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About Calmerry

Getting in-person therapy from a mental health professional is pretty hard these days. Whether the schedule doesn’t match, the price is over the budget, or worse, no therapist is available nearby. If this happens to you, you better check out Calmerry.

Calmerry Review: About Calmerry

Calmerry is an online therapy company that provides mental well-being services. It includes depression therapy, self-esteem therapy, therapy for OCD, etc. What’s best is that they use text and video as media. Convenience!

They are considered top-notch because all therapists hold valid licenses from their states. Further, their background is vetted by this company’s team so that the quality is as high as possible.

Moreover, they are featured in top international media. It includes Women’s Health, goop, Healthline, Vogue, etc. Forbes Health even stated it was a “Strong option for those seeking online counseling.

Besides, we found that they currently have 32K followers on Facebook and 15K on Instagram. Through this Calmerry review, we will dive into what makes this brand become in high demand. Go!

Overview of Calmerry

As we all know, traditional in-office therapy isn’t the best idea for counseling. While it takes a high cost for a single schedule, we sometimes need to wait an entire week or month to start the session.

This company understands that in-office therapy is time and money-consuming in today’s era. Besides, not all clients are wealthy and have much time to complete their therapy sessions.

As a result, they take that concern to innovate more convenient and affordable options. Fortunately, since technology is accessible to everyone, they use online therapy sessions as the answer. Cost-effective and time-flexible!

They strive to build a secure e-counseling platform to make therapy accessible for clients and therapists. By this chance, health support can be accessible to everyone regardless of economic level.

Calmerry Reviews

This company works to bridge clients and therapists who need each other. While they ensure all clients get the session with professionals, this company also maintain all therapist grow their practice.

Calmerry Reviews: Calmerry Reviews

They work to eliminate the barrier between clients and therapists, making everything more accessible and convenient for both parties. Thus, we can say that this company is a professional provider.

Calmerry Service

  • Anger management
  • Eating disorders
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Emotional Abuse
  • OCD
  • Childhood abuse
  • Family conflict
  • Relationship
  • Chronic illness
  • Grief and trauma
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • and more

Moreover, after you learn their service options, are you ready to dig deeper into what their service offer, the benefits, and other valuable information? If it’s a yes, then let’s jump to the next section!

Calmerry Online Therapy Reviews

Things don’t always work as we imagined. Sometimes, there is a good day, but a bad day can happen every time. Recovering isn’t easy, but Online Therapy from Calmerry may help.

Calmerry Review: Calmerry Online Therapy Reviews

This online therapy is the definition of simplicity. You can always get a session at your fingertips. Be it on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. The gap between you and your therapist is just a click away.

Moreover, you can also choose the media through text messaging or video calls. Select the messaging option if you can easily express your feelings through text. Otherwise, if you are more into visuals, the interaction in video sessions is an ideal pick.

Likewise, you aren’t getting the therapy session only. There are 3 features you can get once you register for online therapy at this company. See the details below:

  1. Mood tracker and journaling: As your daily check-in, mood tracker and journaling help you manage your emotions and feelings. You can regularly share reflections with your therapist to give them feedback. They can also help to adjust the therapy accordingly.
  2. Self-help tips library: Tools and materials to use during or after the sessions. It includes courses with thousands of insightful content, worksheets containing exercises, guides, quizzes, and checklists. Plus, journaling prompts with audio to help you reflect.
  3. Therapy plan: A roadmap designed to identify primary goals, outline a clear path, and track the progress of your journey.

Further, online therapy is as effective as in-person appointments. What differs comes in the efficiency. It is accessible and more budget-friendly. Plus, it also provides a variety of communication methods to give you the freedom to express your concerns.

