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Cabeau Review 2023 → Neck Pillow For Better Travel Experience!

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About Cabeau

Do long ride cause neck strain and make your travel less fun? Then, you may meet Cabeau while choosing the right neck pillow as your comfort accessory.

Cabeau Review: About Cabeau

It is a brand that offers comfort products and patented neck pillows that offer a next-level travel experience. Not only that, but they also provide lumbar support and neck pillows that can offer great comfort and prevent body ache.

This brand has become increasingly popular in social media, which boasting over 7k followers on Instagram and 13k followers on Facebook. Moreover, this brand also dominates the best travel pillow of 2022 in CNN, the NY Times, and many more.

But is this brand truly worth it? As a smart buyer, this is a question you should ask before checking out the cart. Thus, in this Cabeau review, we’ll break down this company profile, customer review, customer service, offers, and many more. Let’s get into it.

Overview of Cabeau

Kickstarted in 2009, when David Sternlight, as the founder finding found that traveling caused cramps and uncomfortable during the long ride. He manages to create a revolutionary Cabeau Evolution Pillow as the first product that can offer a better travel experience.

This brand offers patented travel pillows, innovative accessories, and comfortable products found in 11o countries. They carefully create their products that have superb craftsmanship, comfort, and quality.

As of now, this brand continues to offer a carefully curated product range that’s guaranteed to provide a better travel experience. Thus, before diving deeper into the Cabeau review, let’s look at some pinpoints of the brand’s quality.

Cabeau Pros

  • Patented neck pillows, lumbar supports, and other accessories
  • Better comfortability for traveling and mundane postures
  • Offers health benefits
  • Free standard shipping for US shipments
  • International shipping
  • One-year limited manufacturer warranty and 30-day refund
  • An impressive positive review from the customer

Cabeau Cons

  • PPE products can’t be returned

Cabeau Review

Indeed there are a lot of neck pillows on the market, But have you found the right one that offers excellent comfort for your needs? It’s pretty tricky, indeed.

Cabeau Reviews: Cabeau Review

To ensure we can see the Cabeau quality, we must dive deeper into their product review. This brand offers a wide selection of products regarding comfortability, including a neck pillow, lumbar support, sleep mask, on-the-go blanket, compression shock, and many more.

The products offer comfort and convenience with backed health support for a better experience. However, since discussing all of the products will be pretty plenteous, this Cabeau review will only feature the top three products from the brand. So let’s jump right in!

Cabeau Evolution S3 Neck Pillow Reviews

The first product that comes to our Cabeau reviews is the most demanding Evolution S3 Neck Pillow. This neck pillow is the best-engineered pillow in the worth that comes with an innovative seat start system.

Cabeau Review: Cabeau Evolution S3 Neck Pillow Reviews

This system can significantly help you to eliminate the head drop, neck strain, and whiplash response that can reopen the obstructed airways. In addition, the raised side support is designed to prevent bobblehead or lateral movement, which can prevent you from drooling.

This Cabeau pillow’s high-quality memory foam material is protected with a machine-washable cover and moisture-wicking that keeps your neck dry and comfortable. The Cabeau S3 is also great for spine alignment, relaxing your back, and releasing tension by using a thin and flatback.

What’s more, its adjustable front clasp customizes fit and compact design that is suitable to bring in a backpack or carry-on while traveling. So if you need longer protection for your neck, you can consider this inflatable neck pillow, which is suitable for backpackers.

Lastly, you can purchase this Cabeau Evolution S3 Neck Pillow for only $39.99 in five colors, including indigo, jet black, steel, galaxy, and cardinal!

Cabeau Evolution Cool Neck Pillow Reviews

Do you still use a pillow neck that causes sweating and uncomfortable? Cabeau Evolution Cool Neck Pillow is a neck pillow that is specially made with cooling features, so you won’t have to struggle with comfortability while using a neck pillow.

Cabeau Review: Cabeau Evolution Cool Neck Pillow Reviews

It features an air vent that can prevent overheating, and dual-density memory foam provides soft comfort and firm support that has the perfect balance. The adjustable clasp provides a way to customize the fit, making it suitable for most neck sizes.

