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Have you been sick of your old plastic furniture? We know that these kinds of furniture won’t stay longer and look, sorry, so cheap. After all, don’t you think they don’t suit your modernized-style house? You better call CONSDAN for help now!


Have you ever heard of this brand? It is a store that all homeowners love to go to. What do they actually serve on the table? Since plastic furniture is no longer your style, we provide you with well-crafted wood furniture from CONSDAN.

Simply, the various durable hardwoods, from cupboards and shelves to kitchenware, are here to satisfy every homeowner. But they are not the only things you’ll find here. Otherwise, you’ll see more as you dive deeper into this company.

Unfortunately, we can’t confirm the brand’s social media performance since their accounts are inactive. However, we found something good on Amazon. On the platform, the store is quite popular, with hundreds of reviews for almost all products.

So, how much are your curiosity about this store now? Of course, we won’t leave you here alone without any guidance and some secret things to reveal. Then, if you walk in the same shoes with us, let’s discover everything at CONSDAN reviews!

Overview Of CONSDAN

If you’re a new customer of CONSDAN, how long has this company been operating, do you think? Yes, 2015 is their first year of operation, and big changes have happened since then.

During the first 6 years in Virginia, The company’s operations included cultivating, collecting, distributing, and processing hardwood. But then, in 2021, the brand has developed itself.

Further, with a professional and highly experienced craftsmanship team, you can’t expect to have bad products here. Otherwise, its various choices will send addictive shopping to you.

Ultimately, the only CONSDAN value to customers is letting them experience the best and most durable hardwood furniture. So, will you learn more details about what’s inside their collection?


Do you still remember when we said you’ll discover various products here? Yes! That’s what you all will find in this section. So, who wants to have these items at home?


Once again, in CONSDAN, it is all about hardwood. So, if you decide to switch your cheap plastic-styled furniture to these exclusive wood-made items, we’ll be by your side.

But what product categories can you shop here?

CONSDAN Products Collections

Functions Get the best and most suitable products, starting from home decor, kids’ furniture, storage, and kitchenware here!
Wood Species Whether you’re looking for hard maple, hickory, or oak, they’re all here with other wood types. So, get your fav now!
Rooms Are you searching for furniture or other wood items for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen? Get them easily here!

Among those categories, can you guess what we’ll review today? Specifically, you’ll see all of them below and tell us once you have found your favorite one. Start exploring now?

CONSDAN 4 Best-Selling Products

  • Butcher Block Countertops
  • Walnut Cutting Board
  • Step Stool for Bed
  • Wood Wall Decor – Stereoscopic

So, do you already have a favorite one among those selected products? For your information, each product has a different function, so no one blames you when you shop for them all!

CONSDAN Butcher Block Countertops Reviews

Dear Mom, how often do you cook meat? If you need a good board while slicing your meat, we guess Butcher Block Countertops from CONSDAN should be in your mind. Why?

CONSDAN Review: CONSDAN Butcher Block Countertops Reviews

From the picture above, don’t you think it’s a solid and smooth surface to slice meat? Sure! Further, it’s because the item is USA-grown hard maple solid wood.

In addition, the wood surface is finished with natural food-grade oil. That’s why we told you that it has a perfect surface for any slicing activity, especially when it is meat.

Countertops Details:

  • Width: 25″
  • Thickness: 1.5″
  • Length: 12″ to 96″ (various choices)

So, who wants to have Butcher Block Countertops in their kitchen now? You must be sad for not having this. Hence, with only $66.75 $63.75, you can slice plenty of meat in minutes!

CONSDAN Walnut Cutting Board Reviews

Besides butcher blocks, every Mom also needs this. Yes, it’s a cutting board, and the only good in the market is the Walnut Cutting Board from CONSDAN. Would you love to see more?

