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Ceragem Review 2024 → Relaxing Therapeutic Thermal Massage in Your Home!

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About Ceragem Therapeutic Thermal Massager

Back pain is a common problem for those having mundane activities, whether it’s sitting or standing for too long. By the time you may feel that this pain worsens, the weekend spa is the only thing you can look for.

Ceragem Review: About Ceragem Therapeutic Thermal Massager
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Ceragem is a company that offers therapeutic thermal massagers for home use. So instead of spending much money and your weekend on a spa, you can use the bed or chair massage to relax in your home.

This Korean company has gained so much interest globally with its long history and number of awards, such as the Reddot Awards 2020, Korean Consumer Awards, Brand of the Year Awards, and so on. In addition, this brand also hooked several top actors and actresses as their models, such as Shin Min Ah and Lee Jung Jae.

But what exactly makes this brand special in the industry? This Ceragem review will explore its company profile, product reviews, testimonials, customer services, and current offers. So keep on reading!

Overview Of Ceragem

Ceragem co is a company that dedicated itself to changing the world spirit by offering home health appliances with years of trials, research, and technology development. This company was founded in 1998 under Chairman Lee Hwan-Seong’s leadership.

It strives to develop a product that can eliminate back and muscle pain through ceaseless R&D and trials. Home health appliances are produced in a world-class R&D department with detailed technology and exact usage in every product. 

This brand has grown more prominent over time, with more than 2,500 locations of global experience stores. The good thing is that it has many awards, such as RedDot Winner 2020, World Class product in 19 consecutive years, and many more.

It also has tremendous global recognition, including US Food and Drug Administration FDA Approval and European Medical Device CE Approval. So before we go through other deeper sections about this brand, here are some highlights that can give you a better picture of this brand.

Ceragem Pros

  • Health appliances backed with modern technology
  • Luxury and high-quality designs
  • Impressive awards through the years
  • FDA, CE, and CFDA approval
  • In-home trial
  • 14 Days return policy and warranty
  • Positive reviews from the customers

Ceragem Cons

  • Free shipping only applicable for select location
  • Some products are only available through the distributor

Ceragem Review

As you start looking for a therapeutic thermal massager, Ceragem company is a great place for investment. This company offers well-developed bed and chair massages with years of experience in its industry. There are three main classifications on its site, including:

Ceragem Reviews: Ceragem Review
  • Therapeutic
  • Luxury full body
  • Relax and unwind

Now let’s begin this Ceragem review by having a closer look at its best-selling products to see their quality and what they have to offer.

Ceragem V4 Reviews

The Ceragem Master V4 Adjustable Massage Bed is a therapeutic thermal massager that you can use at home with all one purpose to soothe and care for your spine and back. This bed massage is equipped with adjustable strength control multi-dimensional massage where the heated massage roller automatically adjusts the height.

Ceragem Review: Ceragem V4 Reviews

It features patented spinal scanning technology that can analyze and recognizes to give customized massage depending on your unique body and spinal line. The technology works by mapping the weight distribution, spinal length, spinal curvature degree, and flexion to tailor the massage for everyone.

What’s more, this Ceragem massage bed is also built with 12 auto modes and five custom modes that you can choose depending on your needs. Furthermore, intensity control comes with nine levels, from gentle to robust.

The 149°F Concentrated Heat gives a warming effect on the body that can promote circulation and relaxation. In this package, you’ll also get the heated messager, and its remote is designed to be placed over the abdomen or other body parts with direct heat up to 140°.


  • Easy sliding design
  • Ceragem Sound for relaxation accompanied
  • 12 auto modes and five custom modes
  • Relieving minor muscle and joint pain stiffness
  • Relieving the minor joint pain
  • Increasing local circulation
  • Muscle relaxation


  • Folded: 27.6″ X 50.4″ X 17.7″ (±0.4″) WxDxH
  • Unfolded: 27.6″ X 80.3″ X 17.7″ (±0.4″) WxDxH
  • Weight: 114.6 LB

Ceragem V4’s price is quite affordable, around $4,299, but since it’s on sale, you can purchase it for only $3,999!

