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Owning a cat is fun until you must deal with daily litter duty. Lugging heavy bags of litter and battling persistent odors is a real workout. But CATLINK can whisk away those woes!


CATLINK is a company that sells a lot of smart pet hardware. One of the flagship products they are proud of is the self-cleaning litter box. This tool is helpful for both owners and cats.

Many cat owners have switched from conventional litter boxes to this brand. We’re serious. Over 450,000+ products sold worldwide! Also, they collect 400,000+ happy pet parents in the community.

In addition, you can also see people’s enthusiasm on their platform. Once you search the company’s account, you’ll discover 7k+ followers on Facebook and 1.5k+ on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

So, what do you think about our purrfect solution? One step towards making life a breeze for you and your beloved furball is reading this CATLINK review. Invite your cat to see what this brand is all about. Let’s get started!

Zhang Xiaolin, the founder of CATLINK, has a strong story behind the establishment of this company. It all started with his discovering health issues in Thai cats. The incident knocked on the door of his heart to make healthy cat care.

His determination grew stronger until the company was born in 2017. The company simplified the lives of cats and their owners by creating an automatic litter box. This buzz indeed became the center of attention of pet owners.

In addition, the company often shares tips and tricks on its YouTube channel. Most of all, there are tutorials for litter box troubleshooting, how to install, and various interesting stories about cats.


  • Automated cleaning
  • Odor removal
  • 100% safe
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 500 million health reports generated
  • 1-year full warranty
  • Global shipping
  • 30-day return

“Is this device safe for cats?” CATLINK‘s various protection sensors guarantee your beloved cat a 100% secure experience. They are in good hands.

CATLINK Reviews: CATLINK Litter Box Review

CATLINK does not stop at litter boxes. The company covers a complete ecosystem from best-quality cat litter to essential cat care. All items are connected, making it a one-stop solution for all cat care needs.

CATLINK Products

Moreover, you can keep an eye on your cat’s activities while traveling with the CATLINK app. Real-time monitoring allows you to monitor your cat’s behavior and health. Login to the app, and you can feel close to your cat even when you are away.

We want this review to be as comprehensive as the brand’s features. That’s why we’ll bring you to discuss the 5 most searched products. Are you ready? Scroll down!

Your first life savior is the CATLINK Scooper Luxury Pro-X. This tool is genius at recognizing different cats, so it’s perfect for multi-cat families. Besides, it also records their every bathroom habit.

CATLINK Review: CATLINK Scooper Luxury Pro-X Reviews

In addition, there are 4 clean modes that this litter box offers: Auto Mode, Manual Mode, Timer Mode, and Empty Mode. Whether you prefer remote app control or direct panel management, this tool fulfills all your desires.

Moreover, bid farewell to nasty odors! This Luxury Pro X combines a rechargable odor purifier (sold separately) with a carbon filter—these two fighters expertly combat formaldehyde and ammonia. Now, you can experience an odor removal rate of over 90%.

Besides, this litter box is suitable for cats weighing between 3.3 and 22lb. It’s pretty spacious, with a globe capacity of 57L and a waste drawer capacity of 13L. Please remember this tool is not suitable for underweight kittens.

Scooper Luxury Pro-X Features

  • App control & data reports
  • 4 clean mode
  • Double odor removal
  • Considerate design

Scooper Luxury Pro-X Specification

  • Dimension: 23.62″ x 22.83″ x 27.95″
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Color: white

Don’t delay and upgrade your cat toilet with Scooper Luxury Pro-X. You can feel the comfort of a cleaner and fresher home by purchasing it at $599.99.

Are you tired of daily litter box duty? CATLINK Scooper Young Pro-X is here to save you from that tiresome job. It has a 13L drawer, so you only need to replace the trash liner every 15 days. Thus, this tool is both a time saver and a wallet saver.

CATLINK Review: CATLINK Scooper Young Pro-X Reviews

Cat safety comes first, and this Young Pro X makes sure of that. The gravity sensor, self-detection system, anti-pinch infrared sensors, and ventilated inverted triangle structure design ensure no harm to your feline friend.

Besides, irritating odors will no longer greet your home. Thanks to the rechargeable odor purifier and carbon filter. It eliminates unpleasant odors up to a removal rate of up to 90% or more. Also, the smart box design is a barrier to dirt at the entrance.

Furthermore, you don’t need wifi and an app for this version. Once you receive this product, it is assembled and ready to use. Just open the package, plug in the power, and add the litter can. Now, it is your new partner.

Scooper Young Pro-X Features

  • 13L ultra-large waste drawer
  • 100% safe
  • No need for Wi-Fi and app
  • Reduces odor

Scooper Young Pro-X Specification

  • Dimension: 23.62″ x 23.62″ x 27.95″
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Color: white

Your beautiful life with your four-legged friend starts with Scooper Young Pro-X. Enjoy quality time with your cat and leave the cleaning to this tool. You can bring this litter box by paying $499.99.

