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Charlotte Stone Review 2024 → Colorful Footwear To Step in Every Season!

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About Charlotte Stone Shoes

Beautiful shoes will take you anywhere. They are essential to lifting your confidence. So, Charlotte Stone creates products that motivate every buyer to walk comfortably and fashionably. However, are you familiar with this brand?

Charlotte Stone Review: About Charlotte Stone Shoes

The brand is hand-crafted by a talented woman, namely the same. She derived her name from giving a vision of her taste in footwear. They appreciate every VIP by interviewing, writing, and uploading their stories and photos on the official website.

This brand promotes its best to provide colorful and stylish footwear. You can trust its popularity since it is famous on Instagram with over 124k followers. Many buyers show their trust in the brand by tagging their photos there.

So, will you stay tuned with me to look closer at the Charlotte Stone review? You can read every information regarding the brand, including history, products, testimonials, and so on. Then, let’s get started!

Overview of Charlotte Stone Shoes

Charlotte Stone graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California, majoring the superior shoe design. She has design in her blood and wants to create a brand derived from her name.

She intends to create a new way to bring her footwear vision in 2014. Therefore, she wants the brand to fly higher and more famous with its unique pattern. Most of the products have color combinations. It seems colorful, tremendous, and stylish.

People in the fashion industry and enthusiasts adore the brand so much. They offer eco-friendly packaging that is beneficial for the earth. The brand wants the best for its customer by providing shipping domestically and internationally.

With this in mind, it’s safely said that the products from Charlotte Stone are worth trying, and the brand promotes the best to improve the shoe industry. Next up, we’ll see a quick glance at the pros and cons of the brand.

Charlotte Stone Pros

  • Offers hand-crafted footwear with unique patterns
  • True-to-size products
  • Offers eco-friendly packaging
  • Provides shipping domestically and internationally
  • Provides returns and refunds domestically and internationally
  • Allows one-time exchange for domestic orders
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers

Charlotte Stone Cons

  • Doesn’t accept an exchange for international order

Charlotte Stone Shoes Review

Isn’t it charming? A brand with a prestigious reputation suddenly appears in front of your eyes. But do you know what products the brand offer?

Charlotte Stone Reviews: Charlotte Stone Shoes Review

Charlotte Stone offers footwear in seven categories: boots, clogs, flats, heels, platforms, and sandals. Great thing is that they aren’t do it all alone in providing all these catalogs, the brand works together with an upcoming designer with a muse that inspires them.

Just below, I’ll give you three reviews regarding the best-sellers products. Let’s jump in!

Charlotte Stone Paz Reviews

Cold season and weather will chill your body. Charlotte Stone Paz is the perfect protector for the feet that are easy to feel calm. It is the first-ever clog boot that will cover the season well.

Charlotte Stone Review: Charlotte Stone Paz Reviews

The boot is available in eight colors: Navy. Emerald, Black, Sienna, Lilac, Luggage, Camel, and Floral. Moreover, this impressive shoe is one of the best-selling in the boots section.

It features a four-inch heel and a two-inch platform. This footwear has a 90s-style toe and buttery kid suede upper. You can lay your feet comfortably due to the memory foam insole.

Paz Bragging Rights

  • Suede uppers
  • Wood bottoms
  • All-width welcome
  • True to size

Furthermore, it is available in sizes from 4 to 13. The wood bottom is sturdy, and it does not require a break-in. So, if you are interested in these shoes, ensure you prepare money for around $284 to have them this winter.

Charlotte Stone Raf Reviews

Next, Charlotte Stone’s review must not omit the best-selling in the heels section. You’ll adore it from the first time seeing the footwear. It’s gorgeous with a color combination and is suitable for the summer.

Charlotte Stone Review: Charlotte Stone Raf Reviews

You can match the item with every summer dress. Or, find a vintage jumpsuit and everything in between. The one you see is called Solimar. It’s also available in three shades: Black, Orchid, and Tangerine.

