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About CASIRIS Projector

Oh no, have you heard that Inside Out season 2 will be released next year? Or do you already know that Disney is in work for Toy Story 5? That’s great news for all movie lovers. And are you, too? Then, let the CASIRIS Projector help your dream ‘movie time’ come true!

CASIRIS Projector Review: About CASIRIS Projector

After all, since Christmas is near, you need to have some fun activities with your family, right? In addition to a super yummy dinner on Christmas Eve, you may stock so many movies to watch. Thankfully, the brand will provide you with an ultra HD laser projector.

Movie time with family is always good. With that super widescreen on the wall, we guarantee your movie-watching experience will be much better. However, the brand seems to be working harder to raise its social media engagement with over 3.2k followers.

Is that the only thing?‘ Of course not. The fact that several tech influencers have reviewed this brand is also incredibly insane. Precisely, popular names like Brainstech Knowlogy, ManShed, and Allthingstech have left their good words for CASIRIS Projector.

So, did you learn this section pretty well? Let’s do nothing during your free time and get some movies to watch instead. Therefore, staying in our CASIRIS Projector review may give you a better understanding of this brand, so don’t leave before it ends!

Overview Of CASIRIS Projector

Everyone deserves a real home theater.‘ That’s what you will find when you open the ‘About Us’ page on the brand’s website. At this point, we conclude that CASIRIS has never been unserious in providing the best to customers.

Furthermore, a great & solid team makes them grow bigger daily. The people behind this company have been in the industry since 1970. Thus, their skill & knowledge are beyond good.

What did they do since 1970?‘ Nothing but doing a lot of research about high-brightness laser projection technology. As a result, cutting-edge products are now before your eyes to enjoy.

So, have you decided what movies to watch with your family? From a nerve-wracking Nextlix series, Money Heist, to a funny & nostalgic Christmas movie, Home Alone, we hope you enjoy!

CASIRIS Projector Review

Have you prepared popcorn, chocolate, or cookies? We don’t want anything to ruin your movie time, so you better prepare everything now. This preparation also includes having a good and highly qualified laser projector for the best visual.

CASIRIS Projector Reviews: CASIRIS Projector Review

What does the CASIRIS Projector have on the shelf? With long years of research and product development, it’s normal to have such high expectations for this. And fortunately, what you have here won’t disappoint. Can we start from the collection?

CASIRIS Projector Product Collection

Omnistar L80 Get the separate projector or the package with the portable screen + stand on this page!
CASIRIS A6 Whether you buy an A6 projector laser 4k or include an Aura ARL screen, it’s acceptable!
CASIRIS H6 The H6 projector is on sale today! Get the best offer here and feel the best watching experience!
Accessories For a better watching experience, don’t forget to include these accessories while shopping!

So, what will Rilley feel after she gets new emotions? Or what might Judy and Nick be doing to save Zootopia in the next season? You must be curious, right? Starting today, get your best laser projector and make your ‘home theater‘ dream come true!

In the following review section, you will discover the product’s price, specifications, ratings, reviews, and special offers. So, don’t move!

CASIRIS Projector A6 Projector Laser 4k for Tripla Reviews

Who wants to start with the best-selling one? Yup, these days, we found that the number of people who love A6 Projector Laser 4k for Tripla (Triple Laser) is getting higher. So, you must love it, too!

CASIRIS Projector Review: CASIRIS Projector A6 Projector Laser 4k for Tripla Reviews

The real home theater experience is finally here. This A6 ultra short throw projector will show you what ‘visual’ is for its sharpest 4k UHD screen. Thus, you may see your favorite character clearly on it!

Besides that, if you miss cinema a lot, especially its DOLBY cinematic sound, what a lucky you! This device also includes that feature, so you really bring the entire cinema atmosphere inside your house.

