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About CarShield

Unlike the old days, having a car is not fancy but a new way of life that offers a convenient commute. However, cars are not cheap, let alone repair or service expenses.

CarShield Review: About CarShield

The higher the vehicle price, the higher the repair fee is. And somehow, cars are bound to visit auto services eventually. Fortunately, CarShield has come to light.

Slightly similar to auto insurance, this company offers vehicle service plans. It’ll protect your car and help you get the lowest price to repair it. Accordingly, you can avoid the considerable expense of car service and maintain its quality with it.

This company offers every beneficial solution for every car owner’s problem. As a result, it gains so much popularity and trust among customers. Customer interest is also shown by having over 105.7K followers on Facebook and 87.9K on Instagram.

The long history and number of customers served seem like a big deal. But is it truly worth your investment? Therefore, let’s dig deeper into the company, plans, testimonials, pricing, and others in our CarShield review

Overview Of CarShield

In 2005 CarShield was founded by Mark Travis, with the headquarters located in Midwestern US. It’s a company that overs car warranty for automotive repairs.

It strives to deliver an exceptional experience by offering dependable, reliable, affordable coverage solutions for high-cost vehicle repairs. Since its establishment, this company has served protection for over 2 million vehicles.

With more than 18 years of experience, this company has built its name in the industry. Many car owners depend on them for the best treatment and the lowest vehicle budget.

CarShield Review

CarShield is an auto service contract broker that offers vehicle protection plans. It works administered with other companies like American Auto to allow you to get the best repair and cost.

CarShield Reviews: CarShield Review

Besides, the company has several tailored coverage options and a variety of price points.

CarShield Plans

So it would be great for any driver and vehicle to find one that fits your needs. Below are some of its auto protection plans:

Diamond Platinum Power Train Plus
Silver Aluminum Motorcycle & ATV

So that’s the variety of its plans with a type of coverage so you can save thousands of potential car repairs fees.

But what’s the difference between each plan, and how does its service work? Let’s figure it out in the CarShield review section below!

CarShield Plans Reviews

As you know from the section above it has 6 kinds of protection plans. The higher cost of the plan, the more coverage it provides. However, you should consider the needs of your vehicles. Now let’s get to know each plan further.

CarShield Review: CarShield Plans Reviews


Diamond is a plan with the best coverage similar to manufacturers’ new vehicle warranty. Furthermore, it covers everything from the engine to transmission failure and starter to fuel pump breakdowns. However, you should know as the highest level, it’s also the most expensive.


If you want a comprehensive plan, platinum is the best vehicle service contract option. This plan protects the engine, AC, transmission, starter, water pump, fuel pump, Electrical system, and many more. With its comprehensive coverage, it’s great for cars with higher miles.


So what does CarShield Gold plan cover? This power train plus plan has excellent coverage for major and minor auto parts. It includes the engine, water pump, transmission, starter, alternator, AC, and power window.


The silver vehicle service contract is designed for those on a tight budget. This affordable policy covers vital parts of the vehicle, like the engine lubricated parts, water pump, and transmission.


If you don’t need an expensive repair system and only certain parts, the Aluminum protection plan is the alternative. Besides, it will cover most electrical and computer-related issues. It encompassed a starter, alternator, GPS/navigation, engine control module, electrical system, and others.

Motorcycle and ATV

This contract is dissimilar to other coverage types above since it is tailored for a specific vehicle. So the contract will cover vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, and others.

So that’s the short information about the plan. You can try to get a free quote and consult to see what you need. You should be asked thoroughly to ensure the right coverage for your vehicle. Lastly, you can get prices between $99-$129 monthly!

How Does CarShield Work?

To ensure you are completely confident with its service, its team will gladly assist you in choosing the right plans. Below is a step on step how to get its plan:

CarShield Review: How Does CarShield Work?
  1. Fill out the free quote form or call its team to get a free quote. Here you should provide basic information about your car and its usage.
  2. Next is to review the coverage option and whether the expert will show you the recommended plan and budget. Furthermore, they will deliver the comparison and pricing.
  3. You can determine the coverage lever and protection plan if you have understood all its plants.
  4. Lastly, you can enjoy all its plans with worry-free repair service. Just simply make a claim.

After joining the plans, you’ll need to pay the monthly premiums. So when you face unfortunate events where you need auto service, make a claim that can be done by using authorized dealerships.

How to Make CarShield Claims?

Ready to file for your first claim? It’s pretty simple you can claim phone at 1-800-531-1925 or file online by login with your account. Here are several things that you need to follow to make a claim:

CarShield Review: How to Make CarShield Claims?
  • Service your vehicle to the CarShield authorizer mechanic
  • Provide the repair facility with the contract and allow them to contact the provider
  • The warranty claims adjuster will review the mechanical damage and repair
  • If granted, the administrator will cover the expense directly to the mechanic, and you need to pay the deductible

Keep in mind that this company offers service coverage in certain dealerships. So, do dealerships accept CarShield? Yes, but not all dealerships.

Some authorized dealerships, like American Auto Shield, will cover for you. If unsure, you can check the claim or contact the agent to know which auto shop will be eligible.

CarShield Pros and Cons

Its service will allow you to avoid big chunks of cost on your monthly salary due to a sudden car break. But, this auto insurance provider is not entirely perfect. Hence to help you make a wise decision, review the CarShield pros and cons below.


