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CIGA Design Review 2024 → An Award-Winning-Design Watch

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About CIGA Design

Perhaps, the reason why you can’t manage time properly is because of your boring wristwatch. Or because your watch isn’t an award-winning brand, like CIGA Design.

CIGA Design Review: About

Who knows? It might sound new to you, but CIGA Design is a small China company that truly knows what customers and experts really expect from their watches: premium but reasonable.

With that spirit, the watch design’s aesthetic and novelty have won the Challenge Watch Prize held by GPHG in Switzerland in November 2021 and more honorable awards and mentions in the prior years.

It became the first ever China brand to break into the international watch industry and is featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg, and other watch experts’ blogs.

As a wise shopper, I know you want to dig more about this China-based but award-winning brand than ever. So in the following, this CIGA Design review is ready to guide you. Let’s jump in.

Overview of CIGA Design

A product where the design was directly connected to a person’s individuality and sense of self.” It was the thought that came across Zhang Jianmin, the founder and CEO of CIGA (China International Great Art) Design, in 2012.

Today, he has designed about six watches design with more than 8 awards, thanks to his utmost sincerity in the field.

Collaborating with Xiaomi, the brand has expanded its wings to international markets such as Russia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, Switzerland, and other countries.

Not only has the brand made a breakthrough achievement within the watch industry by breaking the stigma of anything that china is something poorly-made, but it also provides high-quality watches at humble prices.

Anything else you need to know? Save your time by scanning the highlights listicles I have summarized.

CIGA Design Highlights

  • Offers premium watches at affordable prices
  • Aesthetic and novel design with a modern mechanism
  • Designed by 8 watchmakers from 8 different countries
  • Award-winning on a global scale
  • Free shipping internationally
  • One-year warranty
  • Happy customer reviews

CIGA Design Reviews

In the following, I have picked three best watch models from CIGA Design to help you figure out more about this brand’s styles and art standing point.

The watch model is taken based on criteria of award-winning and gender-wise design. Keep reading to know them more!

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet Reviews

Blue Planet is the phenomenal U Series Watch from CIGA Design that has been awarded in GPHG in Switzerland for its luxurious design, brilliant messages, and humble prices.

CIGA Design Review: CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet Reviews

The most exciting thing about this watch is the three-dimensional globe with a compass as a time display. The asynchronous follow-up technology makes you feel like the world is rotating on your wrist.

The watch is comfortable to wear as the strap is made from fluorubber, while you can choose the case material either from Titanium Alloy or Stainless Steel.

When you purchase this item for only $899.00, you’ll get a book packaging that will convey the designer’s message to remind you about saving the planet.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series MY Reviews

MY or Michael Young is one of CIGA Design’s remarkable watch collections that has awarded with 2017 iF Gold Award and the 2019 German Design Award Winner.

CIGA Design Review: CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series MY Reviews

The material is made from steel housing, sapphire crystal, and glass, which makes the watch a great fit for a simple and classy person.

On the other hand, the neat look comes with phenomenal detail. It uses the automatic seagull mechanism, your kinetic energy is the source of the watch’s mechanical motion.

However, you do not have to worry since the $239.00 watch also has a power reserve that can operate for up to 40 hours.

CIGA Design Series R Denmark Rose Reviews

For the ladies, CIGA also has something you will love from the heart. It’s the Denmark Rose that comes from R Series. A potential award-winning design in the heart of the ladies.

CIGA Design Review: CIGA Design Series R Denmark Rose Reviews

More than a watch, it’s like jewelry. Indeed, the mesmerizing shape and detailed craftmanship is no kidding, it spread elegance even to the wearer. It has stainless material, 3 ATM water resistance, and woven stainless steel or leather material straps.

For only $379.00, there are two designs you can choose from this Denmark Rose watch; the mechanical and quartz version.

Who Is CIGA Design For?

CIGA Design offers premium features, a humble price tag, and award-worthy first accessories that show time. Thus, it is a watch brand that has the biggest market audience.

CIGA Design Review: Who Is CIGA Design For?

The brand definitely has a lot to offer for watch enthusiasts or experts. They have been awarded many times, so it is not a regular watch brand that experts can ignore. Ultimately, the brand suits those who have a keen eye for the watches collection.

Also, the company has the most diverse watch options. Mostly, the prices are reasonable for high-quality materials. Even the website helps to rate the price range, which helps the general public to purchase and enjoy them.

Is CIGA Design Worth it?

