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Up until today, phone cases are a must-have accessory for every smartphone, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone. Apart from protecting your phone, phone cases can beautify it with their unique and diverse designs. So, it’s time to meet CASETiFY!


Regarding phone cases, this brand is a well-known brand that you can head straight to. CASETiFY is a Hong Kong-based company that designs and manufactures custom phone cases and accessories

In addition, this brand has become a popular brand among celebrities and fashionistas alike, thanks to its stylish and unique designs. They offer a wide range of phone cases to choose from, including cases for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel phones, and more. 

Currently, the brand boasts 2.7M followers on Instagram, 1.9M followers on Facebook, 83.5k followers on Twitter, and 624.8k followers on TikTok. That’s an astonishing amount of followers, proving that this brand is indeed an industry-leading brand.

Are you searching for a high-quality phone case and considering choosing this brand? If so, this CASETiFY review will help you out!

We will provide you with valuable information about the brand’s history, phone case selection, customer reviews, discounts, and much more. What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling down to the next section!

Overview Of CASETiFY

In a world where everyone is on Instagram, aesthetics come before all else. CASETiFY was made for this. The two founders, Ronald Yeung & Wesley Ng, founded this brand in 2011 with one goal in mind: creating a phone case wonderland.

Through this brand, you can spread your self-expression to the world with various aesthetic phone case designs available. Whether you like vibrant, clear, minimalist, cartoon, animal, or other phone case designs, this brand has it all.

Apart from design, the brand also uses integrating protective technology that is specifically engineered to provide maximum protection to your smartphone. Not only is it fashionable, but this brand still maintains the function of the phone case, which is to protect.

Furthermore, the brand collaborates with various artists, animes, and even bands. Names like Joguman Studio, One Piece, BLACKPINK, Disney, and TWICE are among those who have partnered with this brand. Thus, you will absolutely love this brand!

The brand also cares greatly about social causes. To that end, they donate $5 for every phone case sold to Living Beyond Breast Cancer and iFaw. The brand has also recycle 160,00 phone cases by 2022 as part of its environmental awareness.

Due to its success and quality, the brand has also been featured in several well-known media publications, such as Forbes, CNN, Mashable, Vogue, and Hypebeast.


Like we said earlier, this brand features various phone case designs with a huge variety of prints. Here, you can choose phone cases based on best-selling prints, co-lab prints, or customization prints.

CASETiFY Reviews: CASETiFY Review

Apart from that, the brand also provides phone cases that are compatible with all models of Android and iPhone smartphone brands, such as Apple iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel

On their official website, you can find phone cases of the latest models from all these smartphone brands. Are you looking for phone cases for iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, or Google Pixel 7 Pro? This brand has you covered!

You can also find phone cases for smartphone models from one year back, such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, and others.

Besides smartphones, this brand also provides premium yet unique case designs for Apple iPad, AirPods, Apple Macbook, and Apple Watch.

In our search, we found that several customers and internet users were looking for five prints of phone custom case designs in this brand. Below are the five most searched print designs.

CASETiFY Review 5 Best-selling Phone Cases

  • ONE PIECE Motif Case
  • BLACKPINK Diary Stickers Case
  • Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story Sticker Mania Case
  • TWICE What is Love? Case
  • SpongeBob Picnic Jumble Case

Without further ado, let’s break down those five phone cases!

CASETiFY ONE PIECE Motif Case Reviews

Are you a One Piece lover? Then there’s no reason not to choose this CASETiFY ONE PIECE Motif Case.

CASETiFY Review: CASETiFY ONE PIECE Motif Case Reviews

It comes with a design that covers all the pirate ship logos, from the Straw Hat crew, Akagami crew, Whitebeard crew, Heart crew, Blackbeard crew, and many more. This kind of design will definitely create the perception that you are a true One Piece fan.

Aside from the pirate crew logos, you’ll notice one significant mark on the case. Yep, that’s absolutely right. A wound mark appeared on Luffy’s chest after the death of his brother, Portgas. D. Ace. Who created this wound? No one knows until you put this case on your phone.

When you choose to bring this phone case home, you can choose between several case types, such as impact case, ultra-impact case, MagSafe impact case, and MagSafe ultra-impact case. Depending on the type of case you choose, along with the model of your phone, the price will vary.

To get your hands on this ONE PIECE Motif Case, you can probably expect to spend around $55 to $75.

CASETiFY BLACKPINK Diary Stickers Case Reviews

Flaunt your love for BLACKPINK by displaying this CASETiFY BLACKPINK Diary Stickers Case on your smartphone. It comes with a design lined with BLACKPINK’s famous song titles, making it super adorable to put on your phone.

CASETiFY Review: CASETiFY BLACKPINK Diary Stickers Case Reviews

More than that, you can also find various cute icons such as stars, sun, ice cream, and colored chains. Even more, these cute icons are also blended together with unique fonts mixed with pink, purple, and black colors. Put this BLACKPINK case on your phone and beautify your phone with cute color combinations.