This product features leather at the uppers and rubber outsole. A memory-foam insole will be the most comfortable material to lay your feet on.

Raf Bragging Rights

  • All arches welcome
  • All widths welcome
  • No break-in needed
  • True to size
  • Crowd fave

The product is available in 4 to 13 sizes. So you can save money before summer comes. Then purchase the item with a suitable size for your feet for $258.

Charlotte Stone Lenu Reviews

The final product I’ll review in Charlotte Stone is Lenu. The brand is inspired by Katie Kortman, a sewist and wannabe fashion designer who loves colorful things.

Charlotte Stone Review: Charlotte Stone Lenu Reviews

Once you see it, you can see nine colors combination there. From yellow, navy, light blue, tangerine, red, grey, green, orange, and light green, It’s perfect for every occasion from summer, a party to a picnic.

It has two other shades, namely Tropical and Nassau. You can choose the one you prefer as long as it suits sizes four to thirteen. It also features leather uppers and an outsole. With a memory-foam insole, you can go anywhere comfortably in these heels.

Lenu Bragging Rights

  • Match low arches well
  • All widths welcome
  • A collabo with a talented muse
  • True to size
  • Crowd fave

Charlotte Stone provides sizes from 4 to 13. Hence, if you find it tempting, prepare your money and check it out for $252.

Charlotte Stone Marlo Reviews

Do you love vintage outfits? Then you should stay to get a Marlo with 70’s clogs. Even better, you can combine footwear with denim and a dress.

Charlotte Stone Review: Charlotte Stone Marlo Reviews

This product is available in four to thirteen sizes. You may also choose the suede uppers color from nine available shades: yolk, luggage, lilac, tangerine, acid, black, hot mint, plum, and aster. 

The shoes have high arches and wood bottoms. However, you can stand steadily due to the memory-foam insole. It is also true to size so that you don’t have to confuse about choosing the suitable size for your feet. 

Marlo Bragging Rights

  • Suede uppers
  • Wood bottoms
  • All-width welcome
  • True to size

Therefore, let’s get the shoes for $228 and get a discount of $158!

Charlotte Stone Martino Reviews

Martino will get you cover if you think Marlo has too high heels for you! This one has half-heels of the previous products. 

Charlotte Stone Review: Charlotte Stone Martino Reviews

In addition, it is available in four to thirteen sizes. Finally, you can wear it comfortably due to the leather uppers, wood bottoms, and memory-foam insole.

Customers who love color combinations can choose ten available colors: tangerine, luggage, ochre, navy, chili, multi-check, jade, cobalt puff, pimento puff, and acid puff. 

Even better, the product is wide-foot friendly, allowing you to wear it comfortably. The shoes are also true to size. Therefore, you can choose your daily size, which will complete your look nicely!

Martino Bragging Rights 

  • Leather uppers
  • Wood bottoms
  • Memory-foam insole
  • Wide-foot friendly
  • True to size

So let’s purchase the shoes at $214 with a discount of only $148!

Who is Charlotte Stone For?

Charlotte Stone is a friendly brand that intends to provide fashion for everyone. It believes that style must not be painful. Instead, the brand wants everyone to wear the things they prefer the most.

Charlotte Stone Review: Who is Charlotte Stone For?

It supports everyone from youngsters to single ladies and talented mommas. Everyone can wear shoes, heels, platforms, and whatever the brand sells.

Furthermore, you may choose the primary color or other with unique patterns. To conclude, this brand exists for every human who loves to mix and match their outfits. So they could perform on point in every season and occasion.

Charlotte Stone Size Guide

Do you find it confusing to choose a suitable size for your feet? Let’s not find it difficult because Charlotte Stone will guide you to find the perfect footwear.

Charlotte Stone Review: Charlotte Stone Size Guide

So, prepare a ruler, paper, and pen or pencil following the steps below.

