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About Cosi Home

Do you want to build a warm and cozy atmosphere with your spouse or family at home? You couldn’t say that it’s not your dream, anyway. Now, let’s make your moments warmer and cozier with incredible functional products from Cosi Home!

Cosi Home Review: About Cosi Home

Everyone’s comfortable feelings come from many things, and Cosi Home has one. The brand creates and distributes luxurious and cozy heated pads, throws, electric blankets, air beds, etc.

What are these stuff for? Simply, function and convenience are the two primary selling points of the products. Surprisingly, the demand is so high, and it makes Cosi Home reaches its peak even in less than 3 years after its establishment.

During these past 2 years, the brand has sold more than 350.000 products worldwide with more than 3.5k accumulated followers on social media. Also, they’ve been featured on many news or review platforms such as Tech Advisor, Daily Mail UK, Arcadia, etc.

So, does it attract you to know more about Cosi Home reviews? Stay here because we have the brand’s overview right after this.

Overview Of Cosi Home

Cosi Home is a global brand since the brand has been serving lots of customers all over the world. 

What makes it more surprising is that the brand was established in 2021 during the pandemic era. It means the brand only needs less than 3 years to become one of similar industries’ biggest brands. 

In detail, the company built its head office in London with a wide range of warehouse networks. It is literally everywhere, from locations across the UK, North America, and Mainland Europe.

Now we can honestly admit that the company’s growth is definitely insane. The brand deeply commits to providing excellent customer experiences and developing all products with careful consideration of both visuals and functions.

Cosi Home Reviews

Cosi Home exists as more families miss their houses’ warm and cosy atmosphere. What makes the brand drastically rise even during the pandemic is the fact that the products are functionally good

Cosi Home Reviews: Cosi Home Reviews

The customer’s trusts are equally as high as the demand. They know how to comfort and protect themselves during those tough moments. Now, it’s our time to prove whether Cosi Home is that good.

As you go through the brand’s website, you may find the ‘shop’ button that categorizes the products into 6 types. These are the categories that will ease your shopping experience:

By shopping through those categories, it will be easier for you to look for the products based on the types. 

In addition, what Cosi Home sells here is quite limited. You can see several sold-out products, most of which are the best-selling ones. 

While talking about best-selling products, the brand has 4 of them that you may consider buying:

  • Fleece Electric Heated Throw – Navy
  • Memory Foam Travel Pillow (1 Pack)
  • Electric Blanket – Double Size
  • Single Size Air Bed – Built-in Electric Pump and Pillow

Those are the best-selling products of the brand from different categories. The stocks of each may change every time, so don’t forget to check on the brand’s website regularly.

Now, if you already have one or two products that attract you the most, make sure to keep your eyes on Cosi Home reviews!

Cosi Home Fleece Electric Heated Throw Navy Reviews

Is there another way to cover and warm ourselves without covering the body with multiple blankets? Of course, you should know about Cosi Home Throw, then. Now, let’s educate yourself about Fleece Electric Heated Throw – Navy from the brand!

Cosi Home Review: Cosi Home Fleece Electric Heated Throw Navy Reviews

This Heated Throw is the item that you have been looking for. It is surely the right choice when you want to make your body warms effortlessly. In detail, the item has 9 fully customizable temperature levels, thus giving you the ultimate in heating versatility.

You can easily achieve and maintain your desired level of warmth with its user-friendly remote control that puts all settings at your fingertips. Thus, it is ideal for use on the couch or drifting you off to sleep since it has a built-in 9-hour timer.

No worries about how to wash the product, anyway. Once the product arrives, you can easily understand the this heated throw washing instructions and practice them correctly.

Fleece Electric Heated Throw Features

  • 4p Per Hour To Run
  • Warm & Insulating Microfleece
  • Built In 9-Hour Timer
  • 9 Heat Settings
  • 100% Machine Washable
  • Safety Features
  • Cosi Home Heated Throw Controller (remote)

Hence, if you want to be one of the thousands of people who can experience this product service, let’s purchase it for £49.99 only!

Cosi Home Memory Foam Travel Pillow (1 Pack) Reviews

Are any travellers here? As a traveller, do you like to sleep along your long trip? If yes, we are sure you need Memory Foam Travel Pillow (1 Pack) from Cosi Home!

Cosi Home Review: Cosi Home Memory Foam Travel Pillow (1 Pack) Reviews

Actually, this travel pillow boasts a shape that mimics a traditional home pillow. Also, it ensures a perfect fit to the unique curves of your head, neck, and back for unparalleled comfort while on the go.

