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About Carsifi Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Are you frustrated with all the mess your USB cable causes when connecting to Android Auto? Now, you might not have to experience that annoyance anymore. Fortunately, Carsifi has landed on the market as the solution to your problem.

Carsifi Review: About Carsifi Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Carsifi is a wireless Android Auto adapter that allows you to connect your Android phone to your car’s infotainment system wirelessly. It eliminates the need to plug your phone into the car with a cable, making it easier and more convenient to use Android Auto.

As proof of how satisfied customers are with what this brand provides, they’ve more than 1.5k followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Below, I’ve arranged the Carsifi review. After this, I’ll invite you to dive into the brand’s history, products, customer feedback, shipping, and many more to give you an idea of whether this brand is worth owning.

So let’s jump into the first path!

Overview of Carsifi: Wireless Android Auto Adapter

First of all, Carsifi is a company founded in 2021 and based in the United States. And Ihor Martsekha is the founder of this wireless Android Auto adapter brand.

The history of how this brand exists until today is because they use crowdfunding techniques to raise funds from the wider community. And currently, they’ve raised $1.15M in funds from over 14k backers.

Having raised a lot of capital to start production, they’ve now created a wireless Android Auto adapter that is not only high quality but also user-friendly and cost-effective. Are you interested in trying it out? You can visit their official website.

However, before you purchase it, you’ll need some considerations, right? If so, let’s jump in to see the highlights of this brand.


  • Creates a solution to replace the messy use of USB cables in cars
  • User-friendly wireless Android Auto adapter
  • Offers reasonable price points
  • Many users are satisfied with this brand’s products
  • Worldwide shipping is available
  • Compatible with all types of cars and stereo systems
  • 30 days return policy
  • Provides free shipping in various countries
  • Supports many kinds of payment

After knowing the highlights of Carsifi, how about we move to the review section? And let me explain in more detail about this brand.

Carsifi Review

If you’re wondering what products this brand provides for your needs in using Android Auto, I can only say that Carsifi currently has only one product, but it’s enough to serve all your needs.

Carsifi Reviews: Carsifi Review

In my opinion, this is understandable since the brand was newly established in 2021 when the Covid-19 pandemic was happening. So obviously, they’ve limitations in getting qualified material stock.

Even so, the only product they developed has received many positive responses from many customers by getting a rating close to 5 stars. Without further delay, let’s move on to the product review!

Carsifi Wireless Android Auto Adapter Reviews

Before getting into this product review, let me point out that this Wireless Android Auto Adapter gets 4.82/5 star ratings based on 621 reviews. That’s a pretty high rating for a product that was released in less than 2 years.

Carsifi Review: Carsifi Wireless Android Auto Adapter Reviews

More so, this Android Auto adapter uses 2.4/5 GHz WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2, which ensures to provide fast media transmission without any lags when you use it. This means you’ll never experience lagging while playing music, opening messages, using maps, and doing other tasks.

This product is also compatible with many types of cars, such as Lamborghini, Toyota, Suzuki, BMW, Mazda, and many more. Not only that, but it also supports many Android Auto stereo systems, including Adayo, Boss, Caska, Macrom, Sony, and others.

Other than that, this Android Auto Adapter has a feature called “Magic Button,” a button-shaped feature that has functions to switch to multiple smartphones and resume/pause. With this feature, you can switch between devices easily without the need to plug into a smartphone, which generally can damage your smartphone’s connector port.


  • Fast media transmission with 2.4/5 GHz WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2
  • Compatible with all car types and stereo systems
  • Equipped with Magic Button
  • Multiple smartphone connections
  • Compact design
  • There are four indicators for booting, connecting, connected, and error

After reading my review, are you thinking of getting this device for your car? If so, then you can get this device for $99.

Carsifi Wireless Android Auto App Reviews

Having a device that can keep you out of the USB cable mess when using Android Auto is helpful enough, so what if you can maximize it? Of course, it can provide more convenience for you, right?

Carsifi Review: Carsifi Wireless Android Auto App Reviews

And that’s what the Carsifi Wireless Android Auto App will do for you. By installing this app, you can do several things, such as:

  • Change the main WiFi gateway that connects your smartphone to the Carsifi adapter.
  • Change the WiFi settings, either 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz
  • Adjust the DPI of your head unit screen
  • Disable tap blockers
  • Start Android Auto automatically
  • Update firmware
  • And much more

In short, this application will be the way you can maximize your Carsifi device. You can also install this application for free on Google PlayStore.

How Does Carsifi Work?

In using this device, you’ve two options, with or without the app. And here are the steps without the app:

  1. First, you need to connect the adapter to your car with the short USB cable provided. Simply connect your adapter to the USB port in the car, and it will instantly connect
  2. After that, open the Bluetooth menu in Settings on your smartphone
  3. Pair the adapter with the name Carsifi-xxxxx (xxxxx here is the model of the adapter)
  4. And once connected, you can immediately use your Android Auto wirelessly

The second option is with the app. And I’ll break down the step:

  1. Install the app from Google Playstore, or you can click here
  2. After that, open the app and click the menu named “Add new device”
  3. After clicking the menu, you should follow the instruction provided to pair the Carsifi adapter
  4. Then, the app will wait until the Wireless Android Auto process is established
  5. That’s it, you can use this device immediately

Who is Carsifi For?

Carsifi is a device for everyone who owns a car and uses Android Auto but is frustrated with the mess caused by USB cables on their car’s dashboard. Even better, it’s compatible with all types of cars and stereo systems which makes it even more suitable for everyone.

