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Choc Exchange Review 2024 → Enjoy Best Bean-To-Bar Chocolate

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About Choc Exchange

Are you hunting for a premium chocolate box? As chocolate lovers, we can see how devastating it is to move from one website to another to purchase premium chocolates.

Choc Exchange Review: About Choc Exchange

Fortunately, Choc Exchange gathers premium chocolate bars from around the world in one place. In this one-stop chocolate online store, you can find chocolate bars made of dark cocoa, vegan, and organic.

This brand also focuses on expertly curated chocolate boxes and subscriptions, whether for yourself or a gift on a special day.

Moreover, this online store has gained popularity among chocolate lovers who want to taste premium chocolate bar boxes at affordable prices regularly. Plus, it obtained 1K followers on Facebook and 2.5K on Instagram.

Wondering what this online store can give you? Then, you can keep reading this Choc Exchange review, where we’ll discuss the company profile, product reviews, customer testimonials, customer services, and offers!

Overview Of Choc Exchange

Choc Exchange is the world’s best artisan chocolate curated marketplace, founded in 2016 by Joshua Rubin. They visit chocolate makers and cocoa producers worldwide to sell their bean-to-bar chocolate on their website.

This brand emerged because the founder discovered they hardly find premium chocolate in Canada. So the company was established to gather the finest chocolate bar from chocolate makers worldwide.

Mainly you can find a wide selection of chocolate from highly renowned chocolate brands such as Biani chocolate, Dandelion chocolate, Fjak chocolate, and many more. However, this brand’s primary expertise is the subscription box and expertly-curated Craft Chocolate Gift Boxes.

In addition, it also offers free shipping and offers that can ensure your satisfaction in purchasing. 

Choc Exchange Review

As mentioned above, this brand mainly offers the best bean-to-bar fair trade and craft chocolate from around the world in a stunning customer-made box.

Choc Exchange Reviews: Choc Exchange Review

In addition, you can find premium chocolate brands such as Kad Kokoa Chocolate, Askinosie Chocolate, Soma Chocolate, and many more.

Most products are certified organic and contain organic ingredients, and some are dairy-free chocolate bars.

If you join the subscription, you can note your preference, whether you request only dark chocolate, vegan chocolate bars, organic chocolate, and others.

Choc Exchange Subscription Box Type

Choc Exchange Bundles

You can make and choose bundles based on your preference that experts curate. However, since there is a wide selection of chocolate bars that they offer, we’ll only review the best selling in this product review section.

So let’s move to the next part of this Choc Exchange review!

Choc Exchange Dick Taylor Madagascar Sambirano Reviews

If you’re a choco lover, there can’t be a way you don’t know this Dick Taylor Madagascar Sambirano. This chocolate bar is one of the best-selling products in this online store.

Choc Exchange Review: Choc Exchange Dick Taylor Madagascar Sambirano Reviews

In addition, the brand makes this chocolate with 72% Madagascar Dark Chocolate from Bertil Akesson’s Sambirano Valley of Madagascar Plantation. It’s the first cacao of Dick Taylor chocolate made into chocolate and became one of the best-selling products.

You can taste the classic citrus notes that balance with nuts and fruit in a bite of this Taylors chocolate. Plus, this award-winner USA chocolate comes in beautiful packaging and stunning mold.

Its ingredients include no fillers like cocoa butter, vanilla, or soy lecithin. Instead, it only uses organic cane sugar, highlighting the classic citrus and red berry note.

So, if you check the website, you can purchase it for $9.50 and enjoy the Dick Taylor Eureka! Box that Choc Exchange has specifically curated!

Choc Exchange Raaka Bourbon Cask Aged – Tanzania 82% Reviews

The following product we reviewed is Raaka Bourbon Cask Aged, which may become your favorite if you like dark chocolate. It is made of 82% cacao bean to bar from Brooklyn, Newyork.

