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About Circuit Specialists

Are you a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) student or hobbyist? And now you’re looking for an online supplier that can supply you with the items you need? If so, then Circuit Specialists is the first path you should take.

Circuit Specialists Review: About Circuit Specialists

This online electronics supplier provides you with equipment, spare parts, and technology that you might not be able to get in the market. So, whatever you need, they will always have it for you.

Currently, they have more than 5k followers on their social media accounts. Moreover, there are also 8.28k people who have subscribed to their YouTube channel.

Do you want to be one of them? Just click the follow or subscribe button on their social media account.

How about their brand history, products, testimonials, discounts, and so on? Take it easy. The Circuit Specialists review below will guide you to know everything about this brand. Let’s get started!

Overview of Circuit Specialists

Circuit Specialists is an Arizona-based online supplier in the industry since 1971. It started with two guys who loved tinkering with electronics, Darrel and Leon Thorpe. They were often disappointed not to get the needed supplies, eventually leading to the brand’s establishment.

Knowing how frustrating it can be not to get the items you need, they didn’t want people out there to feel the same way. Therefore, they sell various high-quality supplies, such as power supplies, oscilloscopes, breadboards, test equipment, and many more.

And the high quality of each product is also because it carries products from various well-known brands. You can find products from brands such as Hantek, Siglent, OSEPP, iTech, Fluke, and many more here.

In addition to high-quality supplies, this online supplier also sets the price of their products at a low price. Top quality and affordable, it sounds very tempting for you as an electronic hobbyist, right?

After this, I’ll lead you to the Circuit Specialists review. But before that, you can glimpse the highlights of this electronic store.

Circuit Specialists Highlights

  • Provides various types of high-quality supplies for customers
  • Sells products from well-known manufacturers like Hantek, Osepp, Pro’s Kit, etc.
  • Offers reasonable prices for each product
  • Receives good ratings from brand reviewers, such as Shopper Approved, ReviewMeta, Site Jabber, etc.

Circuit Specialists Review

As an online electronic supplier that has been in the business for more than 40 years, they definitely sell a lot of equipment and technology in their store. From the cheapest to the most expensive, you’ll get whatever you need for your electronic projects.

Circuit Specialists Reviews: Circuit Specialists Review

In addition, the brand also offers a wide range of electronic components and test equipment, including:

  • Electronic Components

The brand stocks various electronic components, including resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, and connectors. They also offer a range of specialized features, such as LEDs, displays, and sensors.

  • Test Tools

You can find a wide range of test equipment, including oscilloscopes, multimeters, power supplies, and logic analyzers at this brand. They also offer various accessories for test equipment, such as probes, leads, and software.

  • Custom Lab Kits

You can also find specialized lab kits for universities, technical schools, and high schools at this brand. Additionally, you can customize these kits to meet customers’ specific needs.

And to save you time, this Circuit Specialists review will showcase three top seller products from this brand. Here we go!

Circuit Specialists 30 Volt DC 3.0 Amp Triple Output Linear Power Supply Reviews

The first product is Circuit Specialists 30 Volt DC 3.0 Amp Triple Output Linear Power Supply. It comes with two variable outputs of 30V and 3.0 amps plus a fixed 5V and 3.0 amp output, which are all located on the front panel for ease of use.

Circuit Specialists Review: Circuit Specialists 30 Volt DC 3.0 Amp Triple Output Linear Power Supply Reviews

This power supply has a control knob that you can use to control the voltage and buttons that you can choose to select what you wish to use.

For your convenience to monitor the voltage and current output of this power supply, it comes with a large and clear yellow LCD.

On top of that, this power supply also has SMC PC boards along with a built-in cooling fan that can ensure reliable performance and long service life.


  • Two variable 30V and 3.0 amp outputs
  • A fixed 5V and 3.0 amp output
  • Features a control knob to control voltage
  • Has knobs to set the selected current
  • Large and clear yellow LCD
  • SMC PC boards
  • A built-in cooling fan
  • Dimensions: 270 x 180 x 320 mm
  • Weight: 12.5 kg

For the price, you can get this power supply at $257.82.