CONSDAN Review: CONSDAN Walnut Cutting Board Reviews

Dear Mom, you won’t directly slide those tomatoes and cucumbers on the table’s surface, right? So, this USA-grown walnut wood product perfectly helps you since it’s smooth and durable.

Besides that, what’s good about this wood? Further, people know that walnut wood has superior strength, moisture resistance, and resistance to splintering. Thus, it’s also easy to clean.

Cutting Board Details:

  • Width: 12″ and 15″
  • Thickness: 1″
  • Length: 16″ and 20″

So, do you want to stock one Walnut Cutting Board in your kitchen? Or maybe you need two? Get them faster than anyone else because you may not get it at $39.74 $31.74 tomorrow! Let’s go crazy for this!

CONSDAN Step Stool for Bed Reviews

If you usually see someone using a step stool to reach something higher, now what about using it at your bed? At this point, you should check Step Stool for Bed from CONSDAN!

CONSDAN Review: CONSDAN Step Stool for Bed Reviews

A little fun fact: you will only find a step stool made of USA-grown oak hardwood here. Therefore, it’s so sturdy, even when you fully stand on it. But is it comfortable, too?

Furthermore, it is also a ready-to-use item. So, you just need to take it from the box and put it in your bedroom. Also, the product is hassle-free and has a natural wax oil finish.

Step Stool Details:

  • High: 6.5″
  • Large surface: 16.5″ by 12″
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs
  • Color: Natural, Chocolate, Black
  • No sharp corners

Have you realized that you actually need this Step Stool for Bed? Of course, everyone needs it. But let’s not find this sold out before you spend around $44.75 $42.75! So, can you do it faster?

CONSDAN Wood Wall Decor - Stereoscopic Reviews

An unusual wall decor but still cool? What if we recommend you with the wood-made one? If that’s also your favorite, then let’s not choose other than Wood Wall Decor – Stereoscopic!

CONSDAN Review: CONSDAN Wood Wall Decor - Stereoscopic Reviews

Amaze the people in your house with this USA-grown hardwood wall decor. In detail, each and every piece of this item boasts an appealing wood grain pattern, and you couldn’t agree, right?

Moreover, let’s talk about the design! Overall, you may agree that the wall decor has a unique blend of mid-century modern, vintage, boho, and decorative elements that create a distinct look.

Wall Decor Details:

  • Length: 18″ and 36″
  • Width: 18″
  • 3-D style
  • Finished with all-natural vegetable oil and wax.

So, can you say how much you love Wood Wall Decor – Stereoscopic right now? Then, buying this for no more than $59.74 means truly satisfaction, and your guests shouldn’t believe what they see!

CONSDAN Pros and Cons

Do you challenge us to give you a bit different side of this review? So, we guess you need this pros and cons section:


  • Made of good USA-grown wood (hard maple, oak, walnut, and more)
  • Various products (home furniture, kitchenware, wall decor, and others)
  • Available on many e-commerce platforms
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Free shipping on all US orders with no minimum payment
  • 30-day return policy for any reasons


  • No international shipping
  • Inactive social media accounts


Decorating a house, buying furniture, and all household stuff are the timeless task for all homeowners. Fortunately, CONSDAN is on all people’s side when they need those items.

So, can everyone shop at this store? Sure, why not? CONSDAN is every homeowner’s place to get the best and well-crafted hardwood furniture, kitchenware, and other little stuff. After reading our review, you may agree that this is an unskippable store, right?

CONSDAN Review: What Do Customers Think?

All smart readers shouldn’t skip this section. If you know us well, you should’ve known this section, right? So, welcome to the most honest part of this review!

CONSDAN Review: CONSDAN Review: What Do Customers Think?

Basically, it is a testimonial section, and you may know what we’ll have on the board today. As we said earlier, the brand seems to be popular on Amazon and other platforms.

We can’t confirm the specific rating and number of reviews for the store, but each product has hundreds of reviews. At this point, you should understand that it’s a good sign, right?