Do you have trouble feeding your cat when you’re out of town? Rest easy if you have a CATLINK Automatic Cat Feeder. With just a simple tap on the app, you can feed your cat anywhere and anytime.

CATLINK Review: CATLINK Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews

In addition, this cat feeder has a standard 3.5L capacity that ensures your cat stays full for 15-20 days when filled with dry food. You can program up to 20 meals to fit your cat’s schedule. Each with 1-20 for healthy feeding.

Also, you can manually lock the feeding button via the app to prevent unwanted treats. The ceramic bowl is lead-free and food-grade, so it’s safe. Besides, it makes your cat whiskers easily adapt to its new bowl.

But you might worry about the food getting clogged so it can’t go down. It won’t happen. The feeder’s stable throat structure prevents food from getting stuck. Whether your cat’s food is dry, frozen, or mixed, it doesn’t matter.

Automatic Cat Feeder Features

  • Connected to Wi-Fi (only 2.5G)
  • 3.5L capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Grain gate safety design
  • Multi-cat detection by UFO tags

Automatic Cat Feeder Specification

  • Dimension: 15.63″ x 8.9″ x 15.35″
  • Material: ABS and HIPS
  • Weight: 13.65 pounds
  • Color: white

Now, you can enhance your cat’s dining experience with this Automatic Cat Feeder. Your cat still gets his fine dining when you’re not home. Grab it fast for $179.99.

For an extra fragrant room with a quick refresh, you can use the CATLINK Smart Deodorizer. You don’t have to waste electricity because this deodorizer offers various working modes.

CATLINK Review: CATLINK Smart Deodoriser Reviews

Removing unpleasant odors has never been easier! Accordingly, this tool brings its ace game of providing a strong and effective odor expulsion process. It becomes odor’s worst enemy.

In addition, there is no need to worry about disturbing your peaceful home. This product operates super quietly. Let it do its work in the background while you enjoy the tranquility.

Further, give a big round of applause for the capabilities of this advanced tool. It can be a 98% deodorization rate and 99.7% disinfection rate. This tool leaves nothing behind but clean air.

Smart Deodoriser Specification

  • Dimension: 3″ x 4.25″x 1.45″
  • Power supply: built-in rechargeable 2600mA battery

Therefore, feel the clean and refreshing air you’ve been craving. Smart Deodoriser can eliminate smelly odors quickly. Breathe freely and take this tool for $24.99.

Don’t you need litter box bags after having an automatic litter box? Luckily, this company has CATLINK Waste Bag 4 Rolls. This bag is very tough and leak-proof to withstand even the most challenging clean-up tasks.

CATLINK Review: CATLINK Waste Bag Reviews

This trash bag is perfect for your CATLINK Scooper. Likewise, it is made of the finest materials that guarantee durability and are dust-resistant. It means no more unsightly residue on your hands.

No one wants to be reminded of their cleaning mission by lingering odors. The great thing about this waste bag is that it locks the bad smells so they don’t waft out.

In addition, its usage is also effortless. You only need to pull and lift it to close it. This smart design is hassle-free and mess-free. The cleaning process will take place quickly.

Waste Bag Specification

  • Dimension: 23.62″ x 15.75″
  • Quantity: 4 rolls – 20 waste bags

Thus, you can clean up the waste quickly and get back to playing with your favorite little one. With this waste bag, cleaning becomes something fun. Clean up your cat litter for $25.99.

It doesn’t hurt to know how to install CATLINK even when your item hasn’t arrived. It’s a sign that you’re a visionary. Here, we provide a step-by-step installation of the litter box. Check out this guide properly!

  1. First, open your package and check whether the items are complete
  2. Insert the power adapter into the power port on the back of the product
  3. When the power is on, the device will automatically turn on. Wait until the self-check process is complete
  4. The next step is downloading the CATLINK APP and referring to the WiFi connection
  5. Finally, insert cat litter into the ball cabin. Now, your cat is ready to greet his new friend

When you want to get to know CATLINK, comparing the good and bad will help you to learn more. Therefore, we bring the list below for you.


  • Automated cleaning
  • Effective odor removal
  • Multiple protection sensors
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Multi-cat recognition
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Long battery life
  • Equipped with a ramp so cats’ feet don’t soil the floor
  • Durable materials
  • The litter box is easy to clean
  • Allow pet parent to control remotely
  • Compatible accessories
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return


  • Not suitable for all cat sizes
  • Some items are out of stock
  • Require for regular power checking and maintenance

You might have come across some other brands before reaching this review. Did you come across Litter Robot, too? If so, we will make a comparison between Litter Robot and CATLINK. Take a look at the table below!

