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About Carolina Hemp Hut

Hemp may not be sold freely. However, only some stores are willing to sell. But lucky you if you reside in North Carolina. Why? Because Carolina Hemp Hut provides many quality legal hemp products from many label sources!

Carolina Hemp Hut Review: About Carolina Hemp Hut

Carolina Hemp Hut is an online retailer of many local hemp products in North Carolina. He provides products that are top-tier, quality, and very affordable. There are hemp drops to vapes and accessories for drying cannabis flowers.

On top of that, the brand works with many labels that produce hemp products that are well-known nationwide. These labels include Hemp Pleasure Your 420HQ, CBD Living, Pure HempSmokes, Urb, etc.

This company assures you that its products comply with the US Farm Bill Regulations 2018, signed by President Trump. With this, you will be more confident in buying hemp-derived products here.

Since that reliable fact emerged, hemp fans have started following the brand on social media. A total of 2,000 followers are recorded on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Be a part of this brand online soon!

What we want to say is more than these things. You will be spoiled with tons of hemp facts in the Carolina Hemp Hut review. Interested? Scroll to the conclusion!

Overview of Carolina Hemp Hut

Many need to learn that the opening of the Carolina Hemp Hut dispensary in Durham, NC, preceded the brand’s launch online in 2018. Who invented it? Mary Lopez Carter is the one. She is also the owner and part of the managing member.

Mary comes from a wealthy family that has a solid Peruvian heritage. Her journey was so long that it crossed borders. Then, she researched botanical health solutions, combining traditional elements and modern understanding.

As for dreams, Mary has a deep health dream. She dreams of a world where health is holistic, local wisdom is in tune with contemporary knowledge, and every human being is improving.

So, what is the company’s purpose? The owner calls that genuine purpose, wanting to uplift people’s lives. Because of her unwavering commitment to health, Mary has managed to do just that.

The brand’s owner has managed to run the company quickly. She also carries a mission that supports her to keep going: making a difference and touching lives positively.

Not to mention another mission is to pave the way to a healthier and higher-quality life for all humanity. It’s not only the mission that the owner wants to echo but also the service.

With all of those good missions, Mary hopes she will continue to be able to set an example and guide her customers toward a future full of energy. Also, she sets to give the promise of a healthier tomorrow.

Carolina Hemp Hut Reviews

Let me remind you that the owner of Carolina Hemp Hut wants customers to take a transformative journey with her in an empowering, healing place where the community meets. To proceed, you must know the products.

Carolina Hemp Hut Reviews: Carolina Hemp Hut Reviews

Accordingly, this brand sells CBD products that are legal by the law on its website and at its Hemp store in Hillsborough, NC. They provide various CBD products, such as drops, gummies, capsules, vapes, etc.

This company also offers skincare products containing CBD-infused topicals. Products range from balms to lotions. In addition to humans who need care, animals should not be left out. They provide CBD treats for your favorite dog.

Carolina Hemp Hut Products

Furthermore, you can also buy legal CBD flowers here and at NC hemp shops. This brand thoughtfully provides a place to put the flower with wraps or eco-grinders. They likewise ensure you can find vegan items.

This company currently doesn’t provide CBD male enhancement gummies, but female ones exist. You can also add your insights about Delta-8 and Delta-9, the world of edibles, and other hemp health issues on the website.

After a few seconds, there is a discussion about the best-selling products. We took 3 items that were ordered a lot on the website. It’s exciting and don’t miss it!

Carolina Hemp Hunt Urb Delta 9 THC 300MG Gummies Reviews

Hi everyone, have you been waiting for the highest-selling product on this website? Urb Delta 9 THC 300MG Gummies are being highly searched online and at a company near me. So, why are so many people looking for it?

Carolina Hemp Hut Review: Carolina Hemp Hunt Urb Delta 9 THC 300MG Gummies Reviews

First of all, these Delta-9-THC gummies comply with the US Farm Bill regulations. Then, the product contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Hence, you can consume it safely without illegal risks. All are 100% safe!

Each Urb gummy delivers a precise dose of 10 mg of the fantastic compound. That means in one container like the one in the photos, it is equivalent to 300 mg. That amount is enough for a month because it is quite a lot.

You can take this Urb gummy for the first time with a half-candy portion. After that, let the effects emerge for an hour. At last, you can decide whether to eat half a gummy or one candy daily. Easy, right?

Delta 9 THC Highlights

  • Product from Urb
  • Several delicious fruit flavors
  • Safe to consume
  • Immediate effect
  • Lessen some health problems

This product, which has 5 oz size, also comes in various unique and delicious flavors. Indeed, everyone will like it. There are passion fruit mango, dragonfruit paradise, prickly pear watermelon like in the photos, and four other flavors.

