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Campo Grande Review 2024 → Enjoy Premium Quality Ibérico Pork!

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About Campo Grande

Everyone loves meat! Besides being delicious, they give you a feeling of happiness, comfort, and excitement in every bite in your mouth. So how would it feel if you could get premium quality meat delivered right to your doorstep? How exciting!

Campo Grande Review: About Campo Grande

When it comes to premium quality meat delivery, one of the best places to spot it is Campo Grande. It is a United States brand that is engaged in delivering the best of Spain’s delicious food right to your doorstep.

The quality of meat offered by this brand is not merely mediocre. Due to its quality, the brand currently boasts over 13.9k followers on Instagram, 2.9k followers on Facebook, and 1.4k followers on TikTok.

Not only that, but the name Campo Grande has also been featured in renowned media publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, and Bloomberg. Indeed. It is a well-known food delivery brand.

Are you getting excited to explore further about this brand? If you are, then keep reading this Campo Grande review. We will help you to know more about the brand’s history, meat selection, customer reviews, discounts, and more. Read on!

Overview of Campo Grande

Campo Grande was founded in 2021 by Kurt Oriol, who was born in Spain, where he was surrounded by high-quality traditional foods. However, after moving to the United States, he felt the market kept him from enjoying his favorite traditional foods from childhood.

Driven by this desire and his love for Spanish culture and Ibérico pork dishes, he founded this brand to allow everyone to enjoy the pure goodness of eating premium quality Ibérico pork.

Every brand of Ibérico pork is raised on humanely family-owned farms in southern Spain that have never used gestation or farrowing crates, antibiotics, or hormones.

They are also fed a 100% vegetarian diet of nuts and grasses, giving them a multi-layered flavor and quality you can’t find in industrial pork breeds. These aspects make their Ibérico pork come in at a wagyu-grade quality.

Not only does Campo Grande serve the wagyu of Ibérico pork, but they also serve beef from 100% grass-fed Vaca Vieja cows and European wild-caught seafood. All of these are also of the highest quality, increasing the feeling of pleasure that comes with tasting them.

After providing an overview of the history and what makes this brand stand out, we have also listed the pros and cons of Campo Grande. Check them out at the bullet points below!

Campo Grande Pros

  • Premium quality Ibérico pork from humanely family-owned farms in Spain
  • Offers 100% grass-fed Vaca Vieja cows
  • Sells European wild-caught seafood
  • FREE shipping on orders over $248
  • Provides return and refund policy
  • Excellent customer service
  • Many customers are happy and satisfied with the brand’s meat selection

Campo Grande Cons

  • The food variety is still lacking
  • Only accept shipping within the United States

Campo Grande Review

On its official website, Campo Grande newly offers seven food options that can be delivered to your doorstep.

These options include the Charcuterie Sampler Bundle, Ibérico Shoulder Ham, Ultimate Ibérico Box, BBQ Grillmaster Box, Ibérico Pork Box, Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón, and Spanish Fish Box.

When you are interested in bringing home one of those options, you have two options to buy them; a one-time purchase or subscribe. Which one is better? It all depends on your preferences.

In our search, we discovered three meat options that are the most sought-after and favored by many.

Campo Grande Review: Three Best-Selling Options of Meat

  • Ibérico Pork Box
  • Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón
  • Spanish Fish Box

Without further ado, let’s review these three meat options!

Campo Grande Ibérico Pork Box Reviews

The first is definitely a crowd favorite, and the brand’s pride and joy is the Campo Grande Ibérico Pork Box. Priced at $169 for a one-time purchase and $152.10 for a subscription, this is reasonable as you get four portions of premium quality Ibérico meat.

Campo Grande Review: Campo Grande Ibérico Pork Box Reviews

What’s Inside Ibérico Pork Box

  • Secreto: 1 x (14-21oz) of the best secret cuts from Spanish butchers
  • Porkbelly Steak: 1 x (21-28oz) delicious steak that has a rich texture and flavor
  • 4-Rib Rack: 1 x (24-33oz) prime rib of Ibérico pork
  • Presa: 1 x (21-28oz) boneless prime roast of Ibérico beef

Every meat in this box is from Ibérico pork raised in humanely family-owned farms in Spain. Also, they have an umami, nutty, juicy, and tender flavor that you can’t find in any other pork chops on the market.

Aside from the tastiest flavor, every meat inside this pork box also contained many beneficial nutritious, such as high omega-9s and oleic acid.

Campo Grande Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón Reviews

The old saying goes that the older a cow is, the more flavorful, textural, and quality the meat will be. This brand believes in that. Therefore, they bring this Campo Grande Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón to the market.

Campo Grande Review: Campo Grande Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón Reviews

This meat comes from Vaca Vieja cows that are raised for 5 to 12 years and fed 100% grass, ensuring this meat has a marbling, bold, and meaty flavor like no other.

Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón Specifications

  • 7-8lb of grass-fed beef from mature cattle that live up to 12 years old
  • 8 inches, 3 prime ribs
  • Hand-chopped using Spanish-style

If you are interested in savoring the flavor and texture of this Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón, then you can prepare a budget of around $399 to bring it home.

Campo Grande Spanish Fish Box Reviews

Are you a fish lover? If so, then you will absolutely love this Campo Grande Spanish Fish Box. It is a box that contains European fish caught in the wild and instantly frozen while still fresh.

Campo Grande Review: Campo Grande Spanish Fish Box Reviews

By spending $129 for a one-time purchase and $116.10 for a subscription, you can already receive a box containing 11 different types of high-quality seafood.