Next, if you need more movie references, you shouldn’t worry as long as you have this device. Precisely, it includes more than 8000 APPs, so until the world ends, you may still have more unwatched movies.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Light Source: RGB Triple Laser Tech
  • Standard Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Pixels
  • Image Size: 80″ – 150″
  • Brightness: True 2200 ANSI Lumens
  • System: Android TV 9.0
  • Storage + RAM: 32G + 3G
  • In The Box: Remote (1), dongle (1), user manual (1), power cable (1). HDMI cable (1), AAA battery (1)

Now, what about the A6 price? With its superior function, this a6 review recommends you buy this A6 Projector Laser 4k for Tripla (Triple Laser) home, starting from $1999! The price is worth the quality, so why don’t you shop?

CASIRIS Projector H6 4k UST Tri-color Laser Projector Reviews

Who says that CASIRIS only has one best-selling product? No, this one is also included in their best-selling collection, anyway. So, have you checked the H6 4k UST Tri-color Laser Projector?

CASIRIS Projector Review: CASIRIS Projector H6 4k UST Tri-color Laser Projector Reviews

First, this 4k projector features an RGB Triple Laser Tech, which maximizes the visualization. Hence, if you compare it to 1080p resolution, it’s obviously much better, resulting in more satisfaction.

Next, with advanced technology, you can expect a 3D cinema experience in your house. So, it’s even better than watching a movie in the cinema, right? At this point, CASIRIS wins over the cinema.

Then, once again, regarding the visuals, the 4k resolution also results in sharp colors. Likewise, the widest color is 110%, spoiling you and your lovely one during movie time. Are you imagining it now?

Detailed Specifications:

  • Light Source: RGB Triple Laser Tech
  • Brightness: True 2900 ANSI Lumens
  • Sound: Dolby ATMOS
  • Resolution: Sharpest 4K UHD 150″ Experience

So, does this H6 review help you? We guess spending money on every movie in the cinema is just a waste. Otherwise, get your H6 4k UST Tri-color Laser Projector at $9999 for a lifetime movie watching!

CASIRIS Projector OmniStar L80 Reviews

Do you still have another product to recommend?‘ Of course, we will only stop until you get your favorite one. Has somebody ever told you about OmniStar L80? Let’s see how you will love it!

CASIRIS Projector Review: CASIRIS Projector OmniStar L80 Reviews

What is special about this item? This may surprise you, but the brand says it is the World’s Brightest LCD Projector with up to 1500 ANSI Lumens. Exactly, this is what you’ve needed all this time!

In addition, the L80 projector still uses 1080p resolution. However, it’s not only stuck there. Even better, the product also supports the 4k decoding, upgrading your experience to be more amazing.

Moreover, not only about the visuals, but this product also offers an earworm sound. Specifically, the 2 x 15W Powerful Stereo Speakers and extendable sound are here to maximize the sound quality.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Light Source: LED
  • Resolution: Native 1080P / 4K Supported
  • Image Size: 40″ – 200″
  • Brightness: 1500 ANSI Lumens
  • System: Android TV 9.0
  • RAM + ROM: 1 GB + 8 GB
  • In The Box: Remote (1), adapter (1), user manual (1), power cable (1)

So, have you got your favorite laser projector to buy? Good, we’re happy to hear that. Thus, if your search ends in this OmniStar L80, don’t be afraid to shop since $419 won’t make you poor.

A6 vs H6

What is the difference between CASIRIS A6 and H6? After a long review, you may see the summarized points here:


  1. Lights: RGB Triple Laser Tech
  2. The widest color:  107% BT. 2020
  3. Resolution: 4K UHD
  4. Screen: Up to 150″ Experience
  5. Brightness: True 2200 ANSI Lumens
  6. Audio: Dolby ATMOS
  7. Support for 3D: Yes


  1. Lights: RGB Triple Laser Tech
  2. The widest color: 110% BT. 2020
  3. Resolution: 4K UHD
  4. Screen: Up to 150″ Experience
  5. Brightness: True 2900 ANSI Lumens
  6. Audio: Dolby ATMOS
  7. Support for 3D: Yes


CASIRIS Projector A6 vs Formovie Theater

Among so many competitors, Formovie Theater has become the wildest one. So, how does this comparison end?


