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Colorelaxation Review 2024 → Most Appealing Diamond Paintings For All!

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About Colorelaxation

The holiday season is coming! Have you arranged your holiday activities already? No worries if you haven’t cause we have one suggestion for you. How about diamond painting? It’s famous nowadays. If you are interested, then please welcome Colorelaxation.

Colorelaxation Review: About Colorelaxation

As the name implies, Colorelaxation is where you can relax and enjoy your time with exciting activities. In this case, it is doing a diamond painting. This brand sells diamond paintings with numerous designs, such as flowers, animals, landscapes, etc.

What stands out the most from this brand that differs from others is its affordable prices. This brand understands that the holiday season is where you must enjoy your time wholeheartedly. That is why they won’t break your bank.

Moreover, this brand will periodically add new designs to its catalog so that you can enjoy various designs and practice your painting skills with different media. Not to mention that they have a massive list of kits for beginner and experienced.

Further, this brand has 9.8K followers on Facebook and 2K+ followers on Instagram. Additionally, through this Colorelaxation review, we will guide you in finding why this brand is perfect for your holiday. Let’s get started!

Overview of Colorelaxation

We are afraid to tell you that there is no information regarding the founder’s name and when the brand was established. However, it is understandable because most artists (like the founder of this brand) typically want to hide their identity anonymously.

However, we find the story of the birth of this brand through its website. The founder shared that the love of arts and paintings brings Colorelaxation to what this brand is today.

Powered by creativity, integrity, and professionalism, the founder started this online shop. They want to present the series of diamond paintings, paint by numbers, and other arts and crafts to the people who need them the most.


  • Various styles and sizes of paintings
  • Handmade products
  • Affordable prices
  • Beginner and professional-friendly
  • Responsive customer service

Colorelaxation Diamond Painting Reviews

We will give you a glimpse of information for those who don’t know what diamond painting is. Simply put, it is an activity of applying hundreds of tiny resin rhinestones (known as diamonds) on a color-coded canvas painting. 

Colorelaxation Reviews: Colorelaxation Diamond Painting Reviews

However, unlike actual painting, which we usually know, numbers are already on the canvas, and we must match them with the number on a diamond. In a simple word, it looks like a puzzle, sort of.

Moreover, they don’t have only diamond paintings in their collection. There is more to discover, and we will explore the collection now. Check it out!

Colorelaxation Product List

Further, we will review their 3 best-selling products from the entire collection. Thus, don’t go anywhere and start to scroll to the product review section!

Colorelaxation Mediterranean Landscape #7 Reviews

Loves to marvel at the world around you? Perfect! If you want to spend your holiday with diamond paintings, this Mediterranean Landscape #7 must be born for you!

Colorelaxation Review: Colorelaxation Mediterranean Landscape #7 Reviews

This Mediterranean Landscape has a combination of bright and bold colors. If you like more vibrant art, this is a green light. You won’t be disappointed with the result because the diamond has the accurate color you see in the picture.

Moreover, there are tons of color grading, so you will need time to finish the art. Thus, you can enjoy tuning in with your surroundings while carefully sticking the diamond into the art. It will feel relaxing yet fun to do.

Likewise, the diamond comes in 2 shapes, which are square and round. You can choose what diamond you want to use. If you are ready to finish this masterpiece, let’s see the price list now! 

Mediterranean Landscape #7 Price List:

  • 10×10 in (25x25cm): $25.99 from $57.75
  • 12×12 in (30x30cm): $31.99 from $71.08
  • 16×16 in (40x40cm): $39.99 from $88.86
  • 20×20 in (50x50cm): $51.99 from $115.53
  • 24×24 in (60x60cm): $66.99 from $148.87

Colorelaxation Baby Owl Reviews

Who loves a cute design? If it’s you, congratulations. Fortunately, this brand has something to accompany your holiday errand. Let’s meet Baby Owl. An adorable design for everyone!

Colorelaxation Review: Colorelaxation Baby Owl Reviews

Unlike the previous design, this Baby Owl design has a minimalist color combination. It is perfect for you who have basic art skills or don’t have them at all. The color scheme will help you finish the paintings quickly and start to adore the overall result.

Likewise, since it has an adorable picture, you can also wrap it and give it to your loved ones, whether your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend. We believe it can make them happy. Such a fantastic gift idea, isn’t it?

Moreover, if you want to know the price of these cute Baby Owl diamond paintings, you can check them in the list below. Let’s make your holiday be filled with full of happiness!

Baby Owl Price List:

  • 12×12 in (30x30cm): $31.99 from $71.08
  • 16×16 in (40x40cm): $39.99 from $88.86
  • 20×20 in (50x50cm): $51.99 from $115.53
  • 24×24 in (60x60cm): $66.99 from $148.87

Colorelaxation The Old Gdansk Reviews

Are you a professional painter? Then, it’s time for you to shine. To make your holiday more exciting, why don’t you try the diamond paintings with The Old Gdansk as the design?

Colorelaxation Review: Colorelaxation The Old Gdansk Reviews

Seeing the picture, you know exactly why this design is one of the hardest yet challenging ones to try, right? The combination of warm colors can be an excellent choice for relaxing your mind.

On top of that, we believe that you will feel beyond satisfied once you can finish the overall canvas. Accordingly, with its alluring visuals, you can display The Old Gdansk in your favorite place and nominate it as one of your masterpieces.

However, you must be curious about how much The Old Gdansk price is right? Then, let’s find the price list in the following list. You better get this quickly before it returns to the original price.

