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About CharlieTheTraveler

The earth is vast and spacious and contains thousands of beautiful sceneries. It unsurprisingly persuades people to visit the place one by one. If you’re interested in traveling, trusting CharlieTheTraveler is the best option.

CharlieTheTraveler Review: About CharlieTheTraveler

This travel agent will bring you to the most fascinating world on earth. In addition, this agent has more than 80 options for you to choose from the Europe, America, and others.

You can choose your desired place, and the itinerary is well-prepared. You must follow the scheduled plans and enjoy the holiday with the locals.

Due to these well-prepared plans, the company has been featured in several famous media, including TripAdvisor, Travelzoo, Expedia, and TourRadar. Also, it has more than 1.2K followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

If you have an eye on this travel company, keep reading this CharlieTheTraveler review because I’ll explain it thoroughly. So, let’s start the discussion with an overview! 

Overview of CharlieTheTraveler

Charlie has been traveling for his life. He went to many places worldwide to learn how locals live in that destination and enjoy the scenery. 

Later, he established a traveling company under his name, CharlieTheTraveler. This company allows Charlie to present a well-prepared traveling itinerary to countries worldwide based on his experience. 

Furthermore, he ensures to give the best by providing tour guides, lodging, and recommended cuisine to try. His team contains experts who have a high interest in tours and trips. 

After reading the overview, you know how this company prioritizes its clients. Therefore, the company has proved its ability to satisfy clients and gain the trust of all clients.

CharlieTheTraveler Review

Since this travel agent will take over this article, the discussion will also focus on its features. Can you guess the topics?

CharlieTheTraveler Reviews: CharlieTheTraveler Review

Here are four things we’ll discuss in CharlieTheTraveler review:

  • Destination
  • Traveling Package
  • Reasons to Choose
  • Pricing

Then, let’s see the explanation closer by moving on to the next section now! 

CharlieTheTraveler Destination Reviews

Let’s get to the destination that holds the most critical topic for traveling. Charlie ensures to give you a lot of options within 80 travel destinations worldwide.

CharlieTheTraveler Review: CharlieTheTraveler Destination Reviews

Clients may go into five categories: European, North America & The Caribbean, South America, The Orient, and Others. Below, I’ll tell you the star all-rounders between the five.

European Greece, Italy, the UK, Spain, Switzerland, etc
North America & The Caribbean Canada, the USA, The Caribbean, Mexico, etc
South America Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, etc
The Orient Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, China, Japan, etc
Others New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Egypt, etc

So, immediately visit the link below and choose your desired package. Then, are you ready to be stress-free?

CharlieTheTraveler Traveling Package

Now you know which destination you may book into. But don’t you curious about the traveling package? Stay tuned to this section to get more insights! 

CharlieTheTraveler Review: CharlieTheTraveler Traveling Package

CharlieTheTraveler provides two packages: Multi-day Tours and We Plan Your Trip. The two differ and have particular benefits. Here, I’ll compare them to give you more understanding. 

Multi-day Tours We Plan Your Trip
  • Offers particular itinerary to a specific destination
  • Traveling in several days depends on the destination
  • Each destination has a different traveling period and price
  • Traveling experts coach clients in deciding the trip
  • The discussion includes destination, itinerary, lodging, etc
  • Experts will help you to minimize the cost but can travel enjoyably

Multi-day tours are the best option if you want an easy and effective one. In contrast, the second package is perfect for anyone who wants to plan a traveling itinerary well. So, whether you choose the first or second, click the link below first to get the service!

Why do Customers Choose CharlieTheTraveler?

Clients looking for a travel agent may be curious about this company. I know you can’t help it because it is not easy to get the best companion.

CharlieTheTraveler Review: Why do Customers Choose CharlieTheTraveler?

So read the following reasons to get to know more about CharlieTheTraveler:

  • Founded and is led by a professional traveler who has many experiences in traveling
  • Assisted by experts in the tour and travel agency
  • Welcome solo travelers and do not charge any additional fee
  • Pickup and respond to client’s questions almost every day
  • Appreciate your time by giving me-time during the holiday
  • Receive many 5-star through online reviewers 

Then, do you have other reasons not to go for this company?

CharlieTheTraveler Pricing

I know that beginners in traveling are worried about the budget. Well, this company knows your issues and wants to provide the most affordable price by dividing it into two as below:

  • Price pack without accommodation and transportation
  • Price pack that includes housing and transportation   

To give you more understanding, here are examples of traveling budgets to the most-booked destinations:

Destination Without Accommodation With Accommodation
Costa Rica (11 days) $2,268/person $3,328/person 
Iceland (9 days) $3,740/person $4,786/person
New Zealand (11 days)  $3,334/person $4,594/person

Remember that those budgets do not include airfare, travel insurance, alcohol, visa fees, etc. The prices only include your needs for traveling without consumption. So, are you interested in traveling?