  • Design: has a sleek and modern design
  • Odor control: impressive odor removal rate of up to 90%
  • Litter type: able to cope with mixed litter due to their detachable filters
  • Size: more compact and less space-consuming
  • Self-cleaning feature: 4 cleaning modes: Auto Mode, Manual Mode, Timer Mode, and Empty Mode
  • Design: known for its spherical design
  • Odor control: carbon filter to help reduce odors, but does not specify a specific level of odor removal
  • Litter type: the filter is not removable, so it can only hold clumped dirt
  • Size: larger and needs more space
  • Self-cleaning feature: adjustable cycle timer

Cat owners who want to change the lifestyle of their furry friends can come to CATLINK, especially if you are the one who is busy. The automatic feature can maintain a clean and well-maintained environment for cats even when the owner is not home.

In addition, the brand’s automatic litter box can recognize different cats. This feature is beneficial for people who have multiple cats. It can help manage the unique needs of each cat more effectively.

Is CATLINK really as life-changing as it claims to be? We never knew until we read some testimonials from customers. We selectively chose it on the website and Amazon.

CATLINK Review: CATLINK Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

A cat owner wrote:

I was worried about whether my cat would adapt to his new litter box. But surprisingly, he loved it from day one. The box doesn’t give off any unpleasant odors. We love it.

It quickly got along with the cat. Even the customer’s cat didn’t need any time to adapt. Also, the litter box doesn’t give off a bad smell at all. The room still smells great.

The following customer shared:

My cat, Leon, loves his new toilet. The poop goes away quickly. Now, I don’t have to clean the litter repeatedly. It really helps my life. Thank you!

The automatic litter box’s capabilities are indeed worthy of praise. It makes this cat owner’s life lighter. The litter box filters out the poop quickly.

Another happy customer mentioned:

It’s great for portion control and never jams. It also holds a large amount of food and keeps it fresh with the closed hopper. The Wi-Fi connection is so simple …

Now it’s the smart feeder’s turn to get praise. As the customer mentioned, it’s great for cat portion control. The food can stay fresh even for a long time.

All in all, the brand’s products have excellent reviews and seem to be approved by pet owners and their cats. Some of them call the performance outstanding. Others praise how it makes the cat parent’s life easier.

How lucky you are to have found CATLINK. After observing all its features, we confidently state that this brand is worth buying. The automatic litter box and feeder can replace you with routine pet care tasks.

Are you on a trip and leaving your cat alone? It’s fine. The litter box and feeder are connected to an app you can access with your smartphone. You can manage from anywhere. Also, your room will remain clean and fragrant when you come home.

Furthermore, another thing makes this company worthy of being on your wishlist. It has various strict safety sensors to protect the cat during operation. Now you know your pet is in a safe place.

To make life easier for pet parents around the world, CATLINK ships its products worldwide. Also, they offer free shipping for US orders, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. Once you finish your checkout, the team will process it within 2-3 working days.

In addition, customers can monitor their order with the tracking number in their confirmation email. For international shipping, the delivery time varies depending on how far away your location is, while US citizens will receive their order in 5-7 working days.

Let’s say you and your cat get a defective item while unboxing together. You can report it ASAP to the company. CATLINK will not let you down, so they provide a 30-day return policy.

If you need to make a return, please complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure your item is unused and in its original packaging
  2. Don’t forget to attach a receipt or proof of purchase
  3. Send an email to [email protected] with the title Return + Your Order Number

Pet parents can read the litter box manual for litter box setup. However, customer service is ready to help you if you still have difficulties. Feel free to contact them through:

Besides, you can reach them during active hours on Monday-Friday at 10 AM-7 PM EST.

Are you sure you want to gift your favorite pet with CATLINK? They’ll definitely be wagging their tails! Then, you can shop for this company’s products directly at the official site. You can get the lowest prices there.

Furthermore, you can choose another way through the marketplace to get the products. You can find some products on Amazon and AliExpress.

What a great day! CATLINK is giving away great products as well as wallet-saving discounts. Curious about what the deals are? Let’s check out the discounts below one by one!

  • Get 15% OFF on your first purchase by joining the mailing list
  • Enjoy $150 off on Scooper SE
  • Save up to $200 on litter box products
  • Shop the bundles to receive $200 OFF
  • Apply coupon code Save150 to claim $150 OFF

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CATLINK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for CATLINK reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Press and hold the Mode and Clean/Pause buttons for 3 seconds. Then, release the buttons when you hear a beep.

The company recommends using Mars Bentonite cat litter from CATLINK.

Unfortunately, this product is currently out of stock. You can check the website regularly to check availability.

The empty mode means the device is operating and cannot be used until the emptying process is complete.

If the error light is on, then there is an indication that the cat has activated Safe Mode. Press START to return to working mode once the device confirms the cat is safe.

Ask a question?

Ultimately, CATLINK is the best savior in pet care. Their automatic litter box and feeder bring ease and fun. Imagine the joy of spending more quality moments with your cat and less time on litter-cleaning tasks! Isn’t this every cat parent’s dream?

In addition, everything is kept fresh with CATLINK. Their tools do not leave unpleasant odors. Remember the advanced remote control feature via the app. Are you interested? Immediately go to the official website and get one for your pet. They deserve royal treatment.


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