The Old Gdansk Price List:

  • 12×16 in (30x40cm): $33.75 from $75.00
  • 16×20 in (40x50cm): $44.99 from $99.97
  • 18×24 in (45x60cm): $44.99 from $111.08
  • 20×24 in (50x60cm): $55.99 from $124.42
  • 25×32 in (60x80cm): $75.99 from $168.87

Colorelaxation Pros and Cons

Welcome to the pros and cons section. Through this section, you will find Colorelaxation’s pros and cons. Let’s prove whether they are worth your money. Check it out!


  • High-quality materials
  • Massive design collection
  • Up-to-date design
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Accurate picture
  • Affordable prices
  • Thoughtful customer service
  • Free shipping available
  • Can ship internationally
  • Easy 30-day return policy


  • Some countries aren’t included in their shipping

Who Is Colorelaxation For?

This brand exists in this world to help those who need an exciting option in painting. Whether you are a professional painter looking for a different painting type or a beginner who wants to play with art, this brand must be for you.

On top of that, this brand has numerous designs in its catalog. So, you can practice your art with their massive collection. Or else, you can also have each of them as your hobby backup fuel and do it in your spare time, such as on holidays.

Colorelaxation Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

How about this brand’s customers? Do they love the paintings? We will help you to find the answer now. After carefully reading the review from their official website, we picked some with essential information we think you need. Thus, shall we start now?

Colorelaxation Review: Colorelaxation Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

But before, let’s see the rating from their best-selling items here:

Let’s begin with the first review. This customer said:

Super in love with this painting. I had no problem with the canvas and the drills. They were fine with no popping, and it came out excellent.

This customer said that she didn’t have any problem with her purchase. She mentions that the canvas and the drills come in good quality. Plus she said that the result was amazing.

Next, there is a review from this customer. She said:

Looks truly great. It looks exactly like the picture.

This simple review highlights the crucial point. The accuracy. She said that what she received was exactly what appeared on the picture on the website.

Lastly, a review from this customer. She said:

Wow! It turns out so well. It came with an easy mat to read and lots of extra beads just in case some may get lost. That’s perfect!

From the review above, we can see that this brand is genuinely beginner-friendly. It’s all because the mat is easy to read, and this brand also gives you some extra beads so it can prevent unfinished work due to the beads getting lost.

Furthermore, all the reviews above can be an ideal highlight of customers being happy with the purchase. One that makes them happy comes from the accurate design they got from the website. They also praise the straightforward instruction, and the result is as beautiful as expected.

Is Colorelaxation Worth It?

Colorelaxation is the symbol of worth purchasing. The worthiness comes from their excellent design collection. Whether you want an easy one or to challenge yourself with a complicated design, they have everything you need.

Colorelaxation Review: Is Colorelaxation Worth It?

Moreover, this brand’s products also come at an affordable price. You can enjoy several things, such as free shipping, hassle-free return policy, and discounts. What makes you stop from purchasing their collection? Nothing. Then, let’s explore their catalog and find what you like now!

Colorelaxation Shipping Policy

We are over the moon to say that this brand truly supports their customer’s satisfaction. They offer free shipping on all orders. Plus, their shipping coverage is over 200 countries around the world.

The order will ship in 5-7 business days but don’t be surprised that it may take 2-3 weeks to deliver, especially near holidays or weekends. However, don’t worry! This brand understands that you want your orders to arrive safely in the best condition. Thus, they offer safe packaging, which is a durable box.

Furthermore, there isn’t information regarding the carrier on the website, but we believe you can find it through the checkout time. Or when you need some assistance, the customer service will gladly help you.

Colorelaxation Return Policy

Give your applause to this brand. This brand offers a 30-day return policy to satisfy every customer with the products. However, unlike other brands, they won’t question your reason.

However, as much as the brand wishes, we also hope that you like your purchase, but if not, that’s not a problem. Before starting the return, please ensure the item is unused, in the same condition, and the original packaging. Plus, it has the proof of purchase.

To start, email [email protected]. After the request is made, they will verify the purchase and notify you once they approve it. Moreover, you can also check their Return Policy if you need further details or contact customer service if required.

How To Contact Colorelaxation

You can contact this brand’s customer service if you have any problems during shopping. They are available from Monday to Saturday (9 am to 6 pm Eastern).

Where to buy Colorelaxation?

There is no better place to shop all Colorelaxation products than on the official website. You can enjoy several deals through their website, such as discounts, free shipping, and a hassle-free return policy.

Colorelaxation Coupon Codes & Promos

Who loves discount? Roger that! We sense your excitement. Thus, we put our heart into finding this brand’s discounts and promotions through the website. Thankfully, we find them. See closer below!

  • Black Friday sale! Unlock 50% OFF + extra 30% OFF using the coupon code BLACK85
  • Subscribe to their newsletter and enjoy exclusive offers, promo codes, up-to-date deals
  • Get free shipping on all orders to the 200 countries worldwide

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Colorelaxation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Colorelaxation reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Colorelaxation?

Unfortunately, we can’t find the name of who owns Colorelaxation.

Where is Colorelaxation located?

We can’t find the exact information on where the Colorelaxation is located.

Does Colorelaxation ships internationally?

Yes. They ship to over 200 countries worldwide.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Colorelaxation Reviews & Ratings

Overall, Colorelaxation is a great place to feel relaxed. This brand offers various art options for you to enjoy. It includes diamond painting, paint by numbers, and other DIY arts and crafts. Accordingly, their design is regularly updated to ensure all customers have fresh options.

Likewise, they also have various size and shape options. It enables an adjustable option for those who need it. However, what makes them bright the most is their affordable prices. Then, what are you waiting for? Go to their official website and enjoy their relaxation art!


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