CharlieTheTraveler Pros and Cons

While reading this CharlieTheTraveler review, you may want to know more about this company. So here are the pros and cons explanations. Take a closer look! 


  • Trusted tour agents
  • Trips go up to 80 destinations worldwide
  • Suitable for solo travelers or group ones
  • Perfect for kids, adults in their 30s up to 65 years old travelers
  • Affordable fee
  • Interesting itinerary 
  • 91-day before the scheduled cancellation policy
  • Receives many good feedbacks from customers 


  • The official website visualization may be confusing

Who is CharlieTheTraveler For?

This tour company welcomes everyone who wants to travel worldwide. Commonly, the client’s age range is about 30 to 65 years old

CharlieTheTraveler Review: Who is CharlieTheTraveler For?

But whether you are a solo traveler or want to travel with your beloved people, booking is available! Parents who wish to bring their children may also join the gang. So, which destination will you visit first? 

CharlieTheTraveler Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Welcome to one of the most crucial sections of this article. It will discuss clients’ testimonials and ratings received by the company. So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

CharlieTheTraveler Review: CharlieTheTraveler Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

CharlieTheTraveler receives a 4.9/5 rating from TripAdvisor and a 5/5 rating from TravelStride. Since the ratings are high, meaning that most clients are satisfied with the service. Below is one of the testimonial said:

… I love this tour because I can get to travel stress-free since I know it has everything taken care of. I recommend the CharlieTheTraveler to everyone who hates to plan tours on their own time. 

This client loves the service from the company because every need is well-prepared. Moreover, she wants to recommend it to anyone too lazy to plan a trip. 

Another client said:

My hubby and I had an excellent tour to Iceland this January. Our lodgings, plans, and travel were all taken care of, which made our traveling journey more enjoyable. …

This client went on an Iceland tour and enjoyed it so much. She is thankful for the help because the agent excellently takes care of their needs.

In short, CharlieTheTraveler performs excellently in prioritizing clients from services to itineraries. Thus, clients are satisfied and give high ratings after the service. 

Is CharlieTheTraveler Worth It?

Travelers know well that planning for a tour and trip is not easy. Instead, they must spend time researching accommodation, transportation, cuisine, etc.

Therefore, I must say that CharlieTheTraveler is worth trusting, period. I can say that because this travel agent contains experts who know how to deal with itineraries.

In addition, they will plan the best travel plan for all clients. So merely sit quietly and follow the guidance, then you can go for the best sceneries and enjoy yourself on a great vacation! 

Is CharlieTheTraveler Legit?

Online service may bring worries that you can’t help it. However, you do not have to worry anymore because CharlieTheTraveler is a legit company to trust

Although it does not have an SSL, the official website informs you with all the information you need. Furthermore, you can check its validity by contacting the well-written customer service information. 

If you’re still unsure, checking the company in the press is necessary. Luckily, it receives high ratings from customers, strengthening this travel agent’s legitimate side. 

CharlieTheTraveler Cancellation Policy

As a human, you know well that life is unpredictable. It is undeniable, and you can’t help it if your travel should be canceled. Fortunately, this tour company presents you to cancel the booking within 91 days before the trip begins.

So what is the policy for the refund? Find them below! 

Cancellation Period Refund Policy
91-days before the trip Full refund
90-60 days before the trip 50% refund
59-31 days before the trip 25% refund
30 days or less before the trip Ineligible for refund

To cancel the trip, please contact customer service at [email protected]. The team will gladly help, but please ensure you cancel it on time. Therefore, you may receive a refund and can reschedule your travel to your desired destination. 

How to Contact CharlieTheTraveler

You may have more questions concerning tours by Charlie. If you do, please do not hesitate to get in touch with customer service to ask for assistance through these methods:

You may also have a Live Chat via Whatsapp. Then, the team will help you with your issues and clear the problem effectively. 

Where to buy CharlieTheTraveler?

Clients who want to book a trip from this company may visit the official website. However, contacting the call center via +1 562 455-9896 is excellent if you prefer a live conversation. 

CharlieTheTraveler Coupon Codes & Promos

Unfortunately, I can’t find information concerning promotions or discount codes. But you may subscribe to newsletters on the official website for updates and special discounts. 

Clients wanting further information about this affair may contact customer service via [email protected]. I also recommend checking social media frequently. Who knows, you’ll find exclusive deals or sales from this tour company. 

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CharlieTheTraveler Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for CharlieTheTraveler reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns CharlieTheTraveler?

Charlie is the founder and owner of this traveling company. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of CharlieTheTraveler Reviews & Ratings

Traveling is one of the hobbies that bring refreshing moments to your life. Also, you could run away from your busy life thanks to the well-prepared itinerary from CharlieTheTraveler.

This company provides multi-day tours and plans to help you be stress-free. Even better, you can go to more than 80 places worldwide. So, are you ready to book a schedule? Let’s visit the official website and consult with the team now! 


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