipping if you use this code, the free shipping will be valid only for the minimum orders of £150+ GBP (€180 or $195)
  • For the orders under £150 there will be £20 GBP (€22.6/$26) flat fee charged

Reveal all coupons

CoverCouch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for CoverCouch reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns CoverCouch?

Unfortunately, no source states who owns CoverCouch, but don’t worry because CoverCouch is a legit brand. They have existed in this industry for about ten years.

Does CoverCouch ship internationally?

Yes. They ship their product internationally. You can check their shipping policy to check out the country available.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of CoverCouch Reviews & Ratings

To conclude, CoverCouch provides the most excellent customized cover for your IKEA furniture. It has a washable material that makes maintenance easy to care for. Also, the product’s durability can extend your furniture’s life for such long time.

In addition, their production time after you make an order is fast, which is no longer than three weeks. At the same time, the delivery will take approximately 3-5 working days. You can get their excellent product and service at the best price.


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