You may experience ultimate comfort with a hypoallergenic bamboo blend pillow that features a shredded memory foam filling. Fortunately, its adjustable height can suit your needs. Plus, this Memory Foam pillow has an extra pillowcase, so you can continuously enjoy its benefits.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow Features:

  • Adjustable size
  • Rectangular Shape
  • Waterproof Carry Bag
  • Hypoallergenic & Natural

So, do you want to keep experiencing a home atmosphere whenever you go out? Then, let’s add Memory Foam Travel Pillow (1 Pack) to your shopping bag because it is £19.99 only!

Cosi Home Electric Blanket - Double Size Reviews

When the winter comes, what items do you usually use to comfort and warm your house? Starting now, let’s be a good friend to Electric Blanket – Double Size that will help you build a warmer atmosphere, especially in your bed.

Cosi Home Review: Cosi Home Electric Blanket - Double Size Reviews

We would like to inform you that this product comes with 3 distinct heat settings: low, medium, and high. Those are customizable through the remote control. Also, with the integrated corner ties, you can easily and securely fit the heated blanket onto your bed.

For your convenience, the item’s power cord can easily be detached. Likewise, it’s washable in a machine at 40º and tumble-dried in a cool setting. Finally, overheating protection is also available to secure you, which kicks in when you turn on the electric blanket. 

Electric Blanket – Double Size Features:

  • 1p Per Hour To Run
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Warm & Insulating Microfleece
  • Advanced Overheat Protection

So, who wants to be spoiled by this product? Let’s add Electric Blanket – Double Size to your cart because the brand sells it for £37.99 only!

Cosi Home Single Size Air Bed - Built-in Electric Pump and Pillow Reviews

This one may suit travellers again. Instead of buying a travel pillow only, we recommend bringing Single Size Air Bed – Built-in Electric Pump and Pillow to your cart as well!

Cosi Home Review: Cosi Home Single Size Air Bed - Built-in Electric Pump and Pillow Reviews

With this Single Size Air Bed, you may experience the familiar comfort of your own bed. We highly recommend this for you when staying outside or travelling. It’s because the item offers you an ultimate sleeping experience wherever you are.

In other words, it is an advanced item due to its O-Beam technology. This innovative technology and built-in raised pillow will bring you the ultimate full-body support and luxurious comfort. It then results in a perfect night’s sleep, just like in a real bed.

With this Air Bed, you won’t have to wait long for a comfortable sleeping surface. Thanks to its built-in pump, the bed will be fully inflated and firm in just 90 seconds, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Electric Blanket – Double Size Features:

  • Thick PVC material
  • Waterproof Flock Coating
  • Anti-Slip Bottom Layer
  • Built-in Electric Pump – 90 Seconds Inflation
  • Integrated Raised Pillow
  • 21 Structured Air Coils

Therefore, why do you still need a long time to decide? Let’s click the Single Size Air Bed – Built-in Electric Pump and Pillow shop button below since it is only £65.99!

Cosi Home Pros and Cons

In conclusion, what are the plus and minus points of Cosi Home? In order to make it clear to you, here are the details:


  • Various functional products
  • Easy to use
  • No disfunction problem after wash
  • Suit everyone, from single to families
  • Good material and comfortable products
  • Advance technology applied
  • Free shipping within the UK
  • Reasonable prices


  • Many out-of-stock for best-selling products
  • There are shipping costs for international orders

Who Is Cosi Home For?

By analyzing each product, Cosi Home products suit everyone. What this brand sells here are mostly everyone’s needs, so the market target is quite broad. It then makes sense why the company only needs a short amount of time to elevate its business to get recognized all over the world.

Cosi Home Review: Who Is Cosi Home For?

When we say everyone, it does not matter whether it is male or female. To make it more specific, the brand’s products are suitable for a family’s needs. In addition, since the product aims to comfort everyone, then it suits all active workers who need high-quality of sleeping or rest.

Moreover, several products suit travellers or somebody who often goes out and stays at the hotel for work. If you are this type of person, you may like an air bed or travel pillow.

Cosi Home Review: What Do Customers Think?

Reading customer reviews is always everyone’s final step before deciding whether to buy the product or not. It is logical since we can learn from what other people have experienced or take further consideration from their reviews.

Cosi Home Review: Cosi Home Review: What Do Customers Think?

Before we go to some customer reviews, let us inform you that Cosi Home gains an ‘excellent‘ title with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The brand collects more than 7.1k reviews on the TrustSpot platform.