What’s Inside Spanish Fish Box

  • European Hake: 3 x 5 – 7 oz flaky white fish with a subtle and sweet taste
  • Coquinas: 2 x 8 oz delicious and fresh baby mussels
  • Bacalao: 2 x 8-11 oz thick fillets ready to cook
  • Monkfish: 2 x 10-17 oz white fish meat suitable for boiling or grilling
  • Lubina: 2 x 3-5 oz juicy versatile white fish popular in the Mediterranean

In addition to being delicious, each Spanish wild-caught fish in this box has a variety of healthy ingredients such as Omega-3s, lean protein, vitamin B, and vitamin D.

Who is Campo Grande For?

Without question, Campo Grande is for any US citizen who wants to savor premium quality Ibérico pork, Vaca Vieja beef, and wild-caught seafood.

With this brand, you don’t have to bother walking to the store or market. Instead, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your Ibérico pork to arrive at your doorstep.

Campo Grande Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

When purchasing frozen foods from a brand, you will definitely not fail to check the customer reviews. It’s not for no reason – just because customer reviews are essential.

Campo Grande Review: Campo Grande Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In this section, we have summarized the ratings and customer reviews on the brand’s official website. Let’s start by checking out the ratings of the three best-selling products.

  • Ibérico Pork Box rated 4.8/5 stars from 298 reviews
  • Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón Box rated 5/5 stars from 2 reviews
  • Spanish Fish Box rated 5/5 stars from 5 reviews

Now, it’s time to move on to find out what the reviews are like from customers who have purchased this brand.

This is by far one of the tastiest pieces of pork I have ever grilled or eaten. It is really the wagyu of pork. The taste was much different from any I had eaten before.

The first testimonial came from a customer who revealed that the Ibérico pork box the brand provides is the most delicious pork he has ever eaten. He said that this Ibérico meat is the Wagyu of pork with a flavor that he has never found in ordinary pork.

On the other hand, a customer also shared his satisfaction with the Chuletón rib.

The taste was so deep and rich. The meat tasted like it was drowned in butter, even though there was no additional fat used during searing.

Based on this customer, this rib has a super deep and rich flavor that gives a delicious impression on the tongue. He also mentioned that the rib tasted like it was drowned in butter with a wonderful flavor.

The Spanish fish box products provided by this brand also received positive reviews from various customers. one of them is the following.

Excellent variety of products and arrived nicely and frozen.

In her testimonial, she said she was highly satisfied with the large selection of fish from the box she ordered. This happy customer was also pleased with how her order arrived on time, nicely, and frozen.

From the three testimonials above, it is easy to conclude that this brand is outstanding in providing high-quality pork, fish, and various other wagyu slices of meat. Also, many customers are satisfied with the quality of the shipping supplied by this brand.

Is Campo Grande Worth It?

Is this brand worth it? Based on the quality of the three slices of meat on sale and the satisfaction level of the customers, this Campo Grade review agrees to say that this brand is worth every penny.

Campo Grande Review: Is Campo Grande Worth It?

With this brand, you will always get Ibérico pork, Vaca Vieja beef, and wild-caught seafood with unbeatable quality. Interested? Check out the availability!

Campo Grande Shipping Policy

In our search, this brand currently only ships domestically within the United States. Also, based on Campo Grande’s shipping policy, your order will always be shipped on Tuesday in order to guarantee that your order remains frozen.

Every order that you make on the official website will be shipped from the brand’s warehouse in New Jersey. So how about the shipping fee? It varies depending on the address of your location.

Nevertheless, this brand offers FREE shipping for those who live in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts

Campo Grande Return Policy

Are you worried that your items might arrive in bad condition? Not to worry. This brand offers a return and refund policy for those of you who are not satisfied with the quality of the products you receive.

With this, in case your order comes in a defective, damaged, or wrong condition, you can apply for a return or refund. To initiate this process, you should request a return or refund via email at [email protected].

The brand’s customer service team will ask you to send proof of the damage to your order. After that, they will investigate the product you want to return. If approved, you can immediately return your order to the brand’s address, or your payment will be 100% refunded.

How To Contact Campo Grande

This brand is happy to answer all your cooking questions, orders, shipping, return, and any other questions. In case you have some questions in your mind, you can approach Campo Grande contact below.

Alternatively, you can also ask your questions through the bubble chat at the bottom right of your screen.

Where to buy Campo Grande?

Are you interested in experiencing the heavenly taste of pork from this brand? If you are, the one and only place that you can go is the official website.

Campo Grande Coupon Codes & Promos

It’s time for the discount!!! Since the price of every meat and box offered by this brand is more than $100, you might want several savings. Not to worry, we’ve rounded up Campo Grande discounts and promos below. Check them out!

  • Subscribe to the newsletter and enjoy $20 OFF on your first order
  • Spend more than $248 and get a FREE shipping
  • Use the subscription option and take 10% OFF on selected items

Still not enough? We have you covered. Hit the button below and grab several coupon codes that appear on your screen!

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Campo Grande Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Campo Grande reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the founder of Campo Grande?

This brand was founded by Kurt Oriol in 2021.

Does Campo Grande ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this brand only offers to ship domestically within the United States.

Does Campo Grande offer recipes?

Yep, this brand provides several recipes that you can apply to cook your ordered meat properly.

Do you want to make Presa steak? Do you need a Coppa recipe? Are you seeking a recipe to cook ribs nicely? This brand has it all.

All you need to do is navigate to the Recipes page. There, you can also read some news regarding this meat delivery brand.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Campo Grande Reviews & Ratings

There’s nothing better than ending your tiring day with premium quality Ibérico pork. Your bad day might just turn into a cheerful one after eating this wagyu pork. So, in case you are searching for premium quality Ibérico pork, then Campo Grande is the best place to get it.

Besides Ibérico pork, you can also find Vaca Vieja beef and European wild-caught fish with the same high quality as Ibérico pork. Interested? Head over to the official website and explore your favorite meat!


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