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About Center Cam

Are you dissatisfied with video conferences that lack intensity? No need to worry, Center Cam comes as a solution for your every video call. Do remote counseling comfortably and create eye contact with the best focus on your screen!

Center Cam Review: About Center Cam

So, what is a Center Cam? It is a middle-screen webcam that brings better human connection. It is designed to improve eye contact during video calls. Through its HD eye-to-eye camera technology, get ready to captivate your audience.

In addition, this small webcam is customizable and placed almost anywhere. It allows you to see the person speaking and easily make eye contact.

On top of that, the brand designed it to be small enough to be discreet. So you can place it on top of whatever you want to see.

Whether it’s a script you’re reading, someone’s face on a video, or a game you’re playing, it looks like you’re making eye contact with the camera. This is a Game Changer! Center Cam is the real answer to the eye contact problem.

Thousands of customers and followers on Facebook and Instagram are excited about the camera technology. So, will you be one of them?

This Center Cam review will make it! We’ll take you through the brand profile, get to know the product collection, see the features, hear testimonials, and more. So, are you ready to go further?

Overview of Center Cam

Inventor Ian Foster came up with this brilliant idea when he and his colleagues were often uncomfortable using videoconferencing technology. The remote consultations are supposed to be intensive. But it’s failed!

The inconvenience comes from the screen edge webcam, which can create a focus dilemma. It requires you to look away from the person you want to talk to. Consequently, you don’t make eye contact.

Accordingly, throughout 2020, Ian began to develop prototypes that later succeeded in creating a quality camera. So, in 2021, he decided to launch Center Cam.

The camera’s HD eye-to-eye technology enhances the convenience of connecting with people through technology. Hence, many people who work and operate remotely can optimally express their ideas.

Center Cam Reviews

Video calls via Zoom/Google Meet/Discord/Microsoft Teams/etc. have never been so much fun. Center Cam is the solution for better human connection comfort through HD eye-to-eye camera technology.

Center Cam Reviews: Center Cam Reviews

You can get the best tidy center-screen webcam products through the official website. Also, buy supporting accessories or tools to keep the smoothness of your video call, whatever it is.

Center Cam Product Collections

Now, it’s time for you to see how it features and how it works. We selected 3 of its best-selling products to discuss in more detail. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Center Cam Deluxe Package Reviews

As someone who works outside the office and has a full schedule of video meetings, you must have the Deluxe Package. Center Cam offers this complete package to provide convenience and optimize video meeting activities.

Center Cam Review: Center Cam Deluxe Package Reviews

With this all-in-one package, you can do your job better, save more money, and don’t need to buy equipment separately. What does this package include?

Deluxe Package Includes

  • Center Cam Assembly
  • Adjustable Clip Mount
  • Lens Privacy Cover
  • Adjustable Ring-Light Mount
  • Storage Case

This package offers a camera with 1080p resolution and an F2.1 lens. Additionally, the camera has a horizontal field of view of 65 degrees. You can use it with any device because it is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux.

Furthermore, the clip is 5 feet long with a 16-inch flexible cable on the unit. It can be opened up to 2 inches for easy attachment to the display.

Save even more with the Deluxe Package for $139.99. This complete package is available to improve your video-calling experience.

Center Cam Standard Package Reviews

This is simpler if the previous package had a complete device for optimized usage. Primarily, the Standard Package is a more basic option for more basic use.

Center Cam Review: Center Cam Standard Package Reviews

The Center Cam is perfect for those who might only want the mid-screen webcam package. So, see what you can expect from this package.

Standard Package Includes

  • Center Cam Assembly
  • Adjustable Clip Mount
  • Lens Privacy Cover

The camera specifications on this package are the same as before. It has a resolution of 1080p with an F2.1 lens. It also has a horizontal field of view of 65 degrees.

This advanced mid-screen webcam is USB-A/USB-C compatible. You can pair it with Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows. The standard package is priced at $119.99 for those on a budget.