  • Trace your feet on a piece of paper with the stationaries
  • Measure the top-most to the bottom-most and suit the number with the image above
  • Then, match the length with the width on this page
  • Next, check your arch shape between low, medium, or high. If it is too hard, just wet your feet and step on a paper. Afterward, check the form and match it with the shapes on this page
  • That’s it! You get your feet size and are ready to purchase the product in a suitable form!

Charlotte Stone Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now, you must be smiling because you find the brand interesting. But let’s dig more into the customer’s review. It’s a factor you should know to purchase your favorite item.

Charlotte Stone Review: Charlotte Stone Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First, I’ll classify the ratings from the five products above. Here they are:

  • Charlotte Stone Paz: 5/5 ratings according to the 120 reviews
  • Charlotte Stone Raf: 5/5 ratings based on 89 reviews
  • Charlotte Stone Lenu: 5/5 ratings from 100 reviews
  • Charlotte Stone Marlo: 5/5 ratings from 171 customer reviews
  • Charlotte Stone Martino: 5/5 ratings from 198 customer reviews 

These numbers are validation from the customers who love to wear Charlotte Stone’s footwear. One happy customer said:

I LOVE THESE BOOTS! I’ve been receiving compliments from everyone on these boots. I saved up and they are worth it. I can’t wait to wear them for the event I bought them for. They can be used in dressy situation and casual. I hope they use this material for other shoes.

The statement demonstrates how delicate the buyer is in expressing the boots. Nevertheless, she said that they were lovely and worth buying. They are flexible to be worn in every dress or casual style.

Another buyer stated:

I buy the Lenu in Kortman and it’s stunning and one of a kind! Beautifully made with excellent colors and comfortable feel. They run fit to size. I’m usually a 7 and the 7 in these go perfectly.

In the statement above, you can see how satisfied the customer is. She shows her happiness with the quality of the heels. They are stunning, beautiful, and well-made. Even better, the true-to-size character of the brand is proven here. She usually uses 7, and the Lenu in 7 size fits her feet.

From the two testimonials above, I can say that the brand prioritizes its customers. As a result, they provide the best and original product. So, you can return to your cart and start checking out the products there!

Is Charlotte Stone Worth It?

After deep research on this brand, I must say the brand is incredibly worth it. Charlotte Stone offers the best products for everyone. It is suitable for everyone who loves to look fashionable.

Charlotte Stone Review: Is Charlotte Stone Worth It?

In addition, you can see the various shoes, heels, platforms, and other footwear from this brand. It even prioritizes the customers with original design, high-quality material, and comfortability.

If you want special footwear, look no further than Charlotte Stone. You’ll find it satisfying and durable for a long, long time.

Is Charlotte Stone Legit?

Well, now you must wonder how legit the brand is. But don’t worry because this footwear company provides everything you need as a customer on the website.

Charlotte Stone Review: Is Charlotte Stone Legit?

In addition, it is transparent on each policy, including shipping, return, refund, and customer reviews. It also has Charlotte Stone Mystery Shoe, which you can choose based on your feet size.

This company also has information regarding social media, allowing you to check the updates. Customers can even look thoroughly at the Charlotte Stone shoes location. 

As a result, the brand is legit, and you can satisfy your curiosity based on the official website and social media info. 

Charlotte Stone Shipping Policy

Charlotte Stone will do its best to serve its customers. The brand immediately processes the order once you check it out, which may take up to 72 hours. But it may be faster, depending on the order volume. Orders on weekends or holidays will be processed the following business day.

This footwear brand offers flash shipping for customers who need the shoes immediately. Merely send them your requirement and order number to [email protected].

Now let’s move to domestic and international shipping. I’ll define every difference below.

  • Domestic orders: Charlotte Stone is generous by offering free ground shipping on orders over $300. It also provides 2nd Day Air shipping via UPS for anyone who needs it fast than the standard one. Even better, you can shoot an email to customer service if you require overnight shipping. The brand’s team will contact you as soon as possible.
  • International: This policy differs because Charlotte Stone uses DHL Express for shipping. Yet, shipping to Canada will require duties without taxes.

