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About ChartPrime Trading Tools

Are you a new player in the trading market? Then, don’t step in the wrong path since it may be the beginning of your brighter future in this industry. So, have you checked ChartPrime?

ChartPrime Review: About ChartPrime Trading Tools

This company may have been familiar among so many traders. Specifically, ChartPrime provides you with an advanced and reliable trading suite. How much does it affect your trading?

Of course, it affects a lot. Even when you are a beginner in trading, ChartPrime’s tools can effectively help you. They teach you how to analyze and predict the market with strategy.

If you’re not too sure about this, let us bring up this fact. With over 67.3k members on Discord, Tradingview, and other social media platforms, ChartPrime has proven to be good.

So, to improve the performance of your trading journey, will you read the ChartPrime review till the end? On the entire page, we will show you why this trading suite provider is worth it!

Overview Of ChartPrime Trading Indicator

A little introduction to this company may excite you more. So, who’s the person behind this trading indicator service? He is Alexander Fernandez, the CEO and Co-Founder of ChartPrime.

For your information, Alex is a veteran in the trading industry. Compared to his other businesses, ChartPrime is the one that is closest to his heart. For him, it’s like a dream come true.

Moreover, with ChartPrime, a complex trading technique is no longer an obstacle. With its comprehensive tools and features, a difficult approach turns into a big chance for trading success.

That’s why we said that ChartPrime may be suitable for traders of all age levels, from newbies to pros. In addition, those features are also regularly updated for a better experience.

Therefore, your trading journey will have a bigger possibility of gaining a competitive advantage in the market. So, will you start your successful trading life from this review?

ChartPrime Review

We all know that what happens in the trading market is always unpredictable. Therefore, you need the right tools to help you analyze and forecast the market very well.

ChartPrime Reviews: ChartPrime Review

Thankfully, ChartPrime offers cutting-edge tools in a user-friendly experience. Hence, with no complex approach, your trading activity will earn more than you expected.

In addition to helping you analyze the market, this company is also a place of educational resources. They are like live stream videos and tutorials to make you more skillful.

And do you know what’s better? With accessible real-time data, your trading will be more efficient. Also, it enables you to earn more since you understand the latest updates.

So, who’s excited to reveal more inside ChartPrime? So, let the following sections drop now!

ChartPrime Indicator Reviews

Since this company offers you trading indicators, do you want to know how they work? Read this ChartPrime Indicator section carefully to answer all questions!

ChartPrime Review: ChartPrime Indicator Reviews

First, to have a better understanding of each indicator, you may learn it from the tutorial videos. Once you visit the website, click the ‘Tutorial‘ section to find it.

How can you access the indicator? If you have finished your payment, ChartPrime will send you an email. Then, you must tap the link inserted in that email.

After that, the system will bring you to your Discord and Tradingview accounts. On the Tradingview site, you can freely access the company’s indicators.

ChartPrime Multipurpose and Versatile Indicators:

  • Market Oracle Pro
  • Market Dynamics pro
  • Prime Oscillator Pro

Finally, what’s cooler? The cooler thing is that ChartPrime’s indicators are able to work on various markets, including the global level. Overall, isn’t it very good?

ChartPrime Membership Advantages Reviews

What are the advantages of subscribing to ChartPrime’s plan? That was your question, right? So, to answer your curiosity, let this Membership Advantages section explain!

ChartPrime Review:  ChartPrime Membership Advantages Reviews

First of all, of course, you will have a trading suite with 3 multipurpose versatile indicators. Further, you must keep in mind that these indicators are compatible with any market.

Next, the company facilitates all traders sharing and discussing freely on the Discord forum. Or, if you need more lessons, you can access 5 live classes about trading per week.

Besides that, you shouldn’t worry about your trading suite being outdated. Otherwise, new features and tools are always updated on your account, so you can keep up with trends.

Finally, do you want to feel other advantages from this company? Then purchase your own trading plan now!

ChartPrime Pricing

How much the cost should you spend for subscribing to ChartPrime’s plans? See the details below:

Premium Monthly Premium Quarterly Premium Yearly
$67/month $47/month or $143.00/quarterly $40/month or $489.00/annually

Besides those plans, you can also try the 7-day free trial service!

How Does ChartPrime Work?

Are you looking for the steps to get your comprehensive trading indicator from ChartPrime? The following may explain it well:

  1. First, create a Tradingview profile (website or app)
  2. Second, visit the website on this link
  3. Third, click the ‘Buy Now‘ button, and the system will bring you to the pricing section
  4. From the 3 pricing plans, you may choose one
  5. Then, enter your email address in the box and click ‘Submit
  6. Since some plans have offers, enter your coupon code and proceed to checkout 
  7. Next, enter your detailed personal data
  8. Finish your payment and wait until ChartPrime sends you an email with a link to the Tradingview and Discord app

So, are there other easier steps than these?

ChartPrime Vs Tradingview

What can we compare from ChartPrime and Tradingview? Check the details below:


  • Plans offered: Premium Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly
  • Pricing: Starting from $40/month
  • Free trial: 7 days
  • Trustpilot rating: 4.7/5 stars


  • Plans offered: Essential. Plus, and Premium
  • Pricing: Starting from $12.95/month
  • Free trial: 30 days
  • Trustpilot rating: 2.2/5 stars

ChartPrime Pros and Cons

Is ChartPrime always good? Wait until you read this pros and cons section:


  • Comprehensive trading tools and indicators
  • Multipurpose and versatile indicators
  • The indicators are compatible with any market
  • Providing educational learning resources (live class and video tutorial)
  • Using Discord as the only server to share and discuss among the members
  • Always-updated tools and features
  • 7 days of free trial
  • Discounts on some plans
  • International traders can apply


  • No lifetime subscription
  • Some people may not be familiar with Tradingview

Who Is ChartPrime Trading Indicator For?