  1. Light source: RGB Triple Laser Tech
  2. Resolution: 4K UHD
  3. Brightness: True 2200 ANSI Lumens
  4. System: Android TV 9.0
  5. Screen wide: 80″ – 150″
  6. Shipping destination: Worldwide
  7. Free shipping: all orders
  8. Warranty: up to 1 year
  9. Return: 30 days
  10. Price: $1999
  11. 3D-support: Yes

Formovie Theater

  1. Light source: RGB Triple Laser Tech
  2. Resolution: 4K UHD
  3. Brightness: 2800 ANSI Lumens
  4. System: Android TV 11.0
  5. Screen wide: 80″ – 150″
  6. Shipping destination: Worldwide
  7. Free shipping: only to US/UK/CA/EU
  8. Warranty: up to 2 year
  9. Return: 14 days
  10. Price: $3499
  11. 3D-support: No

CASIRIS Projector Pros and Cons

What makes CASIRIS Projector good and bad? See everything in this pros and cons section:


  • Advanced and technological home projector
  • Widescreen
  • Sharp and clean visual
  • Strong brightness
  • 4k resolution
  • DOLBY Atmos cinematic sound
  • Easy to install
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping for all orders
  • 30-day return 
  • Up to 1 year of hassle-free warranty


  • Too expensive compared to other similar stores
  • One of the popular products is out of stock

Who Is CASIRIS Projector For?

Watching movies may be everyone’s favorite thing to do. Specifically, you are back from work and just enjoying a casual holiday. Thankfully, instead of using a laptop or visiting the cinema, we now have CASIRIS Projector!

So, can everyone get those reliable and advanced laser projectors? Of course, the brand suggests everyone (especially homeowners) buy their favorite ones. Therefore, they will have a more amazing movie-watching experience. Finally, have you checked what are the current popular movies on Netflix?

CASIRIS Projector Review: What Do Customers Think?

Dear all movie lovers, to check whether CASIRIS Projector is recommended or not, you should rely on this section. Welcome to the testimonial section, and enjoy exploring the brand’s performance.

CASIRIS Projector Review: CASIRIS Projector Review: What Do Customers Think?

On Amazon, we found that the store has gained around 60 ratings with many good reviews. Besides that, you must see the detailed rating for each product we discussed earlier. Do you want to take a look?

Wow, that’s such a great start, right? However, are you curious about the customer’s reviews, too? 

Let’s start it now, then:

I decided to purchase it after reading the A6 projector review. The picture quality and sound are amazing, and the integrated apps are a useful addition. All in all, I do not have any complaints about the store!

Can you see it now? The CASIRIS product never lies since it performs as it’s advertised. Do you want to try it?

After that, this might be helpful for you:

I had the opportunity to use the CASIRIS A6 Projector recently and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with its performance. One thing worth mentioning is that the projector is slightly larger in size than what I had expected.

Then, this customer was surprised to see that the screen is actually larger and gives her a better visual.

Also, we don’t think you can skip this review:

After reading the a6 vs h6 comparison, I ended up buying the h6. Overall, I am incredibly satisfied. Primarily used outdoors, it is very bright, and the fan noise is not too loud. Also, the h6 price is really worth the quality. Go shop from here, too!

You may find that the price may be higher. However, as this customer said, it’s 100% worth the quality given.

Finally, can we see you shop in CASIRIS Projector and leave some good reviews? We know you have even prepared for the money, right? So, since they are still on sale, what makes you doubt?

Is CASIRIS Projector Worth It?

Let us tell you something great once again. The industry may develop well within the past few years. However, good and reliable products like CASIRIS Projector are still rare to find. They sell not only products but also unmatched quality.