The brand has other policies for other countries. The taxes and duties are all included in the international shipping cost. So, check the list of the country on this page.

What if your country doesn’t include on that list? Then the taxes and duties will be billed via the shipping carrier. After all, you must know the rule by contacting the local customs office of DHL.

In addition, the brand wants to be more friendly to our environment. So it provides a recycled box option at the checkout. You can opt-in to this part to get more eco-friendly packaging and save our world.

Charlotte Stone Return Policy

This Charlotte Stone review is happy to report that the brand provides returns and refunds that will benefit unfitted footwear. You must ensure the product is unworn and repackaged perfectly with original packaging, including tags and dust bags.

Below, I’ll break down the return and refund policies in US shipping.

  • Charlotte Stone only receives items you purchase at a total price or a product with 30% of the cost. Also, the brand does not accept returns for products with final-sale markers.
  • Send the item back with a return label to the brand within 14-days. What about if you are busy and cannot fit the 14-day requirement? Don’t worry because this brand will receive the return if it doesn’t exceed 21 days.
  • Afterward, you can get the exchange and store credits on the orders. The return may take up to 10 – 12 business days. If it’s longer than expected, shoot the brand an email to help you with the receipt.
  • The brand is strict on return that does not fulfill its requirements. For example, if the package contains an unsellable condition with a worn mark, they will send it back to you at your own expense.
  • Charlotte Stone will apply for a refund on a product that requires cleaning or is damaged and missing packaging.

So what’s the requirement on international order return policies?

  • This brand accepts returns, but they won’t cover the shipping. Please ensure you have the same product so you can get the return. Merely return the product with an international return label available on the website.
  • They’ll deduct the required fees (shipping cost, taxes, and duties) from the final refund amount.
    Unfortunately, Charlotte Stone doesn’t offer an exchange on international shipping orders.

How to Contact Charlotte Stone

The only way to contact the brand is by simply sending them an email to [email protected]. Their customer care team will respond to your email on business days, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM.

Where to buy Charlotte Stone?

Charlotte Stone is a footwear brand that prioritizes authenticity. So, you can only purchase its product on its official website.

Charlotte Stone Coupon Codes & Promos

Charlotte Stone offers more exclusive perks for buyers who spend more. Here are the discount and deals you can get on shopping on its official website:

  • The Enthusiast category is free to join. Every member of this type will get 1 point for $1 and 250 points on your birthday.
  • The Collector category must spend $750 annually. They’ll get the same privileges as the Enthusiasts in addition to exclusive deals.
  • The Connoisseur category must purchase $1000 annually. They’ll obtain the same perks as the collector. But Charlotte Stone provides early access to new stuff, sales, and limited edition colors for this membership. They’ll also get access to seasonal gifts and custom dustbags.

To summarize, you will be an exclusive customer if you spend more. The more you spend, the more you will get exclusive privileges in this brand.

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Charlotte Stone Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Charlotte Stone reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Charlotte Stone?

The brand owner is Charlotte Stone. She derives her name for the brand to bring her personal footwear vision to life.

Does Charlotte Stone ship internationally?

Yes, the brand offers international shipping through DHL Express.

Where does Charlotte Stone ship from?

Currently, the team will ship your package from the Ventura Warehouse. Please wait several days until your order is ready to ship with safe packaging. 

Where is Charlotte Stone located?

The brand is located in South California. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Charlotte Stone Reviews & Ratings

Giving more attention to what you’re wearing today will lift your mood. You can choose whatever you prefer and wear it comfortably. It’s a real winning for people who are enthusiasts of fashion. So, Charlotte Stone wants you to be more confident with your outfit.

It’s a talented brand that prioritizes customers first. You can trust it because many people are satisfied with the brand’s footwear. You can choose whatever shoes you wear for your fashion.

Even better, you can get Mystery Shoe. Who knows, you can get the Charlotte Stone Allie? So, check out the products to purchase your preferred item!

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