Ceragem V3 Reviews

Like the product above, we will review Ceragem v3 Electric Massage Bed. This massage bed is a medical device approved by Korea Medical Device Safety Information Service that offers compression stimulation and intensive heat to the spine.

Ceragem Review: Ceragem V3 Reviews

This Ceragem bed for electric massage is equipped with an intensity control and compression stimulation program with six steps and 12 programs. So you can choose from 6 intensity legs and adjust the massage strength in the up/down adjustment in the internal projector.

The multi-dimensional massage uses the Advanced Projector Moving System can automatically adjust the height for every user based on their spinal line. Featuring proper function, it has sound collections of 10 preinstalled audio to enhance your relaxation.

The patented sliding function design makes it easy to convert from a full-length massage bed to a discreet space-saving ottoman. Same as V4, the V3 Electric Massage Bed has up to 149°F concentrated thermal stimulations with the same essential functions.


  • 3/9 external heating projectors
  • Convertible multi-function design
  • 6-step intensity control
  • 12 Massage options
  • Preinstalled sounds for better relaxation

In the market, the Ceragem Master V3 price is around $4,999, which is the same price range as V4.

Ceragem M2 Reviews

Not only massage beds, but this company also offers a nice-looking massage chair, Ceragem M2 Home Massage Chair. It is designed with a luxury look that people may think s just a fancy sofa for your outstanding interior.

Ceragem Review: Ceragem M2 Reviews

The M2 massage chair has an abdominal massage that treats the back, abdomen, waist, and buttocks. Perform with a delicate vibration to relieve the tense muscle and maximize it with a warm thermal massage.

The premium SL frame with low noise design will follow the contour of your spine to distribute the heat and massage accurately. In addition, the 120º Comfort Reclining gives the best angle for maximum relaxation with an ottoman function to adjust shoulder heights.

The adjustable temperature ranges from 90º F to 113º F, where you can adjust it depending on your needs, whether you want to relieve fatigue or rigid muscles. The Ceragem Massage Chair also features 6 Automatic Modes to provide effective massage depending on your needs from neck to thigh.


  • Bluetooth speaker and USB port
  • Intuitive interface remote control
  • Six automatic modes
  • Adjustable temperature
  • 120º comfort reclining
  • Premium SL frame
  • Abdominal massager heated to 140º


  • Chair Weight: 81 LB
  • Chair Dimension:  26’’ x 44’’ x 40’’ (W x D x H)
  • Ottoman Weight: 9 LB
  • Ottoman dimension: 19’’ x 15’’ x 19’’ (W x D x H)

The Ceragem price is lower than the massage bed, about $2,499, with three color options available: camel brown, oatmeal beige, and natural grey.

Who Is Ceragem For?

This company is dedicated to everyone suffering from aches and pain from mundane activities. So it can be used for you who stand or sits all day long, which causes a nuisance in several areas of the body.

Ceragem Review: Who Is Ceragem For?

Not only that, it can be a good option if you’re struggling with muscle, back, and neck pain. Moreover, since the product is designed for home use, it’s ideal for a family who wants convenient relaxation at home.

Ceragem Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So you already know about the product review, features, and benefits. Now let’s see the customer experience when purchasing its products. On its Google Business Profile, this therapeutic thermal massager company obtains a 4.2 out of 5 rating average from its customers. Here’s one of its customer’s feedback:

Ceragem Review: Ceragem Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Greatest buy in my life. I have bad back pain because of my job. Almost every month, I need to see a therapist who helps a lot. My friend recommends this to me for daily use when lying down. This bed is working excellently. It could vibrate to message back and works perfectly, not too hard and not too soft. It also heats up to relax muscles.

From the review above, this customer state that its product can help to relieve back pain and relax the muscles. Another customer also said:

Ceragem is the best technology for the goodness of western people. However, I would love to find offices and services in all states of the US.