  • Great plans based on your needs
  • Easy claim via phone and online
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Wide repair networks
  • Affordable monthly prices
  • The free quote is available
  • Easy cancellation
  • Highly positive reviews


  • The claim is only can make by authorized mechanics or dealerships 
  • Poor ratings and reviews BBB

Who Is CarShield For?

Due to its nature that offers a car protection plan, CarShield suits everyone who wants better protection and lower auto repair costs. Aside from that, every new and old car owner to ensure a driveable condition without considerable pocket expense.

CarShield Review: Who Is CarShield For?

Many high mileage vehicles and commuters also need this protection plan company since their cars often need reparation. It’s because cars like rental cars and others have a higher usage and risk than usual cars. Aside from that, it would be great for those with expired manufactured warranties.

CarShield Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Have been in the industry for decades, allowing it to have thousands of customer reviews. So it would be easy to see the complaint and praise of this company. Before we proceed, kindly review the rating data presented below:

CarShield Review: CarShield Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • Trustpilot gathered 38,496 total reviews with a 4/5 average rating
  • Consumer Affairs collected 1,951 reviews with a 4.5/5 rating

This provider has high positive ratings and reviews. But on BBB, this company has many BBB complaints reviews. Next, let’s consider the customer’s opinion in the customer’s testimonials below:

My car dealer agent coordinated directly with CarShield to use my benefit. I was delighted that my repairs were covered, which exceeded the yearly premium rates. I was also satisfied with the whole smooth process. I am convinced now that its auto coverage is worth it.

Similar to the previous reviews, other feedback also reports a good experience:

The experience was shockingly good. You are the champion to me. Even the auto shop was impressed and said I must have the right insurance. The experience couldn’t have been any better. One of the most incredible things I’ve ever done is buy this extended warranty.

To ensure you can see both positive and negative opinions, we’ve attached a negative review below that is similar to others’ complaints:

I faced an A/C issue and was attempting to do my due diligence before dropping my car off. So, fortunately, I did! Now I have to drive 40 miles to drop my car off. I was informed that the dealership doesn’t take appointments, which can take a few days.

With thousands of customer reviews, this company has a high rating for its performance. Many customers state the insurance is worth it and cover the repair expense. The monthly and yearly premium rates are also pretty affordable.

But on BBB reviews, this company has many negative reviews. They state how the claims can be made in the dealership, which in some areas can be pretty far.

Is CarShield Worth It?

If you think your car repair cost can be a real deal breaker, CarShield is worth it. In addition, it’s a great solution if you have a commuter business like rental cars, expensive cars, and cars that often needs repair.

CarShield Review: Is CarShield Worth It?

The company offers affordable coverage that helps you to be free from auto service expenses. Besides, it works with a reliable auto service shop that delivers quality and thorough service. Moreover, it has hassle-free claims, responsive customer service, and easy cancellation.

CarShield Cancellation Policy

CarShield offers a hassle-free cancellation policy that can be filed by contacting the seller or administrator. The client can cancel the agreement within 35 days from the effective date. Furthermore, the provider will refund it to the agreement holder credit total price minus the claims paid.

But, if you cancel it before or after the first 35 days, you’ll get the complete 100% unearned pro-rata provider fee minus the $50 cancellation fee. Then you can expect the refund within 45 days of the file and the termination notification.

How To Contact CarShield

Need more warranty about its auto warranty? Reach the CarShield customer service if you want to throw answer or give suggestions and comments via:

503 Pearl Dr, Saint Peters, Missouri, 63376, United States

Where to buy CarShield?

Interest in protecting your vehicle at a lower expense, then it’s time to get free quotes from the expert. You should visit its official website to fill out the form or call to get the quotes!

CarShield Coupon Codes & Promos

Since this company is a car service plan, this company has no offers or discounts on paying your rates. But you can enjoy the free quotes on your first time. Besides, you should check the button below to uncover special coupon codes!

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CarShield Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for CarShield reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What does CarShield not pay for?

Every insurance comes with different coverages. So, what does CarShield not cover? Here’s the list:

  • pre-existing problems
  • repairs or replacement parts that are not covered in the contract 
  • Unauthorized repair and others
  • Specific exclusion like brake pads, rubber hoses, serpentine belts, and shocks and struts

However, keep in mind that every plan has different coverages, so you should check the policy. Usually, the more expensive the premium is, the higher coverage is.

How much is CarShield cost per month?

The rates depend on the plans and the vehicles, but the prices usually range from $99 and $129 monthly.

Does CarShield actually pay for repairs?

As long as your car damage is included in the plans and meets the requirement, it’ll pay the expense of your car repair.

Does CarShield have a good reputation?

Based on several expert reviews on car warranties, CarShield obtains 4.5/5 ratings. It shows it has an overall rating for industry standing, plans, customer service, and cost.

Will CarShield replace my engine?

If it is needed based on the repair shop and meets the requirement, the company will pay for the engine replacement.

How long do you have to have CarShield before you can use it?

The vehicle warranty plan has a standard waiting period of 500 miles and 20 days before you can use the coverage. Its purpose is to protect the company from covering repairs that clients knew beforehand.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of CarShield Reviews & Ratings

Costing hundreds of dollars to repair your car can make a big dent in your monthly budget. CarShield is an excellent company to have a vehicle extended warranty to protect your vehicle. Our reviews have scoured this company, and we carefully consider each customer’s review to uncover its worthiness.

We think it has a highly solutive plan that suits your needs. Besides, it offers affordable prices, quality service, and a trusted expert team. Improve your car protection and lower the preparation cost with a CarShield car protection warranty! 


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