But do you want to see more? Let’s reveal the customer’s real reviews below, then!

First, let’s meet with this customer:

…such a perfect cutting board for my kitchen. The end grain maple is exceptionally durable and will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

So, can we have more Moms to say like this? The CONSDAN’S cutting boards are working well, and that’s the fact!

Then, we guess you will be more sure with this:

This solid wood furniture piece is made in the USA and is perfect for high beds in a bedroom. It is a beautiful product and highly recommended for its price. I’ll try buying more, especially the bread box and wall decor.

Besides its good quality, this customer also loves its reasonable price. So, would you like your own?

Next, this should be your further consideration, too:

I purchased this industrial bookshelf for my office to hold books, but it mainly houses plants. The construction is highly durable and the solid wood appears to have a long lifespan. Overall, there is nothing to dislike about it.

The sturdy and durable function is the primary point of this store. Hence, will you experience the same?

And who says that people on Reddit don’t like it?

Our butcher block is beautiful and fully finished. It was the ideal size for our needs and a cheaper alternative to a custom cut.

Once CONSDAN is in mind, all of your household needs are in good hands, as this customer has experienced.

Finally, who is happy now to see and read those reviews above? Thanks to those honest customers, you are no longer confused about searching for your needs, are you?

Is CONSDAN Worth It?

Yes, CONSDAN is 100% worth it and a not-to-skip store. We know it still has less attention on the website, but Amazon says differently. Most shoppers love everything here, and you should be one of them! But let’s finish this review first to be a smart and lucky buyer!

CONSDAN Shipping Policy

Can we move to the shipping section now? We understand you can’t hold yourself anymore to know how this store ships to your address.

Based on our research on the brand’s site, they offer free shipping for all orders within the US (no minimum payment, excluding Alaska – Hawaii). That’s already a good sign, right?

Unfortunately, we can’t confirm the worldwide shipping since they don’t mention it at all. However, you can contact them at [email protected] to check about the shipping availability to your country. Do you get it?

CONSDAN Return Policy

Does CONSDAN really care about the customers? The answer is ‘yes.’ Do you want to know why? It’s because their return policy is here to cover all customer’s shopping problems.

What shopping problem do we mean? It’s when you receive a wrong or unwanted item. If it happens, you’ll have 30 days to return your items for any reason. However, you should know that all return fees will be the customer’s responsibility.

How To Contact CONSDAN?

Talking to CONSDAN effectively? Look no other platforms to connect than these:

Company Address

CONSDAN Hardwood International LLC | Lumber
319 2nd St, Burkeville, VA 23922
United States

Where to buy CONSDAN?

Do you know where to find CONSDAN’s products? Yes, let’s shop at the brand’s official website for more complete stocks and more offers, of course. Besides that, you can also search for other lumber items from this store at Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Wayfair. So, let’s have an unstoppable shopping!

CONSDAN Coupon Codes & Promos

You won’t leave this page until you see this, will you? So, what special offers do you have here?

  • Subscribe to the mailing list and get more offers
  • Earn up to 20% off on the Deals page
  • Free shipping on all orders within the 48 states of the US

We know those offers are still not enough for you. Therefore, we provide a surprise button below:

Reveal all coupons

CONSDAN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for CONSDAN reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns CONSDAN?

Unfortunately, we can’t confirm the brand’s specific owner.

Where is CONSDAN located?

The CONSDAN Hardwood LLC is at 319 2nd St, Burkeville, VA 23922, United States.

Does CONSDAN ship internationally?

No, it doesn’t. The store only ships within the USA.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of CONSDAN Reviews & Ratings

Since shopping for home furniture online is tricky, we recommend only choosing wood-made ones. And if you want to know the most recommended store, we only have CONSDAN in mind.

This store is all homeowner’s favorite. It won’t only provide customers with good products but also good customer service. Therefore, will you throw that plastic-made furniture away and replace it with this store’s collections?


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