Circuit Specialists WB-104-1+J Solderless Breadboard with Jumpers Reviews

The next product in this Circuit Specialists review is Circuit Specialists WB-104-1+J Solderless Breadboard with Jumpers. It comes with dimensions of 6.5-inch x 4.25-inch with 1660 separate contacts, giving you a large enough working area.

Circuit Specialists Review: Circuit Specialists WB-104-1+J Solderless Breadboard with Jumpers Reviews

It’s made of rugged ABS plastic material for long-lasting durability coupled with color-coordinated contact points for your convenience in using this breadboard.

Apart from that, this breadboard comes with four built-in bus strips that you can use for power distribution. It also has an integrated aluminum ground plane for ease of use. You can simply plug in your components and wire everything up with the breadboard provided.

And for the jumper wires comes with various pre-cut lengths. So you just need to take them out of the box and use them whenever you need them.


  • Four bus strips
  • Dimensions: 6.5-inch x 4.25-inch
  • 1660 contact points
  • Made from rugged ABS plastic material
  • Features integrated anodized aluminum ground plane
  • Comes with jumper wires (various lengths)
  • Reusable for hundred times

This breadboard is a favorite of hobbyists and students in meeting their prototyping or educational needs. Not because of its comprehensive features but because its price can be redeemed by all at $16.06.

Circuit Specialists Hantek DSO5202P 200MHz, 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope Reviews

Are you in need of an oscilloscope that can give you superior performance but won’t break the bank? If so, you can find it at Circuit Specialists Hantek DSO5202P 200MHz, 2-Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

Circuit Specialists Review: Circuit Specialists Hantek DSO5202P 200MHz, 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope Reviews

This oscilloscope comes with standard features such as USB connectivity, 32 automated measurements, data loading, and more. What’s more, it features 200MHz bandwidth and a 1 Gig/s sampling rate, which can help you complete your projects in less time.

More so, this Circuit Specialists oscilloscope is equipped with a 7-inch color TFT display that can provide you with easy readability. There’s also a “Help” system feature that will make you familiar with using this tool.


  • 200MHz bandwidth
  • 1 Gig/s sampling rate
  • 32 automated measurements
  • USB connectivity
  • Large 7-inch color TFT display
  • Features “Help” system

For the price itself, you can get it at a lower price than oscilloscopes on the market at $368.45.

Circuit Specialists Pros & Cons

Just like how the world works with a balance of advantages and disadvantages, so do Circuit Specialists. And in this Circuit Specialists review, we’ve summarized the brand pros and cons in order to get you better informed. Let’s check them out!


  • Offers a wide selection of supplies from various brands
  • Lower prices than other stores
  • International shipping
  • 90 days warranty
  • 30 days return policy
  • Provides various discounts to save on your purchases
  • Excellent customer service


  • Some people complain about expensive shipping costs for small items

Who is Circuit Specialists For?

Circuit Specialists is for anyone. From students to hobbyists who need supply equipment for their projects. Whether a small project to a big project or a project for a class assignment to business or lab, this online supplier is for you all.

Circuit Specialists Review: Who is Circuit Specialists For?

They provide high-quality equipment at reasonable prices. And whatever you need, they have everything you need, from power supplies, test equipment, maker spaces, soldering, and much more.

So if you’re already interested in getting the supplies you need from this electronic shop, you can visit their website immediately.

Circuit Specialists Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Alright, you probably now need real proof about this online supplier. And as an electronic store that has been established for more than 40 years, the question must have arisen in your mind, “what do customers think about it?” Don’t worry. Just below, I’ve summarized some customer testimonials to answer your question.

Circuit Specialists Review: Circuit Specialists Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

However, before we get to that, I’ll let you in on a secret. Curious? Well, Circuit Specialists is rated 4.7/5 out of over 9k reviews on Shopper Approved. And it also received a 4.6 rating on the brand reviewer, ReviewMeta.

Back to the beginning, starting with the first testimonial. A verified customer said:

Always fast, reliable service, and excellent quality products.

