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About Coals2U

When heating your home or business, smokeless coal is a smart and eco-friendly choice. Unlike traditional coal, smokeless coal produces less smoke and harmful emissions, improving the environment and health. So, say hi to Coals2U!

Coals2U Review: About Coals2U

Coals2U is a smokeless and firewood fuel brand that is part of CPL distribution. It is the UK’s leading coal and firewood fuel supplier, with over 40 stores and 95% coverage.

They offer a wide range of products, including smokeless coal, heating wood, and legacy fuel products. They pride themselves on supplying high-quality coal and firewood so you can be sure of getting the best fuel for your needs.

With over 200 years in business, the brand is a member of the Approved Coal Traders Scheme, being the UK’s first supplier of smokeless fuel produced from renewable materials. They provide over 75,000 tons annually with fast coal deliveries and excellent service.

But are they really what you want? Here, this Coals2U review will outline the qualities of all their best-selling products, buying information, and customer feedback so you can decide about your coal and firewood fuel purchase.

Now, let’s start by taking a closer look at the origins!

Overview Of Coals2U

To become the UK’s leading coal and firewood fuel supply company that it is today, there is a long and detailed history behind Coals2U and the company that it is today.

From humble beginnings, the company was founded in 1731 under the Charringtons name. The company continued to grow and improve its performance until 1997, the acquisition of Charringtons and British Fuels Ltd. to form CPL Distribution Ltd.

In 2005, CPL’s delivery fleet was rebranded to present a new modern image, and it is still going strong today. Their large factory in Immingham produces tens of thousands of tons every month.

Producing fuel in-house means the brand can ensure that the product that arrives on your doorstep is British, of the highest quality, and has the best heat for your home.

The company tests each product daily to ensure they tick all the boxes. They constantly strive for excellence and never settle for second best. They even innovated it to become the UK’s leading smokeless fuel trader.

As the UK’s leading smokeless fuel trader, the brand strives to make purchasing smokeless coal and firewood online or over the phone as simple and convenient as possible.

Coals2U Review

As the UK’s leading smokeless fuel trader, Coals2U always strives to make purchasing smokeless coal and firewood easily accessible.

Coals2U Reviews: Coals2U Review

The range includes smokeless fuels for market-leading heaters, stoves and boilers, such as Homefire, Brazier, Ecoal, Stoveheat, Taybrite or Phurnacite, fantastic dry logs and charcoal.

With so many types of coal and firewood available, our Coals2U review only focuses on the top 3 products you will need.

Well, let’s move into the first product review!

Coals2U Brazier Smokeless Coal Reviews

Are you looking for economic smokeless coal for open fires and multi-fuel stoves? We have the solution! To keep you warm in front of the open fire in cold weather, we recommend the Brazier Smokeless Coal Homefier from Coals2U.

Coals2U Review: Coals2U Brazier Smokeless Coal Reviews

Brazier Smokeless Coal is a clean-burning, smokeless compact fuel designed for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. It will work well for longer burns than fresh home coals with a gradual and consistent heat release.

Accordingly, this smokeless coal is very economical for those living in cold weather areas. It is also perfect for use in smoke control areas as it produces 80% less smoke than standard coal.

Moreover, its longevity is superior, with 40% longer than standard coal. Also, it leaves less unburned fuel when compared to traditional coal, which is good for the environment.

Brazier Smokeless Coal Specification

  • Medium ash content
  • Smokeless
  • Less than 5g per hour of smoke emissions
  • 20% CO2 saving
  • 15% renewable content
  • HETAS Approved

Brazier Smokeless Coal has 2 size options with different prices. Here are the CPL coal prices for this product:

  • 10Kg Packed Bag: £6.98
  • 25Kg Packed Bag: £17.45

Coals2U Traditional House Coal Doubles Reviews

Sometimes you just can’t beat the tradition of using traditional coal. This classic fuel has been used across the UK for decades to keep homes warm in even the coldest winters. That’s why this brand presents Traditional House Coal Doubles.

Coals2U Review: Coals2U Traditional House Coal Doubles Reviews

Traditional house coal is good for open fires and some coal-burning appliances. It has the advantage of being easy to ignite and burns with a long, strong flame.

You will have no trouble cleaning this coal after use because it has a low ash content. Accordingly, this traditional house coal can naturally burn with a long, attractive flame. So you can get warmth longer than other coals.