This neck pillow comes with a Cabeau neck pillow bag, and its compact size makes it the perfect addition for traveling. Plus, the machine washable and removable cover makes it easy to maintain the cleanliness of the pillow so it can eliminate dust mites, bacteria, and odors.

The Cabeau cool neck pillow is not only designed to prevent overheating, but it also can work best for neck pain, muscle recovery, sleep, leisure, and travel. Lastly available in four color options, including black, red, purple, and blue, and you can purchase it for only $59.99!

Cabeau Evolution Classic Neck Pillow Reviews

Do you like something classic? Even though the world keeps developing, some classics will remain. Cabeau Evolution Classic Neck Pillow is a classic memory foam neck pillow with a thin flat back to prevent punching your neck forward from the seat.

Cabeau Review: Cabeau Evolution Classic Neck Pillow Reviews

The raised edges design supports the head and chin so it won’t move in any direction and maintain comfortability. Similar to the original Cabeau travel pillow, this Evolution Classic Neck Pillow features a machine-washable soft velour cover and toggle clasp for a perfect fit.

Indeed, you can even sleep without a pillow, but the neck pillow can improve sleep quality and prevent stiff necks and bobbleheads so that you won’t wake up on a stranger’s shoulder. With only $29.99, this Cabeau Evolution Classic Neck Pillow can be the best budget option available in 4 options, including midnight, navy, camo, and graphite.

How To Use Cabeau Travel Pillow

To use the Cabeau evolution s3 travel pillow correctly, you can simply follow these steps:

  1. You need to unhook the strap on in the pillow and pull oy the strap of the buckles
  2. Then, you can connect it to the seats by pulling the straps up and around the post connecting the headset to the seats. You can attach the end of the strap by using hook and loop tape tabs.
  3. Lastly, you can slip it on and use the adjustable clasps to adjust the fit.

Other neck pillows have a simple design that basically has the same instructions as Cabeau evolution s3 how to use.

Who Is Cabeau For?

Created with care and high-quality material, Cabeau is a brand that provides products that can make us have better habits while traveling or doing other activities.

Cabeau Review: Who Is Cabeau For?

Do you like to spend your time on the road or to travel? Their product is created for travelers or whoever it is who struggles with inconveniences.

This brand can find various products, such as neck pillows and lumbar support, that make you more comfortable and prevent stiffness. Moreover, they mainly focus on traveling with compact design and comfortable designs, so the traveler will comfortably rest in the transportation.

Thus, this brand can be your go-to for travelers or everyone who struggles with stiffness and bad posture. However, it’s not limited to only traveling, you can also use it in order to get a better posture nearly everywhere, like in your home, office, or any other place.

Cabeau Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

When we look at what their customers say about Cabeau’s products, we find that this brand has impressive positive reviews that show how good it is. Plus, we find the official website reviews and the third-party review site to see the brand’s credibility.

Cabeau Review: Cabeau Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In Glassdoor average reviews rating is 4.3/5, and each customer state the pros and cons, but the pros outshine the cons. And we couldn’t see a big deal breaker about this brand that created a healthy environment.

One customer review from the site said, “The only travel pillow you should ever consider buying. It is incredibly comfortable and highly supportive for the neck and head.” Additionally, the customer is impressed with how the neck pillow gives good comfort and supports the head and neck.

Another customer review stated, “This last Cabeau purchase was not my first Cabeau neck pillow. But it maybe won’t be the last. I’ve three… one for my bed, one for travel and the third is, so I’ve one downstairs if I need it. I’ve major spine problems, and these neck pillows are why I can sleep easily!”

The review above shows how this brand successfully offers the best customer satisfaction resulting in the customer repeating the purchase. Therefore, we can also conclude that the neck pillow can significantly help your activities, not only for traveling.

Is Cabeau Legit?

Are you still asking this question? Well, that is a must for savvy buyers. From what we have investigated, the brand is completely legit. Their band has a patented product that has become one of the best travel pillows in 2022 by CNN.

