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About Chi Forest

Chi Forest is a well-known sparkling water brand that comes to keep you hydrated every time. As we research, it’s a great alternative for soda addicts who want healthier lives.

Chi Forest Review: About Chi Forest

Packed with zero sugar and calories, this brand tries to deliver healthy and tasty sparkling water to drink. We can say that it is perfect for having fun with your friends while fulfilling your hydration need.

Plus, the 32k followers on Instagram should prove this brand’s popularity, isn’t it?

Wondering about what the brand can give to you? Read this Chi Forest Review as we will show you a complete review of the best-selling products, customers’ feedback, discounts and promotions, and other information to help you decide which one to buy.

Overview Of Chi Forest

Once known as Genki Forest, Chi Forest is Asian-inspired sparkling water that comes in various flavors. The word Chi is Chinese for “bubbles” and “positive energy,” which we can take as sparkling water (bubbles) to give you positive energy as the meaning behind the brand’s name.

Basically, this brand does not only provide you with sparkling water but also oolong tea to balance your mind and body. With your healthy in Chi Forest’s mind when formulating the products, all of the products are zero sugar and calories.

Well, as we write this review, we don’t find any information about the brand’s owner or when the brand starts the business. What we find is it’s a Chinese beverage brand that has grown fast this year.

Chi Forest Review

Thanks to Chi Forest, they provide you with various flavors, such as Lychee Fizzy, White Peach, Grape Delight, Yogurt Refresh, and some others. Or, you can select the oolong tea or milk tea series, which has some flavors to choose from.

Chi Forest Reviews: Chi Forest Review

This time, we have reviews of some best-selling products the brand offers. What are they? Let’s take a look now.

Chi Forest Best-selling Products

  • Chi Forest Lychee Fizzy
  • Chi Forest White Peach
  • Chi Forest Milk Tea

Chi Forest Lychee Fizzy Review

Calling out all Lychee lovers! Chi Forest formulates this sparkling drink with a slight taste of grapes and roses. Once you drink it, you feel a delicious combination of lychee’s sweetness and floral taste.

Chi Forest Review: Chi Forest Lychee Fizzy Review

By the way, if you check the brand’s website, you can see that it has a payment option to select between a one-time purchase ($37.98) or a subscription ($34.18). That’s a plus point for us.

With zero sugar and zero calories, you don’t need to be worried about drinking it, no matter the diet program you do.

What’s more, comes in a pack of 24, we think it’s enough to add to your freezer then let the summer party on your balcony started!

Chi Forest White Peach Review

Like the previous item, this White Peach also allows you to select the payment option you need; one-time or subscription. Oh, the price is also the same, which are $37.98 and $34.18.

Chi Forest Review: Chi Forest White Peach Review

It’s the perfect combination of peach’s sweet and juicy taste — the delicious taste of sparkling water you’ve ever felt. What we like about this one is how the flavor isn’t bitter or dry like others.

Do you want sweet and refreshing sparkling water? We think it’s not too much if we say that this sparkling water is the answer as it also has 0 calories — which makes us hooked.

Whether for an afternoon or summer drink, this sparkling water is a great companion that you can mix with your liquor or vodka.

Chi Forest Milk Tea Review

We can’t doubt milk tea’s sweetness, unique taste, and popularity in the F&B field. Thus, this Milk Tea series by Chi Forest is undeniable.

Chi Forest Review: Chi Forest Milk Tea Review

Comes in two variants: Milky Peach Milk Tea and Classic Milk Tea. Which one is your fave?

  • Milky Peach Milk Tea
    The premium oolong tea, natural tea polyphenols, and combined with real peach juice — a perfect combination for sweetness and a little bit of sour taste.
  • Classic Milk Tea
    The premium Assam black tea and natural tea polyphenols — a great option for original milk tea lovers.

All of the milk tea series contains silky New Zealand milk, which is known for its rich protein and calcium. Take it easy, there is no added sugar or trans fat. This milk tea is safe for everyone with any condition.

