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Cheerble Ball Review 2024 → Most Interactive Toys for Your Lovely Pets

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About Cheerble Ball

Pets are the same as humans. They need entertainment to develop their skills or only to refresh their minds. Cheerble Ball is the best answer in town if you’re looking for interactive toys. 

Cheerble Ball Review: About Cheerble Ball

This company creates different toys for dogs and cats. In addition, its items are durable and get FDA-safe certification for the materials. So your pets may play securely whenever they are bored. 

You can customize the level as if the toy can move simultaneously. The products are chargeable and can stay up to 4 hours. With only one charger time, you can let your child play all day! 

This interactive play would not only make your pets more active. Instead, you may give treats as a reward after playing and developing their skills.

This company is famous; you can see it on Mashable, Rover, WSJ, VOGUE, etc. Also, its loyal customers gather on social media, resulting in more than 37.5K followers on Facebook and 18.8K on Instagram. 

Then, let’s stay tuned to this Cheerble Ball review if you’ll give your pets new toys. But, for now, let’s learn the background history of this company! 

Overview of Cheerble Ball

Cheerble Ball was founded in 2017 by “paw parents” who want to create interactive pet toys. Unfortunately, the company hides the information about the founder and owner. 

These founders spent years researching the best product they could release. Then, later in 2020, Wickedbone received much attention, followed by another product. 

This company is based in Hong Kong and ships to almost country worldwide. However, it also builds a headquarters in Delaware, US, to ease the shipping process. 

In addition, customers may relax because it provides a warranty for the gadgets. Hence, you will not disappoint after purchasing your favorite toys for your lovely pets at home. 

Cheerble Ball Review

While reading this article, your eyes may be fixed on the interactive toys. But first, do you know what products this company offers to paw parents? 

Cheerble Ball Reviews: Cheerble Ball Review

Cheerble Ball divides its products into Shop by Pets or Shop by Categories. Here are the differences:

Shop by Pets 

Dogs Cats

Shop by Categories

Toys Supplies Accessories

However, this Cheerble Ball review will only focus on three, including:

Then, without waiting any longer, let’s start the discussion now! 

Cheerble Ball Cheerble Ball M1 Reviews

Say hi to the best-selling Cheerble Ball M1, an interactive play that will amuse your cats throughout the day. This toy is available in red and grey, allowing you to choose your favorite color.

Cheerble Ball Review: Cheerble Ball Cheerble Ball M1 Reviews

In addition, it can roll and bounce without control. The ball features an intelligent companion that will play for 10 minutes and stop within 30 minutes.

Customers may even customize the modes between three: passive (green light), average pace (blue light), and gentle (pink light). Moreover, the texture is soft yet durable, so your cat can play with it securely.

Do not worry about the condition because it may move even on the carpet! With only an hour’s charging period, you can entertain your cat for the whole day.


  • Two shades
  • Three modes
  • Soft and durable texture
  • Educational toy for cat 
  • Long-lasting battery 

So if you’re interested, let’s purchase this toy by clicking the link below and buy it for only $35.99 now! 

Cheerble Ball Wickedbone Reviews

Do you have a lovely dog? Do not worry because Cheerble Ball offers Wickedbone as an imitation of a natural bone. This toy must be connected to an app on your phone so that you can control the movement efficiently.

Cheerble Ball Review: Cheerble Ball Wickedbone Reviews

Moreover, this toy may drive your dog to be more active than lying all day. So if you need to enhance your pup’s activeness, Wickedbone is a perfect solution.

Not only is the toy amazing, but also it is well-made. You can clean it with water and charge it effectively with a USB charger in the box. Therefore, it will accompany your pup’s day whenever you’re too busy to play with the dog.


  • Actual imitation of bone
  • Must connect with a Wickedbone app on smartphones
  • Easy to control
  • Enhance dog’s activeness
  • Easy to clean

If this toy has a place in your heart, start shopping for it for only $59.99 now!