Although this coal is sourced directly from UK mines, the brand has washed all its new coal products for your safety and convenience. However, please note that this coal is not smokeless and unsuitable for smoke-controlled areas.

Traditional House Coal Doubles Specification

  • Low ash content
  • 20 to 25g per hour of smoke emissions
  • Zero CO2 saving
  • Zero renewable content

Traditional house coal doubles are available from £16 to £19.40 for a 25 kg Packed Bag.

Coals2U Clearance Line Smokeless Fuel Pallet Reviews

Are you looking to stock up on your smokeless fuel pallet needs? Here’s a great opportunity to buy high-quality solid fuel that will provide a high heat, long-lasting fire in your fireplace or open stove at a heavily discounted price.

Coals2U Review: Coals2U Clearance Line Smokeless Fuel Pallet Reviews

Clearance Line Smokeless Fuel Pallet is the most appropriate choice for those who want to buy a lot of Smokeless Fuel Pallet stock for future needs.

Typically, Homefire produces more than 300,000 tons of smokeless and smokeless solid fuel yearly. So, the brand sometimes has extra stock that they discount for their customers.

These clearance lines can be faded packaging, discontinued product lines, or overproduction. This leaves the brand with excellent solid fuel that will provide the same warm, long-lasting fire as the quality fuel you are used to receiving.

No need to worry because the quality of the products is the same as other products. The brand doesn’t reduce its quality at all for its clearance line. So, you can get the best quality at a low price.

Clearance Line Smokeless Fuel Pallet Specification

  • Smokeless
  • Less than 5g per hour of smoke emissions
  • 15% renewable content
  • HETAS Approved

Like any smokeless fuel pallet, it is suitable for multi-fuel stoves or open fires. You can get it by spending from £174.90 to £527.60 depending on how many kg bags you buy. Here is the price breakdown per bag:

  • 10 x 25Kg Packed Bags: £174.90
  • 20 x 25Kg Packed Bags: £289.80
  • 40 x 25Kg Bags Palletised: £527.60 

Coals2U Pros and Cons

Although the brand looks perfect with all its efforts and innovations, there are some drawbacks and strengths. So will the flaws bother you? Let’s take a look at the Coals2U pros and cons below:


  • The UK’s leading coal and firewood fuels
  • A wide and varied selection of products, from traditional coal to smokeless coal
  • Easy to buy products online or offline
  • Has an active technical team ready to assist
  • Offers delivery to Fireside and Kerbside for orders over 50kg
  • Ships around the world
  • 14 days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free delivery on orders over £75


  • International shipping is only available in some countries

Who Is Coals2U For?

Coals2U is a leading coal and firewood fuel supplier brand in the UK whose products will be very useful for home needs. Coal and firewood have a function to provide warmth to homes located in cold weather areas.

Coals2U Review: Who Is Coals2U For?

Coal and firewood products are also beneficial as fuel in restaurants that still use wood-fired grills. In addition, because the brand only delivers its products within the UK, only customers within the region can benefit from using its quality products.

Its smokeless coal products are also very suitable for use in smoke control areas. Even its long durability benefits those who enjoy outdoor hobbies such as hiking to warm your body longer than other coal and firewood fuel brands.

Coals2U Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We have covered various details about the brand in this Coals2U review, but there is no better way to show a brand’s worth than its customers’ real opinions. So, in this section, we reveal customers’ honest opinions about the brand.

Coals2U Review: Coals2U Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We found that the brand gets a customer experience rating of 4.3/5 based on 879 service ratings over the past year on Feefo reviews. Here are some comments left by customers on this review website.

Easy to order fast delivery, prices in line with the current climate, what else do you need.

From the customer experience above, fast delivery makes ordering products easy. Even the price is appropriate. However, although the reviewer was satisfied with the fast delivery, we also found a complaint about the delivery from one of the customers. He said:

The coal took a month to be delivered and was only scheduled for delivery the day before, not a very good service, hopefully they can speed it up.

The customer experienced a long delivery time for the coal product he ordered. He hopes that the brand can improve the delivery time in the future.

The next review came from a customer who has been a customer for many years and remains satisfied with the brand.

Couldn’t ask for a better service from easy online ordering to professional and efficient delivery. have been using coals2u for over 10 years and have had no problems.

The review comes from a customer who has been subscribing for 10 years and has never experienced any problems with the brand. He can’t even find better service from any brand. Easy online ordering to professional and efficient delivery makes him satisfied with his purchase.