The word “always” that this customer said explains how satisfied he was while shopping at this electronic store. He also said that the products are always of high quality and not cheap.

Another verified buyer also said:

The products are at a reasonable cost and available. Quick deliver. I will be back.

This buyer explained how the equipment sold in this store comes at a rational price and is always available for purchase. He’s also happy that the delivery provided by this electronics store is fast and hassle-free.

So far, referring to the customer testimonials above and the rating obtained from this online electronic supplier.

Hence, this Circuit Specialists review concludes that they’re loved by hobbyists or students who need supplies for their projects, especially since the products sold are priced at reasonable prices but remain high quality.

Is Circuit Specialists Worth It?

Now, we get to the most critical question, “is Circuit Specialists worth considering?”. This Circuit Specialists review can answer that this online supplier is worth your consideration.

Circuit Specialists Review: Is Circuit Specialists Worth It?

With over 40 years of existence, coupled with a rating of around 4.5/5 from 9k reviews, there are no more doubts that you should consider about this electronics store.

Again, this online supplier has everything you need for your projects, whether you’re a student or a hobbyist. So whatever you need, pop in on their website.

Circuit Specialists Shipping Policy

Not only do they provide quality and cheap electronic equipment, but they also offer international shipping to reach all their customers who need supplies for their projects.

This Circuit Specialists review is happy to report that this online store provides free US shipping with no minimum orders. However, this store currently doesn’t offer free shipping outside the United States.

There are two shipping methods, namely United Parcel Service (UPS) and the United States Postal Service (USPS). You can choose either one depending on your preference since all products you purchase from this online supplier are shipped from their warehouse in Tempe, Arizona.

Circuit Specialists Return Policy

Since this Circuit Specialists electronic shop has been established for over 40 years, they definitely ensure their customer satisfaction. Thus, they provide 30 days return policy from the date of your purchase.

And keep in mind. Before you apply your return, you should ensure that the products must be in resealable condition, including all manufacturer’s packaging, cables, software disks, and instructions. And you should also fill out the RMA form to complete your return.

Circuit Specialists Warranty

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction. So not only do they provide a return policy to their customers, but they also offer a 90 days warranty.

However, some products from this electronics store have a limited warranty, which only applies to manufacturing defects. So, if your product damage and defects occur due to misuse, accident, or excessive wear and tear, your warranty will not be accepted.

Just like when you apply for a return, you will also have to fill out an RMA form before claiming your warranty.

How To Contact Circuit Specialists

If you have several questions about the products, service, and others beyond what this Circuit Specialists review could provide, you can hit them up through the following:

Their customer services are happy to answer your questions: Monday – Friday from 6 AM to 4 AM.

Circuit Specialists Address:
1444 W 12th Place, Tempe, Arizona 85281

Where to buy Circuit Specialists?

Are you starting to get interested in looking at the product catalog of this online supplier? If so, you can visit or Amazon and eBay. It’s time to go shopping and find the supply that you need! So just pop in on their website and retail store.

Circuit Specialists Coupon Codes & Promos

Getting electronic equipment that suits your supply will certainly please you, especially if coupled with discounts, right? Therefore, this Circuit Specialists wouldn’t be complete without providing the coupon codes and discounts.

  • Apply EARLY in your cart to get 5% OFF on all purchases
  • Use RABBIT and enjoy 10% OFF on your purchase
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and get 5% OFF on your first purchase

Still not enough? Well, just click the button below, and boom! Coupon codes are waiting to be added to your cart.

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Circuit Specialists

Circuit Specialists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Circuit Specialists reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Circuit Specialists?

Established in 1971, this online electronic shop was founded by Darrel and Leon Thorpe.

Does Circuit Specialists ship internationally?

Yes, this online electronic shop sells its products worldwide. So wherever you are, they’ll serve you properly.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Circuit Specialists Reviews & Ratings

Circuit Specialists is a company engaged in selling electronic equipment for more than 40 years. So you no longer need to doubt the quality and service they provide to each customer.

And if you’re a STEM hobbyist or student looking for supplies for your project, this online electronic supplier is the way you should go.

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