There are six types of cases that you can choose from in this BLACKPINK Diary Stickers Case; impact case, ultra-impact case, bounce case, MagSafe mirror case, MagSafe impact case, and MagSafe ultra-impact case.

Now, the price you have to spend to get this case depends on the type of case you choose and the model of your smartphone. Overall, we found that the average price you would have to spend to get these cases is $65 to $90.

CASETiFY Disney and Pixar's Toy Story Sticker Mania Case Reviews

Toy Story is one of the best-selling cartoons and is loved by many people in the whole world. Are you one of the fans of this cartoon movie? If so, you can show your adoration for this cartoon by having this CASETiFY Disney and Pixar Toy Story Sticker Mania Case on your phone.

CASETiFY Review: CASETiFY Disney and Pixar's Toy Story Sticker Mania Case Reviews

Look at how you can find all the famous characters from the cartoon, including Woody, Buzz, Green Alien, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Rex, Bo Peep, Hamm, Lotso, and many more. This phone case will definitely be super hilarious and exciting to protect your smartphone.

Interested in fitting this Toy Story phone case on your smartphone? If so, you might have to spend around $65 to $90. Keep in mind that the price of this phone case depends on the type of case you choose and your smartphone model.

For the type of case, there are three case options that you can choose according to your phone’s needs, which are impact case, ultra-impact case, and bounce case.

CASETiFY aespa Kwangya Data Case Reviews

Bring the mystique of the Kwangya world to your smartphone with this CASETiFY aespa Kwangya Data Case. Featuring a color combination design of black, purple, and Tosca green, this is a phone case that can showcase the imaginative world of each aespa avatar.

CASETiFY Review: CASETiFY aespa Kwangya Data Case Reviews

If you notice, the purple indistinct shading design of this phone case has a desert-like shape. Yep, desert, just like the meaning of Kwangya, which means desert in Korean.

This aespa phone case is only compatible with Apple and Samsung. Also, it only has one type of case, the MagSafe Mirror case. Depending on your smartphone model, you may have to prepare a different budget to get this phone case.

We found that the average price to bring home this phone case is $40 to $70, depending on the brand and the model of your smartphone.

CASETiFY AirTags Case Reviews

Do you love collecting air tags and want to show your love for this little item through a phone case? If so, this CASETiFY AirTags Case is the most ideal choice for you.

CASETiFY Review: CASETiFY AirTags Case Reviews

From the images, you can clearly notice that this phone case comes with a print design that is filled with air tags from various airlines. It’s simple, minimalist, and a perfect blend for your smartphone.

Moreover, this AirTags phone case is compatible with all Apple, Samsung, and Google smartphones. Depending on the model of your smartphone, the price of the phone case will differ. The average price you should prepare to get this phone case is $40 to $70.

The price of the phone case is also affected by the type of case you choose. You can choose an impact case, ultra-impact case, clear case, pride case, bounce case, MagSafe impact case, MagSafe ultra-impact case, and many more.

CASETiFY Pros & Cons

That’s a little overview of the brand. Now let us take you through CASETiFY’s pros and cons. Check the bullet points below!


  • Provides a wide range of phone case designs with various prints and patterns
  • All phone cases available are compatible with many devices, like iPhone, Samsung, Google, AirPods, Macbook, iPad, and Apple Watch
  • Collaborated with various artists, animes, and bands
  • Has been featured in several well-known media publications
  • Uses integration protection technology for maximum protection
  • Offers international shipping to Europe, Australia, Indonesia, and many other countries
  • FREE worldwide shipping for orders over $35
  • 10 days return policy
  • Excellent customer services
  • Gains many happy customers


  • More expensive than another phone case brand

Who is CASETiFY For?

There is no question about it. CASETiFY is for everyone who is looking for a high-quality phone case.

CASETiFY Review: Who is CASETiFY For?

With this brand, you can find various types of phone cases for different smartphone models, such as Apple, Samsung, and Google. Here, you will never run out of options to discover a phone case that suits what you like the most.

Apart from smartphones, this brand also provides a wide range of cases for Apple iPad, Apple AirPods, Apple Macbook, and Apple Watch. So, whatever device you have and want to protect, this brand can make it happen.

Moreover, you also have a large selection of phone case design prints through this brand. Whether you are looking for a simple, minimalist, vibrant, animal, anime, or cartoon print phone case, CASETiFY has it all.

CASETiFY Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As a brand engaged in providing high-quality phone cases, this brand has received tens of thousands of ratings from both its official website and Trustpilot.

CASETiFY Review: CASETiFY Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We found that CASETiFY received 4.7/5 stars from 48,150 reviews on its official website. On the other hand, on Trustpilot, the brand is rated 3.9/5 stars from 68,449 reviews.

To give you a thorough understanding of the brand. We have collected some genuine customer testimonials below. Let’s start with the first customer testimonial, who was satisfied with the many options available with the brand.