Choc Exchange Review: Choc Exchange Raaka Bourbon Cask Aged – Tanzania 82% Reviews

This single-origin Tanzanian cacao is aged for months in a bourbon cask to enhance its aromatic flavor from oak barrels. It’s no questioning that this chocolate bar is an award winner with its bold, smooth, and intensely dark.

The unroasted chocolate is made by Raaka, which can offer delicious chocolate of single origin, certified organic, and crafted from unique recipes. In addition, all the chocolate by Rakaa in the Choc Exchange is certified kosher, vegan, gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO.

This Raaka chocolate can be suitable for luxurious and healthy unroasted chocolate where you can taste the smooth, crunchy, and salty on your tongue.

If you plan on making it as a gift on special days like Christmas or Valentine’s, you can also try the expertly-curated Craft Chocolate Boxes of Raaka Bundle. Lastly, you can purchase this Raaka Bourbon Cask A in Choc Exchange for only $6!

Choc Exchange Ritual Honeycomb Toffee 75% Reviews

Since we discussed dark chocolate in the previous product review, we’ll review Ritual Honeycomb Toffee 75%, which offers the sweetness of honey. This chocolate bar is made of Belize 75% chocolate and house-made honeycomb toffee on the top.

Choc Exchange Review: Choc Exchange Ritual Honeycomb Toffee 75% Reviews

The Toffe is made of Utah-local Hollow Tree Honey sourced from raw and wildflower honey from Wasatch Mountain range hives. The honey is rich in nectar flavors from wildflowers that grow in the surrounding area.

If you’re looking for a chocolate gift box, try the Refreshing Rituals bundles curated by Choc Exchange experts, containing five different ritual chocolates. If you want to taste the sweetness of honey toffee in the top or chocolate bar, you can purchase it for only $10!

Choc Exchange Pros & Cons

Before we go deeper into this brand, let’s take a look at this brand’s pros and cons pinpoints!


  • Wide selection of chocolate brands from around the worlds
  • Expertly-curated premium Craft Chocolate Gift Boxes
  • Various subscriptions depend on your needs
  • Mostly use organic ingredients and certified organic
  • Well pack to maintain the chocolate condition
  • Various ways to get a discount, whether its a subscription or a sale
  • Free shipping for Canada and USA


  • Not many customers review, but all of them are positive
  • No international shipping

Who Is Choc Exchange For?

Choc Exchange is a brand designed for you who are looking for a premium chocolate brand worldwide. It is the best option for chocolate lovers who regularly consume or gift chocolate boxes since they offer monthly chocolate subscriptions.

Choc Exchange Review: Who Is Choc Exchange For?

This brand also has a corporate subscription box, suitable for those who want to stock chocolate regularly for their employees. The chocolate gift box also makes it ideal for those looking for a gift on a particular day, such as Valentine, father’s Day, and many more.

It can also be the best option for you who has a specific preference in consuming chocolate since there you can find chocolate like the percentage of cacao, dark chocolate, organic chocolate, vegan chocolate, and many more.

So overall, this brand is suitable for everyone looking for chocolate boxes and subscriptions to premium chocolate bars worldwide.

Choc Exchange Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This Choc Exchange review is never complete without looking at what the customer says. So we’ve searched their website to see the customer opinion and experience when purchasing their products. Here is one of the customer reviews that we found on its website:

Choc Exchange Review: Choc Exchange Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I’m an avid chocolate lover, and the Chocexchange curated chocolate subscription boxes are some of the best I have ever got. Thanks, Josh!

The customer stated that he was satisfied with the purchase and even found that the curated subscription box of his favorite chocolate was the best he ever got. So next, let’s see another review:

If we’re to rate the taste of this next-level chocolate bars, it would be no less than 5 out of 5 stars. Our Chocexchange chocolate box is something my wife and I wait in each month. Thanks so much for satisfying our sweet teeth.