Cheerble Ball Wicked Egg Reviews

This Wicked Egg is a brand-new toy released by Cheerble Ball. It may emit sound, wobble, spin, roll, shine, and even toss treats for your dog! In addition, it is available in Olive Green and Creamy Apricot

Cheerble Ball Review: Cheerble Ball Wicked Egg Reviews

You may think that it is a usual food dispenser toy. But it is not an ordinary one. It features responsive interactions, dazzling LED lights, three difficulty levels, and a play-rest cycle.

Moreover, the toy has paw-proof, durable materials even when your dog holds it tight. So if you want to train your pup with intelligence and activeness, look no further than this interactive egg! 


  • Two shades
  • Three modes
  • Soft and durable texture
  • Educational toy for dogs
  • Interactive and intelligent play 
  • Long-lasting battery 

So, get your wallet and buy this product for only $64.99 now! 

Cheerble Ball Instructions Guide

Many people are complaining about the “not turning on” pet toys. You may also experience this. But they won’t turn on because you do not know the precise instructions. So then, this section will guide you to the manual instructions. 

Please read it carefully to use the gadget. 

Cheerble Ball Manual Guide

  1. First, charge the items for at least one hour to charge them fully. 
  2. Once the charging finishes, open the ball and fill it with treats.
  3. After that, turn on the switch. 
  4. Choose your preferred level from calm to advanced. 
  5. Shake the gadget for five seconds, and then your pet can play! 

We must say that the procedure is straightforward. However, some people underestimate the process, from how to charge to the usage. You may download the instruction from this User Manual page if you are confused. 

Furthermore, this YouTube video may help you to use the Wickedbone series. So, you don’t have to Google search “not turning on Reddit” anymore. Instead, learn from the manual and contact customer service if you need more assistance. 

Cheerble Ball Pros and Cons

This article wants to provide the most complete review. So, here are the pros and cons you may read concerning the brand:


  • Interactive play for dogs and cats 
  • Provides different levels to enhance activeness
  • Easy to use and chargeable
  • Durable and FDA-safe material
  • 1-year warranty for the gadgets and six months for the batteries
  • Ships internationally
  • Free international shipping fee on orders of $35+
  • 30-day return policy
  • Has many positive feedbacks from customers


  • No information concerning the founder/CEO

Who is Cheerble Ball For?

After reading all of the explanations above, you must know that the products from this company are intended for cats and dogs. In addition, you can see the requirements of whether it is suitable for small or big animals.

Cheerble Ball Review: Who is Cheerble Ball For?

So if you have pets and want to give new entertainment, don’t hesitate to visit the official website and purchase your preferred products. Therefore, you may develop their skills to be more active in a good way. 

Cheerble Ball Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Testimonials are essential before placing an order. It becomes insightful information that may lead you to buy or bye. Then, find the customer reviews after purchasing the toys from Cheerble Ball below! 

Cheerble Ball Review: Cheerble Ball Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First things first, below are the ratings of the abovementioned pet toys:

Here is a testimonial from a satisfied customer:

The Cheerble Ball is fantastic. My cats absolutely love it. They’ve been playing with it since Christmas. The charging lasts for several days, even when the cats playing with it all day long.

This customer finds the ball excellent. Not only are his cats love the product, but also the battery is long-lasting. 

Another customer said:

My dog definitely loves this. It charges so quickly and lasts way longer than stated. Very happy I bought this, I’d absolutely buy again!

This customer is thankful for Wickedbone because the charging is fast but stays longer. She’ll buy another toy! 

Meanwhile, the last customer stated:

Snickers LIKES this toy! It is interactive, and she likes the challenges. She learns so quick! Highly recommend for cats, too!

This customer’s cat loves the toy due to its interactive and challenging features. Moreover, her cat can learn quickly, making her recommend the product to others. 

Simply put, Cheerble Ball performs excellently in creating interactive toys for pets. Thus, people are satisfied with the products and features as well. 

Is Cheerble Ball Worth It?

Paw parents must be so delighted because they can find this company. Hence, Cheerble Ball is worth buying due to its function, design, and affordable price. 