Benefits of Online Therapy at Calmerry

We all know that getting mental health support mainly helps to feel better and recover from trauma. However, only in Calmerry will you get another extra perk. Exactly! There are other benefits you can get after getting online therapy from this company, such as:

  • Individual matching: Every client has needs, and this company will help connect you with a suitable therapist.
  • Free therapist switching: You can change your therapist if you want, free of charge!
  • Protected privacy: All therapy in this company is 100% confidential, and all your personal information is securely encrypted on the servers.
  • Easy cancellation: Cancel your subscription at any time. Hassle-free! Plus, it easily renews if you decide to come back.
  • Human-operated support: Customer service in this company is full of friendly and professional agents. They are available 24/7.

How Much Does Calmerry Therapy Cost?

This platform uses a subscription plan for all its services. Fortunately, at Calmerry, they have various subscription plans to fit every client’s needs. Moreover, you will be charged monthly until you decide to cancel, which you can do anytime. Hassle-free!

Further, regarding its pricing, messaging therapy starts at just $50 a week, while live therapy starts at just $67 a week. This price may rise based on every client’s need. Thus, we suggest you check the cost on the website. You can also consult with customer service for better options.

However, keep in mind that this company also has flexible options. You can choose a subscription package with four 30-minute video sessions at $74 per week and combine them into two 60-minute sessions.

How Does Calmerry Work?

Are you interested in getting a therapy session from this company? Since Calmerry is a platform for clients and therapists, you can see the steps based on your needs. See the details below!

For Clients:

  • Go to the Calmerry’s official website
  • You’ll find a ‘Get Started’ button on the top right of the page
  • After that, you will be requested to complete a 5-minute survey by telling them about your expectations from the session
  • Next, select a subscription plan. Find the best plan that fits your schedule and budget
  • Within an hour, you will meet your therapist in a secure messaging space
  • Finally, get the therapy outcomes from your therapist

For Therapists:

  • Go to the official website of Calmerry
  • Register and complete a survey by submitting your documents
  • After the verification, they will reach you via email
  • Complete your profile by adding a bio and title as well as the specialties highlights and a picture of you
  • Lastly, you are ready to get clients by accepting whoever matches your specialties
  • For your information, there is a therapist login on the website for therapists who have already registered

Calmerry vs BetterHelp

When looking at therapy platform accross the internet, ‘Calmerry vs BetterHelp’ always appear to be at the top of the suggestion. Thus, to join the crowd, we will also compare these 2 brands in the same category. Here is the list:


  • Price: Starting at $50/week
  • Communicating media: Message and video call
  • Insurance coverage: No
  • Application: Available
  • Free trial: No
  • HIPAA compliant: Yes


  • Price: Starting at $65/week
  • Communicating media: message, live chat, phone, video call
  • Insurance coverage: No
  • Application: Available
  • Free trial: Yes
  • HIPAA compliant: No information

Calmerry Pros and Cons

Let’s see whether this company is worth every money you spend. After carefully reading all their service information, the client’s review, etc., we prepare the Calmerry’s pros and cons. Let’s uncover them below!


  • Accessible to everyone
  • Quick client-counselor matching
  • Full of a licensed professional therapist
  • Free counselor switching
  • Flexible subscription options for every budget
  • Low-cost therapy (starting at $50/week)
  • Flexible scheduling time
  • Message and video session options
  • Recognized by prominent healthcare media
  • Responsive customer service
  • Plenty positive feedbacks


  • Can’t accept insurance
  • It doesn’t have a free trial

Who Is Calmerry For?

Calmerry is a secure platform dedicated to those who need mental health professional help conveniently and affordably. Starting at $50/week, you can access high-quality sessions with licensed therapists anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, this company is also a perfect place for an expert who needs better therapist pay and a supportive career environment. They value every therapist’s time and competence, ensuring all therapists can grow their practice at its finest.

Is Calmerry Legit?

Calmerry is 100% legit. The legitimacy of this company can be seen in the positive feedback collected from its customers. They are also HIPAA compliant, meaning all customers’ personal information and therapy session data are encrypted on the servers.

On top of that, all of their therapist have a valid license. This company ensures they are trained, licensed, and experienced. Also, they have already completed their education, exams, training, and practice.