The customer states that the product they enjoy tastes at the next level, making them wait for the subscription box every month. The product’s flavor is good, and impressively, the company maintains customer satisfaction every month. Another review said:

Best give ideal! I ordered a subscription for my friend to enjoy during holidays and months beyond. The chocolates tasted great and have lost variety, especially considering the affordable price. These make an excellent gift because you will not only brighten up someone’s day but also remind them what good taste tastes like.

From the review above, the customer states that he uses the subscription box as a gift for his friend and emphasizes the affordable price and how good it feels to share something that tastes good.

However, we found that not many reviews about this brand are positive, so we discovered that it doesn’t find any bad reviews even on its social media.

Is Choc Exchange Worth It?

After reviewing this brand, we can conclude that Choc Exchange is worth it. It offers a wide selection of premium brand chocolate at affordable prices.

Choc Exchange Review: Is Choc Exchange Worth It?

Moreover, with its subscription box, you can enjoy the taste of premium chocolate regularly and ensure you can get it on time. After we looked at the customer review, we also found that all of the customers are satisfied with the purchase, and there is no negative review about this company.

It also offers discounts and excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction, such as free shipping and collecting rewards. So overall, this brand is worth investing in if you’re looking for a premium chocolate box curated by experts at affordable prices.

Choc Exchange Shipping Policy

According to this brand’s shipping policy, it offers free shipping and shipping within the United States and Canada. However, it’s worth noting that it cannot ship in P.O. Boxes addresses.

Generally, it will cost $14 flat, but you can get free shipping for orders over $40 in the U.S. and over $60 in Canada. Plus, most chocolate bundles will be eligible for free shipping if you join the chocolate club as a subscriber.

Once you place your order and the transaction is confirmed, it will be shipped as soon as possible to ensure you’ll get the freshest and most delicious chocolate. To maintain its condition, insulated pockets are added to maintain the temperature during the warm season.

Moreover, the Chocexchange chocolate subscription boxes and chocolate bundles you purchase can be sent to another address instead of yours if you plan to make it as a gift.

Choc Exchange Return Policy

What if the chocolate bundle comes damaged? Unfortunately, this brand does not offer a guaranteed return policy. But you don’t have to worry because if the chocolates arrive damaged or spoiled, you can contact their customer service at [email protected] to discuss with you the appropriate solution.

How To Contact Choc Exchange

Need more information to know how their chocolate subscription box works? Well, if you have any questions or need assistance in purchasing, you can contact their customer service.

Where to buy Choc Exchange?

If you’re a chocolate lover looking for a one-stop online store, you can purchase a wide selection of chocolate brands from around the world on Choc Exchange’s official website. You can get a chocolate bar subscription box or gift box from a wide selection of renowned chocolate brands!

Choc Exchange Coupon Codes & Promos

What’s more interesting about this brand is that it offers discounts and rewards that you can leverage and decrease costs. Here is some way to save dollars on this brand:

You can also join their email list to get new arrival and exclusive offers. Lastly, hit the button below to redeem the Choc Exchange discount code!

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Choc Exchange

Choc Exchange Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Choc Exchange reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Choc Exchange?

This brand is owned by Joshua Rubin.

Does Choc Exchange ship internationally?

Currently, Choc Exchange ships only in Canada and United States.

Is Choc Exchange product organic?

Most of the products they offer either contain organic ingredients or certified organic.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Choc Exchange Reviews & Ratings

Moving every chocolate brand website to gather the product may be daunting for a chocolate lover. So this one-stop online chocolate store is a place to cut those processes.

After reviewing this company thus far, we highly recommend it if you’re looking for a chocolate bar subscription box store that can offer expertly curated chocolate crates. Moreover, it has a wide selection of international chocolate boxes from cocoa and bars of chocolate around the world in one place that you can purchase at an affordable price.

As we’ve mentioned in this Choc Exchange review, this company is reliable with all of the discounts and rewards that can cut the price for chocolate lovers to enjoy the authentic taste of chocolate. So you can go through Choc Exchange to enjoy or share the goodness of chocolate!


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