Looking back at all the brand has thrived for, especially the awards, it won’t be exaggerating to emphasize that CIGA Design is a major worth-it brand to trust when it comes to the wristwatch collection.

CIGA Design Review: Is CIGA Design Worth it?

What benefits does it give to the customers? You ask. Let’s unveil them one by one.

The watch is designed by the eight most competent watchmakers from 8 countries. With high-quality design, the brand sets the price at a reasonable point. Next, the materials are high quality and durable.

Most importantly, it has a one-year warranty that is ready to cover you up in case anything undesired happens. Finally, a high-quality watch with a high-durability point wraps in a humble price tag, the brand is worth checking out.

CIGA Design: What Do Customers Think?

There are many things to cross-check a brand’s worthiness. And the customers’ review is the most prominent one. Now, let’s take a closer look at how customers rate the watch from CIGA’s official website.

CIGA Design Review: CIGA Design: What Do Customers Think?

Here’s the review rank from the brand’s most-selling items:

  • Blue Planet Series U: 89% 5 ratings out of 92 reviews
  • Gorilla Series X: 100% 5 ratings out of 13 reviews
  • Edge Series Z: 88% 5 ratings out of 16 reviews

On Amazon, there are many comprehensive reviews left by customers. One of the happy buyers said:

Price point is really good for a watch maker who has won numerous awards. It is very light and the presentation is awesome, the little “book” that comes with the watch is really neat too.

The customer agrees that the product is set at humble price points, has an awesome detailing look, and has thoughtful packaging.

Another joyful review wrote:

The watch comes in some of the best packaging I’ve seen on a watch at any price- making this a VERY impressive gift! It comes with two bands and I elected to use the black leather. The bands install without tools, and it takes only a minute to swap them.

The customer writes that the brand’s packaging is the most impressive to him, which makes the item a nice gift idea for anyone.

Finally, happy and satisfied customers are dominantly seen in CIGA Design’s rating. The buyers are pleased with many aspects of the brand.

CIGA Design Shipping Policy

CIGA Designs is delighted to provide its wristwatch package to worldwide customers with free shipping.

While the delivery time may differ according to the region. Here are the details:

  • Asia: 3-7 business days
  • Europe: 5-8 business days
  • Australia: 7-12 business days
  • America continent: 7-15 business days

If you find your country is not on the list, you can contact them for further details.

However, the company takes the shipping fee and tax responsibility to post the goods via express, air transportation, or sea freight. And the recipient only needs to pay the VAT/GST/Duty according to the country address.

CIGA Design Return Policy

CIGA Design has a 15-day return policy to protect their precious customers’ satisfaction. It means that you can apply a refund/return request 15 days start from you receive the package.

Bear in mind that the items must be in the original condition as you receive it, as it’s unworn, unused, with tags, and in original packaging. Submit your request via [email protected], and they will stay with you shortly.

CIGA Design Warranty

CIGA Designs wants to ensure you have a contented experience with them, and the one-year warranty is one of their trustful remarks.

If you have any issues with the quality, craftsmanship, or functions of the watch. You can immediately reach them out to ask for further details.

You only need to attach a purchase proof from the CIGA Design official website and let them cover you.

How to Contact CIGA Design

If you find this CIGA Design review still makes you wonder more about the brand, you can directly ask your questions to them via email at [email protected] according to your objections.

Also, you can just hit the live chat via the official website that you can spot on the right corner.

Where to buy CIGA Design?

Can’t stop wondering what this brand watch feels like when it is handled by your wrist? Then you need to purchase.

Check out and buy CIGA Design’s latest collections on their official website, or head off to big international retailers like Amazon.

CIGA Design Coupon Codes & Promos

CIGA is offering a $30 USD discount on your first purchase. You only need to register your email to subscribe to the newsletter.

You can get more info and discounts by subscribing to their newsletter. Who knows, you might get a lucky chance to get a discounted price in the upcoming times!

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CIGA Design Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for CIGA Design reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns CIGA Design?

Zhang Jianmin is the owner and founder of CIGA Design.

Does CIGA Design ship internationally?

Yes, CIGA Design does free worldwide shipping.

Where is CIGA Design from?

CIGA Design is a China-based watch brand that has expanded globally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of CIGA Design Reviews & Ratings

So, if you are surfing the online market for a watch brand with high function, reliability, and aesthetic value with the best bang for your buck, CIGA Design is a worthy stop to visit.

Whether it is about a wristwatch on your hands or someone else’s, the brand has myriad designs to offer, from jewelry kind to simple, versatile ones. But since styles is all about preference, you can check them out on their website!


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