Calmerry Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

It’s sometimes frustrating to put a decision into service rather than products. That’s because everyone has their concern and standards. However, regardless of that, others’ experiences can also help to make better decisions.

Calmerry Review: Calmerry Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Thus, to make it fair, we will give you a glimpse of some reviews on their official website. Rather than searching for a review on Reddit, you can find every honest review here. It is from the people who already tried the platform.

Let’s start with this review:

Really helpful! My therapist can create a safe space for me. I’m able to take what I learned and apply it to my everyday situations.

This happy client said she is satisfied with the session because her therapist can create a safe space for her professionally. She can learn well and apply the knowledge to her lifestyle.

Then, how about this client? Let’s take a look at her review:

My therapist helps me a lot. She is calm and professional, listening to me at any time. She even holding a mirror up to me at times I need it. I will use her again cause the session has been profoundly impactful in my life.

From the review above, we can see that this client is genuinely delighted with her therapist. She said that her therapist is very calm and professional in supporting her. Even better, she also noticed that the session was genuinely impactful in her life.

Moreover, therapist reviews are also crucial. We won’t let you go this way without reading what therapists think about the platform. Here we go:

As a counselor, I want to say that this is more than an online portal for my practice. Calmerry is a family! They are full of reliable people who care for mental health professionals and their businesses.

The review above implies that this therapist is happy working with Calmerry. She even said that this company isn’t just an online portal for her but also a family. It’s all because the team behind is full of reliable and professional people.

Furthermore, from the reviews of both sides, we can see that all of them are satisfied with the platform. They both have good experience during the activities in Calmerry. It proves that this platform is genuinely a green light for counseling and giving counseling.

Is Calmerry Worth It?

Calmerry is a worthwhile place to get the best help from mental health professionals. As a reliable platform, they ensure all the therapists have a valid license and are ready to start their practice.

Calmerry Review: Is Calmerry Worth It?

This company also provides the best match for clients and therapists. Moreover, their innovation to have an online basis as a media is the definition of a game-changer.

Aside from being accessible and convenient, it is also cost-effective. Those are a few reasons why they are worth every penny you spend.

How To Contact Calmerry

You can contact this company’s customer service if you have any questions about the therapy session, schedule, etc. See the contact information below:

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Call: +1 (844) 958-3158 (clients line), +1 (844) 740-2144 (counselors line)
  • Live chat: Below on the website

Where to buy Calmerry?

The only way to get the services of this company is by visiting the official website directly. There isn’t any other website that has a Calmerry service. If you, by any chance, find one outside their website, you better crosscheck with the customer service on the official website.

Calmerry Coupon Codes & Promos

It’s time for the deals! We are surprised that despite affordable prices, they still have the deals to make the session more on-budget. After scrolling through their website, we gathered all their available deals into the list below. Check it out!

  • Unlock 25% OFF on your therapy session using promo code CARE25
  • Earn some money by joining their Affiliate program
  • Subscribe to their newsletter to get special offers, coupon codes, and insightful tips

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Calmerry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Calmerry reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What are the uses of Calmerry?

Calmerry works to bridge clients with mental health concerns with licensed therapists. They are an online platform with various therapy sessions based on clients’ needs.

Does Calmerry have an app?

Yes. Calmerry has an application you can download for both Android and iOS.

Is Calmerry HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Calmerry is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It means all personal information and therapy session data are encrypted on the servers.

How much does Calmerry pay therapists?

There isn’t exact information about how much Calmerry pays the therapist. However, from various sources, we find that this company pays their therapist approximately $49/hour.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Calmerry Reviews & Ratings

Calmerry, as the name suggests, is a place where you can feel calm. They provide e-counseling based on your concerns. When it comes to quality, they are the best. Ensuring all therapists have a valid license and competence to support the 1-on-1 session.

Better yet, they come in an affordable yet accessible way. The subscription plan allows all clients to adjust to their possible budget. Also, you are free to choose the schedule based on your availability. Getting health support has never been this easy. Go to their website now!


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