CASIRIS Projector Review: Is CASIRIS Projector Worth It?

Therefore, that’s the point that makes this store 100% worth it. Also, the fact that they have been doing research since 1970 is mind-blowing. In addition, supported by those good ratings and reviews, we have no reason to say bad about this.

CASIRIS Projector Shipping Policy

Do you already know how to ship from this store? Then, let’s learn this section passionately and help CASIRIS find a way to your home!

Great news! The store offers both US and International shipping. However, you better check this page first to find out whether your country is included or not. 

And do you know what’s better? CASIRIS Projector offers free shipping for all orders. What a satisfaction, right? So, let’s click the ‘Buy Now’ button and show off yours to neighbors soon!

CASIRIS Projector Return Policy

Oh no, your package is damaged after shipping? Well, it’s not time to panic, anyway. Thankfully, a return policy exists to give you a refund/exchange for any unsatisfied orders.

Dear everyone, if you are unsatisfied with your order, you may apply for a return within 30 days after the receipt date. However, ensure it’s still new and unused to be eligible for further processing. Lastly, let’s contact the team at [email protected] for the details!

How To Contact CASIRIS Projector?

Hi, do you want to talk to the CASIRIS Projector’s team? They are always ready to say ‘hi‘ on the following platforms:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone (USA): (+1) 415 494 7909
  • Phone (China): (+86) 135 1081 6743
  • Social media: Casiris Tech/casiris.official/casiristech
  • Hours: 6:15 AM – 5 PM (US) and 9 AM – 5:30 PM (China)
  • Warehouse: US, UK, Germany

Company Address

No.600,21 Street, Hangzhou Qiantang New Area, Zhejiang, China

Where to buy CASIRIS Projector?

We know you are the coolest person in the world to stay until this section. Can we say that you want to buy your favorite laser projector now? Then, we highly recommend getting them on the CASIRIS official website. Or, if you want to try another platform, kindly visit Amazon or Kickstarter and find the brand’s store there!

CASIRIS Projector Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you here for some special offers? Hopefully, the following list satisfies you:

  • Subscribe to the brand’s email to unlock more offers and advantages
  • Enjoy a discount of up to 55% on the Winter Holiday Sale
  • Get $400 OFF for CASIRIS A6 with a discount code A6WHS1599
  • Use the code A6WHS1998 to get $600 OFF for ordering an A6 projector with a 100″ Black Grid Screen for sale 
  • Redeem a discount code A6WHS2198 to save $600 when buying an A6 projector with a 100″ Fresnel Screen
  • If you buy L80, save up to $160 with a promo code L80WHS259
  • Save $349 for an L80 order with a 100″ Portable Screen with Stand using coupon code L80WHS349
  • Buy OmNiStar L80 with 120″ Fixed Frame Screen and save $499 OFF with code L80WHS399
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Up to 1 year of warranty

Wow, we believe you won’t stop shopping with those discounts, right? However, we still have more, and they are all below:

Reveal all coupons
CASIRIS Projector

CASIRIS Projector Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for CASIRIS Projector reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns CASIRIS Projector?

Unfortunately, there is no specific information about the brand’s owner.

Where is CASIRIS Projector located?

The brand’s office is at No.600,21 Street, Hangzhou Qiantang New Area, Zhejiang, China. However, it also has 3 warehouses in 3 different locations: the US, the UK, and Germany.

Does CASIRIS Projector ship internationally?

Yes, the CASIRIS Projector ships to several countries around the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of CASIRIS Projector Reviews & Ratings

Don’t you think re-watching Russell’s funny and random act in the ‘Up’ movie is entertaining? Or do you want to have a scary vibe with The Insidious: The Red Door? They are such good movies to watch.

However, let’s ensure your house is equipped with the advanced and functional laser projector from CASIRIS Projector. Since it shops worldwide, why are you still freezing now? Let’s visit the site and type your address on the checkout page!


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