Moreover, you can find this brand all over the media, such as the Washington Post, Forbes, POPSUGAR, and many more. It’s worth emphasizing that they’ve informed all the details about their company and warranty to ensure your purchase will be safe.

So overall, we can see this Cabeau is legit with all genuine reviews and brand visibility in the media.

Is Cabeau Worth It?

As we can see thus far, this Cabeau review can only conclude that Cabeau is super worth it. Not only do they have great customer service, but they also gain a lot of positive reviews for each of its products.

Cabeau Review: Is Cabeau Worth It?

It’s proven that all their product has a purpose for all user that uses this product, since it’s made with health benefits, the products are mainly for those who want to get a better posture and prevent a stiff neck because of the wrong position.

Cabeau Shipping Policy

This Cabeau review gladly informs that the brand offers free standard shipping for all US customers.

After placing your order and confirming the payment, it will be shipped within 24 hours and 72 hours during peak sales. However, keep in mind that orders in non-US areas may be shipped separately depending on the warehouse location.

This brand also provides international shipping, but there may be additional customs/tariffs that will be your responsibility. Regarding the estimated arrival date, it can’t be guaranteed since it may be affected by global logistics, inclement weather, or other circumstances.

Cabeau Return Policy

Are you afraid that you’ll be unsatisfied with your purchase? Fortunately, Cabeau offers a return policy for Non-PPE products within 30-days of the purchase. But, all PPE orders are final sales that can’t be returned for the safety of the customers and employees.

Cabeau Warranty

As mentioned, Cabeau offers a return for the non-PPE product with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. If you find any damage or defect in the workmanship, you can ask for the responsibility of this brand.

You can claim replacement or defective components, a new product, or another product with equal value. In contrast, if you want to ask for a refund, it will be only eligible if you claim it within 30-days of purchase.

To process the refund or replacement, you can email and provide the name, damage proof, purchase information, shipping address, and order number.

How Do Contact Cabeau

If you have any questions or need help with your purchase beyond what this Cabeau review could provide, you can contact Cabeau customer service. Here are some ways to contact them:

You can feel free to contact them, and they will respond to your question during the business day from 9 am – 5 pm Pacific Time.

Where to buy Cabeau?

Are you ready to wear a comfortable neck pillow for your traveling? Then, you can grab those neck pillows and other products at Cabeau’s official store. By purchasing from their official store, your purchase will be guaranteed with original products as well as backed with a warranty.

In addition, if you have another favorite shopping platform, you can find them in Walmart, Amazon, and other online retail stores.

Cabeau Coupon Codes & Promos

Wait, don’t check out the cart yet! Not only with customer service and a wide selection of products, but this brand also offers discounts and offers that can help you reduce the price.

  • Joining Cabeau club to get 20% off on your next order and be the first one to get exclusive offers
  • Free shipping for US orders

Lastly, you can click the link below to get exclusive Cabeau discount codes on your purchase!

Reveal all coupons

Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for Cabeau in other countries.

Cabeau Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Cabeau reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Cabeau?

This company is owned and founded by David Sternlight.

Does Cabeau ship internationally?

Yes, they ship internationally in most countries.

Where is Cabeau located?

The company’s headquarters is in Woodland Hills, California, United States.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Cabeau Reviews & Ratings

When you are traveling, a long ride can be pretty tiring, making you lose all your energy when arriving at the destination. Therefore, a travel neck pillow is everyone’s favorite while traveling to rest peacefully on the ride, whether it is on the plane or car.

However, not all neck pillows offer you the best function. Some of them can not prevent neck strain that makes your journey uncomfortable. For so, Cabeau can be your go-to brand!

As we have mentioned in this Cabeau review, this brand offers great items for better comfort, such as neck pillows, lumbar support, sleep mask, and many more.

All we can find about this brand is how this brand can offer products that can give value, excellent customer service, and better health for the customer. Do you think this brand is unworthy of all those qualities? Then, you can try it by yourself for a better travel experience!

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