Center Cam Ring Light Clip Reviews

Are you a speaker at an online seminar? Then you must give your best performance. But it’s not just about looks!

Center Cam Review: Center Cam Ring Light Clip Reviews

You must provide optimal lighting because everyone will look at you on the screen. So they can see you clearly and are comfortable following your instructions.

So, maximize your look in front of the camera with the Ring Light Clip Center Cam. This ring light features a ring light with 3 brightness settings that you can adjust to suit your room.


  • 3 Brightness Settings
  • Rechargeable
  • Clip Technology in the patent process

You should note and remember before attaching it to your screen. The ring light opens slightly over 1.7 inches or 4.3 cm. So adjust and measure your screen for best use.

Create a glowing look with this $16.99 ring light. It is not only applicable on your computer screen. But you also use it on your phone to take a selfie. Especially the small size that you can keep in your pocket anywhere.

Center Cam Vs Plexicam

Actually, these two brands seem to sell different products. However, they have the same function. They both offer eye contact when you are communicating or making videos.

We also found that some people are looking for a comparison between the two. Therefore, we prepared it for you.

Center Cam

  • Tiny middle-screen webcam
  • Can center the camera to help create eye contact
  • Compatible with any device; Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux
  • Added LED Ring Light to improve lighting
  • Position the camera without a webcam holder


  • Webcam holder
  • The camera can be in any position
  • Fits any monitor
  • Added LED lights to improve lighting
  • Need to provide your own webcam and microphone

Center Cam Pros and Cons

Unsatisfied with the previous sections? If so, we hope the Center Cam Pros and Cons section will help you. Check out the following points and decide if this is what you are looking for.


  • Real face-to-face video calls
  • Easy to install, plug and play
  • Flexible positioning options
  • Ultra-portable
  • Once set, decent image quality
  • USB-A to USB-C adapter compatible
  • Fast delivery
  • Ships internationally
  • 30 days return policy
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Manually focus the camera
  • No software
  • Free shipping is unavailable

Who is Center Cam For?

Center Cam is the best solution for the virtual world. Whether you’re a speaker, coach, teacher, therapist, or salesperson, its center-screen webcam is perfect for virtually working with people.

It’ll help you build better relationships and connections. How does the camera help build a deep connection? Usually, looking at a camera or screen produces a different eye focus. But, the webcam Center Cam allows you to observe non-verbal communication.

Alternatively, you can use it with a teleprompter while maintaining eye contact with the audience. Therefore, the Center Cam is great if you want an easy-to-use and simple webcam.

It even comes with a convenient, flexible camera tube and patented clip that makes it easy to use the camera anywhere. Thus, it is suitable for busy educators.

Center Cam Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Our Center Cam loves the ultra-portable camera, but we must see what customers say. So, we prepared customer reviews from the official website.

Center Cam Review: Center Cam Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We see that the brand gets a lot of positive reviews from customers. Its products also get a high number of ratings. Check out the ratings of its 3 best-selling products below:

  1. Center Cam Deluxe Package: 4.69/5 out of 42 reviews
  2. Center Cam Standard Package: 4.54/5 based on 92 reviews
  3. Center Cam Ring Light Clip: 5/5 from 1 review

My presentations are more captivating … I also feel it makes for a better social experience. You are facing the camera. When using CenterCam in meetings, the nonverbal cues expressed by looking directly into the camera enhance communication.

According to customer reviews, this webcam can create a better social experience thanks to the direct look into the camera. Thus, it results in a more engaging presentation.

Next, let’s get to the other reviews:

What an amazing product! The camera quality is way better than my Apple screen, and easy to set up. Just plug and play Zoom, facetime, etc. No additional software is needed.

The customer was amazed at how well the camera turned out. It was even easy to set up. So he didn’t need any additional devices.

Another happy customer said the delivery was fast. Here are his comments:

It’s a good quality item. Fast delivery time. A must-have for zoom experts.