The testimonial above states that this brand can be an excellent technology for Westerners. But the customer hopes this brand can grow more prominent so you can easily find it across the US. So here is the last review that we display:

Ceragem Bed massage therapy helps reduce my back pain and is very effective~I love it!

The feedback above stated that the message bed effectively reduces back pain. So overall, we couldn’t find any damaged reviews about this brand.

Is Ceragem Worth It?

Regarding what we’ve reviewed, this brand is worth investing in. It has a long history in the industry and has grown internationally. So logically,  there must be a reason this brand can maintain its presence.

Ceragem Review: Is Ceragem Worth It?

Not only that, it has had several awards throughout the years and has already been approved by FDA, CDFA, and CE. Plus, it offers products with technology and advanced features that provide convenient usage of each product.

Ceragem Shipping Policy

Currently, Ceragem only ships within the continental United States and offers free shipping in select areas. This company uses a delivery schedule arrangement where their customer service will call you to arrange the Delivery within two weeks of your confirmed order.

It also proves the white glove of full service, where this brand will deliver and install the product you purchase on the arranged date. Its team will also show you the instructions for using the Ceragem machine.

However, the lead times may vary depending on inclement weather, extended holidays, or other uncontrollable situations.

Shipping cost

  • Near Ceragem Showroom: free shipping via White Glove Delivery 
  • California out of free shipping zone
    • Curbside Delivery: $200
    • White Glove Delivery: $350
  • Out of California
    • Curbside Delivery: $350
    • White Glove Delivery: $500

Since free shipping is only available if your address is near the showroom, you can check it by searching “Ceragem near me” to find the closest store. Or you can contact its customer service to see whether your location is included in the free shipping.

Ceragem Return Policy

To ensure your satisfaction, this brand has a Ceragem return policy where you can file for a return within 14 days of the delivery. To be eligible for the return, the product must be in a reasonable condition, such as undamaged, with no missing parts and other signs of abuse. 

Keep in mind that there will be a 20% restocking fee from the original purchase price, and the return cost will be your responsibility. if the refund is approved, it will be credited to your initial payment.

If you use installment products such as Klarna or Affirm, you should get a refund within seven days if there may be an additional fee. Thus, if you want to start the return, you can contact its customer service via phone or email.

How To Contact Ceragem

If you have questions, feedback, or complain, or even when you’re randomly curious whether there are Ceragem side effects, you can feel free to contact their customer service.

Where to buy Ceragem?

If you’re interested in trying your dream bed massage, you can purchase it from Ceragem’s official website. By purchasing on its official website, it can ensure authentic products, various payment options, and a return policy.

Aside from that, if you want to try the product first before purchasing it, you can try the In-Home Trial or visit its showrooms to experience the Ceragem therapy of its bed message and chair.

Ceragem Coupon Codes & Promos

Looking for a Ceragem bed for sale? To know what product is currently on sale, you should check every product page. From what we’ve seen on its website, there are several current offers, including $500 off on Ceragem V6 and $300 off on V4 massage beds.

The discounts may change over time, so you should join its email list to get to know the current offers. Lastly, you can check the link below to get an exclusive discount code to lower the Ceragem machine price!

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Ceragem Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Ceragem reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How much does a Ceragem cost?

Its price varies depending on what you purchase. The Ceragem bed prices range from $4,299 to $5,999, and its message chair is from $3,499 to $9,999.

Is Ceragem Korean?

Yes, this company is a South Korean-based healthcare company.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Ceragem Reviews & Ratings

In this world where people are constantly working on mundane activities, and back aches become a general problem, Ceragem has become a company that offers a product where you can conveniently enjoy relaxation in your home.

This brand gives a luxury device with next-level performance, so you don’t have to go to the spa for a massage, saving more time and money. Thus, are you interested in experiencing a back massage in your own home? You can visit its website to grab your dream massage bed and chair.


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