Today, trading is no longer a complex activity since CartPrime has provided you with comprehensive trading tools. You don’t need to spend much time learning because those indicators enable you to master the trading market with approachable strategies.

So, who else can benefit from this store? Of this point, we can say that ChartPrime’s product service suits all traders, from beginners to pros, who want to earn more advantages in trading. Also, it may suit all Forex traders or other trading firms searching for easy-to-follow technical analysis of trading.

ChartPrime Review: What Do Customers Think?

Don’t say you have learned everything about ChartPrime well if you haven’t read this section. So, who’s excited to see and read the customer’s detailed reviews after subscribing to the trading plans?

ChartPrime Review: ChartPrime Review: What Do Customers Think?

On Trustpilot, the company has gained an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from a total of 58 reviews. For a newly existing company, this number is already great. But are the trader’s reviews good, too?

You may be over the moon to start it with this:

I knew this from J Bravo and here I am now! These charting tools are excellent for traders and investors and have greatly improved my trading success. They are highly recommended!

The first satisfied customer had a great trading success because of ChartPrime. So, when is your time?

Then, you can’t say that it’s not a real review:

I have been using the Tradingview platform for the past year … However, I have found that the charts I produce are difficult to read. Thankfully, I have now discovered ChartPrime, which has greatly simplified my charts. So. I think it’s the best alternative on the Tradingview.

It’s proven that ChartPrime performs better, and it’s the best alternative for any trading suite provider.

Next, we are happy to see this customer happy:

Chart Prime is possibly one of the best trading toolkit services I’ve ever been a part of. All for a fantastic cost. Chart Prime’s indicators helped me pay for my full year’s subscription. Hopefully, they offer a lifetime subscription in the future.

With a reasonable price, the service you get from ChartPrime is truly satisfying, as this trader said.

Also, we bring a review Reddit to complete the list:

Chartprime is always the first name that comes to my mind for forex trading indicators. I love how they make everything easier, even for new traders like me.

The last happy customer is here, and it’s from Reddit. Further, he said ChartPrime offers simplified trading

Finally, do those reviews convince you well about subscribing to the company’s trading plan? Hopefully, we can see you on the next list of satisfied customers with ChartPrime. Can you promise, then?

Is ChartPrime Trading Suite Worth It?

Yes, we guarantee that ChartPrime is 100% worth it. Among other trading kit providers, ChartPrime offers a swift process with super easy technical analysis.

ChartPrime Review: Is ChartPrime Trading Suite Worth It?

Therefore, mastering the trading market will be your skill in just hours. Besides that, thousands of traders have also benefited from using the company’s trading tools. Thus, we have no reason to say that ChartPrime is not worth it.

Is ChartPrime Legit?

We guarantee that ChartPrime is legit and trusted. With the company’s intelligent trading tools, even a beginner can have a bigger possibility to earn much.

Furthermore, the Discord support system is always active 24/7 for all members’ assistance. Therefore, we can’t say that this trading suite provider is a scam.

ChartPrime Cancel Subscription Policy

How do I cancel my ChartPrime subscription?

Subscribing to ChartPrime is 100% worry-free. Do you want to know why? Yup, it’s because you can cancel the plan anytime

Specifically, you need to send a message that you want to stop subscribing through the ‘Live Chat‘ forum. After that, the system will respond as fast as possible and explain the further cancelation without any additional cost needed.

How To Contact ChartPrime?

Do you have something to share and discuss with ChartPrime? Then, discover the company’s support team here:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: ChartPrime/ChartPrimeTrading
  • Live chat: Tap the blue bubble chat on the website

Company Address

41 US-14, Spearfish, SD 57783

Where to buy ChartPrime?

Does ChartPrime provide its service and product offerings on other sites? Of course not. Therefore, the only trusted site you must visit to get your ChartPrime trading plan is its official website.

ChartPrime Coupon Codes & Promos

Who’s here to reveal a special discount code? Let’s get closer and see this:

  • Join the mailing list to see the company’s latest updates on deals, discounts, and other offers
  • Enter a coupon code: HOLIDAY50 to earn 50% OFF on ‘Premium Monthly’ plan
  • Grab 30% OFF with a promo code HOLIDAY30 on the ‘Premium Quarterly’ plan
  • Register in the Affiliate program to earn up to 30% of commission

Are there other offers? Uhm, what about tapping the following blue button?

Reveal all coupons

ChartPrime Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for ChartPrime reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is ChartPrime any good?

Yes, the company is good at providing reliable trading tools with user-friendly experiences, the best technical analysis, and a complete source of trading learning.

Who owns ChartPrime?

Alexander Fernandez is the CEO and Co-Founder of ChartPrime.

Where is ChartPrime located?

The company is at 41 US-14, Spearfish, SD 57783.

Does ChartPrime provide international service?

Yes, all traders worldwide can subscribe to ChartPrime’s trading plans.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of ChartPrime Reviews & Ratings

Finally, are you now finding the best solution for your trading’s typical problems? With a swift process of understanding and multipurpose tools from ChartPrime, everything is in good hands now.

Basically, most traders find it hard when they want to analyze and predict market data. Otherwise, with ChartPrime, you can easily widen the possibility of earning more advantages from your trading. So, is trading now simplified? Yes!


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