Still on the same platform, Cosi Home also gains 9.29 out of 10 for the trust score. Then, this is the detailed ratings for the mentioned products earlier:

In order to prove it, let’s read what their old customers have said about the brand, starting from its products to its services.

A loyal customer has just bought a Cosi Home cooling blanket, and this is what he said:

…having purchased it three times myself. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but it also washes exceptionally well in the washing machine.

Another customer with his heated pad then added:

I am thrilled with my second heated pad for the guest room. The product is fantastic.

Somebody praised Cosi Home weighted blanket:

…when the radiator in my bedroom broke, I discovered that I didn’t need to repair it after all. With this incredible blanket, I stayed perfectly warm and comfortable all winter long.

The last customer also said:

As I read Cosi Home replacement parts before washing, it is so understandable and easy to do. My blanket is now clean without reducing its function at all.

Those are what people have said about the brand’s products. Many of them admitted that the products are well-functionally-worked and undoubtedly will recommend the shop to everyone.

Is Cosi Home Worth It?

Learning each product and reading several customer reviews will help you to conclude how Cosi Home is. Again, in a very brief time since its establishment, the brand has become world-renowned for its advanced and cosy properties.

Cosi Home Review: Is Cosi Home Worth It?

Therefore, there are many reasons to say that Cosi Home is a worth-purchasing global brand, with good service management and incredible collections. In the future, let’s expect this brand to be bigger and able to provide more various products to all people worldwide!

Cosi Home Shipping Policy

Great news for all UK buyers, you can get Cosi Home products with no shipping charge. Moreover, the shop applies this free shipping system to all product orders, but only within the UK region.

All UK packages are estimated to arrive within 2 working days. Then, since Cosi Home is a global brand, the shop also ships internationally but not for free. In detail, international orders should be done through country-specific websites.

You may check the top right button of the brand’s website, where you can change the location to your current living country. However, the listed countries are only France, Germany, Isle of Man, Jersey, and Spain.

Cosi Home Returns Policy

Cosi Home is open for a return if you feel unsatisfied with the products once they arrive. If you wish to return your item, simply contact the Customer Care Team at [email protected] within 14 days of receiving your order. After that, you will have 14 additional days to return the item to the shop.

For your information, the returned items should be in their original packaging, and the shop will not cover your return costs. Finally, make sure to fill out the return form as well. Then, to expedite your refund, please complete this form and include it in the returned package.

How To Contact Cosi Home?

Do you have some questions or complaints about Cosi Home? No worries, the brand’s Customer Care advisors hold a strong dedication to providing the utmost care and support with empathy and compassion.

For your information, Customer Care services are available from Monday to Friday (9 am to 6 pm GMT). These are several steps to connect with the brand’s customer care:

Unfortunately, the Cosi Home contact number (call) is currently not available.

Company Address

Cosi Home, Unit 6
West Road Industrial Estate
NG34 0QU
United Kingdom

Where to buy Cosi Home?

Since Cosi Home products are everyone’s needs, there should be many availability of stocks with reachable shopping platforms.

To spoil the customers, the brand’s newest collection and real-time stock will be updated on its official website. Therefore, the website is always open if you want to buy products anytime. Then, similar products are also available on other marketplace platforms, such as eBay and Amazon. 

Cosi Home Coupon Codes & Promos

Is the Cosi Home discount code available? The brand fully realizes there should be special offers to attract prospective customers. So, can you guess what they are?

  • A 10% discount is eligible for your first order by subscribing to the brand’s newsletter
  • Various discounts of up to 40% for several products, such as electric blankets and heated crows
  • Free shipping for UK customers

Those are the current discounts offered by the brand. You may enlist your email to its subscription to get the latest update from Cosi Home. Finally, you can easily check the following button to reveal what’s inside!

Reveal all coupons
Cosi Home

Cosi Home Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Cosi Home reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Cosi home based?

Cosi Home is based in West Road Industrial Estate, Billingborough, NG34 0QU, United Kingdom.

How do I contact Cosi Home?

You may contact Cosi Home by email at [email protected]

What is error code C on Cosi home heated throw?

It means the controller has overheated. So, the Cosi Home replacement controller is needed to solve this issue. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Cosi Home Reviews & Ratings

So, you already know how to build a warmer and cosy atmosphere in your house, right? Cosi Home‘s incredible and extra functional items allow everyone to own their actual living space without going elsewhere.

As mentioned at the beginning, the brand truly proves how to take good care of customers from any type of background. The items sold offer visuals and function, bringing customers to their peak comfort level. Now, let’s create the actual home definition of your house with Cosi Home!


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