Honestly, we like the cute chunky size of these milk tea as we can carry and pack them easily. Well, with the price of $37.98 you get 12 items.

Chi Forest Review: What Do Customers Think?

It’s incomplete if we do not include what customers said in our review. We searched some customer reviews and showed what they thought here.

Chi Forest Review: Chi Forest Review: What Do Customers Think?

The first comment we take from Amazon for Sparkling Water White Peach, which has 4.4/5 ratings from 156 customers. One of them said:

Tasty, great for anyone who doesn’t like the taste of normal sparkling water. Tastes like juice.

As we said, the taste of all Chi Forest Sparkling Water is undoubtful, even though it comes with zero sugar.

Another reviewer even said:

Fantastic product. Tastes Exactly like ‘ White Peach ‘ It is very lite. The small cans are extremely cute, and we all love the print.

The cute can is the second reason most customers like Chi Forest products. It gives you an easier way to drink it whenever you want it.

Who Is Chi Forest For?

Simply said, for everyone who wants to get hydrated. That’s it.

Well, there is no age limitation; all of you can drink it. But, a note from us, it’s better if you choose sparkling water with no added sugars, just like this brand offered to you.

How To Contact Chi Forest

Chi Forest customer team is available to answer all your questions. Fill in the form they provided on their official site, including your name, email, phone number, and message.

Or, you can contact them through email at [email protected]. Take it easy, they do their best to respond to all your inquiries within 24 hours on business days.

For the fastest way, simply click the Support button on the bottom right of their official site. There, you can choose any problem that you want to ask about, such as product information, shipping & delivery, promo codes, and many more.

Chi Forest Shipping Policy

Once your order is accepted, Chi Forest needs 2-3 business days to process your order. Unfortunately, this brand does not ship outside the United States; it only ships with UPS.

The good news is that you can get free shipping on 2+ standard cases or 3+ gift cases. For further information about the term, you can visit the brand’s official store on shipping policy page.

Oh, you can track your order by entering your tracking number on the Chi Forest Track My Order page.

Chi Forest Return Policy

Unfortunately, all products are not returnable, so you can’t request a return. But, if you have any issues regarding your order, the customer team is available to check your issue and will give a solution based on the situation.

Chi Forest Worry-Free Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is another Chi Forest top consideration. Then, a 40-day money-back guarantee is for all of their beloved customers!

To get it, make sure that you contact their customer team within 40 days from your purchase date, then, if they accept your request, they will do a refund. Note that this guarantee only applies to the first order for one case and one flavor.

Where to buy Chi Forest?

You can buy all products directly on their official site, as you can find all their complete variants. Also, you can visit Amazon for another option. Basically, it all depends on personal preference as long as you get an authentic product.

Chi Forest Review: Where to buy?

Chi Forest Coupon Codes & Promos

The brand offers you some deals and promotions, including if you join their newsletter, you can get 10% off on every order. Plus, you can get free shipping for your first order.

We care about your shopping satisfaction; that’s why we provide you with some coupon codes you can find by clicking the button below.

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Chi Forest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Chi Forest reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Are Chi Forest Beverages Vegan?

The brand claims all its products are vegan, but Yogurt Refresh Sparkling Water is an exception.

What Are Chi Forest Beverages Sweetened With?

Erythritol and sucralose are the main sweetened ingredients for this brand’ products. The brand explains; erythritol is derived by processing sugar molecules, while sucralose is derived from fermented corn.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Chi Forest Reviews & Ratings

We confidently recommend what Chi Forest offers if you are looking for healthy beverages. Without a doubt, zero sugar and calories are the main reason. Then the variety of flavors is another plus point.

Moreover, the brand provides you with promotions and deals; who doesn’t want to get the best products at the lowest price? We want!

As we’ve given you product reviews and some information in this Chi Forest Review, we guess buying the one you want is not that challenging. Get the party started!


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