You don’t have to look for another brand because it has everything! You may purchase your pet’s needs, from toys to supplies and accessories, in this place!

You’ll also receive free shipping if you buy more than $35. So, are you ready to accompany your lovely cat and dog with interactive play? 

Cheerble Ball Warranty

Since you are purchasing electronic products, you should not forget about the warranty. Luckily, this company provides two warranties for different products.

One-year warranty for the gadgets, and you’ll also get a 6-month policy for the batteries. To claim it, please get in touch with customer service at [email protected].

However, ensure the damaged parts result from regular use based on the manual instructions. Then, the team will gladly help with your issues.

Cheerble Ball Shipping Policy

Are you ready to purchase new animal supplies? Then, let’s see how the shipping policy work from this company. Find the terms and conditions below:

  • The team requires two business days to prepare your package
  • This company ships to North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and West Asia
  • All orders over $35 will receive a free shipping fee
  • All orders under $35 will be charged a shipping fee
  • Customers will receive a tracking number via email once the package sends to the courier

If you face a problem, please get in touch with customer service via [email protected] immediately. Therefore, the team may assist you in solving the issue. 

Cheerble Ball Return Policy

Sometimes, you may change your mind or face things that force you to return the purchased products. This company allows you to return the animal supply within 30 days

Please ensure the product is unopened to be eligible for a refund. Then, contact customer service to request a return via [email protected]

If the inspection finishes, the team will inform you about the refund. Once your return fulfills the requirement, you’ll receive a refund to your original payment method within several business days. 

How to Contact Cheerble Ball

Using new animal toys may be complicated, or you may find the products are not working. If you do, feel free to ask for assistance from the team through these methods:

The team is also online on the website’s Live Chat. So if you need a fast response, please immediately send your queries to the chat. Then, you may also visit the following headquarters if you need to meet the staff.  

US Headquarter
108 W 13th St,
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Hong Kong Headquarter
No. 2-16 Fa Yuen Street, 
Mongkok, Kowloon, 
Hong Kong SAR

Where to buy Cheerble Ball?

There are two ways to purchase these dog and cat toys for your pets. First, check it out on the official website and pile up your cart up to $35. Then, you’ll get a free shipping fee

Second, buy your favorite items through a marketplace such as Amazon. Do not forget to get it on the official store to avoid scams from unwanted agents.

Cheerble Ball Coupon Codes & Promos

Have you waited for a long time to reach this section? Then, if you can’t hold your curiosity more, find the promotions from this company below! 

  • Subscribe to a newsletter to get special deals and sales 
  • Receive 20% off when you use WICKED20 at Wicked Series checkout 
  • Enjoy free shipping fees for local and international if you buy more than $35 

I recommend checking the Sales page for regular promotions. Who knows, your favorite product is at a discount price? So, let’s prepare the budget and place an order right away! 

Reveal all coupons
Cheerble Ball

Cheerble Ball Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Cheerble Ball reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Cheerble Ball?

The founders of this company state themselves as paw owners who want to create interactive toys for their pets. 

Where is Cheerble based?

This company is based in Hong Kong. But it also has a headquarter in Delaware, US. 

What does Cheerble Ball do?

This company tends to produce interactive play for your pets with safe and easy-to-use gadgets. 

How do you use a Cheerble Ball?

You can turn on the gadget and shake it for 5 seconds. Then, your pet may play with it cheerfully. 

How long does it take to charge a Cheerble?

It takes an hour to charge the gadget fully. 

What is the warranty on the Cheerble Ball?

You’ll receive a one-year warranty for the gadgets and 6-month for batteries. 

Does Cheerble Ball ship internationally?

Yes! International and local customers may purchase their preferred toys since the company ships internationally. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Cheerble Ball Reviews & Ratings

Buying toys and pet supplies is no longer difficult because Cheerble Ball has everything. Moreover, you would not find it worrying since the features are excellent for your pets.

You may also teach them to develop their activeness and intelligence skill. Hence, are you ready to choose your interactive play? Let’s check the toy out because the stock runs out now! 


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