All in all, many customers are happy with the performance of its cameras. The quality of the cameras, the ease of use, and fast delivery give great value to the brand.

Is Center Cam Worth It?

You’ve probably experienced that looking at a camera or a screen results in a different eye focus. When you look at a webcam, the other person feels like they are making eye contact with you. But, you can’t focus on the person you are talking to on the screen.

Center Cam Review: Is Center Cam Worth It?

On the other hand, if you look at the screen to see the person you are talking to, they will lose eye contact because your eyes aren’t on the webcam. So what is the solution? How about doing both? Calm Down. That’s why Center Cam is here.

Center Cam is the best solution if you are looking for a simple webcam. It is very easy to use, easy to learn, and great to work with.

The camera’s eye-to-eye technology helps you build trust faster than meeting in person. Moreover, its real-time HD keeps you connected without losing eye contact.

Thanks to its convenient, flexible camera tube and patented clip, you can even position the Center Cam anywhere and anytime. In short, Center Cam is worth it!

Center Cam Shipping Policy

Center Cam ships all its products through its distributors in Utah, USA. At the same time, camera orders can be shipped through distributors based in China. 

As the brand offers international shipping through some of its distributors, check the shipping times for some of its distributors below:

  • US-Based Distributors
    • DHL E-Commerce: 4-10 business days
    • FedEx International: 4-10 business days (shipping outside the US)
    • FedEx 2 Day or FedEx Overnight: Same-day delivery (orders must be in by 12.00 PM Pacific Time)
  • EU-Based Distributor: Because the brand no longer has a distributor based in the EU, orders are shipped through a distributor based in the US or Asia.
  • Asia Based Distributor
    • 4-15 days using the most cost effective shipping option.

Center Cam Return Policy

The brand is committed to being a completely satisfying and enjoyable shopping experience. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of delivery.

Get a full refund of the product price with no shipping, customization, or handling fees. Even after 30 days, a 1-year limited warranty is available and active for defective units.

However, your return item must be in the same condition you received. It must also be in its original packaging and require proof of purchase or receipt.

Please email [email protected] first to confirm your return. Alternatively, fill out the Return order format to start a return. In doing so, the brand will send you a return shipping label with instructions on how and where to send your return.

Once you have submitted the item and received approval, your funds will be automatically returned to your original payment method. The estimated return time depends on each bank.

How to Contact Center Cam

Do you need assistance? Center Cam has a customer support team to help you. So, whatever your questions or concerns are, contact them via email at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form and send your question by filling out the message box. Another easier option is to click the support button on the right corner of the site. Then, it will connect you to customer support for easy communication.

Where to buy Center Cam?

To shop for webcams and accessories, head to Also, find products at retailers like Newegg, Amazon, Indiegogo, and more.

Center Cam Coupon Codes & Promos

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Center Cam

Center Cam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Center Cam reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Center Cam?

Ian Foster is the inventor of the idea behind the Center Cam webcam and its owner.

What is the resolution of the Center Cam?

Center Cam has a camera resolution of 1080p, 30 fps with f2. 1 lens. Enjoy its clarity for great benefits.

Does Center Cam have a microphone?

Yes! The Center Cam webcam comes with a microphone. However, it has a standard quality that is not as good as the camera. Maybe you should try it first to see if it’s okay.

Does Center Cam have audio?

Of course, yes. That’s because the Center Cam has a microphone. But does it have good audio? Some people say that the audio quality that the microphone produces is not satisfactory. But we recommend trying it first to see if it suits you.

Does Center Cam ship internationally?

Yes! Center Cam offers worldwide shipping.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Center Cam Reviews & Ratings

You no longer have to choose between looking at the webcam or the screen. Thanks to Center Cam, you can do both. Its small camera is a pleasant alternative to the eye-contact problems you have been experiencing during video calls.

Visit the official website now and purchase the product. Boost your presentation confidence and build a deep connection with your audience!


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