Next, how about the price? But remember, the price that will be shown is for the Urb gummy. Order now with the price categories below:

  • One-time purchase: $16.95
  • With subscription: $15.59/per month

Carolina Hemp Hut 420 HQ Delta-8 Gummies Reviews

There you go! Can’t wait for the second most after item? Let me whisper it to you. It’s 420 HQ Delta-8 Gummies Chill Chews (Vegan formula). As the title suggests, the product is for those who are vegan.

Carolina Hemp Hut Review: Carolina Hemp Hut 420 HQ Delta-8 Gummies Reviews

This product is a vegan formula natural gum with pectin instead of gelatin. One chew contains 25 mg of Delta 8 THC. FYI, Delta-8 is a fantastic substance similar to its isomeric friend, Delta-9.

These Carolina CBD gummies provide the ultimate relaxation with natural cannabinoids from the excellent Hemp plant. It can help you alleviate discomfort, anxiety, and insomnia.

Furthermore, as an initial trial, you can chew the 420 HQ gummy in slight flavors, half a serving of candy daily. Then, you can increase the dosage according to your needs in subsequent attempts. The company advises combining it with a full-spectrum drop product for best results.

Meanwhile, the 420HQ brand makes this product from a mixture of sugar, syrup, cannabinoids from hemp, and others. Indeed, the product is safe from animal elements. And the THC content is 0.3% or less than that. So, safe!

Delta-8 Gummies Highlights

  • Product from 420 HQ
  • Vegan friendly
  • Have many flavors
  • Made of sugar, syrup, and CBD hemp
  • Contains no gelatin
  • Can reduce common health issues

This product has many flavors, including blue raspberry, watermelon, mango, pineapple, and pink lemonade. Not only can you buy with a one-time purchase, but you can also buy with a subscription with a 10% discount.

Buy as soon as possible with a one-time purchase with the following price categories:

  • 50 mg for 2 packs: $1.95
  • 250 mg for 10 packs: $12.95
  • 1500 mg for 60 packs: $37.97

Carolina Hemp Hut One Source Botanicals: High Strength CBD Reviews

If you don’t like hemp in candy form, maybe One Source Botanicals: High Strength CBD is more suitable for you. This item is a super clean cannabinoid that can improve your overall health.

Carolina Hemp Hut Review: Carolina Hemp Hut One Source Botanicals: High Strength CBD Reviews

This product is also suitable for reducing discomfort due to aches, pains, insomnia, and inflammation inside and outside the body. When using it, you can check with your doctor first for preventive measures.

The One Source Botanicals company makes its products with high-strength CBD, which is well-accepted in significant doses. The product is also straightforward to consume in a clean, sublingual form.

This company suggests you consume the following way: place one total drop under the tongue. After that, let the liquid soak in for a minute or two.

You can also combine other full-spectrum hemp products when taking this product. So you will feel the full efficacy for the continued healing process. Try it soon if you have a pain that doesn’t go away!

High Strength CBD Highlights

  • Product from One Source Botanicals
  • Contain full-strength cannabinoids
  • Ease many common health issues
  • Have two comfortable sizes of bottles

Further, this CBD product is available in two strength sizes: 3600 and 7200 mg. Each of them contains 30 ml. Besides, buying this product means you will get a discount of 18%-5% if you order once every three weeks – 3 months.

You may likewise order this item with a one-time purchase under the following price categories:

  • 3600 mg: $74.95
  • 7200 mg: $89.95

Carolina Hemp Hut Pros and Cons

It will be extraordinary to read the reviews of the three products above if you recognize the pros and cons of this brand. Take a quick look!


  • Only premium and high-quality hemp products
  • Various kinds of hemp, from oil drops to skincare
  • Low prices
  • Vegan friendly
  • Undergoing lab tests
  • Sourced proven industrial hemp plantations
  • Fully respectful of the 2018 US Farm Bill
  • Partner with trusted hemp brands
  • Provide phone support
  • Total 24 hours web orders
  • Free shipping for orders >$50
  • 30-day returns


  • It is only used for adults
  • It can cause dry mouth
  • Not FDA approved
  • Need doctor prescription

Who Is Carolina Hemp Hut For?

All those 21+ and above can consume hemp varieties from Carolina Hemp Company. Both men and women of that age can try hemp types. We recommend that you consult an expert first so that taking each THC does not cause adverse effects.

Carolina Hemp Hut’s products are also the solution for those needing health products with extra boosters. This brand can be a means by which you can find related items to fight anxiety, joint pain, and other minor problems.

Likewise, this brand provides a wide range of gummies for vegans looking for hemp-derived products safe from animal creations. Pet owners should realize CBD oil supplements can make their lovely furs healthier.