Casetify provided many superb choices of cases for the new S23 that just are not available elsewhere yet.

In his testimonial, this customer liked the fact that the brand offers a huge selection of phone cases for different types of smartphone models. Even for the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S23, the brand already provided the phone case.

Another customer expressed a similar sentiment.

I have no problems with purchasing on the website. There are simply so many to select from.

According to his experience, this customer has never had any problems when shopping at the brand through its official website. He also expressed his fondness for the wide selection of phone cases that the brand provides.

On the other hand, there is a customer who gave a testimonial about the quality of the phone case he bought.

I truly enjoyed this phone case. It is high quality and extremely protective. These cases are worth the money. The patterns with the phone cases are also extremely great!

Based on her description, she expressed her satisfaction and pleasure with the quality of the phone cases available at this brand, which is high quality and fully protective. This customer also likes that the patterns available are numerous and have cool designs.

Nothing is perfect in this world, and neither is this brand. Just like what this customer said.

The product quality is great, but the price increase rate of the new product is regarded to be rather high.

In his testimonial, this customer revealed that the quality provided by this brand is extremely good. However, he doesn’t like the high price of the new product.

Overall from this section, we conclude that CASETiFY has successfully created a wide variety of phone cases with various high-quality designs. People also like the high quality of each phone case from the brand. However, the high price is a factor that makes the brand’s rating drop.

Are CASETiFY Cases Worth It?

Although there have been complaints about the price, which can be considered expensive, it is nothing compared to the high quality that the brand provides. For that reason, we agree to say that CASETiFY is worth it.

CASETiFY Review: Are CASETiFY Cases Worth It?

Aside from the outstanding quality of the phone cases, you can also get a wide selection of phone cases with various designs. Whatever phone case you are looking for, this brand can provide it for you. So what are you waiting for? Visit the official website and explore the phone case that you like the most.

CASETiFY Shipping Policy

Based on CASETiFY’s shipping policy. The brand is not only accepts shipping within the United States but also internationally. Even better, the brand also offers FREE worldwide shipping for every purchase over $35 that you make.

There are two shipping methods that you can choose to ship your ordered phone case, standard and expedited shipping.

For standard shipping, your order will be shipped using the national postal service with an estimated arrival time of 6 – 12 business days for US orders and 5 – 23 business days for international orders.

As for expedited shipping, your order will be shipped by various shipping providers available with an estimated arrival time of 3 – 5 business days, both for US and international shipping.

CASETiFY Return Policy

CASETiFY always ensures 100% satisfaction from its customers. Therefore, this brand provides 10 days return policy for you. If you are not satisfied with the phone case you received, then you can request a return within 10 days from the time you first received it.

Before making a return, you might have to know some limitations of the return policy that the brand provides. Here are the limitations:

  • Returns of customized phone cases other than due to the brand error will be subject to a 50% processing fee.
  • Standard and expedited shipping fee is non-refundable.
  • For the Cash On Delivery payment method, only return for exchange is allowed.

For more information, you can visit the return policy page provided by the brand. Most importantly, you should make sure that the product you are returning is in the same condition as when you first received it.

Then how to start the return process? To begin the return process, you can start by reaching out to their customer service contact at [email protected] or via the form provided.

How To Contact CASETiFY

Having problems and questions in your mind about this brand? Then, you can find the answer to your questions by contacting the brand’s customer service team via the contact below.

Alternatively, you can contact the brand by filling in the available form. Here, you just need to select the inquiry category and subject inquiry, then fill in your full name, email, order number, and the message you want to ask for.

Where to buy CASETiFY?

Besides the official website, you can get the phone case from this brand through retail stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, and many others retail stores.

CASETiFY Coupon Codes & Promos

You must love discounts. Luckily, the brand also provides several discounts and promos that you can use to save on your purchase.

  • Get 50% OFF Screen Protector if you add it to your phone case purchase.
  • Enjoy FREE worldwide shipping for orders $35 or above
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and get 10% OFF and other exclusive deals

Still not enough? Well, click the button below to reveal CASETiFY coupon codes. Use it, and happy shopping!

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CASETiFY Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for CASETiFY reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the founder of CASETiFY?

This brand was founded by Ronald Yeung and Wesley Ng in 2011.

Does CASETiFY offer to ship internationally?

Yep, this brand offer international shipping.

Does CASETiFY offer a warranty?

Yep, this brand offers a 6-month warranty in case your ordered product comes with any defects. For further information about the warranty, you can check here.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of CASETiFY Reviews & Ratings

In this aesthetically pleasing era, people are looking for a phone case that is not only protective but also has a fashionable design. If you are one of these people, then CASETiFY is the ideal brand for you.

With this brand, you can explore and find a wide range of phone cases that suit your design preferences, compatibility with smartphone models, budget, and more. So, if you are interested in getting a phone case from this brand, then hurry up and visit their official website.


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