It seems that most complaints that brands receive from customers are related to delivery. Although there are complaints about the delivery, some other customers also said they had the best experience with the brand’s fast delivery.

Is Coals2U Worth It?

Why do 100,000 customers think that Coals2U is the top coal trader in the UK? This is, of course, not far from the brand’s advantages that make it worthy of being the best coal supplier in the UK.

Coals2U Review: Is Coals2U Worth It?

One of the best things about the brand is that they never stop looking for new ways to help you heat your home. Despite over 200 years in business, the brand continues innovating, creating the UK’s first smokeless fuel from renewable materials.

The smokeless fuel that the brand produces has many advantages, ranging from being environmentally friendly, burning longer, and being cost-effective. With all these advantages, it’s hard to think of a reason not to try a sustainable and efficient fuel alternative to smokeless coal.

In addition to its superior-high-quality coal products, with hundreds of years of experience, the brand understands what its customers want.

Therefore, they offer scheduled order services with consistent service standards. Moreover, their products are easy to find as the brand has 42 coal merchant depots nationwide.

Coals2U Shipping Policy

Coals2U knows what customers want with fuel delivery experience dating back to the 18th century. It offers an exceptional nationwide delivery service and still delivers bags of coal and firewood traditionally from its 40-plus depots across the UK.

They also deliver to most mainland England, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and the Isle of Wight. They even offer free delivery if spending more than £75 on a single transaction.

Meanwhile, delivery charges for small orders with a value of less than £75 or delivery destinations outside the normal delivery area may apply, automatically calculated at checkout.

The brand also ships its fantastic range of products to various countries worldwide. You can contact the customer service team to see if they can ship internationally.

They typically ship orders throughout the day during business days, between 8 am and 6 pm. Shipments are processed using standard shipping with an estimated delivery time of up to 10 business days.

In addition, the brand tries its best to offer you a tracking email so you may stay up to current on the status of your shipment.

Coals2U Return Policy

Coals2U manufactures and distributes some of the UK’s best smokeless fuel and firewood. That’s why they are happy to offer you 14 days Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the items you receive.

Simply contact customer service to let them know you are not satisfied, and the customer service team will organize the return and arrange an exchange product or refund.

To exchange items, please visit your nearest cash & goods depot, where you can exchange your order on the spot (subject to availability). Meanwhile, to obtain a refund, items must be in their original packaging and a resalable condition. The brand reserves the right to charge a fee for returning items.

The brand fully refunds you within 14 days using the same credit, debit, or payment card you used for the original transaction. If you used a voucher to pay for the items, they might refund your monas of a voucher.

How To Contact Coals2U

Do you need assistance from customer service? To reach the Coals2U team, use one of the following methods:

You can also contact them by filling out the blank form on the website. The team will reply to your message immediately, so don’t hesitate to ask your questions.

Where to buy Coals2U?

For your online purchase, you can head to the official website at and login to “my account” to get convenience and attractive offers when purchasing.

Meanwhile, visit Coals2U Outlets near me for offline purchases to collect fuel safely. Check Coals2U Outlet Locations to find out where the locations are and the opening times of the stores.

Coals2U Coupon Codes & Promos

Apart from offering free delivery on orders over £75, the brand also offers a refer a friend program to get 5% off your friend’s first order and 5% off your next order over £50.

Not only that, you can save over 10% on log burner bundles. This is all you need to enjoy a log fire at home. You can also save £1 warm glow heat logs per pack purchase.

The brand even offers solid fuel clearance line pallets starting from £174.90 with limited stock available. So, buy now and don’t run out of stock!

Also, get a voucher code by clicking the button below. We’ll take you to a website with many discount codes that you can claim during checkout.

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Coals2U Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Coals2U reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who Owns Coals2U?

Coals2U is part of the CPL distribution formed from the merger of Charringtons & British Fuels.

Do Coals2U Ships Internationally?

The brand provides its fantastic range of products to various countries around the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Coals2U Reviews & Ratings

With shopping habits and daily routines increasingly influenced by environmental awareness, we are starting to look at every aspect of life and see how we can do our bit for the environment. Fireplace products are no exception!

Presenting quality smokeless coal, Coals2U is the solution for those of you who are starting to realize the importance of protecting the environment’s welfare. The brand is the answer to the need for leading quality fuel in the UK. You’ll find this brand to be the perfect solution for your coal and firewood needs!


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