Carolina Hemp Hut Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In customers’ eyes, what people think about a brand is reassurance. That’s why this section exists. Besides, it’s easy to find evidence that this brand is trustworthy because it gets positive ratings from TargetBay.

Carolina Hemp Hut Review: Carolina Hemp Hut Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Further, we successfully collected a few excellent buyer comments. This brand got 4.6 out of 5 stars from 217 reviews. Here is the initial customer’s thought:

I received a watermelon mushroom vape today, took two puffs, and felt the effect within 5 minutes…

This woman was satisfied with the good results after consuming vapes from this brand.

Another customer commented:

This item is the best. I have tried several others, and this 500 mg gum outperforms them.

This guy was happy with his gummy-shaped hemp, he admitted, after trying several similar products.

The last customer stated:

I’m very grateful for the CBG/CBD capsules. I’ve been taking CBG for a few months and still enjoy the reduced inflammation! It’s great to have flexibility in all my joints!

The man above said that the cannabinoid capsule product available on the website could reduce redness and improve elasticity.

In these North Carolina Hemp Hunt reviews, we concluded that customer satisfaction lies in the product, reducing customers from easily treatable diseases. We did not detect any of the customers making any protests regarding the hemp purchased.

Is Carolina Hemp Hut Worth It?

Absolutely, this company is worth buying! Their products are complete and varied. Each item is sourced from verified industrial hemp farms. You can rest assured that you will only get quality products. Nothing below average!

Carolina Hemp Hut Review: Is Carolina Hemp Hut Worth It?

This brand likewise offers a variety of drops of gummy products that are very tasty and don’t make you high (contains lower THC, about 0.3). Taking one of the brand’s products with a doctor’s prescription can minimize common issues like mood, inflammation, or stress.

Carolina Hemp Hut Shipping Policy

You should know that some regions of the United States legalize hemp for public use. Thus, this brand ships to all of North Carolina only and the countries that are near it. However, you can ask the CS staff for more details regarding other places and shipping options.

Furthermore, all hemp-loving customers must wait to see if the brand has free conditions. The brand has free shipping on orders over $50. Before checking out, you must use the code HempSaves to get no-cost delivery.

Carolina Hemp Hut Return Policy

Basically, every company should do their best to keep their customers happy. In what way? For Carolina Hemp Hut, offering a return policy is a manner to gain customers’ trust.

So, how long does this company offer a return policy? They deliver 30-day returns. We think the period is sufficient. Since their products are excellent, they hope you won’t make a return.

How To Contact Carolina Hemp Hut

Not only can you call to inquire about the availability of hemp products on the brand’s website, but you can also consult. Reach the pleasant team at:

As an additional suggestion, calling for quick info is a good idea.

Where to buy Carolina Hemp Hut?

Not all online stores are reliable places to buy cannabis. Visit this company’s official website instead. They also opened two company locations at Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsborough and Carolina Hemp Hut – Durham NC. The addresses are listed below tables:

137 Mayo St, Hillsborough, NC 27278, United States 4600 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd Suite 21, Durham, NC 27707, United States

Carolina Hemp Hut Coupon Codes & Promos

Carolina Hemp Hut currently has a lot of discount codes, promos, and deals you can’t miss. Make good use of each!

  • Enter your email on the website and receive 10% OFF.
  • Catch up to 25% OFF for birthday sale event
  • Mix your order with other items, and you can get a free hemp joint
  • Military and veteran discounts are available with unique codes. Contact customer service.
  • Spin to win: free CBD drops, or 50% OFF 420 crumbles, or 40% OFF OSB items, etc.
  • Signing in to the website to get free coupons, info, and monthly newsletters
  • Obtain more points to exchange with discounts on the loyalty program
  • Using the code HempSaves to obtain free shipping with minimal order
  • Shop soon to get a free sample
  • Order in bulk, and you have a chance to bring lower prices
  • Subscribe for more coupon codes and exciting offers!

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Carolina Hemp Hut

Carolina Hemp Hut Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Carolina Hemp Hut reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Carolina Hemp Hut?

Mary Lopez Carter owns the brand. She is also undoubtedly the founder.

Does Carolina Hemp Hut ship internationally?

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t ship it internationally. They only deliver their products to national. However, you should ask the support service first if your country is on the delivery list.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Carolina Hemp Hut Reviews & Ratings

Carolina Hemp Hut is your trusted place for all your health-boosting hemp products. They only provide quality hemp from reliable label partnerships. Besides, shopping at this online store for hemp-derived products is easy because they’re open 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, the brand sells inexpensive hemp products. One candy-shaped hemp only costs less than 2 dollars. There is no place like Carolina Hemp Hut. Check out one of the products and experience the benefits!


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