Carsifi Review: Who is Carsifi For?

When you connect this device to Android Auto, you’ll also be given more convenience than when you use a regular USB cable. No cables, free access to the gearbox, no need to unplug, and most importantly, just stay comfortable.

Carsifi vs Motorola MA1 vs AAWireless

Carsifi, Motorola MA1, and AAWireless are three popular wireless Android Auto adapters that allow you to connect your Android phone to your car’s infotainment system without using a cable. Accordingly, we found that people often compared these three brands.

So, what makes them different from each other? Let’s see the table below to examine!

  Carsifi Motorola MA1 AAWireless
Compatibility Wide range of cars and head units Limited to cars with specific head units Wide range of cars and head units
Features Quick-switch button, pause/resume feature Simple and straightforward Customizable options, detachable cable
Price More expensive Less expensive More expensive

Carsifi Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

When you decide to purchase something, looking at customer reviews will be one of the most commonly considered things that you’ll do. Referring to that, I’m here in this Carsifi review to provide some testimonials from customers who have used this device.

Carsifi Review: Carsifi Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here is the first customer thought:

Carsifi is working in my car properly. I’ve no disconnections or any problem. A good choice to have android auto cordless.

This customer shared that the product from this brand works well in his car. He also explained that he did not experience any disconnections or other problems while using this product.

Another buyer also said:

It’s working. My 2021 Honda CRV no longer needs a cable to run AA. The Carsifi app was a great help during installation.

This one explained that he has a 2021 Honda CRV. And after using the brand’s product, he’s happy that he no longer needs a cable to run Android Auto. And at the end of his sentence, he also explained that the app provided by this brand helped him during installation.

Here, what I can say is that this brand has indeed created a product that can provide customer satisfaction. Although it has only been running for less than two years, the brand has created solutions for everyone.

Is Carsiri Worth It?

Referring to its usefulness, the features provided, customer testimonials, and the price, I would confidently say that Carsiri is highly worth it.

Carsifi Review: Is Carsiri Worth It?

With this little device, you’ll no longer have to experience the mess caused by USB cables when you use Android Auto. Indeed, it will give you a comfortable driving experience while accessing your Android Auto to do various things.

Carsiri Shipping Policy

Not only has Carsiri developed a product that can help you access Android Auto more easily without the mess of a USB cable, but they also provide free shipping for their customers in various countries.

Curious about what countries are included in free shipping from this brand? Let me tell you. Those countries are the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, EU, Switzerland, New Zealand, India, South Korea, Israel, and Ukraine. And for more information, you can check here.

And for the estimated shipping is 2 – 11 business days depending on the shipping method you choose.

Carsiri Return Policy

Carsifi is very concerned about customer satisfaction, which is why they provide a 30-day return policy. So, in case the product you receive comes in a damaged condition, you can submit a return.

As the first step to submitting a return, you can contact them directly at [email protected]. Once your return request is accepted, you’ll be directed by their customer service to take the right steps.

Anyway, when you request a return, you’ve to ensure that your product is in the same condition as when you first received it. And not to forget, you should prepare your order number as proof of your purchase.

How To Contact Carsiri

Perhaps you still have questions about this product that this Carsifi review hasn’t answered. From simple to important matters, Carsiri will always be there to help you. And you can contact them via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office: 3524 Silverside Road, #35b Wilmington, DE 19810
  • Bubble Chat is available in the bottom right corner of your screen

Their customer service will be happy to help you get answers to your questions, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Where to buy Carsifi?

Since this brand doesn’t have an offline store, you can buy the products directly on the official website. You just need to sit down, read this Carsifi review, then visit the official website, put the product in the cart, and in 2 – 11 days, it will arrive at your doorstep.

Carsifi Coupon Codes & Promos

This Carsifi review is proud to mention that this brand provides coupons for you to save your budget. You can enter the code CRS10 in your cart to get $10 OFF your purchase. Also, shipping is always free and worldwide!

However, if you’re still looking for more discounts, you can click the button below.

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Carsifi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Carsifi reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Carsifi?

Carsifi is currently owned by Ihor Martsekha as the founder.

Does Carsifi ship internationally?

Yes, Carsiri accepts shipping internationally, including the USA, Australia, Canada, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and many more.

What is Carsifi used for?

Carsifi allows you to connect your Android phone to your car’s infotainment system wirelessly. You can access several features such as navigation, music, voice commands, and many more. 

How do I pair my new phone with Carsifi?

  • Make sure your Carsifi is plugged into your car’s USB port and turned on
  • On your Android phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth
  • Tap on “Pair new device”
  • Select “Carsifi-xxxx” from the list of available devices (xxxx is the number of your Carsifi device)
  • Enter the PIN code displayed on your Carsifi’s screen.
  • Tap on “Pair” or “Connect”

Does Carsifi work with Apple CarPlay?

No, Carsifi does not work with Apple CarPlay. It is an adapter specifically designed for Android Auto. If you want to use CarPlay wirelessly, you will need to purchase a different adapter.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Carsifi Reviews & Ratings

Neatness in the car can certainly be a concern for some people, especially on the dashboard, which is close to your manual. Hence, when using Android Auto in the car, you definitely want to keep your dashboard uncluttered by convoluted USB cables.

And Carsifi will be of help to your any kind of frustration with its Wireless Android Auto Adapter brand that you can highly consider it. They provide devices that are user-friendly and also cost-effective. So, what’s your decision? Want to make your life easier? Visit the website and purchase one for your car!


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